WWGC…..Aussie Nationals ….proud mum!

—-They had some bad-weather-day’s both in Africa and Australia so flying was “low”.
Part of S.E. Australia was covered in red dust from frantic storms, whilst the winter-sport area, not far from Melbourne ,Falls Creek had incredible snow fall.
It was not just a sand storm ,but a huge one, even showed at the Dutch news with the remark, that at some places the visibility was only a few meters !!!Yes still early spring.
One week later China had the same problem, with grey instead of red sand.

Broken hill; The red sand from the “heart of the continent” flies over .
As shared by William, who estimated looking at the satellite image that this cloud full of sand would be 800 to 1000 km. large.

Not too far from Tocumwal , which turned windy and wet, a small place called Kattemetite was hit by a tornado. Lot’s of rain as well , but then,…that’s good for the farmers.
But kilometer-eaters as Stefan, who is I guess ,the longest frequent flyer at Tocumwal, [ I believe he was in Toc before me so before 1984]did n’t worry about weather. In his LS 4 he flew , except for 2 day’s,…every day since the 18th up to 533 km !!!!!AND …on the 26th he even flew 691 in his LS 4!!!!!!

Namibia was quiet as well, so time to see the gorgeous fauna and flora over there.
Boerje shared some pictures and straight after when the good weather was there again, he flew a 1000 again.


as shared by Boerje Eriksson.

After the weather cleared in Namibia, Alexander Mueller managed to fly in his EB 29, a 1.301 km.flight [1.124 FAI triangle] from Pokweni with 145 km./h.!!!
Keith Essex moved from N.Z. to Veronica and straight away flew 1 .139 km. with a speed of 136 km./h in the ARCUS M. They declared a 1000 km triangle but  “couldn’t get the last turnpoint because of rain showers.”

32 over 1000 km. flights straight after the less good weather,  one of them by my friends Daan [Pare] and Eagle; 1.054 km.
And over the last day’s more 1.200 plus and more 1.100 plus. No doubt till now a great Nabia-season as Pokweni, Kiripotib and Veronica had many 1000 km. flights as well!!!!!
On the BITTERWASSER site you could read;
“Perfect season start in Bitterwasser in the season 2018/ 2019 In November 2018, the first third of the Bitterwasser season, 50 flights over 1000 kilometres from the pan were completed. Reinhard Schramme and Norbert Siebert flew the longest distance of 1260 kilometres on 14 November. Robin Förster achieved his 1000 kilometre diploma on 24 November. A new palm tree will be planted in the avenue. On 26 November, Bruno Gantenbrink made the “flattest” flight with a 1000 kilometre FAI triangle. Nej Lutti made a special flight on 13 November: the first circumnavigation of the airspace of Windhoek in many years. This year, this airspace is to be flown north from Windhoek to flight level 145. There is nothing better than airspace!! November in Bitterwasser can be described as a very good flying month. The week around 13 November was round and beautiful. Then a few shower lines came from Botswana, but they didn’t reach Bitterwasser. There is always a day to relax, but the flight break usually lasts only one day. As usual the flight operation is professional.”

And also from South Africa’s Douglas Backhouse 1000 km.-flights.That’s where my friends Rob [Looisen] and his sister Marianne flew 1.015 km in the Nimbus 4D in mainly blue conditions.


The Official 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships logo.
as shared by 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

Pre worlds soon end of this year. AND,…. don’t worry about your kid’s, this is what I read:
Don’t forget we will have children’s activities during WWGC 2020 so no need to worry about keeping them entertained.”

As shared by  10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships




Talking about OZ,…Between November 26 and December 6, the 57 th MULTI CLASS nationals will be flown from Narromine and many of my friends are flying there. Quite a few top pilots as well among the 47 participants , so it will be very interesting!!!

The pre- competition briefing has been already ,with Beryl in charge.

as shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

The first and only official practice practice day. Monday November 26.
In 15 m. Benalla pilot , kilometer-eater and WGC pilot Tobias Geiger was clearly the best during their 3.30 AAT;432 km in Ventus 2A in time 3.31.He was nearly 100 km. further than the runner up.
10 From 19 finished and 5 outlanded.
In open David Jansen flew 407 km in time 3.28. during the 3.30 AAT.
George [my ex] was runner up. Good on him.
Standard;3.30 AAT and Michael Durrant was the best ;343 km in time 3.28.
In 18 m. Same task;  David.

November 27; Day 1 task 1;
Cancelled ! A pity, but a new cycle will bring, good to better ,to the best weather again. But not yet today as I heard!!
They tried hard with 2 hour AAT’s, were ready to go ,..nut rain destroyed the dreams for day 1. Task setters are William and Evelien both from Holland but living and flying already for a long time from Narromine. They are assisted every day by 2 competition pilots .
After a very dry period, hence a very dusty airfield, there was RAIN.

Ready to go ,but…..

Picture shared by Brian Hayhow.

November 28; Day 2 task 1;
As far as I heard there will be rain all day!!
So washed out!But hope for Thursday.
More next week.


Pictures by George and Brian, who added the next true words;
“Mmmm… the old adage ‘call a gliding competition and break the drought’ rings true yet again.


——-Shopping list; When you do need a new fabulous 2019-calendar you can visit www.fotokalender-segelfliegen.de an extra joy to receive.
There is a very good co-operation with top glider pilot Tobias Barth I read:
The aerospace engineer who lives in Stade is a glider pilot from an early age. His elaborate digital photo arrangements set new standards both technically and artistically. We are very pleased to have found in Tobias Barth an outstanding photographer who has all the prerequisites to follow in the footsteps of Claus-Dieter Zink. The best pictures of both photographers will have their permanent place in the photo calendar soaring.”

as shared by Gliding Calendar – Fotokalender Segelfliegen



—-November 23; this is a proud mum and of course dad George is very proud too. Not to forget her husband Rodger and teenager “kids” Indya and Dexter.
My daughter, just 46 now, received her MASTER OF SCIENCE certificate WITH MERIT in Human Factors in aviation.
She studied first law at the university of Amsterdam and got her bachelor degree there.
She is a full time airline captain, a wife and mother of 2 , devoted to her work for the union VNV, where she represents Transavia the company she flies for and a real social friend for many, so a busy social life.
How she all did it,…?????I don’t know….Enjoy the pictures.


Congratulations dear Inge.


And to finish….looking ahead at 2019

as shared by Aeroklub Stalowowolski

CU next week

Cheers Ritz

Namibia enjoys great weather,… so great flights. South Island Comps continued!

—-South Island Championships in N.Z.;

Ready for day 5 task 3.
As shared by South Island Gliding Championships

Day 5 ..task 3;
Racing class got a 3 hour AAT, so they could find out by their selves where the best options would be. Those options turned out difficult again, as only 3 from the 9 starters finished. Best result ;295 km. in 2.47 by David Jensen in the JS 1 who leads the pact now with nearly 500 points more than the Duo Discus pilots.
Sabrina Schels [Germany] was the 3d finisher and she called the conditions “much more complicated than expected“.
In open not a lot of finishers either. A 4 hour AAT ; Brett [Hunter] flew 515 km in 4.12 , speed 122 km./h. in his JS 3 and Keith [Essex] as runner up 501 with a speed of 107 km./h. in the ASG 29.
They were with Nick the only 3 finishers.[547 km. in time 5.39.]  Bit slower but HOME!!!!
Keith leads after 3 tasks with over 400 points. Nick is runner up now.

Winners David and Brett both in JS ; one in JS 1 B,  the other in JS 3. Each with a local wine from sponsors as Immigrants Vineyard [23 hectares] as prize.

Daily winner Brett in the majestic JS 3

Jet Power! Brett Hunter in XB does a jet assisted approach in his JS3.”
photo Alex McCaw
As shared by South Island Gliding Championships

NO task on the 16th. From a friend visiting the South Island at this moment I heard it was raining.
But,….on the 17th they flew,[last] day 7, task 4,…  but ONLY A FEW!!
In racing a small 2.30 AAT and 2 finishers whilst a few did not start anymore.
Those who finished task 4 did well; David who flew 222 km. in time 2.23 [89 km./h] for 167 points and Sabrina with 180 km. in time 2.32 [71 km./h] .[144 points.
RACING class was won by David 2.277 points . The Duo Discus pilots[1.624]  were 400 points ahead of Sabrina[1.422]  , after the last day a bit more than 200.
Open; fabulous day for Alex in his St Cirrus;1000 points for him!!!335 km. in time 2.41 [speed 124 km./h] He moved up from 12 to 7 !!! Well done!
I looked at his video, ridge-flying to and over the top of Mount Cook, [height 12.349 ft.] ..just spectacular.
His mate Nick who started nearly an hour later was runner up. Keith was 5th.
9 From 15 finished and Brett had another off day; he landed after 98 km.
Total scores; 1. Keith with 3.807 p., 2. Nick with 3.489 and 3. Peter Chadwick with 2.953 in ASG 29 es.

The 2018 South Island champions Keith and David.

As shared by  South Island GlidingChampionships


I give up on sharing the amount of 1000 km. flights,…. there are too many, but you can see it for your self at soaringspot. Happy however to see that November has exceptional good weather again.
Some  are very good and still worth mentioning, as the 1.260 k from Reinhard [Schramme] in the EB 28 , with 154 km./h. which was an 1000 FAI triangle as well. He flew with Norbert Siebert.
Bernd [Dolba] flew in the Twin Shark a 1000 FAI triangle as well from Veronica. The Twin shark had his first 1.100 km. flight as well.
Uli flew a 1.050 km up to 300 km to Botswana. Nearly no farms anymore and no secret,…..his trainee loved it!!!

Uli from Jaxida Cover Uli Schwenk shared this great picture.


The “coach- the- coaches- week” in Narromine is over and they had a fabulous week with great weather and good company, camaraderie and interaction. Look at this weather.

as shared by Brian Hayhow.


Ge Dale as super coach on day 3   and as said fun too; “Peter Temple and Arnold Geering are just about ready to roll under the watchful eye of John Buchanan at Coach the Coaches. Last flying day of a fantastic week. ”
by Brian Hayhow.

They straight away continued with the Narromine Cup where toppers and novices of CC- flying meet. I was touched by the next words by Roger Perett;
“Narromine Cup..
I’m here for the first time. Being mentored by a number of our experienced Cross Country SCGC members. Yesterday I had a area check, followed by a flight to Gilgandra and back in the 303. 168 km round trip 
My first time away from an airfield‘ .
And,…the words by the GFA;
The sport of soaring is more than just about being able to take off and land without an engine. A new pilot’s first time away from gliding range of the airfield is their second major milestone – and the one we all look forward to as we help new pilots to learn. From here, the pilot has learnt all the basic skills to be a competent at soaring and they can pursue whatever is of interest – distance flying for fun, competitions or even records. Congratulations to Roger on taking that first step away from the airfield!


—-Some good flights;

——What about a 750 out and return from Lake Keepit [Australia] to St. Georges in an LS 1f. Top job from Allan Barnes.
—–new Finnish record for Hannu Halonen on November 14; “Nice 750 FAI flight up to second turn point with average of 178. It looked so good, but third leg with mainly blue thermals made things difficult. Anyway, a new national record.” Over 471.22 km. he flew with a speed of 188,49 km./h in the Quintus M from Kiropitib.
—– First flight from Corowa [Australia] guest on November 17 by frequent flyer Hans Juergen; 707 km.
——Mannie, [Mc Lauchlan] …talking about South Africa now and specially New Tempe Bloemfontein …..; 1000 km. triangle in ASG 29 with 154 km./h.
—– 2 over 1.200 km-flights, one from Pokweni the other from Kiripotib , both in ARCUS M. AND,…also from Pokweni a 1.218 in the EB by Alexander Mueller with an FAI triangle from 1.137 in it!!.
—–On his first flight from Kiripotib and his very first flight in a SHARK, my friend Daan [Pare] flew 1.172 km.with a speed of 166.78 km./h.
—–and in between all this power-long-distance-flying we find Tobias Geiger flying a 15 m. Ventus 2ax from Benalla over 676 km. [600 Fai triangle]
—–Temora; Brian [Du Rieu]  flew 862 in his LS 10, last Sunday and Ingo in his Discus, 600k.  from Tocumwal.

—–some pilots from  Segelfluggruppe Donauwörth-Monheim  flew up to 4000 m. height in special wave over the Schwarzwald, the BLACK FOREST, last weekend. They called it a very cold, but unforgettable experience.


Last but not least,…never heard from them, maybe you neither, so some pictures and short story about “a winch” shared by Big Sky Soaring!!!


” Looks like the winter is here to stay for the next few months. So, Big Sky Soaring will go into hibernation for a while. But for all the folks who asked about our winch, here are some pictures. 
See you again next spring.”

I guess like hiring tugs and tuggies ,you can also hire a ” mobile ” winch with Dyneema rope AND a “winch-man”. Interesting.

Cu Next week,

cheers Ritz


Canterbury Gliding Club in NZ and the South Island 2018 championships from Omarama.

—- 11th of November 11-11-1918 ,this year marks the 100 years since the end of the first world war !!!!
Impressive,… even to see it on TV, on CNN, Dutch, Belgium, French and UK TV.
More than 70 “hotshot’s” were in France as there was Trump,Macron,  Putin, Merkel and more. Hope they all got the feeling for NOT letting to happen the cruelty from the past again. A war in which millions died, men and horses and lots of innocent people.



—-Big news shared by many and specially by the Canterbury Gliding Club:
What an epic flight!
Mike Oakley has touched down safely at Springfield completing a 1,933km OLC flight!! Enjoying some jet planes at sunset after launching at 6.45am in Omarama, landing at Springfield 8 pm covering a whopping amount of the South Island!! Bravo Mike!!
That’s indeed EPIC . Nearly 2000 km. and 13 hours and 24 minutes up in the air!!!!

Mike after the flight a real happy chappie! In the far past my daughter Inge and Lizzy Wells visited the Oakley family in NZ.

He covered the S.Island….. WOW !!!!
Pictures courtesy Canterbury Gliding Club



Courtesy South Island Gliding Championships

In between his son Nick is flying the South Island Championships [racing and open class] and task 1 on November 11 was won by Keith [Essex from thew USA and frequent flyer in N.Z.] ,with a speed of 130 km. over 398 km. Nick was 5th in the Discus 2 and his mate Alex [Mc Caw] was 10th in a St. Cirrus.
Hard day for the Racing class with multiple factors causing the day to be devalued.”
5 Of these gliders returned back to the field after being launched, some stayed’home’ for the day.
Winners of day 1;

Keith as happy smiling winner in open [ASG 29  /18m] and in Racing Class – Duo Discus UO with Team: Nigel Davy/ Tim Austen; 170 km. with a speed of 116 km./h.
As shared by South Island Gliding Championships

Task 2 was cancelled.”Unfortunately we can’t get a big enough window for a competition task today so the day has been cancelled.”

Task 3 on the 13th was difficult for some, as the “easterly” came in,  but they flew.
Racing had 314 km. and 3 from the 10 who started finished with David Jensen in the JS B1 as daily winner gaining 1000 points.
In open a task from 401 k was set and as before Keith won the day with a speed of 122.59 km./h. for 1000 points. In this class 13 from 15 finished.
Some started early at 2 PM as did Nick, some later at 2.40 PM as did the Duo Discus being 6th for the day.
Bad/sad day for Brett Hunter loosing lot’s of points [ he got 227] in his JS 3, due to an outlanding after 273 km. dropping from 4 to 13.
Good day for Nick, he was runner up.

Ready to go for task 2.
As shared by South Island Gliding Championships

Task 4 was set but not flown in racing class. Open had 356 k, but no scores yet. Maybe cancelled as well.
You can see it on www.soaringspot.com


—-The overseas-pilots in Africa are happy as well. Several 1000 km. flights from Namibia as Bitterwasser , Pokweni ,Kiripotib and Veronica . Even a lot 1.100 -plus -km.
Bitterwasser wrote;
After Bernd Mangold has unloaded all the planes from the container and set them up, he allows himself a longer flight with the bitter water Nimbus. 4500 meters cloud base and updraft lines are fun.
The operation in Bitterwasser has started fully.”
Last Sunday Kuruman added 1000 and 1.000 as well.
1000 km.-News from HPH Sailplanes  in the UK as well;
“Congratulations to Uli Schwenk and Steffi Keller on flying the first 1000km in a Twin Shark! And only one week into its Namibia expedition!”
The beginning of more long flights!!!
Dust devils mark the start of the thermals and here is one in Bitterwasser.
Just counted 18 over 1000 km. flights in Namibia yesterday.

with the remark;
Dust devil in Bitterwasser shows the thermal start. It does not have to come however so violently like this dust devil. But the day was again a thousand day. In the middle of November [ 12] it really goes off without thunderstorms and showers.”


AND then,..on the 12th there was Klaus Ohlmann flying from SPAIN. When he starts there must be something going on,…it was ……1.394,94 with 144.64 speed on the “clock”.
La Cerdanya , more correct the Pyrenees, was the place to be and the plane,..of course his Stemme S10.
AND,…a more than happy OLC comment;
“What a pleasure to fly with Gil. [Souviron] Hooked by waveflying like me, same spirit of exploring, but with very good knowledge of the Pyrenees. Thanks as well to Robert Prat, another expert of the Pyrenees. Application of his rules of thumb in dry waves…works great. Another big thanks to Control of Toulouse, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Montpellier and Marseille.
Great job….Last not least…Stemme… what a phantastic glider and plane….”
More W. from La Cerdanya [St Girons] was the start for a DG 800/18 m….bang 1.078 km.

These pictures shared by Gilles Navas in September when he was flying there, show the structure of the Pyrenees.


Courtesy Gilles Navas.


AND higher temperatures down under too with flights up to nearly 800 km. in a Duo Discus on Saturday from Warkworth in NSW. Flying a Speed ASTIR II over 622 [500 FAI triangle] is not bad either.[Lake Keepit… motivation for the ladies, soon to fly there the Pre Worlds]
And on Sunday from Lake Keepit where Allan [Barnes] and Harry [Medlicott] flew a declared 750 FAI triangle, in the ARCUS M.A total of 868 km. reaching a height of 11.000 ft.
David [Jansen] flew that day from Kingaroy 946 km in the 18 m ASG 29 E.

“Coaching the coaches” with Ge Dale in Narromine was in full swing last week and they had good weather. Not long and the Nationals will be flown there.[November 24-December 8]

As shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official


—-And the latest news letter from Schempp-Hirth is out. Love the PR from this issue.

Shared by Schempp-Hirth

CU next week

Cheers Ritz

All kind of news!!

—-This time Italy was “hurt” badly by the weather. Storms and heavy rain damaged 15 Million trees and even worse, 30 people died!!! 9 from ONE family stuck in a house in Sicilian, where the water reached to 10 meter. Sad , very sad.

Here we were back to 20 dgr. C. yesterday, but just for one day.Unbelievable , full terraces again and we were there too; Brutus , who visited me for the day and I . A lot of people ask me how Brutus[ Peter] is , here you can see it for your self. Driving a locomotive of a train now and visiting me yesterday on another record-high-day for November 6; 20 dgr. C !!!!!
For those who never met Brutus; he worked with and for us for over 5 years at the Sportavia Soaring Center.



Brutus in my house and with Brutus drinking a beer at our old market place.


—–Schempp-Hirth news from last Saturday evening:
Today the new “IYB” is presented at the Germans gilder day. The #Ventus3 T supersedes the #Discus 2ct from the DAeC. So the glider is reserved to support young and skilled pilots. We hope you enjoy the plane with lots of awesome flights!”
German Gliding remains on a super-high-level!!!!




—–Kiripotib looks ready as well for the new season.


Organizers Wolfgang and Ludwig in “full swing”  at the beginning of their season with FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS.
Courtesy;  Łukasz Wójcik for Kiripotib Soaring 

Wolfgang flew as CHAMPION with pupil Franz from Germany and the first  Kiropotib 1.000 k. was a fact.[794 triangle] They flew the ARCUS M.
On Saturday one day earlier the 1.000 k’s were already flown from Veronica with up to 145 km./h.[Namibia]
As well as one in Brasil from Crateus , an FAI triangle [1.012 km.] in an ASH 30.
By the way on the first day of November, a very high wave flight up to over 7000 m MSL, resulted in a 1.038 km.flight with a speed of 143 km./h in an ARCUS, flown in Europe from Mikulovice  in the Czech Rep. in an ARCUS M.
And Keith Essex from Minden is back in Omarama and ready for nice long flights. He started with a 500 k in an ASG 29 E.
Yesterday Königsdorf had 1000 km weather …. Matthias Schunk flew one in a Quintus;1.041 km. with a speed of 139 km./h in wave and with a late start and without ballast.
AND today,…..my daughters birthday, happy birthday dear Inge,….Keith flew a 1000 from Omarama ;1.017 km and look at the speed; 171.3 km./h!!!!
A wave day, difficult to get in he mentioned but once in there was lift everywhere!


——Ingo is also ready too for HIS season.

NOT BAD….. a check flight with Miro in a Calif.
Shared by Miro[slav].

So is Tocumwal, as you can see on the picture from yesterday .

As shared by George.

Not all weather down under is as good. Yesterday the headlines in the news were about a weather phenomena; Dust clouds. They are pretty normal in Australia but this was another story;
Massive dust cloud engulfs towns across outback NSW. There were apocalyptic scenes in western NSW on Tuesday when a giant dust cloud swept across the region.”
It scared the hell out of people near Broken Hill.


——And here is the Dutch “future” with the juniors for Hungary’s JWGC and 5 new aspirant members from the Dutch squad.

An enthusiastic group of Dutch junior pilots ;class  ’18/’19.With Lizzy as the only girl….AND among them a current JWGC champion [Sjoerd in Pocuinai] and a vice JWGC champion from Narromine, Robin.Mind you we had already 3 JWGC champions.


——–Matamata Soaring shared the next news:
The start of the Centennial Park competition has been a wave day. No contest day due to the extreme wind, so a number went flying in the wave. It took until around 5:30pm to climb into it, but we got there in the end. Just like Omarama, but in the North!”
One of my Aussie mates is flying there and he shared some pictures, also from Lake Taupo where I was a few years ago.

Matamata Soaring Centre


——Told you about the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships .
Here are the results.

Location: Shenzhen – China

Overall – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Rudi Browning AUS
2nd: Bastian Hackl AUT
3rd: Karlis Gross LAT

Women – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Wanraya Wannapong THA
2nd: Ga Yeon Mo KOR
3rd: Ting Yu Chao TPE

Junior – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Oscar Nilsson SWE
2nd: Qianti Hu CHN
3rd: Rudi Browning AUS

Team – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Australia
2nd: Sweden
3rd: Korea
The full results can be found at the following address:


Gliding International ;
The November-December issue, so the last one from 2018, with the PERLAN glider on the cover, is published and here are some of the interesting subjects.
—–all about the great flight from the AIRBUS PERLAN Mission 2 glider, climbing up to 76.000 ft. a fabulous new world record, even surpassing the height record of the U-2 Reconnaissance Plane. With lot’s of great pictures and the story behind it all.
—–90 years ago…..Germany’s gift to Sporting America….Flying planes without a motor….
—–Follow the leader,…is what a lot of pilots  did during the last WGC where Sebastian Kawa won [again] Sebastian is annoyed / frustrated about the lack of fair play in gliding and is pretty clear in his story. About tracking and and FLARM, who have changed the rules of the game completely. A very interesting FULL story to be read in this G I.
—–The possibility of Graphene as the skin coat to sailplanes; The Graphene discoverers from the Manchester University were the well deserved Nobel Prize Winners from this year. China is a big producer from graphene .
Graphene is a  super-strong material – 200 times stronger than steel and 100 times stronger than diamonds. A fraction of the weight of Carbon Fibre.”
Much more about it in the magazine or digital.

And a very kind offer to ALL  pilots new to soaring, who soloed in the USA, Australia and N .Z.;They are   eligible for a free subscription to Gliding International. You can read in G I how to do so.

Printed version airmailed:
1 Year (NZ Currency) $NZ96
2 Years $NZ190 or the
equivalent in your currency.
Digital version emailed
1 Year $NZ69,
2 Years $NZ130 or the
equivalent in your currency.
Personal cheques acceptable.

That’s it,…you are up to date.
Cu next week.
Cheers Ritz