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News from the FAI on September 9;
“Gliding pilot Mélanie Gadoulet from France has been awarded the IGC Champion Pilot of the Year 2019 earlier this year Mélanie was selected from the Champions in all classes of the qualifying competitions of the 2019 season. “

Congratulations Melanie!

A very happy Melanie,…so she should be.
Shared by Jutta.

And a great picture by Pierre [de Broqueville] who flew in the Pyrenees.

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Aboyne…Varese..Luis Eduardo Magalhaes…

UK Mountain Soaring Championship 2020 from Aboyne;
The news on Thursday was “There is no cross country task today, launches are available for the height gain until 18:00 this evening”.
And they gained height;” R1 is leading the height gain with 45,942 ft, followed by 8Q with 39,974 and FCB in third with 37,543
So who are they?
R 1 is team Naylor and Tait in the Duo Discus, 8Q is Graham Paul in a JS 1 and FCB is Martin Philimore in a Pegase101 A.
On Friday a CC task ; 2 hour AAT…..But scrubbed because of the gusty conditions.
At 5 PM the evening wave started and so did the tuggies to bring those who wanted to be “HIGH” up in the air. They had three late launches with 8Q getting to 17,150 feet, XX to 16,744 and R1 landed out.
Saturday was supposed to be the last day but “we are going to scrub today due to the wind strength”.
At 12 they had a prize giving for both CC flying and height.
Prize giving is over. Congratulations to Robert Tait and Stuart Naylor in R1 for winning the 23rd UKMSC. The Height Gain was won Graham Paul in 8Q. We must give a special mention to Team DGC flying the Perkoz who scored the most points this week but were flying hors concours.”
By the way I checked for you; Indeed 2 pilots with the same name John Williams and as often ,one get’s the nick name….BIG JOHN flies Z7 the ANTARES and is based in Portmoak. He was 3d in the comps. John flying the LS 8 was 5th.

Brasil had the 62d Championships Region Mid West, flown in one class from Luis between September 5 and 11, which was good practice for the Nationals straight after.

14 Pilots in gliders between Libelle/St Jantar and Nimbus 4/ASW 22BLE.
2 day’s with 4 hour AAT’s , 1 with 4.30 and 2 with 3.30 AAT’s , meaning 5 days of great soaring weather and only day 1 had to be cancelled/ no task. Distances on the 4 hour days up to 552 km in the ASW 22 BLE and a speed of 137,98 km./h.. All days were 1000 points day and in the end Claudio Schmidt in the ARCUS was the winner with 4.903 points. He won 3 days. Followed by Henrique Navarro in the Nimbus 4T with 4.883 p. At spot 3 Egon Rehn in the ASW 22BLE with 4.571 p.

Straight after the BRASILIAN NATIONALS [September 12-19 ] were flown in 3 classes; Club,[4] racing [15] and open, [7] with on Saturday the 12th a practice day for the 26 pilots!
On Sunday “the real thing started”.
Task 1; 3 hour AAT…The Libelle did not compete so only 2 PW 5’s and a KW 1 in this class.
Task 2; 3.30 AAT…pfff …many k’s for the little ones!!!! Andre Goldenstein in the PW 5 flew 307 km,in time 4.16 ..great effort!!! In fact he is the only one in this class who flew well.
Task 3; 3.30 AAT… Andre “got”the 1000 points, for 285 km. Speed 81 km. /h not bad for the PW 5.

15 m;
Task 1 ;3.30 AAT….1000 points…431 km…speed 123.39 km./h in a DG 1001 M flown by Renato Stefanuto..3 out.
Task 2; 3.30 AAT…445 km. in this class in time 3.46 in a St Jantar by Luis Affonso for 1000 points. 5 From 14 finished.
Task 3; 3.30 AAT… 2 St. Jantars with 385/388 km. in time 3.32/3.34 and a Duo with 419 km. in 3.33.

Task 1; 4 hour AAT….1000 points for 597 km…speed 149 km./h…in Nimbus 4T flown by Henrique Navarro. All 7 finished , 6 flew over 500 km.
Task 2; 5 hour AAT….5 from 7 flew over 600 km!!! Claudio Schmidt in the ARCUS M flew 673 km. in time 5.03 , so a nice speed of 133 km./h.[703 OLC km’s] Runner up was Henrique. He and Egon Rehn [ at spot 3] in the QUINTUS topped the world wide OLC last Monday.
Task 3; 439 km……All 7 pilots flew the task. Best on handicap [118] was Claudio with a speed of 149 km. /h. Egon had 154 km./h in the Quintus.[ Handicap 124]

Varese continued on Friday with the last 2 / 3days of the Coppa Citta di Varese…./ Trofeo Walter Vergani. A 2 hour AAT was set. Alberto [Sironi] in the ARCUS was the best with 194km , but only 4 [Stefano Ghiorzo, Ugo Pavese and Austrian pilot Thomas Hynek ] flew over 100 km, so a zero- points –day! Another small task for the last day; 2.10 AAT. Alberto won again , this time for 603 points. 16 from 19 flew the task. They added on Sunday the reserve day to make it 3 valid days and to define the winner of the Coppa AND the 15 m. NATIONAL CHAMPION.
A 2.20 AAT was set. 153 km. was the best result and won by….Alberto and only 7 flew the task. So winner of the Coppa …. Alberto Sironi in the ARCUS T with after 3 valid days 1.264 points. Only one other pilot flew over the 1000 points line; Luca Castelli in the JS 1 EVO with 1.167 p.
NATIONAL CHAMPION in 15 m. after 3 valid tasks is Alfio Lavazza in an LS 8 with 844 points. Runner up was Ugo Pavesi [ASG 29] with 818 points and Stefano Ghiorzo was 3d in the DIANA 2. [816 p].

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Coppa in Varese ! Aboyne for mountain flying and …G.I.

September started with around 700 km. flights in the beginning of autumn in Europe [France, Spain and Germany] , and ….not too bad…600 k. in the UK from Lasham in the ARCUS T….and 456 km. Down Under, by our former partner in Tocumwal Grant ,who flew his St. Jantar from Kingaroy on the first spring day.
The last comps in Europe are in progress now as well.


Coppa Citta Di Varese.
4 September 2020 – 13 September 2020
 Sat 5, Sun 6, Mon 7; then Fri 11, Sat 12 September 2020
13 is a reserve day.

Task 1….Ready to go….Great airfield,..never have been there…
As shared by Aldo Cernezzi

After the CIM and Coppa Citta di Rietie, the pilots fly now in Varese where 20 pilots “fight” to win the CUP from Varese at the airfield of Calcinate del Pesche; “Adele and Giorgio Orsi airport of Varese “. I remember both of them.
The 15m. Nationals are part of this last competition in 2020.
The CD is the same as in Rietie…Aldo Cernezzi.
Day 1 …no task… but day 2 had a small task number 1; 2.45 AAT.
Nobody flew more than 100 km…67 km. was the best …and lots had air space violations.So NO points.
task 2; 2.20 AAT…and now they could fly a few more kilometres.
205 for Alberto [Sironi] as the best for the day, in the ARCUS T; speed 87 km./h, which says enough of the day.
No flying on Monday..cancelled.
Then they start again next Friday.
I will keep you informed.


—-News from Alexander Schleicher;
First flight of the AS 34 Me – Schleicher’s first electric self-starter in the airAS 34 Me – Schleicher’s first electric self-launcher has flown

Pictures courtesy Alexander Schleicher


News from E2 glide;
Congratulations! Matthew Scutter won E2Glide competition with Diana-2! September 2020, Germany.
With 5 out of 8 day’s at the airfield of Großrückerswalde, Matthew won 3 days and was runner up on 2!!!
Number 2 was Florian Heilmann in the SILENT and at 3 Luka Žnidaršič in a Ventus 3.
Matthew mentioned ;” E2Glide turned out to be a great event – we had very marginal weather, as you would expect for September in Germany and perhaps 2/8 days were flyable by normal standards. With the whole fleet having electric engines, we were able to launch and even start in marginally soarable conditions and still manage tasks on 6/8 days. “

Matthew in the LL.
Courtesy Diana-2 New Generation


Another competition which is always nice to follow is the UK Mountain Soaring Championship 2020 from Aboyne in Scotland organized by the Deeside Gliding Club.
Things will be a little different this year, no welcome BBQ on Saturday evening, morning briefings will be held over Zoom and all all pilots, crews and the organizing team are split into 5 separate bubbles.”
But some things will never change, we will still have both the cross-country and height gain competitions running all week, with all the task and scores published on Soaring Spot

They started on September 6 with a “nice” 3 hour AAT, with 20 pilots and 2 HC pilots/teams.
Tasks 1 was for as far as I know one of the best in this discipline..John Williams with 254 km in the 18m. LS 8. Though there are 2 John Williams in this comps , the other one flies the ANTARES 20,….that’s always difficult when you are not there!
10 were out and the runner up Dave Latimer, had 237 km in the Ventus CT/17.5 m.
Task 2 after a non flying CC-day [ pilots could fly or practice height that day ] had a 2.30 AAT won by the Duo Discus, with 394 km. mind you , the runner up in Discus 2 CT had 256 km. 12 Pilots were out.
You can follow the days action at,-3.54577,10
A 2 hour task is set for today.


It’s getting easier and easier to read the G.I, just perfect NOW!!! It reads so much easier when the lay out is superb, and that is what it is now.
More or less an e-reader.
Compliments to the G.I. team in New Zealand.
What’s in it???
—-An impressive story about “Sailors of the sky” 24 pages of stories , pictures and graphics.
It’s a reprint of a 1967 article about gliding, just the time I started soaring.
Finding the story and buying the rights to use it from National Geographic was not a complex affair, but nevertheless gave us all at Gliding International a real sense of purpose.” John Roake the editor.
—-nice stories about Klaus Holighaus an Ingo Renner who turned 80 in June.
—-has gliding anything to learn from passenger aircraft manufacturers?
—–an update…..a sad day for gliding in New Zealand with Omarama closed….
—–Lot’s of news…p.e. the 2020 FAI General Conference edition 114,…will be like most briefings at comps nowadays electronically.
—– the August accident report did n’t make me happy….7 deaths recorded.
and INTERNATIONAL Aviation news for glider pilots and “things with wings”

CU next week
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A weird season about to begin!

We are in September now and the meteorological SUMMER is over here!!! Winter of course down under/southern atmosphere.
Normally I write about containers travelling to Australia and even more to South Africa and Namibia, but as it looks now, such things will NOT happen.
Most travelling is on hold, lot’s of airline pilots are waiting to start again,..that is when they have not lost their job…and borders not only from countries, but also from states are CLOSED.
Comps have been rescheduled and some just disappeared from the agenda.
We NEVER anticipated a year ago, how bad this covid-19 was and is for our way of living.
And it ain’t over yet!!!
We just have to make the best out of it.
Let’s focus for the moment, on local soaring, our good health and remain careful.

“our” call sign MM already for ages, …so I thought I share this picture from Schempp-Hirth, where “all our employees wear now masks in the company, and gliders do the same! Take care, stop Covid, wear masks .”
as shared by Schempp-Hirth

On Wednesday August 26, Adam [Woolley] showed the season down under is on the verge of beginning; 487 [300 FAI triangle] from Kingaroy in his Ventus 2ax /15m.
Not long he will fly his new toy, a Ventus 3.
What an awesome Winters day in Queensland & a terrific way to open the bank up since my last glide (Mid-Feb).; 305km at 132kph!! Then OLC flying to end the day under huge clouds, fires and smooth air – great fun!

David Jansen flew ,…also from Kingaroy…the next day 726 km [541 FAI triangle] in an LS 8, with a very easy-going comment;” Gotta love Queensland in winter.. “
Adam and his dad had a great flight that day too.
Adam;” Wicked winters day, 500 declared FAI triangle at 135kph – Dad beat me off the stick at 140kph! I missed a climb that I rejected and Dad took at the end of the day, that was all the difference way. Old bull, young bull hey!?”
AND;” Sensational winters day, 513km FAI at 136kph! 5.1kt average, 17% thermalling, 37km glides at 73:1 at 180kph cruise speed!First glide out of the start: 100km at 85:1 at 180kph, into 6.6kts for 3500′! Beautiful CU for most of the task, heights, climbs, speeds, all predicted perfectly by SkySight, many happy smiles at the bar tonight .”
Indeed very “happy chappies” over there in the East of Australia where the new season normally starts.
Here clearly days are getting shorter. BUT,…..still over 700 k-flights in Europe [Germany, France],as well in the beginning of autumn.

” the sky after landing at 15:40 “shared by Adam. By the way he has now ” over 10,000hrs total aeronautical experience “-


—Slowly we can look back at the 2020 season on the OLC. Not a bad season, when we look at the damage done by COVID in other sectors.
I guess not a lot will change,till the end of this OLC season, so I slowly start with the stats from the best flights.
Both were flown in a STEMME.
Both in December [-13] from Zapala Neuquen in Argentina, with huge speed ; 196 km./h.
One by Klaus Ohlman …2.816,95 km….and one by Thomas Horz…2.805,58 km.
Wave up to 8045 MSL.
At spot 3 Jean Marc Perrin in a 15m. DG 808 on December 12…..2.228,12 km. with a speed of 163 km./h also from Argentina, but this time from the airfield of Jose De San Mart  .
So to see, the first long flight not flown in wave ,was from Pokweni by Alexander Mueller in his EB 29 with 1.400 km…speed 151 km./h. on November 27.

—- News from Jonker Sailplanes;
JS2 Revenant – STEP by STEP – Our chief design engineer did not want to give any performance away with the JS2 fuselage. In fact, he designed the fuselage with even less drag than the JS1C fuselage. Obviously, this raised some concerns to our marketing team if we would be able to fit our better built customers. As soon as the seat pan, seat back and instrument console were installed we lined up our test models… The awesome models were sadly not selected by looks but for size. Being fit and in shape was not one of the criteria. In fact, we tried all sizes. Our favorite model Oscar Goudriaan fitted easily, and it seems if a 140 kg “real man” also manages to find his position. “I am confident that a 115 kg pilot exceeding 2m will enjoy a comfortable ride!” Attie says.

—-Outlanding with the tug!!! as shared by Arne Martin Guettler:
Glider pilots can outland anything. Here the tow plane had to make an outlanding, after an engine failure at 400ft during a glider tow. The field was about 250m long, but recently harvested. The glider made it back to the airfield.”
In the end it was a cracked cylinder.

Pilot is caught here collecting the tow rope, which he released on final before the landing. ” with
Stian Rasmussen.

More outlandings.,..3 out of 5 flying days for Benjamin [and Claire] who wrote a funny but very interesting blog about the Pre world ‘s in France…

—-Yesterday the TOUR DE FRANCE left Sisteron, passed Serres and the cyclists spend the night in Gap.
All places we know from soaring too.
One of the Dutch glider pilots Willem, made a few pictures whilst looking at the TV. You can clearly see the several helicopters used to cover the tour caravan.
I saw it on TV in Holland/The Netherlands as well.

Shared by Willem.

And to finish a great picture shared by  Mamz’ailes SoFi in her L’album de Mamz’ailes SoFi She just celebrated her birthday.

HB-2471 Arcus M August 27 at SISTERON.

CU next week,
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