Warm Easter with some good soaring! PRIBINA cup started with nice weather.

26 dgr.C over Easter,..nobody complaining,here in Holland.
67 Pilots here,  took their glider for a ride on EASTER Sunday, but it was a blue day, nicer with those high temperatures was a drink in the club house overlooking the field.
Other parts of Europe were better as you can read below.
Busy enough with soaring as well.Great conditions , as expected, this season for the


Before start day 2 by ELFO.

They fly in 4 classes;
Club with 44 participants,
TASK 1 with  301 km. Best pilot in a Pegase C101A1,  Pawel Glowacki from Poland with a speed of 80.81 km./h.
Runner up was Miroslaw Izydorczak in an ASW 20 also from Poland [83.29 km./h]and to make the top 3 complete, ALSO from Poland Konrad Partyka in SZD-48-3 Brawo.[79.71 km./h]
22 Finishers so half out.
Reason…. It was not an easy day as it did not turn out exactly as expected and hoped for , with wind and the promised CU’s did not show up, but still cloud bases up to 2300 m.and blue thermals. AND…..Valid in all classes.
TASK 2 with 317 km. was flown in better conditions and the first final glides were announced around 4.20.
Their line opened at 12.39.
3 German Pilots started together at 13.18 and had a perfect day. Uwe ,Markus and Florian were the best 3 for the day in LS 3, and 2 St. Jantars. Speed 105 and 100 km./h.
34 from the 40 who started finished.
TASK 3 with 274 km. with only one pilot who flew over 100 km./h.; 48 year old Polish pilot Miroslaw Izydorczak in ASW 20, who got the 882 points for the best result. Then 3 German pilots in LS 4 with 796/7 points. Also “out-landers” 10 this time, among them Markus who had such a good day , the day before.
TASK 4 with 177 km.with the message “Today the weather in the mountains area does not look as good as yesterday, therefore we will fly to the south directions mostly.”
”  we decided to interrupt the towing and due to the cloud layer, making the thermals from too weak to none, the tasks were finally cancelled for all of the classes. ”
So task 4 was cancelled.
The day after was , due to rain, cancelled as well.


15 m. with 37 participants,
TASK 1 with 342.59 km. and 4 strong ladies for Czech Rep. in this class. They did not win as the 1000 points were again for Poland with Tomasz Hornik in a Discus 2a /15m. with 96.22 km./h .
BUT the girls were on spot 2 [Jana Vepřeková in LS 8 ] and 6 Dana Nováková in LS 8,  on 7 with Jana Trešlová in Discus 2 and on spot 8 Hana Trešlová in LS 8.
Only 14 finishers.
TASK 2 with 368 km. they were the first to start at 12.23. Not a German but a Czechia- day in this class with Petr’s son Radek Krejčiřík as daily winner in the Ventus 2A with a nice speed of 116.88 km./h. Quite a bit more than the runners up Jan Pavlik and Dana Nováková both in LS 8 and both with 105 km./h on the clock.
34 Finished!!
TASK 3 with 274 km.and again 3 Polish pilots in the daily top. Tomasz again, but now with Jedrzej Sklodowski in an LS 6 A and one of the well known Lucaszes, this time Lucasz Grabowski. Radek was 4th.
29 From 36 finished!!!
TASK 4 with 236 km. was cancelled.
April 23 was cancelled.


Amazing cu’s as seen and shared by Jeppe.


DOUBLE SEATERS with 13 teams,
TASK 1 with 344.49 km. and nobody finished but 2 German toppers Briel/Levin fles in their DUO DISCUS X a distance of 290 km. The Dutch team Corporaal was runner up also in Duo Discus.[254 km.] Number 3 was a Duo Discus too, from Poland.
TASK 2 363 km. At 12.35 the line opened for them and this day was an ARCUS-day and a German day as the 4 best were from Germany and flew ARCUS. They went on track at 12.50 and 13.09.
With 109 km./h the winner was slower than the 15 m. class.
TASK 3 with 330 km. with 5 German teams in the top and the Duo Discus X with 2 young toppers Simon Briel only 22 years old flying with  Enrique Levin , was on handicap 1 above the Arcus.
ALL 13 teams finished!!!!
TASK 4 with 234 km. was scrubbed.
No Flying on April 23.


Picture courtesy Jeppe de Boer who flies in the 20 m. class.


OPEN CLASS with 35 pilots.
TASK 1 with 369 km. and also in this Class Polish success as Karol Staryszak [ASG 29/18m] was the first daily winner for the 1000 points with 113 km./h. Runner up in Diana 3 FES , Sebastian Kawa, with 111 km./h.
22 Finishers and many penalty points in this class.
TASK 2 with 386 km. and pilots could go straight away over the line which opened just after 1 PM.[13.04] But they did n’t. Wolfgang left at 13.28 and Sebastian at 13.30.
The 4 Austrians started about the same time and Sebastian started and finished with his Polish mate Karol Staryszak in ASG 29/18m. They were the best for the day. Wolfgang was 4th behind the EB 28/28.3m. from Pristavec & Avsenek. His mates Heimo [Demmerer] ,Andreas Sandhöfner and Andreas Lutz were 6.7 and 9.
31 Finishers a few out due to altitude infringements.
TASK 3 with 362 km. and 132.53 km./h for Karol with Petr [Czech Rep] in JS 1 /18m.EVO just a tad slower 132.06 km./h a difference of 9 points in the day scores.Sebastian was 3d with 129.80 km./h.
Only 3 from 36 out.
TASK 4 with 261 km. was scrubbed.
No flying due to rain on April 23.


The mountain area as see by Jeppe.

TODAY; no grid, no briefing , no flying, but there is hope !!!
Total scores after 3 flying-day’s out of 6.
1. Tobias Pachowsky  Germany in LS 4 with 2.870.
2. Hauke Schmoranzer Germany in LS 4 with 2.861.
3. Gerrit Feige Germany in LS 4 with 2.861.

15 m.;
1.  Tomasz Hornik Poland in Discus 2A with 2.760.
2.  Radek Krejcirik Czech Rep in Ventus 2A with 2.717.
3. Jan Pavlik Czech Rep. in LS 8A with 2.597.

1. Buhlmann & Schlautmann Germany in Arcus with 2.288.
2. Briel & Levin Germany in Duo Discus X with 2.229.
3. Weidlich & Moeller Germany in Arcus with 2.184.

1. Karol Staryszak Poland in ASG 29 with 2.879.
2. Sebastian Kawa Poland in Diana 3 FES with 2.869.
3. Petr Krejčiřík Czech Rep. in JS 1 C EVO with 2.573.

Top in all classes is pretty close except in open class. Just a few day’s to go, as the prize-giving is on the 27th at 8 PM.



—–On GOOD Friday the 19th it was great soaring weather in the Alps and 4 x a 1000 k was flown in Nimbus 4DM, EB 29 , Nimbus 3DM and an 18 m. DG 808 C. All flights were from Lienz in Austria.
Last Saturday was a top-soaring-day in Italy. Alberto Sironi declared and flew a 1000 FAI triangle from Calcinate in his Quintus and flew it with a speed of 106 km./h.
His very happy comment;”1000 km FAI triangle declared Task….3 Italian record open class.”
Good on him.Congratulations Alberto.
From Thiene 3x just over or under 900 km.
On Easter Monday an “Interesting low-windspeed-wave-day (10-15kph in 4500m).”, by Bert Schmelzer jr, from Hausen am Albis . He flew 1.020 km. in an ASG 29/18m. and topped the OLC list that day. Another interesting flight was from Aigen Mil in Austria, to be honest never heard about the field, but 685 was flown in a St.Libelle.
Yesterday another 1000 k from Switzerland , this time Yves Gerster in a DG 400/17m. [1.082 km.]



10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

Over the Easter weekend a lot of pilots visited the Mini Easter Grand-Prix in Lake Keepit, as you know the venue for the 2020 WWGC.
The weather was perfect as you can see and the atmosphere as well.


Busy enough!!!



And only a few more days  and… the EGC starts on Mai 11.

20th FAI European Gliding Championships
(Open,18m and 20m Multi-Seat Class)
11th – 25th May 2019
Stalowa Wola (Poland)

Aeroklub Stalowowolski, ul. Lotników 15, 37-415 Zaleszany
Tel :+48600335850

And to finish …the BAHIA PARADISE under construction.

As shared by Guilherme Purnhagen

CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

Super polar soaring conditions ! JS 3’s arrive in the USA. HAPPY EASTER!!!!

—-First things first!!!! WHAT A DISASTER!!!!! The poor Notre Dame …gone up in flames. I could cry and was frustrated that nobody could do something because it was so high.Helicopters with bambi-buckets might have been the solution!!! But you have to have them close by.
No words can describe the loss of culture and history. SO TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY SAD!!!!!!
As I write they have already over 850 million Euro, VERY good in such a short time. If it is realistic I don’t know, but Macron wants tho have the renovations/rebuilding, ready in 5 years, when the Olympic Games are in Paris.


— Parts of Europe including Belgium and Holland had fantastic super-early-spring-polar-conditions , specially in the weekend starting with Friday ; Belgium from Geraardsbergen with 767 k [695 FAI] in an ASW 27 by Daan Spruyt.
2 Long distance flying friends from Holland, Mark and Alfred Paul flew in their ASG 29 E’s [18m] 769 k from Soesterberg.
They planned to fly to NORMANDIE, which they did and turned 20 k. before Rouen.
At 8 in the evening the engine was started for the last 35 k home.
Great flight and not easy but as I read with top co-operation from the French and Belgium air-traffic- controllers.
21 Dutch pilots noticed this good weather and flew that Friday.

In the night from Friday to Saturday we had minus 4 here!!! All roofs turned white with frost. Luckily I had my pot plants inside.
The weather however on Saturday was booming again. From Keiheuvel in Belgium , just over the border here, Tijl [Schmelzer] flew nearly 1000 km!!904 to be precise and he flew the new VENTUS 3E.
Daan flew another long flight this time 767 in his ASW 27. How cold he must have been!!
Woollies, lot’s of woollies only help and thermo socks.
COLD was the most read comment and yes the snow flocks they saw I saw here too.
Neil [Deijgers] took his St. Libelle out for a flight from 519 km.
Many over 500 k’s that day from Holland and France and even the UK where Roy and Andy flew the the ARCUS T from Lasham over  538 k.;”Nice Polar air in a typical Spring day.”was their comment.
Our Dutch junior Robin Smit flew in his St. Cirrus 582 km. and have a look at the OLC ; an out and return to France with a snowy final. His flight went to the beach in France…and back. He loved it…a dream came true.

There was that day, the very famous flower parade in Holland in the Bollenstreek [in the neighborhood of Haarlem] and even with the cold 800.000 people visited. For the first time in the 72 year history of this famous parade, the cars had to be inside during the night as otherwise the flowers would freeze and turn black. Who had a big stable or hall, opened on request the doors to help the organizers.

Sunday felt a bit better/read less cold and with the knowledge of a forecast for 25 dgr. on the Easter Sunday we all stood this cold, as we knew it would be MUCH better.
Down under from Benalla Tobias [Geiger] still flew nearly 500 k.[497] in the Ventus 2AX /15m.
Europe still had great circumstances but not as good as the day’s before though in Holland flights up to 582 in an LS 8 by one of the juniors and 520 from Tim Kuijpers former JWGC champion in an ASW 20 are worth mentioning.
Still 75 flights that day from Holland only at the OLC.

Yesterday the weather was TOP in the Alps and from Koeningsdorf , Unterwoessen and Lienz pilots flew between 730 and 938 km.




Unfortunately no great soaring conditions in Torino. They started there on April 5 with the 47th City of Torino Throphy 2019.
14 Flying participants some with a “great” name in soaring.
The weather only contributed with 2 AAT’s from 2 and 1.30 hour in the beginning from the comps and the last day on Saturday had a 1.30 AAT, but it was not flyable , 23 k was the best try, so a final party was there for the social moments and the prize giving.
Only 938 points for the winners Peter Hartmann and a mate [Marino] in the ARCUS T.
Aldo [Cernezzi] in the DG 600M was runner up with 908.
On Monday however, Riciardo [Brigliadori] flew 786 [600 FAI triangle] from Alzate, in his 21 m. JS1CTJ.
It looks the Pribina Cup will have much better weather, that is when they have the weather we expect. Their unofficial practice started on Saturday.

With Peter /Marino in the middle and Aldo to the right and Ciancarlo Grinza to the left.
As shared by Aldo.



—One of the former Narromine and Tocumwal Blaniks left after many years to Alice Springs , BUT, for a lease period in the off-season-time ONLY.
Hope they have many safe flights in it. In spring it will be back in Toc.

Safe travelling. LOOOONNNGGG long way.

More news about the good old Blanik at the Friedrichshafen Aero Messe. It seems the A L-13 life extension station may come to USA. As you know many have been grounded over the last years and for a load of money you could make them flyable again , but again for a short period. Hope this works as an extension of 6000 hours sounds OK to me.

as shared by Soaring Society of America

And ….talking about the USA…
Minden Nevada ,was on April 9, the place to unload 4 JS 3 gliders for USA buyers.
Many happy chappies!!!!

as shared by Jonker Sailplanes



News from SoaringNZ
Issue 56 is live on ISSUU. Subscribers, check your email for your link to see it for free. Everyone else, follow the link and check it out.



—News from France;
Hello ! From July 30th to August 9th this summer, will be held the 45th Bailleau International Gliding Contest, a classic flat-land gliding contest.

And like every year for 22 years now, Bailleau International will be accompanied by the now famous “Amical” Contest, one of the best ways for a pilot to take his first steps in competition …

This year, the new Competition team wishes to improve the admission conditions in the 3 classes of the competition by limiting excessive performance gaps between gliders. We therefore remind you the following principles :

  • Speed Race : This class is optimal for Standard, 15 meter, 18 meer and 20 meter twins
  • Long Flights : This class is optimal for 18m and Open class gliders with a minimum handicap of 117
  • Amical : This class is optimal for Club class gliders and twin gliders with a crew of which at least one pilot has never participated in an IGC approved competition

The website http://2019.planeur-bailleau.org is now open, you will find there all useful information and the online registration form …



—News from Tocumwal;
Attention race fans,
The entry list for the 2019/2020 Australian Multi Class Nations is now open.
Head to out web page to register or to see who will be racing this December.
Info and details will be updated regularly !  Tocumwal Soaring Centre



—Some sad news as well this time from the BGA.
April 15 2019.
“We regret to report the very sad news that Mike Bird has passed away. Following a long period of poor health, Mike died peacefully at his home with family present.
As a major figure in British Gliding, a record-holder of distance flights, a frequent entrant to both National and regional comps, a friend to many, and as the perceptive and highly amusing author of the unique Platypus Papers, Mike Bird will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with friends and family.”

A long, long time ago I met Mike as well and loved his Platypus Papers.
R.I.P. Mike.


—-News from the WWGC;

As shared by  10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

Our new website is now live




And to finish the maiden flight from this huge “monster”!!! With a span of 117 m. this jumbojet  flew successfully around with 305 k speed on the “clock” over the USA Mojave desert.
This plane has been designed to launch rockets from 10 k high, instead of from the ground, to make the trip from a satellite cheaper.
Paul Allen , one of the co-founders of Microsoft with Bill Gates and as rich, is a key-person in this project of strato launch systems.
A good man as I see ;” He gave more than $2 billion to causes such as education, wildlife and environmental conservation, the arts, healthcare, community services, and more.”
He unfortunately passed away before the plane flew.I heard later Thanks Nick.

As shared by Stratolaunch
With the text;
Today, for the first time in history, the Stratolaunch aircraft took flight  Thank you to our partners at Scaled Composites, LLC for their hard work. Learn more about this important milestone herehttps://bit.ly/2VIv49d


CU, cheers Ritz,
Just to let you know: TODAY April 17 is the day Kees Musters would have turned 73.

Spring and soaring. Great picture for Easter.
Courtesy Sophie Mahieu
14 avril 2019 : G-DJAC DUO DISCUS at Sisteron
© Sophie Mahieu
L’album de Mamz’ailes SoFi

Easter…start of European competition season and final soaring-day’s down under.

PRIBINA CUP in Nitra Slovakia
April 19-April 27 2019.

One of those great pictures by ELFO this one from 2018.

Vladimir Voltin has ,as always,  invited pilots to visit one of the early European comps, during the Easter holiday. And the Nitra competition is a great concept with a max of 150 pilots , 50 in each class or 150 in total.
At this stage there are 153 entrees. So a very popular competition.
Club has 54, 15 m. 39, 20 m. 16 and open 44.
They start with the [unofficial] practice on the 13th and “for real” on the 19th till the 27th., with the prize giving and closing ceremony.  Hopefully the weather will be good as it is still early spring.
I like the rewards; “The winners of the Pribina Cup 2019 will be awarded free entry (no entry, aerotow and camping fees) to the next Pribina Cup 2020 event. The daily winners will be awarded small prizes at the briefings. The best junior pilots/crew in each class will be also awarded.”


More Easter soaring.This time in Lake Keepit in Australia for some practice for the WWGC.
From Aussie Team Captain Terry Cubley: ” The Aussie team is running a training week at Lake Keepit starting on the 14th April, a great chance to better understand the area and develop the team relationships. Useful in case the world comps produces a weak day in January – say only 4 knots to 6000 feet. We will be ready. Other competitors are welcome to join us. 😃.Actually, Japanese pilot Akemi plans to attend.”



—more news for ladies;
Dear Ladies, as already written, also in 2019 the Fly-Pink Cup competition is organized, I await your registration before April 30th. The dates are 24-25-26-31 May and 1-2 June. All documents are in AVF site and SoaringSpot Best regards COMPETITION DIRECTOR Giampietro

The competition is in Ferrara and all the news is on;http://www.voloavelaferrara.com/index.php


—Also news ,this time about the EGC and the Dutch team shared this picture with their pilots.

Both Bas and Peter are pilots to keep an eye on and very experienced.

Michael Sommer, Wolfgang Janowitsch are there to defend their title in open , 18 m and in the 2-seater class the winners were Sebastian Kawa /Christoph Matkowski.
BUT,…Sebastian is there, but flies now in 18 m. in a Diana 3 ,so a concurrent for Wolfgang in his Ventus 3T.
Lot’s of JS 3’s in this class as well.
Later more about this EGC.

Already in Mai this EGC ,so also an early spring event in Poland too.
Luckily the gliders from Australia arrived yesterday in good order in Venlo. One of the gliders in the container is  the one in which Diana Schuit will fly this EGC for Luxembourg.


Pictures courtesy George.


Don’t forget the AERO in FRIEDRICHSHAFEN when you have time.
APRIL 10-13.
Lot’s to see there including the VENTUS 3 and the ARCUS ,loved by many!!!

 Hall A1 Stand A1-103 – and checkout the new, enhanced Arcus
As shared by Schempp-Hirth




The JS3 Rapture was born on the 12th of December 2016, exactly ten years after the maiden flight of the JS1 Revelation.

We are extremely excited to share more about the development journey of the JS3 Rapture with you at the #AEROFriedrichshafen!


See you tomorrow in Hall A1, stand 207!


—-As we get older we loose more and more[ soaring] friends. We were young , in the seventies, when we entered the international gliding-scene and caught up with friends from all over the world, who were sometimes 20 years older than we were.
Many from my age will remember the call sign RR. It was from Dick Reparon ,who flew many nationals and represented Holland also at WGC’s. He also was TC at many comps.
In 1970 he was a member of the team flying in Marfa in Texas in an ASW 15, then with call sign 47!
We spend many years at the same competition in Angers , the unofficial EGC.
Dick died last week , age 86 and I was very happy that I still saw him a few months ago, when I visited him , rather unexpectedly , with Chris and Baer Selen.
R.I.P. Dick, finally reunited with Jo; Jopie as he called her tenderly, who died a few years ago. [2007]LOVELY lady!!!

During the 1978 competition, the 21 Coupe d’Europe,  Dick was runner up behind Marc Schroeder from France. George was 3d in this open class.
A year in which we met, Herbert Frehner and Monsieur Bohli, Basil Obrist and his family ,the Stouffs family and our Belgium friends the Huybreckx family.

  1. With Mr Bohli , yes from the compass, and his crew,2.  with Basil Obrist and Patrick Stouffs and3. Herbert Frehner.

Looking at the book it’s maybe nice to share the other winners in racing and standard class as well.

picture 1; Class course…Francois Hersen. from France 2, Walter Speychiger and 3 .Urs Baumgartner, both from Switzerland

Picture 2;  Classe Standard. …1.Eddy Huybreckx 2. Bruno Pieraerts , both from Belgium 3. Basil Obrist from Switzerland


And to finish ….. love this picture shared by John Welsh.

No not at home but it is the VSA Simulator at the Australian Gliding Museum, Bacchus Marsh.

Cheers Ritz

Back on track with just a short blog.

—-Back on track, but not yet totally recovered, as it takes between 3 and 6 weeks to be able to do everything again.
Very painful such a torn muscle in the lower back!!!!!!

—-Short blog as sitting too long is not good for a quick recovery. Moving is the word.
Writing goes quick, but good research takes time.

Soaring at Terlet in Holland last weekend as seen by top-photographer Arjan Vrieze.

—-Last weekend the skies here in the S. E. of Holland looked great. I heard Malden had 1600 m. so a day to even fly cross country. I had to check. Of course!!
The 24th of March, 2 weeks ago , it really started in Holland with flights up to 346 km. in a Duo Discus WL by Alexander and Martin flying from Veendam. That day specially the N. was blessed with great soaring conditions and for that reason, happy pilots.
Last weekend started slowly on Friday with flights from just under 100 km.
Saturday however was the day, not too cold, sunny and great “cauliflowers” moving on the blue skies.
406 km. in an ASW 19 from Venlo in the S. by Andy and 429 by Steven [Raimond] flying from Terlet in his ASW 29 E.
33 Dutch pilots added their flights on the OLC list.
Sunday was even better, 41 pilots flew cc that day; Jelmer [Vis] flew in a St. Cirrus 481 km. from Hoogeveen. Good on him, one of our junior- squad.
Many junior’s flew on this great spring weekend in which the time changed to 1 hour later.

—-France and Germany had last weekend great weather too with flights up to 606 from Aubenasson in an ASH 31MI/21m. and 900k. from Winzeln in a Ventus 2CT/18m. Also 894 from the Hahnweide is worth mentioning. Flight in a Discus 2 A. As well as 719 in an LS 4 WL from Ludwigshafen.
1149 Flights were added that Sunday to the OLC. Looking at 2018 ; “only” 595 and also the best first spring-day!!!!
SO,…a very good last day of March 2019, a great start of the season.

—-Klaus Ohlmann saw the great soaring conditions as well . He left for Aosta where “our” men flew their height in the past and we went skiing in Pila. He plans to fly over the arch of the Alps, what he tried already before. He says it’s possible to fly 2000 kms in one day over the Alps.

Yes Italy has good spring weather too and flights before last weekend reached already 714 km. in the ARCUS M from Alzate. Last Sunday Giorgio flew in his VENTUS 3 606 km. from Thiene.

—-April 1 was a good day as well with 20 flights OVER 500 km.in Europe,  from Italy, Austria , Switzerland and Slovenia.
The Dolomite’s were booming!!
Even 631 k. in a St. Cirrus from Lesce Bled to Lienz Nikolsdorf and back, ridge soaring at it’s best.

—-As I shared with you a while ago, Terry Cubley got a very high and very deserved award; the Australia Medal AM. At the Victorian  Government House, they had this week, a nice ceremony.

Terry with his wife Vicky and their 2 daughters Tegan and Erin. I always forget from which one Vicky was pregnant when we met in Rieti in 1984 for the first time. As I wanted to give her a glass of Dutch Jenever , celebrating the friendship between Australian and Dutch glider pilotsat the Pre Worlds, practicing for the WGC 1 year later, she refused and confessed she was pregnant, so no strong booze for her.
This time there are bubbles. Good on them and not only deserved for Terry but for the entire very lovely family!!! I like Terry’s tie.
Picture shared by Terry.

—-The Dutch juniors are preparing for their JWGC in Hungary at Szeged and as they say themselves they form a dream squad.
Milan Kmetovics is the competition director for the #jwgc2019
He is , as I read, a glide instructor in Omarama as well.Nice life style!!

The “dream team” , with Sjors van Loon, current JWGC Champion Sjoerd van Engelen, Lars Groot , Jelmer Vis and laying Robin Smit, JWGC runner up in Benalla at the JWGC.
Shared by Dutch Junior Gliding Team

—–Next weekend is the AERO in Friedrichshafen ; April 10 to 13 2019.Enjoy.

Cheers Ritz hopefully more news next Wednesday.

To finish this great picture shared by Justin de Reuck

Every now and then a unique opportunity comes along. We were out in Potchefstroom yesterday shooting an amazing stunt with the Puma Flying Lions for Smoke on Go when we and the guys from Jonker Sailplanes decided to put together something unique. 
Jonker Sailplanes have just recently celebrated their 50th JS3 Rapture glider off the production line, so JS test pilot, AP Kotze put one of their Raptures up in formation with The Flying Lions Harvards as we departed for Rand yesterday afternoon… Not an easy formo at all, but so well flown by the guys.

Bose Aviation
Jonker Sailplanes
Creative Space Media