2-seat NATIONALS ….always fun for 2 ! WWGC investigation !

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Starting with some news from the WWGC investigation written by the president of the GFA Peter Cesco!!!

I am writing to all members in the interests of transparency and honesty about the recent issue of Unsportsmanlike conduct at the World Womens Gliding Championship. “

Peter writes a lot, shares apologies from the Australian TC Terry and helper Matt, [pretty poor in my opinion ] and addressed the International soaring world, by writing to the IGC.
Both Terry and Matt, have been “punished” .
By the way, Terry has NOT resigned from his function as delegate for Australia as member of the General Conference.
I think the report [….into the access an use of undelayed tracking data obtained from the G-track live system….] attached to the letter, is pretty good and covers a lot, but still in a way ” what we did was not REALLY wrong”.

I guess this is not over yet!
AND,…. I guess it will be properly looked at again, at the IGC meeting in March in Budapest on March 6 and 7. Not Ireland as I abusively mentioned… sorry!!!!.
I wanted to be sure of the date and checked google on IGC meeting saw March 8 OK,. IGC ..OK, Ireland ..must then be OK too..
BUT NO I looked at the IGC meeting on MARCH 8 in Ireland and IGC meant don’t laugh. [I never made such a stupid mistake!!!!] Institute of Guidance Councellors….will never forget that anymore!!!

The whole WORLD TOP of soaring people will be in Budapest , that is when the Corona virus does n’t spoil it ,with an, I hope and expect, objective opinion.
As it was a WORLD Gliding event cat 1, it needs the attention of the total soaring world, so it never happens again.
Soaring is and should be, an honest/fair and clean sport.

Narromine 2-seat NATIONALS!!.

The grid on February 19 as shared by Ian Steventon

No secret that Adam loves his flying and ,..if possible,…always wants to win.
For those who want to learn from Adam as “influencer” here is what he had to say;
I’ve realized that I’m flying with a different attitude & mentality this summer. In short, last 2 seasons, I have been flying with a ‘demon’ or ‘mongrel’ like attitude, I was going for the day win, plus some extra every day. This season, I’m flying at 90%, not pushing at all, expecting a 900pt day – which happens, but not reliably. “
Flying with Keith is fun and,..winning a day was now a fact as well at Narromine….back in the old mood for a day???
Thursday was day 6 and task 5; a set racing task from 296 km. So a race from tp. to tp. is “easy” start, fly and return.
No, it’s not what always happens, certainly not on a blue day.
But Adam and Keith won the day and they were the only ones over 100 km./h. ;102 to be precise. They started as the last pilots and raced to their first WIN during this competition.
Adam;” Winner winner, today, the moment I saw the task, I could see the winning tactic for the day clearly. Start last, the other 9 will start almost together, at worst, bunch up around half way, Keith & I will then catch up by clear air, then coast home – this is exactly what happened, & we were rewarded .”
More in his Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures
Bruce and Brad were runner up with 98 km./h showing it was not easy. Also Lumpy and Joergen and Alland and Harry had 98 km./h.
Bruce mentioned in his Taylor’s Gliding Page ;
Absolutely blue for yesterday’s flight. It was one of those scratchy days when you are always looking for the next climb. As a pair of loners we decided to leave when we wanted, rather than later, when we should have, and of course that always costs us. We did a good flight except for the middle of the leg coming East where the sink hammered us down to treetop height before we climbed away. By that time the crowd had caught us and we came home with them. Congrats to Adam and Keith who did start at the right time and put together a nice flight. “

A happy Keith and Adam as shared by Keith.

Friday was another flying day …2.30 AAT and a bad one for some!!!
Not for the Duo Discus XL from the Hunter Valley. Mich Webster won the day and the speed says it all; 89 km./h….not an easy day ,but still 230 km. in time 2.33.
Only 6 from 10 finished and with the “outlanders”, also Adam/Keith after 255 km.
Adam;” Almost got home, but in the end we had to fire the engine 15km from home.. ” Longer story in Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

2 Gliders started rather late at 14.59 , one finished Bruce and Brad and one was out, Lumpy and Joergen. What Happened?
Here is Bruce
Another tough day… for us anyway. My turn to fly under some quite heavy mid- and high-level cloud, and I did my best to slim down our lead . We worked really hard to stay in the sun all day, which was rule number 1 when I learned how to fly, but after some head scratching post flight, I think Brad has figured out what went wrong. We went far deeper in the first turn than everyone else, and while we were indeed in the sun for all of the next leg, we had inadvertently flown into a more stable, drier airmass, behind the main line of cloud. Despite the sun we had to be content with really weak climbs, and continually falling below 2,000 feet agl, even down to about 800 feet just before our last climb, which just allowed us to squeak home. Crazy thing was, the last climbs were better, as we had flown back into the better air, even though it was nearly dark!
Photos are of the sky in the task area after we landed, and the happy but hapless pilots .
One day to go, still in front of the chasing hounds
. “

They landed at 18.43 whilst the winner was back at 17.11. But they flew 299 km. in time 3.43!!!

Taylor’s Gliding Page

Saturday LAST DAY!!!!
with 2 teams on an equal 4th place,…so a lot can still happen.
But clearly…. the winners will be Brad and Bruce, OR Allan and “good old Harry”…….2.885 for 2.820, so that’s exciting!!!!AND,…about 400 points difference with the next pilot Butch in the Duo Discus T.
A 3 hour AAT to finish this comps and in 3 hours you can do a lot “right” and/ or “wrong”.
417 km . in time 3.13,…that’s good…129 km./h.! Adam and Keith had a great last day. Winning 1000 points and climbing from 4 to 3 so PODIUM.
Bruce and Brad lost with their 380 km. in time 3.12 some 130 points but they still had enough to be THE CHAMPIONS.
Harry and Allan consolidated their silver!!!
Here are some comments;
Bruce…” Great fun day for the final flight. Adam Woolley did a screamer to finish up and won the day by a mile, but we managed to put together a good, solid flight to maintain our lead. Probably the nicest day of the comp, apart from the practice day, with nice cu and some excellent streeting. Not super high, and the sky was slightly European, so we saw some cycling and plenty of clouds not working, but pretty straightforward .” Taylor’s Gliding Page

Adam;” Well that was a bloody lot of fun! Read the sky like a book today, there was CU to 5000′, with lots of streeting. I said to Keith as we crossed the line, “let’s just have fun today & (sorry) no one will be able to keep up with me”, arrogant I know, but that’s the mood I was in – favorite flight of the summer, what a way to finish – thanks Keith Gateley!
It was very much a European day, not that high, but extreme streeting, I think we did 150km+ without turning, at one point we had our thermalling down to 15%!
Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

Final results :
1. Brad and Bruce in ASG 32MI with 3.753 points and CHAMPIONS.
2. Allan and Harry in ARCUS M with 3.680 p.
3. Adam and Keith in ARCUS M with 3.340 p.


Something totally different, but when I read the story it has to do with soaring as well.
An 81 year old glider pilot , Bill Hatfield , sailed as the oldest person ever NONSTOP AND UNASSISTED AROUND THE WORLD, in a yacht designed by gliding colleague Hank Kaufmann ,……..yes Anita’s dad.
It took him 8 months, but what an achievement!!!
A dream,…since he was 7…came through.
He set a world record as the first person to sail round the world solo unassisted non-stop westabout in a boat under 40′ – and as a bonus being the oldest person to sail round the world solo unassisted non-stop in any direction (which seems to be the media focus)

Enjoying his first steak in 8 months,”…shared by Kerrie.

The achievement is all the more impressive considering he sailed west, battling against the prevailing winds and currents .” was the comment of regional rear commodore for North-East Australia Nick Halsey.

Picture shared by Kerrie [Claffey] who followed him all those 8 months!!


Still great late summer weather down under,…. specially last Saturday. What about a 728 km flight some kind of out and return past Temora to the NE ,with a little triangle there, from Benalla in an LS 3 by a German pilot, Marius Gerke. TOP JOB!!!!!Sitting for more than 7 hours!!!
Tobias Geiger had a great flight too 654 km [579 triangle] in his 15 m. Ventus 2ax.
From Tocumwal Chris Davison flew 683 km in his JS 1 .
AND,…what about yesterday!!! I read that it was unexpected good and all who were in Toc had great fun.
Chris flew 792 km [647 triangle], Grant is his St Jantar 616 km,[566 triangle] and Lumpy , just back from Narromine , 934 in his JS 3 .It looks like nearly an out and return passed Mildura ,so to the NW with one leg from 456 km out.


February 22-29

32 Pilots are at the moment flying in good old Lake Keepit in one class for all. The REGATTA is in progress. I have a special feeling since I have been in Lake Keepit for this field and the hard working people over there.
The first 2 day’s unfortunately had to be cancelled . Then there were 2 small AAT’s
Last Monday showed a 2.15 AAT with only 1 finisher; Milan Sejka who flew in his LS 8 a distance of 176 km in time 2.47, so a real difficult day but,…. he finished and “got” 208 points. 2 Other Pilots flew over 100 km.
Tuesday had a 2 hour AAT and a tad better weather. 2 Of my new Lake Keepit mates were the best; Casey who organized my lovely room and Dave the meteo man ,who could cook very good as well, I tasted it ;227 and 216 km. both in JS 1in time 2.01 and 1.59. Casey started at 14.42 and Dave at 14.27.
Kimberly, who “did” the FB site during the WWGC was 15th in her Pegase.
Today; Another short 2 hour AAT and this time won by Brad in his mighty ASG 32 MI. With this kind of glider and a former WGC Champion in it you can fly as the only of the bunch over 200 km……229 to be precise in time 2.02!!!
Dave was runner up and starting this time 10 minutes later than Brad [ 190 km. in time 2.01] and Casey was 6th [ 177 km in 2.01] with Jacques [Graells] as 7th.[172km. in time 1.53.
A few more day’s to come.


Not long and it is Easter. Got the Easter eggs already at the table. That means that the first real big competition in Europe starts at Nitra. [Slovakia]
The PRIBINA CUP from April 10 -18!!
Noticed already 114 pilots at the list of the 20thiest version of this always very well organized competition!!!
36 In open class, GOOD!!!!!,…37 in club,……28 in 15 m.. and 13 in the 2-seat-class.
Another early European competition, this year the very first I see, will be flown in Italy [hopefully with this Corona virus over there!} between March 29 and April 5 with at this stage 22 participants.
Torino is the place to be for the Trofeo Citta di Torino 2020.
There will be one handicapped class and I noticed a lot of 2 seaters.


AND last news from the OLC;
OLC direct claim with two gliding IT systems stopped……You can read the reason why at the OLC page under segelflugszene.
In 2014, the OLC signed a preUpload agreement with three hardware and software companies, under which IGC flight files can be uploaded directly to the OLC from their systems.
Meanwhile it is known that it is unfortunately no longer possible with two of these systems to upload IGC flight files directly to the OLC. The reason for this is that the operators, in violation of the terms of the respective contract of 2014, unauthorized stored the IGC flight files of participants on third servers or in their own cloud
. ” MORE at

That’s it for today, “transition from scenes” means that there is not a lot of competition news, but enough to keep you satisfied.In the worst case I’ll dive in my photo books for some history!!!
Cheers Ritz

N.Z. Nationals at Taupo !2 seat Nationals at Narromine!

POST 1.195!!!


After a bad start with 3 non flying day’s ,the comps continued with better weather and nice tasks.
So we now continue too with the last day’s. Exciting day’s as well!!!!
On Thursday it was day 7 and as Hugh [like his writing style!!!] mentioned;
Oooh – the 13th! Lucky for some, but bad news for others!
Again an “iffy” day, but a launch was begun about 1315 and away we went, chasing five big circles in the sky.
Most would admit it was hard work, but what it did do was show the men up from the boys. The “guns” got around in style, and the mere mortals landed out. It must be noted, though, that these are the first real landouts we’ve had all tournament, and also noted that all were on good farm strips. Well done you guys
Open; 2 hour AAT and a prey for Keith [Essex] who is on steam at the moment, after a few mishaps.He flew as the only one just over 200 km in just under 2 hours.
Peter [Hartmann] was runner up .
The “real” NZ pilots Brett [Hunter], Patrick [Driessen] and Tony [van Dyke] followed with Patrick still in the overall lead.
Friday was for Peter …286 km. in time 2.19…and Patrick was runner up during the 2.15 AAT. With ONE day to go it’s Peter now who wants to claim the title.Patrick is still runner up with a tad less than 200 points, maybe to much ????
As Hugh mentioned;” It’s tough at the top, they say, but so are these pilots. Noone’s giving an inch, but everyone’s trying to take a mile. Anything to get those few extra points that will make the difference between becoming the National Champion and the other place which is not the national champion. ”
Saturday LAST day!!!!
Another short 2.15 AAT . Tim was back on track and flew 214 km in time 2.24. That was 10 km. further than Keith who was runner up.
Then there was Patrick what would he do ?
He was 3d consolidating his 2d place. For Peter from Austria it was party time …he won the NZ Nationals, but… as Austrian, he was the winner and Patrick will be the new NZ champion.
Tony who was 3d on the one but last day, dropped to 5 after an out landing. A pity!!! Hugh Mentioned;
The weather forecast indicated over-development later in the day, so a task was set for a 1200 takeoff, and gliders were gridded.
It was already overdeveloped. The self-launcher GDE took off to fly to Matamata, but the news from him as our sniffer extraordinaire was all bad.

So ,…they flew…squeezed a day out in this class ….but all starts were after 2.30 PM.

Final scores in open after 9 day’s flying out of 14:
1. Peter Hartmann in Duo Discus with 8.275 points.
2. Patrick Driessen in JS 1 8.193p. and NZ CHAMPION.
3. Tim Bromhead in Ventus CT 17.6 m. 7.154 p

Racing; had a 2 hour AAT as well, but they struggled.Only 3 of the 10 who started ….finished. Mark [Wilson] yes you remember for sure ,…in the LIBELLE won the day!!!
Friday one but last day!!! Of course the handicap of 89 helps but the soaring of Mark in his LIBELLE is just great.
During the 2.15 AAT he flew 246 km in time 2.19. He was the only one with a speed over 100 km./h ;105.86 to be precise.
With one more day to go, Mark leads with 7.464 points quite a few more than runner up Steve [Wallace] who was runner up for the day; 6.575 p.
And more from Hugh who was 6th for the day :” Today was fun. The forecast was not great, two tasks were prepared, and a decision was postponed until 1300 to see which way the weather went. Once again the think-tank did a good job and conditions were actually quite good on the task chosen, allowing the better pilots to show their skills but also catering for the not so experienced pilots to push themselves a bit, learn from the masters, and gain confidence either by getting around or landing out. All good stuff.
Saturday also here LAST day and Mark could have stayed on the ground when it would not be a 1000 p day, but he did not . He flew around in his LIBELLE and covered 194 km. but all in vain as there were not enough pilots flying over 100 km. Only he and Steve.
So no extra points in this class;
Final scores in racing after 8 day’s flying out of 14:
1. Mark Wilson in the Libelle with 7.464 points and NZ CHAMPION!!!!!
2. Steve Foreman in LS 4 with 6.575 p.
3. Trace Austin in Discus with 6.512

I really liked the blog from Hugh who flew [6th in the final scores!!!] and wrote in a lovely way, AND he was in the middle of the happening, so here is his last post:
Well, what a dramatic last day. One had to feel sorry for the Contest Director having to make a call on a 50/50 day with so much at stake, but make a call he did, and 50/50 it was. Most of the Open class got around, and there was a significant shift in the placings. Most of the Racing class landed out, so there was no change in the placings. Congratulations to the two new National champions- well deserved wins to Patrick Driessen in the Open and Mark Wilson in the Racing class. A special vote of thanks and a light-hearted but sincere award was made to Peter Hartmann who won the Open class on points, but as a visiting overseas pilot was not eligible to be National Champion.


——The British Gliding Association shared this message on October 28 2019 which is STILL IMPORTANT!!!
Did you know that BGA safety data is warning us that tug upset incidents are currently occurring at 5x the historic rate – and include incidents involving ALL tug types?
The fundamental issue is glider pilots allowing the glider to pitch up too high behind the tug.
Causes include glider pilot distraction and failure to confirm rope separation before manoeuvring the glider at the end of the tow.
More advice including video is available
at https://members.gliding.co.uk/bga-safety-m…/safe-aerotowing/
Please share with your glider pilot friends.
British Gliding Association


The Narromine 2-Seat Nationals.

Tugmaster Klara and CD Beryl..Beryl …..seems to never get older!!!!
as shared by Birgitte,

Off to Australia again where the 2-seat Nationals started with 12 couples so 24 pilots.
A few very good ones so it will be interesting. These comps moved from Horsham to Narromine and will be flown between February 16 and 22.
4x An Arcus M, 6 x a Duo Discus from just Duo till, X, XL and T.
And Brad Edwards is there with his brand new ASG 32MI.
Practice was on Saturday the 15th with a nice 3 hour AAT won by Brad and Taylor would that be Bruce?? Yes, of course ….TOP COUPLE …unbeatable????!!!Not that brother Bill would have been not good but Bruce is , as pilot, a “tad” better.
361 km in time 2.51.
Adam [Woolley] and Keith [Gately] in the ARCUS M were runner up with 347 km and good old Harry [Medlicott] was 3d with Allan [Barnes] in the front seat.
Allan wrote:”  We had vario problems before launch – had to go to the back of the grid. Once airborne there were no issues but we started as soon as in position, at about 14:34, only 4 minutes later than planned. Climbs were only moderate, averaging about 3kt all the way round and they were small. We shared the flying about 50/50 and managed to nail the final glide with a 3:00:01 finish time. A pity we didn’t nail the climbs as well as the final glide!
Only practice guy’s!!!!

No flying on Sunday. Keith mentioned :” Task B to Task C, Hangar 17 Bar is officially open.

Adam said;” Day cancelled. Multi-level wave cloud on the front of this cell .”
As shared by Adam.

And….. Bruce spoke highly over the brand new glider in his Taylor’s Gliding Page.
We will be flying his brand new ASG 32, and the plan is that we swap seats each day, and hence swap flying duties to whoever is sitting in the front seat. I had never flown this glider until yesterday, and as per Brad’s prior advice that it was “a bloody beauty”, that is exactly as I found it! It is quite delightful to fly, is comfortable, quiet and it even smells new. I feel terribly spoiled to be allowed to join Brad in this glider, and in this event, and I should thank his brother, Bill Edwards for being unavailable to take his usual seat. “
More on his page with pictures as well.

By the way,..in Benalla and Tocumwal they had last Sunday, flights between 512 [ASW 27] and 706 km.[Ventus 2CT /18m]

Monday in Narromine; NO FLYING.” Good decision to cancel the day. We wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

Brads new “ship”
So what do you do when you have a day off at a gliding competition, and you’ve already drunk too much coffee? You buy a bucket and a couple of mops and you wash the floor of the hangar 😇 At least that’s what you do if you are Brad Edwards.
Taylor’s Gliding Page

Tuesday first flying day!
And,.. a 3 hour AAT was set . Unfortunately most of the pilots had less than 100 points. One team had 469 p. …..Yes Brad and Bruce…flying 227 km, in time 2.59!!!, showing this was a REAL marginal/difficult day!!!
They were the only finishers!!!!
”  It was Brad’s turn to fly and he turned in a stellar performance, in what were extremely difficult conditions. 
Basically we flew the minimum distance on a 3 hour AAT, crawled around no higher than about 2,500 feet until our patience was finally rewarded with our last climb to 9,000 feet at 120km out from home. We slid home very gently with enough of a tailwind to make it, with no more lift available at 6:30pm. What a wonderful flight; we loved it!

More in Taylor’s Gliding Page

Brad & Bruce’s final climb, 6.5kts to 9000′ – must  have felt great.
Can’t say I’ve ever been 400pts down on day one before, such is life, let’s fight for 2nd place now 
As shared by Adam in Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

Good old Harry and Allan , runners up, flew 111 km. but did not finish had to start their engine.
Why???? Here is their [Allan’s] story.
Finally, after two cancelled thunderstorm- days , we got the first competition day. Not even sure if it will be validated, but we had the odds stacked against us so I’m quite pleased how far we got. We were at the back of the grid, with a 3 hr task into a sky already decaying before we launched. Fortunately we managed to get into start position just after the gate opened and set of at 14:58 or so. At the end of the second glide we dumped our water and saw Justin starting his engine a few hundred below us. Pushed on into the murk, stopping in almost anything going up, There were two options today – try to do minimum distance and not worry about speed, or try to cross the big band of cirrus and mid-level cloud to connect with an energy line that was leading from the far side of the first sector to the far side of the second. We sort of migrated to the second option, because when we reached the first sector, we never had a line of lift heading towards the second, and that energy like kept beckoning.
When we eventually got there, low, we could only find rubbishy lift -never lift all the way around the turn. We spent over half an hour working that rubbish, hardly gaining, and drifting toward the far edge of the circle. Eventually options ran out, and we turned for the second sector but so low that there was no option but to start the engine. Getting home was a lot quicker than the outward journey!
As you can read, a VERY TOUGH job in the office!!!!

Today flying-day 2. Another 3 hour AAT and flown by all except 1 team.
327 km. in 3 hours by Butch and his mate, so over 100 km./h [108] but still not a real Narromine -day,even now it is nearly autumn there.
Allan and Harry were 1 km. faster but on handicap they were runner up.
The “star-team” lost 97 points, so there is hope for the rest!![4th]
They still lead after 2 day’s but “only by 123 points!!!
Why did they loose those points?
Bruce;” Forecast totally blue turned into some nice cu around the start. It did go blue out around the first turn but there were wisps for almost all the rest of the task. We had a total brain fade today, combined with some flight computer technical issues which meant we came home 16 mins early. Ouch!  “
More in Taylor’s Gliding Page

Last but not least a picture shared by Eric Napoleon the TC from the French ladies in Lake Keepit…no words needed!!!


And very sad news for 4 families as 2 2-engine-training planes collided midair today close to Mangalore . One landing coming from the N and one just left from Mangalore. Each plane had a trainee and instructor!!!
Very sad!!!!!!

Cu next week.
Cheers Ritz

European season starts soon !

—-The N. and middle of Europe had an interesting weekend!
The BBC called it ” the storm of the century” , and CNN spoke about “one for the record books”.
We had a real storm, even with a name,…CIARA,…. covering Denmark, The UK and Ireland and Belgium, Holland, Germany to even further East and to Paris .
The noise from the wind was terrible, I was a bit scared and the trees bend over and I had to rush out side to save some pot-plants!!
Not a lot of traffic as the warnings ahead did their job, but still unbelievable damage ….between 150 and 200 million . In the UK mostly heavy flooding, here roofs from houses , trees on houses and cars .
In France 130.000 houses had no electricity.
Same in the East of Europe and a total of 6 people who died due to this storm. That’s the worst bit!!!
Planes tried hard to land at Schiphol Airport, but after trying a few times they went back to where they came from when that was still possible. Air Europe came from Madrid and flew back there with ladies in it crying out LOUD!!!.
One interesting phenomena was the speed of a 747 flying from New York to London in record time, less than 5 hours….yes,….tailwind!!!
London airports had the same huge problems for landings.

This week , in fact today, the containers in Corowa have been packed, so those gliders will be in time for the European season as well, as they will be picked up on Friday. In the last week, they had some good flights, to remember whilst going back to the Netherlands and Germany.
Today was one of those great day’s, but as often no flying due to packing.

Corowa on packing-day!
As shared by Diana.

Also the Worcester-gliders have been packed for a trip back to Germany.
With the hottest EVER January WORLD WIDE, glider pilots might,… like birds, feel the need of flying early too.
Nature is far ahead of the normal on this side of the world.

—-The Horsham Week had it’s 2d flying day last Friday. A pretty good one with a 3 hour AAT in Club class.
Best pilot for the day ,Craig Dilks in his PIK 20B with 268 km. in time 3.09.
Runner up for 956 points, Gary Stevenson [HC] in Discus 2.
On Saturday February 8 , task 3 was a fact and straight away the last day as well and luckily again “nice” weather with a Kestrel 17 as winner but the Dunn’s fly HC.
So Jarislaw was winner again with 106 km./h. with 267 km during a 2.30 AAT and a speed of 106 km./h.
So looking at the final results Jarislaw was the best with Craig as runner up.
The HC pilots did well too; The Dun’s in the end had the most points as Tim [Shirley] lost some points on the last day.

Day 6 on January 6:
” The day was always going to be limited but we were looking at a good day.
After gridding, we had 3mm rain, lowering the temperature. Opting for B task did not save the day with bad weather expected by 5.30pm so the day was reluctantly cancelled
. “
as shared by https://www.horshamweek.org.au/

In open/18 m. it was a late start for all at around 3.25 PM. Daily winner in ASG 29 , John Orton. He flew during the 2.30 AAT, 319 km. in time 3.01.
Saturday , the last day, had a racing task from 323 km. and Mike Durrant flew around with a speed of 126 km./h.
With that , he won the Horsham comps as he passed John Orton , who was 7th for the day and dropped from 1 to 5.
Craig Vinall who was runner up moved from 4 to 2 so runner up.
So a few changes on this last day.
Another day with a late start around 3.30 PM.

—-In Taupo, where the NZ Nationals are in progress the weather improved as well and after 3 non flying days, the open class pilots flew 3 in a row with on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Tim Bromhead [Ventus CT 17.5 m.] as winner, from a racing task from 262 km and a 3 hour AAT.
He won the AAT with 413 km. in 3 hour at the dot!!!!! Speed ….137 km./h!!!!
So 3 day’s in a row with Tim as daily winner. Good on him!!!
Keith [Essex] who flies and flew at many places found it a good day hence his reaction :” One of the best days I’ve seen at Taupo. Got low once, that slowed me down a bit, otherwise a stunning day. “
He unfortunately got some penalty points and though he flew with a speed of 133 km./h he was 10th.
Then it was quiet again in Taupo.
On the 9th , however, it was back to business with a real good task , an AAT, from 3.30.
With a speed of 113 km./h Tim won again; 423 km in time 3.44! He started at 13.38 whilst runner up Patrick Driessen started at 14.22!!!
A later start as well for Keith , who just could not make it back home.

In racing class 3 good day’s as well with a 278 km. [ winner Mark Wilson] and 209 km. racing task and a 3 hour AAT.
The racing task was won by Trace Austin in Discus, the AAT with 369 km. by Mark Wilson in the mighty LIBELLE; 50 km. MORE than the rest. SPEED 117 km./h!!!!
Still a few day’s to go as they finish at the 15th!
Also the smaller ships got a 3.30 AAT which was won by Trace with 346 km. in time 3.54.

There was a good sum-up from John Etches, from the first week in Taupo and I share this news with you as it is from “the horses mouth”:
“Well here we are at the end of the first week, and back on the air in more ways than one. Apologies for the lack of news over the last few days, but we are having a few technical issues. Anyway we’re definitely back on track with the gliding; several good days, and at least one GREAT day when thermals were powerful and plentiful, and streets were bustling with fast traffic at 6,500 ft.

Wednesday was the first good day, and a racing task was set up to Thames and back. The westerly that had been so annoying for the first couple of days proved a bonus on the Kaimais, so most had a fun day. The winners were Tim Bromhead in his new toy ZK-GOP in the Open class, and Mark Wilson in the Libelle showing how it should be done in the Racing class.
The next day, Thursday, had similar conditions so a similar task was set and again Tim took the honors in the Open class but local lad Trace Austin pipped Mark for first place in the Racing class.

Friday was a boomer. An AAT task was set, and it was one of those days when everything that that you thought should work actually did, so everyone arrived back with a smile on their face, especially our two winners again, Tim and Mark.
Saturday was Soggyday, and most were quite glad of a day off. The Contest Director was the winner that day – on the golf course!
Today, Sunday, was again a good day, although not quite as good as Skysight had predicted. There were lots of expanses of blue, but a good AAT task was set with big circles which would have included Mt Ruapehu if conditions cooperated. (They didn’t!) Results not finalized yet, but the general consensus seems to be that it was hard work, but satisfying and, most importantly, good fun. That will continue tonight with a dinner at the Gliding Club prepared by Neil Harker.

Week 2 started …PRETTY GOOD,….as they could fly!!!! Rather small tasks though….
Monday; task 5 for both racing and open class. A day as writer Hugh mentioned with ” a bit of everything. It started with blue skies and uncertainty, and finished with lots of smiling faces and stories over a beer.
racing2 hour AAT ;A new name Derek Shipley won the 1000 points in his St. Jantar; 239 km.in time 2.12. All 10 pilots who started flew the task and 3 with a speed over 100 km./h.
Mark in the LIBELLE still leads the overall scores,….BUT,…by only 21 points as Trace in his Discus is on “his heels”!!!
On Tuesday NO FLYING but Wednesday had some good flights again during a 2 hour AAT.
As they said;” Great flying out there with some boomer thermals, some good convergence, and always a few of those great-looking Cu’s with black bottoms that suck you in to going out of your way to get a climb and then produce 1knot up and 4 knots down!” by Hugh de Lautour , one of the pilots .He flies a Ventus 2CT 17.6 m..and was 5th for the day.
It was LIBELLE -day again and Mark got the 1000 points for 282 km in time 2.48. Peter Cook in Discus A was runner up with 6 points less; 220 km. in time 2.11.time

Open…3 hour AAT; and there he was…Keith ….winning the day with 409 km. in time 3.02.Gaining 75 points on runner up for the day Patrick, who still leads the overall scores.
Keith comment:” Good Taupo day with decent lines. Better attitude today as well”.
14 Started,
14 finished. Austrian Peter keeps going with the DUO DISCUS [handicap 102 to JS 1 and ASG 29 with 111]
An off day it seems, for till now every-day’s-winner Tim, who now was 8th!!
Wednesday , today, showed also here a task number 7 for flying day 6.
The day got off to a bit of an uncertain start – Rasp and Skysight disagreed on details, but both indicated a late start to any development so a task was set and the launch was scheduled for the later time of 1300. Even then it was scratchy, and many struggled to get away, but by 1400 there was enough activity for everyone to get a start .” Hugh de Lautour .
A 2 hour AAT and also here the day was won by an “oldie” ,…the Mosquito with Steve Wallace in it; 290 km. in time 2.07 so a good speed of 137 km./h!! Good on him!!Peter, Keith and Patrick followed,…where is Tim, who won every day in the first week???,…he did not fly.
Comment from Keith;” Weird day. Good to start but didn’t work very well by the end of the day. Had to push further into the turnpoints then I would have liked but would have been under time if I didn’t .”
Patrick still leads but Keith is close very close,…8 points!!!

—–Talking about NZ here is a reaction from Terry Delore after his magic flight and he is planning on MORE:
Next big one is not a record its Bluff to Cape Reinga the length of New Zealand with my copilot and Daughter Abbey Delore. This may happen at months end if I can new engine installed in our ASH 25 mi Zulu Foxtrot.
And for the record it looks like the free out and return distance is in the bag but the declared 1730 o/r and 1500k o/r speed are in doubt due to missing the start line by 200m, I was in quadrant but the rules have changed! Hard lesson!
Best regards, Terry

—–Good news from the FIREBRIGADE in Australia;
Last night, the Soalhaven’s Currowan fire [ on the NSW South Coast ] was officially declared out after burning for 2.5 months. Amazing news and wishing best of luck in putting out all the remaining fires – and thanks to the RFS for your amazing work .” by one of my friends Tom.
This fire burned for 74 day’s,… burnt out 499,621 hectares,…..312 houses were destroyed and 173 damaged,…1.889 homes were saved by the fire fighters.
On the other hand,…it’s now flooding ….that spoils the good life in those beautiful coast places.
And tropical cyclone Uesie is on it’s way to the East coast and will ” send large swells and heavy rains from as early  as tomorrow”.
Most probably” landing” between Brisbane and Sydney.

We will have a storm this upcoming weekend again too!! Hate storms!!

Cu next week
Cheers Ritz

Horsham ! Taupo ! Terry Delore!!!

A fun competition with a serious “site”! More to the W,… so in the end of the season,…. mostly good weather.
Horsham Week 2020 will run in conjunction with the Victorian State Championships.
It’s 40 dgr. C again and the pilots ,30 ,who arrived for the comps were ready to go for it, between February 1 and 8 .
It’s the 54 th “version” of this competition ,so a lot of history there as well.
An interesting article was added recently to the site, on the Horsham early gliding history, which started in 1938: 

Andrew was instrumental in the formation of the Horsham Gliding Club in March 1938.

A real nice story about the club and the KESTREL.
The flying was less nice as it rained and the field was so wet that launching was not possible even not with better conditions as you can see.
So no flying on day 1 and 2.

Looking good.
Courtesy George.

And also not on day 3 , yes tasks were set small AAT’s, but still too early to fly, so no flying.
2.45 AAT for the 10 open/18 m. pilots and 2.15 AAT for the 21 club class pilots.
Day 4 …yes,yes was a flying day, with task 2.
18 m.; got a 264 km-day which was won by Rolf Buelter , [JS 1b] who every Christmas spends time at Tocumwal, though I did not see him this season.
Mike Durrant was runner up.
Club; Jarowslaw was the best in his PIK 20, though Tim Shirley [ASW 28] was a tad better but flies HC.
Day 5 ,today, had small AAT’s again,…but in the end the day had to be cancelled.
VERY unlucky with the weather. A weird season every where in Australia.
It’s 43 dgr. C. a bit higher to the NW in the Perth area.


The New Zealand Nationals at Taupo.

In Taupo the 24 competitors started on February 2 [till February 15 ] for the Nationals in 2 classes, racing and open.
Not too good weather in the beautiful Taupo area either. Their news for the practice day:”We are here – we are ready – we are blown away. No task today due excess wind destroying any chance of thermals developing.
Tomorrow looking similar, but hoping for the best

AND,…no good news from Taupo either ;”Day One – supposedly first day we fly…….Second day we don’t fly!
Bugger. 20kt Westerly killing everything
The wind this season is a rough item. Also Tocumwal where the Australian Nationals were flown, struggled with wind and for them it was even worse as they had to deal with smoke and dust as well.

When pilots fly 1.700 and 1.500 km , yes I know in wave, there must be something to fly “in” for the comps-pilots as well. No it was NOT.
Another day cancelled.
BUT then there was today February 5 and a nice task [1] was set.
Open; had to go for 342 km and all 13 pilots who flew finished. It was even a 1000 points-day and those points were for Tim Bromhead in the 17.5 Ventus CT.
Brett Hunter and Patrick Driessen were runners up.
Good to see Peter Hartmann from Austria and Keith Essex from the USA on the list as well as . They were on spot 4 and 10 with good old Tony van Dyke on 6 in LS 8.
Club; had 278 km to go and and from the 11 pilots who started 7 finished.
Mark Wilson in the “little but oh so beautiful ” Libelle won the 955 points


Newsy soaring news!

With new fires and temperatures over 40 dgr.C. the Canberra area lived in despair, certainly those in the suburbs where meters-high red flames “eat ” the trees and all in and under it, in the mountains.

Of course the other site of the medal is great soaring conditions.
The Polish team was not always smiling in Lake Keepit, but Klara who stayed a bit longer in Oz and flew from Narromine used the great weather for her first 750 FAI triangle .Good on her!!! And for sure a big smile now!!
She flew Adam’s G1, earlier “used” by Thomas for a late 1000 for the season.
On the first day of February she tried a 1000 as well and nearly did it in the same 15 m. conversion Ventus;977 km with a speed of 130 km./h but as she wrote ” I was too slow... ” But very good, we have to remind that day’s are really getting shorter now in February over there.
7 hours and 30 minutes …meaning….. really trying hard!!!
And what about Tocumwal:
A 1000 k FAI TRIANGLE on the last day of January for Lumpy in his JS 3 good on him.
But great flights by all who flew from Toc. that day ;…Stefan, frequent flyer, kilometer-eater and already flying in Toc since I was there first in 1984.
In his LS 4 …pure glider….he flew a 750 FAI TRIANGLE!!!
Another long-time pilot in Tocumwal is Kari from Finland who flew in the ASW 27 a 788 km flight in it a 750 FAI TRIANGLE.
What about Grant,..in his St. Jantar he flew 713 km [668 triangle ] His comment…was short ,easy and happy;”yipeee
Even INGO took his Discus out of the hangar for a “ride”; 781 km. [634 triangle]
Chris[topher] just missed 47 km to make another of his many 1000 km. flights in his JS 1 [830 FAI TRIANGLE]
By the way one day later the first day of February the temperature dropped with 17 dgr. to 23 dgr.C !!!! with dust-storms.

First Big day gliding for the summer season ON the last day of January.
as shared by SportAviation Tocumwal


Still good flyable conditions in South Africa as well with nice flights from Orient, flights from just over and just under 500 km .
Worcester still has some “old” mates flying, in this case Uwe and Michael, both flew often with us in the past.
This time they fly the NIMBUS 3D together!!!FUN!!!
Karin and Marcus seem to be still there too and after Uli crewed for his wife Chrissie [ 3d in club class] in Lake Keepit, he left via Germany for Worcester as well . He flew with Sven in the ARCUS M 702 km. on Jan 26, which was Australia day!!!


Eddie Madden from Sportaviation in Tocumwal and an ace in meteo -affairs shared these pictures from January in Australia.
They were published by the Bureau of meteorology and from the 7 pictures I choose 3 .[ Bureau of Meteorology ]
It would be difficult to summarize Australia’s weather this January.
From ☀️heatwaves to ❄️hail, tropical cyclones to dust storms these photos captured by our community over the past month show the diversity of Australia’s weather.

Microburst with hail and a wrapping cloud at Springfield, Queensland.
On January 20 2020
Courtesy Mr “S” Photography
It looks like a mountain but it’s a Pileus cloud over Port Macquarie, NSW.
courtesy Will Eades Photography
Storms over Seaford, Victoria
courtesy Vaughan Laws Photography


Last but not least a fabulous flight from Terry Delore from the South Island to the N and back in a 15 m. glider trying 15 m. WORLD RECORDS.

” Very large hydraulic jump present over Christchurch, NZ this morning. Telltale frayed leading edge with a long tail and no apparent rebounds.
Terry Delore appears to have made a very early launch, and is now on his way across the water to the North Island! “
As shared by SkySight

On February 3 at 6.15 PM the message was :” 150km to run to Clyde! Looking good!! Currently over Twizel. Terry has to get to Clyde by 8.43pm and finish above 6,520ft to claim 15m World Records’ “
And,… a bit later; “Terry is safely down, a nice cold Stella and a coat of Champagne to finish it off, brilliant effort 🎉

He started with first light from Omarama and flew an ASW 27 up N. over the water between the 2 isles.
One update mentioned :”  Terry has crossed Cook Strait “over solid ground” looking on target at this stage with most of the South Island to come . Pic is climbing up to FL230 over Lake Wairarapa before setting across the strait and the other Canterbury sky.
Max Stevens in YD is also on a biggy flight, looks as though he is going for another crack at 1500km.

About Cook Strait;” is a strait that separates the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It connects the Tasman Sea on the northwest with the South Pacific Ocean on the southeast, and runs next to the capital city, Wellington.
It is 22 kilometres (14 mi) wide at its narrowest point, and is considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable waters in the world
” Wikipedia.

Max flew a declared 1.557 km flight in the Ventus 2C [18m] speed 119 km./h. He stayed at the South Island and started from Omarama.
1,500km diploma. Got the LoH right this time. ” Congratulations!!!

” FL230 climbing over lake Wairarapa before nipping over Cook Strait “
Delore Soaring

A bit later;” Terry has hit his out and return turn point and commenced the return back down the Smokey skies. Sea breeze was in around Napier and blue. He said he had to wear a mask at 15,000ft due to the strong smoke making it hard to breathe.”

So end good ALL good! Super flight. At least 2 more DECLARED 1.500 km. flights were flown as well.
And Robin from Holland who works this season at Omarama ..he calls it PARADISE.., flew after work his diamond height in the Duo Discus.
A quick flight after work for the diamond height, took me a really long time to get into the wave..

Terry during his record flight.
Delore Soaring

And 1 day later :
3… 15 m. FAI World Records
Out and return declared distance 1.730km
Out and return free distance 1.730km
Out and return speed over 500 km
I am yet to download flight loggers but I know I have just completed the hardest most challenging and satisfying flight of my life.
Good on him!!!! No news yet on the OLC but I guess it is send already to the officials to claim the records!!!

With a beer ..after flight…a nice cold Stella…
Delore Soaring


And to really finish another nice picture from Lake Keepit.

With Liz [Sparrow] in the glider and the “roos” chased to the other site of the field.
As shared by Lake Keepit Soaring Club

CU next Wednesday!
Cheers Ritz