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—-This time Italy was “hurt” badly by the weather. Storms and heavy rain damaged 15 Million trees and even worse, 30 people died!!! 9 from ONE family stuck in a house in Sicilian, where the water reached to 10 meter. Sad , very sad.

Here we were back to 20 dgr. C. yesterday, but just for one day.Unbelievable , full terraces again and we were there too; Brutus , who visited me for the day and I . A lot of people ask me how Brutus[ Peter] is , here you can see it for your self. Driving a locomotive of a train now and visiting me yesterday on another record-high-day for November 6; 20 dgr. C !!!!!
For those who never met Brutus; he worked with and for us for over 5 years at the Sportavia Soaring Center.



Brutus in my house and with Brutus drinking a beer at our old market place.


—–Schempp-Hirth news from last Saturday evening:
Today the new “IYB” is presented at the Germans gilder day. The #Ventus3 T supersedes the #Discus 2ct from the DAeC. So the glider is reserved to support young and skilled pilots. We hope you enjoy the plane with lots of awesome flights!”
German Gliding remains on a super-high-level!!!!




—–Kiripotib looks ready as well for the new season.


Organizers Wolfgang and Ludwig in “full swing”  at the beginning of their season with FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS.
Courtesy;  Łukasz Wójcik for Kiripotib Soaring 

Wolfgang flew as CHAMPION with pupil Franz from Germany and the first  Kiropotib 1.000 k. was a fact.[794 triangle] They flew the ARCUS M.
On Saturday one day earlier the 1.000 k’s were already flown from Veronica with up to 145 km./h.[Namibia]
As well as one in Brasil from Crateus , an FAI triangle [1.012 km.] in an ASH 30.
By the way on the first day of November, a very high wave flight up to over 7000 m MSL, resulted in a 1.038 km.flight with a speed of 143 km./h in an ARCUS, flown in Europe from Mikulovice  in the Czech Rep. in an ARCUS M.
And Keith Essex from Minden is back in Omarama and ready for nice long flights. He started with a 500 k in an ASG 29 E.
Yesterday Königsdorf had 1000 km weather …. Matthias Schunk flew one in a Quintus;1.041 km. with a speed of 139 km./h in wave and with a late start and without ballast.
AND today,… daughters birthday, happy birthday dear Inge,….Keith flew a 1000 from Omarama ;1.017 km and look at the speed; 171.3 km./h!!!!
A wave day, difficult to get in he mentioned but once in there was lift everywhere!


——Ingo is also ready too for HIS season.

NOT BAD….. a check flight with Miro in a Calif.
Shared by Miro[slav].

So is Tocumwal, as you can see on the picture from yesterday .

As shared by George.

Not all weather down under is as good. Yesterday the headlines in the news were about a weather phenomena; Dust clouds. They are pretty normal in Australia but this was another story;
Massive dust cloud engulfs towns across outback NSW. There were apocalyptic scenes in western NSW on Tuesday when a giant dust cloud swept across the region.”
It scared the hell out of people near Broken Hill.


——And here is the Dutch “future” with the juniors for Hungary’s JWGC and 5 new aspirant members from the Dutch squad.

An enthusiastic group of Dutch junior pilots ;class  ’18/’19.With Lizzy as the only girl….AND among them a current JWGC champion [Sjoerd in Pocuinai] and a vice JWGC champion from Narromine, Robin.Mind you we had already 3 JWGC champions.


——–Matamata Soaring shared the next news:
The start of the Centennial Park competition has been a wave day. No contest day due to the extreme wind, so a number went flying in the wave. It took until around 5:30pm to climb into it, but we got there in the end. Just like Omarama, but in the North!”
One of my Aussie mates is flying there and he shared some pictures, also from Lake Taupo where I was a few years ago.

Matamata Soaring Centre


——Told you about the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships .
Here are the results.

Location: Shenzhen – China

Overall – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Rudi Browning AUS
2nd: Bastian Hackl AUT
3rd: Karlis Gross LAT

Women – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Wanraya Wannapong THA
2nd: Ga Yeon Mo KOR
3rd: Ting Yu Chao TPE

Junior – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Oscar Nilsson SWE
2nd: Qianti Hu CHN
3rd: Rudi Browning AUS

Team – F3U (RC Multi-Rotor FPV Racing)
1st: Australia
2nd: Sweden
3rd: Korea
The full results can be found at the following address:


Gliding International ;
The November-December issue, so the last one from 2018, with the PERLAN glider on the cover, is published and here are some of the interesting subjects.
—–all about the great flight from the AIRBUS PERLAN Mission 2 glider, climbing up to 76.000 ft. a fabulous new world record, even surpassing the height record of the U-2 Reconnaissance Plane. With lot’s of great pictures and the story behind it all.
—–90 years ago…..Germany’s gift to Sporting America….Flying planes without a motor….
—–Follow the leader,…is what a lot of pilots  did during the last WGC where Sebastian Kawa won [again] Sebastian is annoyed / frustrated about the lack of fair play in gliding and is pretty clear in his story. About tracking and and FLARM, who have changed the rules of the game completely. A very interesting FULL story to be read in this G I.
—–The possibility of Graphene as the skin coat to sailplanes; The Graphene discoverers from the Manchester University were the well deserved Nobel Prize Winners from this year. China is a big producer from graphene .
Graphene is a  super-strong material – 200 times stronger than steel and 100 times stronger than diamonds. A fraction of the weight of Carbon Fibre.”
Much more about it in the magazine or digital.

And a very kind offer to ALL  pilots new to soaring, who soloed in the USA, Australia and N .Z.;They are   eligible for a free subscription to Gliding International. You can read in G I how to do so.

Printed version airmailed:
1 Year (NZ Currency) $NZ96
2 Years $NZ190 or the
equivalent in your currency.
Digital version emailed
1 Year $NZ69,
2 Years $NZ130 or the
equivalent in your currency.
Personal cheques acceptable.

That’s it,…you are up to date.
Cu next week.
Cheers Ritz

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