Quintus M. and more !

Alphen aan den Rijn   August 29 2012

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The QUINTUS M. winner in open class in Uvalde.

Quite a few pilots told me,  when saying good- bye,  that they were looking forward to read my blogs to find out what has happened in Uvalde .They had no time to read  during the comps , but “saved ” it for later at home. ENJOY!!!!
When you go to soaringcafe and you click on Uvalde, you will find under there ALL my stories in a long row, thanks to Bill.

Uvalde as showed on the Dutch site.

 I was pleased to see that after leaving Uvalde, Tilo Holighaus moved to Marfa for a couple of days with the Quintus M. to fine- tune it even more. As he said he gave full gas under the cloud streets to get the best out of the glider. Liked his remark: ” Texas -weather or Quintus -weather”? He flew 555 km. with 134 km./h. His friend Andy Lutz had about the same speed and distance in the other Quintus M. but mentioned as well that they only started at 15.30 and that he was astonished to see, what was still possible in this weather. Good on them! And yes we/the pilots had that weather-experience as well in Uvalde.

Tilo with “his ” Quintus M.
Picture courtesy Frans Guise.

And did you see Alan Barnes report on the OLC??? The Australian kilometer-eater was in Marfa as well, flew an LS 8 and this was his comment when you missed it:
—“ Day started overcast but slowly burned off to blue. I was first to launch at just before 3pm. My plan was a 500km flight around Big Bend National Park and I did most of it, but cut one corner as the area was in a blue hole. There was a fantastic cloud street that I ran for an hour without turning. Had a B1 bomber fly under me in the middle of nowhere – saw its shadow coming but couldn’t spot the plane until it was too late to do anything anyhow – fortunately it was 2000ft below me.”—

One week after the WGC some of the pilots still had not enough of soaring. I noticed David Leonard , flying for Team USA in 15 m. class , on the 3d spot from the OLC list last Sunday.He did not even use the best hours of the day only the late afternoon, [maybe this IS the best time of the day!]   but raced anyhow from Kelly CO over 615 km. with a nice speed of 147 km./ h. One of his mates called it an outstanding day . Good on them!

Dave to the left!

The Belgium Masters were less lucky with the weather last weekend. The competition , over 2 weekends was cancelled, hopefully more luck the upcoming weekend as over 20 pilots would love to fly in St Hubert  and  quite a few I know.

Some of my friends flying at Minden told me in Uvalde, that it had been an exceptional season, weather-wise over there in Minden and the Truckee area.Last Saturday pilots were still flying over 800 km.

On the picture above; Rick Walters one of the soaring friends from Minden. On the picture  together with Andeea  the operations manager from Seminole-Lake-Gliderport. She did a perfect job in escorting the media, to where they wanted to go in Uvalde and did some good PR for the comps. Great to see young people,  slowly taken over, this is as it should be!!!!

Forgot all about it , but….from Rick I heard that he was one of us, on the Albatross, when we had that pretty decadent picnic at the Lake Tahoe on the wings of the Albatross in 1990, flying from Carson City Airport.
 Never forget the experience, what a day!

Talking about the Albatross ,only yesterday I heard that Bob, who worked for us on this plane, after it arrived in Australia  in Tocumwal in our old WW2 hangar, had “a bit of a rough time” with heart problems. Just spoke to him [he is in Darwin-hospital ] and he sounds much better  again. Very happy with that.
I will even see him, I heard in the beginning of next year when I visit Tocumwal. He lives in Darwin and works now on the Mallard another water-plane flown by Bones [ Ashock] our former tuggie!!! Bones flies the pearl fishers from” Paspaly Pearls” to their work in the sea. The world is small!!!


On the left picture you see Bob the second on the right.My ex George is to the left with Bones [ captain on the Mallard now] on his site.
In the middle both with white shirts Michael Giles, who flew with us and flew WGC’s as well in the past  and Cameron Bodey[tuggie with us in the past now A 300F captain]

After arriving home more bad news as one of our long- time- house -friends Peter, was diagnosed with a brain tumor! He always searched for me the Internet to give me nice , scientific or funny stories/pictures. Wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Good news as well when Jo and Tony visited us last week  in Amsterdam. Tony was at so many WGC’s I lost track, both as pilot and as TC and very anxious to know what had happened in Texas. So enough to talk about! Tony still flies his Ventus at age 76 and the Lanceair they both own and was build by Tony!



Looking back at the OLC this summer, as the metereological summer is nearly over now, “we ” had a few top days with over 2000 entered flights; 
May 13 with 2858 flights
May 16 with 2490 flights 
May 27 and 28 with 2061 and 2713 flights.
June had none …..but July 22 was a good one again with 2598 flights.
August 11 shows 2013 entered flights.
So…maybe we can say that when OLC flights are a norm ……SPRING was TOP!!!!

And ….because I am VERY proud on the readers, taking the opportunity to send me comments….I share a few more thank you’s .

—” Ritz, it was a great pleasure to meet you after several years of reading your writing. Many gliding fans who were not at the contest have said that you brought the experience to them. I would like to add that those of us who were there also benefited greatly from talking with you. Your international perspective is unique, and we enjoyed learning about our fellow pilots and teams from you. No international gliding event is complete without Ritz!—”

—” thank you so much for your wonderful reports around the clock from the WGC. We were very well informed thanks to you. You are deserving a triple A from all readers .—”

 Those were the very last I share otherwise you start thinking I am too big for my boots!!!! 
Still suffering a bit from jet lag but I should say nothing as my South African friends travelled for 36 hours. They are allowed to be tired from jet lag.

cheers Ritz

Back with 2 feet on the ground and some personal impressions!

Alphen aan den Rijn    August 26 2012   

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Hello dear friends back home and back to “normal” again!
What a great time I had in Texas, but with all those MANY kind remarks, I felt for a few days another person in another world! What about

“world famous reporter”…..

“I can unequivocally say that Ritz, on her own, has “MADE” the WGC 2012 for me. Almost everything I have watched, followed and enjoyed regarding this incredible contest, has been through her blogs and photographs. From the parties and the parades, to the ceremonies and the contestants, to the tasks and those awesome “tuggies”, to the ships and the sand storms, to the triumphs and the tragedies.  And, yes, even to the heat. It has all been right there in living words in her amazing blog postings. Never before have I been able to have such a rich and rewarding soaring experience by vicariously attending an event taking place over a thousand miles away. Thank you Ritz… I am forever in your debt !!!”

THANK YOU, for all the positive reactions, I got the feeling I did something really good this time.
Glad I could do this job and could keep you WELL informed about all what was going on in Uvalde.
THANK YOU to Bill [+Carol] and Rand for inviting me,  straight away after I mentioned to them that the WGC organizers on my request to finish my career as WGC- blogger in Uvalde, had written me they had already somebody else. They came back on that later but then I was committed already to Soaringcafe and my plea to combine things and co-operate did not work out unfortunately.

With Carol, Bill and Rand.

 I will look back in today’s blog at soaringcafe, but mention here some personal high lights as well.

—Meeting my idol Ed Kilbourne,[ country and western singer with fabulous text about gliding and glider pilots ; his  cd’s L/D and Cloudbase are in my cd recorder since I am home!] , just sit with him and talk about “things” , the way he dealt with a brand new text on one of his songs about the USA and Aussie pilots, the way he song along with Rebecca [ David Jansen’s daughter] , a truly interesting guy. You should hear his funny song     ”  the 65 dollar LS4 ” and the more sad song “CLOUD BASE”  about his and our mates we lost in soaring.
Very pleased I met him.

—meeting my hosts and founders of SOARINGCAFE  , Bill and Rand. Knew them only from mails got to know them both in real and found in them soul mates. Carol , Bill’s wife is a sweetheart and all I could not do cause I was sitting in the tent and observing and writing,.. she did,.. she was my eyes and ears. Friends for EVER!

With Rand and Bill.

—catching up with my ”  flapped- glider- friends” ,  I  had not seen for several years due to writing at the unflapped comps. The friendship continued as if not 6 years had gone.
Also with friends I had not seen for more then 25 years involved in gliding but not in this competition. Jos Jonkers now living in  Canada and Ralf Holighaus from Germany , Karin Schlosser now living in the USA and 21 years for Rick Walters.

—the warm welcome by the USA soaring team and TC Dennis, taking me under their wings as one of them. Sharing their “team-hut” , walking with them in the stadium and wearing their shirt WITH my name on it!!!!

Dennis in action at the USA/SSA  party.

—The vendors in the the big white tent, [ I shared  after I was “moved ” out of the office] buying tea for me [ they all seem to drink coffee over there] , sharing their thoughts and being always KIND, taking care of my bike and laptop when I had to rush to the briefing or the field ! As well as the lady , selling local craft and the famous Uvalde honey,  who offered me a pillow to sit on as the bank was pretty hard.
The parents in law from one of them, Les and Kay, my land lords, what great people!!! Such a comfortable bed and pillow, a real” little Ritz house” , it was.


Les and Kay, lovely new friends!

—all those friends/readers not knowing me , but taking the opportunity to see the UVALDE WGC and me. “Are you Ritz?”
FANTASTIC!!!!All the drinks they offered me and the food I had to refuse to keep on my weight! By the way I lost 2 kilo, finally I am back om my normal weight from 5 years ago.

Ole from Denmark , on a holiday in Washington with his brother Jörgen and his wife came to visit the WGC.

—my 2 day extra holiday in San Antonio offered to me by the SoaringCafe team. What a great town, loved the RIVER WALK and the great Alamo as well as the cathedral. Celebrated Art’s birthday there with a real guiness in an Irish pub, together with Kimberlee who drove me from Uvalde to San Antonio.





You were NOT alllowed to make pictures inside, but history there is GREAT.

 Last but not least a THANK you to my hosts for organizing a SURPRISE  “send-off -in-style- party ” as editor AT location during WGC’s, for me and for the guests attending and going to bed a tad later then normal. THANKS!!!!!


Next Wednesday back to the normal blog you are used to. CU then , cheers Ritz

It’s over and out! A pity!!!

San Antonio Texas on Sunday the day after the closing party and closing ceremony!

 It’s over and out. Loved every minute except for 2!!! Loved the friendship from all, loved to catch up with friends I had not seen ” for ages ” and loved being part of this 32d WGC.
It had for me 2 downs but 98 UP’s!!!!!! And the up’s will remain in the memory.

My name Ritz was the “Hottest topic ” on google for several days, what about that,I seem to have brought soaring-joy to many I do not even know. People called their friends in Uvalde and wanted to talk briefly with me as they knew I would be busy. I was even asked for signatures???!!!!
I was really touched. This job is so easy for me, I sit down and I write that’s it!!!
Observing is a gift, more then writing I guess.
Got a mail from
—my idol Ed Kilbourne, [ when I wrote about the dust at the field , he could taste the dust between his teeth] —a big friendly hug from DB,[seems special! was special! ]he was during the comps as I said before SO relaxed and pleased with his big ship]
— invitations to several private parties[I could not attend all as I did not want my friends to drive me up and down all the time!] and to be honest I sometimes feel “age” as after a long day of sitting in a hot steamy windy tent I fell at 8.30 PM in bed and slept!!!!
I met the young man , the brilliant former student , as Loek Boermans calls him, of the University of Delft , heavily involved with the Concordia. He happened to be a fan from me and I am a fan from him now, what a down- to -earth -pleasant young man.On the picture to the r.;Johannes Dillinger.To the left Stefan Benardie also from the University of Delft.

My bosses Bill and Rand were HAPPY with me , the blogs put their soaringcafe even more in the middle of the attention!
They  paid 2 nights in the fancy Sheraton for me on the RIVER WALK in San Antonio, to relax and…wow is it beautiful here.

Carol her husband Bill and Rand.

The mid-air-collision on the last but one day was a bit of a damper on the joy of the earlier days. Luckily Peter Hartmann [Austria] bailed out safely and landed with his parachute in a pretty remote area,  while the French pilot Louis Bouderlique could fly home. 2 Young German pilots Susanne and David saw the emergency of the situation straight away, they aborted their task to stay over the crash and warned the SAR and CD ,giving them the co-ordinates of the spot. When he heard the SAR helicopter would take longer , Mark Hufstuttler the CD from 1991 jumped in his helicopter and flew straight to Peter to pick him up. After they arrived , Peter was checked straight away by the WGC dr. at the side of the helicopter and Mark carried the life saving parachute in his hands. In between Louis had landed at the field escorted by David and Susanne!!! What a great way of showing ….you are a friend/mate!
Peter was checked in hospital as a precaution but was back on briefing the next day together with Louis. This morning they walked in the farewell parade.

Back to other business.

 Glad readers keep reading my own blog as well, now it is less “good”.
Got a mail from Holland [Thanks Frank] with the correct scores of the Pre JWGC in Poland. On soaringspot they combined the 2 classes in club one from the ” older boys/girls ” and one from the JWGC club class. I could have figured that out when I would have had more time. Sorry about that
So here you are;

Official results:
Junior Pre-World Club
1. Stefan Telkamp
2. Fabian Stumpfl
3. Erich Hinetrholzer

Junior Pre-World Standard:
1. Petr Svoboda
2. Martin Piskacek
3. Jacek Flis

Team Cup Results:
1. Austria
2. Czech Republic
3. Netherlands
Again CONGRATULATIONS to all young ones!!!!!

6 Days and 2 cancelled ones during the Club class Nationals in France. Guests won; Roman Mracek and Miloslav Cink from the Czech Rep. but they few HC and can’t be CHAMPION, so Julien Henry [LS4] won these French Nationals with 3523 points. Runner up Eric Soubrier [Pegase] with 3486 points.
Brian Spreckley flew as well HC in the Libelle. In the end of this year he will be chief steward in Chaves, while Peter Ryder will be again the president of the JURY.

Uli Gmelin and his wife Chrissie and their kute little son  Fin, will go slowly from Uvalde to Chaves as well , travelling  4 months with the camper to the next WGC. What a life!!!!

First time since 3 weeks that I have time to check the OLC again. Pleased to see Bert Schmelzer jr. had another nice flight this time from Vinon, visiting the Matterhorn and fly around it. Gilles Navas had some great flights from  Vinon as well. Looking forward to Bert’s pictures!

 When I am back home I will be back to my normal self in my own blog. Cheers for now, Ritz

Still hot in Uvalde .Epic flight from Dutch youngsters!

UVALDE TEXAS on Wednesday August 15 2012

Good morning, from Uvalde and look at this news we got!!!

 —After the Junior Pre-World Contest in Leszno, Poland ended on Sunday 12 August, the Dutch competitors (Jan Willem van Doorn, Stefan Telkamp, Sander Luimes en Nick Hanenburg) decided to fly back home to Holland on Monday 13 August. They almost made it: Their flight ended at Stadtlohn airfield which is located virtually on the border between Holland and Germany. They covered a distance of almost 700km’s, an epic flight!…send by Raymond Teunissen.

See http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?dsId=2686332 .—

On top of that young Stefan Telkamp was 2d during this Pre WGC with only 37 points behind the number 1. Good on him and congratulations to ALL boys for such a fantastic flight!! Also the last day showed a day win in club class for Nick Hanenburg from Holland. As you see Holland has a future in soaring, it even looks bright!!!!

The CIM in Italy continues till the 17th and my friend Jelmer was last on day 7 what a pity. He lost some places now overall in the 2 seater class and is on  spot 6 after 7 days!
Pleased to see that after 7 days Alvaro is first in open class in his ASH 31.And as pleased to see young Davide on spot 1 in the club class scores after 7 days! Only 40 points ahead of local pilot/hero Luca Urbani who flew several WGC’s as well in the past.
The Austrians are always flying well in Rieti, and Werner Amann shows it by being the best in 18 m. class after 7 days! Mate Gregor Stögner is on spot 2 .


These Italians are NOT in Rieti this year. They are here. Alberto Sironi, Stefano Ghiorzo and the hard woirking TC Roberto[specially for Marina and Giorgio!!!!]

Heard there have been some 1000 km. flights on the OLC in Germany, over the last month. Sorry have n’t had time to check.It pleases me to hear that the weather in Europe seems to be good.

For all the news about the WGC you can go to www.soaringcafe.com 
Unfortunately some people can not read us anymore. We are on a public net and have been hacked. We mentioned it to the server, the problem should be solved by now I hope!!!

Greetings from Ritz in windy Uvalde where we are about to begin day 10 with AAT’s . Cheers

Great and long days in Uvalde!

Uvalde Texas Sunday August 12 2012

 REST DAY today

 After 7 days of practise and 7 days of sometimes pretty hard work in the air and ON the ground pilots and crews enjoy a WELL DESERVED rest day . They cope with heat, dust , and unstabel weather but….they all love flying here In Uvalde.
Look for all the news, 3 times refreshed or updated  on www.soaringcafe.com   where as I heard the visitors have beaten all records till now. GOOD as we want to inform as many about our great sport soaring.The last week will be for sure the most exciting one. Go for scores to www.soaringspot.com
Both links are from PROUD sponsors of this WGC.

There is more then flying in Uvalde as one of my favourite places to go Rieti has it’s yearly CIM.I have been writing there as well.
What’s happening there?
They have flown 4 days now in 6 classes and I am very pleased to see that one ” of my” juniors from 2005 , Jelmer Wassenaar,is on the top position in the 2 seater class with 3415 points and winning the day yesterday in the DG 1001 TE. Jelmer works for DG as well after finishing his university degree in Delft.
Look for all other results at www.soaringspot.com

Talking about juniors…the Dutch juniors are flyinmg in Venlo in the S of Holland. They had 3 cancelled days but also 5 flying days and new names from p[otential WGC pilots are on the list. Overall at this stage;Christiaan Verhulst in a discus.

The JUNIOR pre worlds had a few cancelled days as well but also 5 days of soaring. 2x LS 8 on top in standard class and a Brawo on top in club class, sorry never heard of a Brawo befoore , have to do some home work here and a great 2d place for the ASW 20 BLJ from Stefan Telkamp.

In Szeged they continued the FLATLAND CUP after a brake because of the WGC over there. Look for all results and news at www.soaringspot.com

In Australia for 3 of my good friends a motion was carried for Life Membership from the SRGC ; Mike Burns, Ingo Renner and Bill Harvie of course I second that as well.

Cheers Ritz, back to business here.,  

A bit from this , a bit from that!

Greetings from a bit less hot Uvalde on Tuesday afternoon August 7 2012.

Wow this competetion is getting better and better. Are you following me on www.soaringcafe.com? Pilots I expect to be good are less good and others are winning. But it is still a long way to go.

The juniors in Poland are doing a great job as well, flying their Pre JWGC. After 2 days of rest due to cancellation they flew yesterday again;
In club class 2 Dutch pilots won, while in standard class quite a few outlanded.See for results www.soaringspot.com

Here is the latest from Helge on SEGELFLIEGEN INTERNATIONAL.

Hello glider pilots,

we just finished the next edition of “segelfliegen INTERNATIONAL” –
remember, we decided to publish it bi-monthly! So here it is with 50
pages full of soaring stories. These are just some of the articles that
you can read on your PC, Mac, iPad or Android-based device:

– Getting out of a cloud if it is too late to avoid
– Test: iGlide 2.0
– The Horten IV will be flying soon!
– Gliding in JAPAN
– How to create a website for your club
– FAI-Badges: The forgotten Incentive

Of course, you can browse through the magazine free of charge before
buying like in any “real” newsstand. Just follow this link:


You can also find us on Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/segelfliegen-international or at

Most of you are not thinking yet of flying overseas. One pilot does. Jörgen Thomsen. Jörgen and his wife Brigitte bought theirselves a nice new Arcus and they are going to fly it from Stonefield in Australia. Great to see that Stonefield got the attention of pilots after the great reports of young pilots Fabian Peitz and Benjamin Bachmeier both flying their very first 1000 km. over there.
The LS 10 from Jörgen moves there as well and will be for sale AFTER the season. So when you are interested let me know and I will inform Jörgen.

 Great pictures again from a awesome flight from Bert Schmelzer jr.Enjoy!

Cu next Sunday, cheers Ritz

WGC has started! You are sitting first row.

Uvalde Texas   August 5 2012

ritzdeluy@hotmail.com    www.glidinginternational.com     www.soaringcafe.com

As you know by now, just click on the soaringcafe link and you are sitting first row to follow the WGC.

I was a bit sad to miss the Olympics , but I do like the way the USA shows their talents as well. Was very impressed with the “fab/fierce 5” the gymnastic girls from team USA and even more impressed with swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps , …who won more Olympic medals then anyone before. And yesterday I arrived home and saw how the Dutch 50 m girls won gold and bronze so I put my head statisfied on my pillow.

The 7 practise days are over here in Uvalde and on the last day only half or less were flying. They had enough practise. Yesterday at 7 the safety briefing was the last important issue before the start of this WGC. The parade and opening were fantastic and everybody enjoyed it immense. Look at soaring cafe site for all the pictures and stories.

 Patrick Puskeilers enthusiasm on FB is so nice to see. Here is his comment;
—“Es hat geklappt :Ich bin jetzt Deutscher Juniorenmeister der Clubklasse! Vielen Dank an Fisch für den geilen Flieger, Marie für die Hilfe und Sarah und Krümel für das tolle Team! Es hat echt Spaß gemacht ;—“

After 8 days of flying he took the CUP home in club class. Fabian Siebwurst won the standard class.The last day was cancelled in both classes.

In Poland the Pre Junior Worlds are in progress and you can see the results at www.soaringcafe.com
Day 3 will be on today and the stories on ;www.jwgc2013.eu

Pretty clear this website is created by Katja from Finland and she will arrive here today.

For the rest of the nes please go to www.soaringcafe.com

Cheers Ritz


Greetings from hot Uvalde.

Uvalde Texas August 1 2012

ritzdeluy@hotmail.com     www.glidinginternational.com   www.soaringcafe.com

In the middle of the practise days, 2 to go today and tomorrow. Then the opening and then the real thing will start! Looking forward to it.
Not all pilots fly, you really need a rest day in between.
I have never been drinking SO much as here.Most of the people are very kind . It was great to catch up with all the friends, look for news over them in my blogs at soaringcafe. Here some impressions in pictures.



Pictures; A Dutch trailer on USA/Texas soil, a South African Swimming pool, a JS1-2C wingtip ,USA 18 m.  Bill Elliott concentrating and TC Teemu from Finland helping out his team

The pre worlds for juniors in Leszno had 2 practise days and will be on from 2 -12 August. Try to keep an eye on it.

Was talking to the Danish wife from Arne yesterday and asked her if Jan Andersen still was flying. We met him at quite some comps in the past lovely guy with a lovely family , 4 kids if I remember well and a good pilot too.
He was she said …not in open class this time but in standard class during the Sun Air Cup in Arnborg. They started with a cancelled day,  had 2 flying days, 4 cancelled days and yesterday and the day before they were up in the air again. And Jan tops the list at this stage in standard class.  
nice to see Ib is flying there as well as Rasmus. 

Klippeneck is on as well since July 27 with 48 pilots in 4 classes. One of the pilots flying there is Bert Schmelzer jr and…when he flies we can expect great pictures again  one already above and here is the link to the rest, enjoy;


Not so much time to do research so see you next Sunday.

Cheers Ritz