After a busy week !

Alphen aan den Rijn 18-06-2007

Yesterday we had a big opening in our gallery and everything went fine. Enough sold ; we are happy, so are the artists.
I am a bit worn out but still kept an eye on gliding.

Last time I wrote that the Finnish Nationals for club class and 18 m. class were about to start, in between they have finished with a very nice party on a pretty cold evening. Katja, the web master will write a little article for us this week and as soon as I receive it , I will put it on. So you know from first-hand what happened.
In any case; the 2 winners and National Champions were Juha Sorri and Hannu Halonen.

Good and latest news for sauna -lovers:At Rayskala airport they still have the same building for the sauna, but it is totally renovated and as they proudly told me, ….the sauna is real BIG now.
In the next coming weeks they expect guests from the Netherlands, England and Germany. Lucky “them” as they can use the brandnew sauna already after some great flying over the beautiful Finnish country, with its lakes , trees and great little towns.

Austria ;
As written in the last article they also flew the Nationals in Austria between June 1 and 10 in Zell am See.
After 5 days of pretty marchinal weather Wolfgang Janowitsch was , as expected the new national champion in 18 m. class with an overall score of 2806 points. On day 5 he flew an AAT [ s[peed task with a 2 hour time limit] , with 153.8 km /h.
Other new champions;
Eduard Supersberger in 15 m. class [3245 points]
Hilmar Gassner in club class.[2862 points]
Michael Rass in standard class.[2898 points]

It is time for the Russian Nationals now in Orel. Will try to keep an eye on it, but….to be honest, my Russian is not very good , better said NON existing!.

They , I mean clubclass and handicapted, have started on the 15th in Elverum/Starnoen.

The Brittish 15 m. class Nationals in Tibenham start on June 23.

Now you are up to date with all comps going on here in Europe. That’s about it! Time to clean the house as the grand children are arriving today! Cheers Ritz.

Some news items!

Alphen aan den Rijn 03-06-07

This is the latest news from Eddie Madden former CFI from Sportavia in Tocumwal /Australia.

Hi All,
It is with great pleasure that Cheryl and I have purchased the 10 Hectare
property and hangar on the south side of the Tocumwal Airport, The property
was formally owned be George Piscorz and leased to Mike Burns and Chris
Corrigan to develop there Caproni Glider Jet.
So now we can start to put in place the measures to develop a viable Gliding
School and Ultralight Flight training centre.
Trusting you will give us your ongoing support
Eddie & Cheryl Madden

Wishing them well from all of us over the world!

Yesterday we had great weather here. If I see blue skies and nice develloping clouds my heart beats a bit faster.So of course I look then what has happened on the OLC. What a good invention this OLC is for all of us.
And….yes. Alfred-Paul a young pilot from Holland flew from his field Soesterberg more then 500 km.Lots of really nice flights between 300 and 500 km were flown in Holland and Belgium.
Invermere in Canada was also in the good weather area with nice long flights. Hope Ernst, Grant or Evelyn, all living and flying there had their good moments too.
The German national comps for standard class and 18 m. clsass in Zwickau are over. They did not have the best weather either and as mostly happens on the prize giving day the weather is good.
Winner was Mario Kiesling, another young pilot who flew the World Juior Gliding Championships before.
Dr. Hermann Leucker was the winner in 18 m.
The new German National Team has been formed and good old pilots as Reinhard Schramme, Holger Back and Werner Meuser have said farewell to the National team with a 5th place for Holger, an 8th place for Werner in 18 m. class and in Standard class a 7th place for Reinhard.
Once top pilots STILL top pilots!!!!.
I know all 3 of them and they have been from immense value to the German Team.I think even that all 3 have been World champion. I was there when Holger flew his first 1000 km in Tocumwal in 1987 just after the preworlds in Benalla.Was crewing for George when Werner won and saw Reinhard in comps flying to the top and even with his son in a double seater. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!
The Nationals in Zell am See in Austria have started with a non flying day on day 1 [June 2]from the comps due to the weather.
Here they fly in 4 classes.
15 m. class with 7 participants with names as Tilo Holighaus and Heimo Demmerer.
18 m. class with 17 participants and of course TOP PILOT and good friend Wolfgang Janowitch.
Club class with 12 participants and wellknown pilot Reinhard Haggenmuller.
Standard class with 13 participants and wellknown pilot Peter Hartmann.
Finland: They start next week. I have a very busy week then, but will try to keep you informed!
That’s it for now. Cheers Ritz