On line again!

Alphen aan den rijn

August 27 2007

It was a bit difficult to reach you, dear friends. I could only write the title and to write in the post – department was impossible.Phil has made it again. Thanks!

In between I am back home now for 2 weeks, still enjoying my Rieti time. Just received the message from the web master in Italy ;nearly 1 million hits , with 600.000 REAL visitors. Not bad for a gliding site , is it!?

The comps in Issoudun are over too. The weather during the European Championships for big ships was weird!From some pilots I heard it was more a lottery then a competition, but all of them have enjoyed the comps.They hope, however for better weather in Luesse for the Worls Comps in 2008. I will not go there as I have been invited back in Rieti, so you can read about the “little” ships on the WGC -Rieti 2008 site.

Winners in France were in open class Peter Harvey who defended his EC title from Finland with succes. Telling me that the weather in Finland in 2005 during the EC was the best he ever had and it might take LONG before we have such weather again.

In 18 m. class Ronald Termaat from The Netherlands was the very best, winning his first major title. He was already very good during the world comps in Sweden but “failed ” on one day loosing his 2d place and…too many points to be with in the first 3.

Good old Janus Centka managed to add one more title to the many he has already, winning in the Diana.

The European season is nearly over now. The Belgium pilots had a 2 day competition last weekend on KEIHEUVEL-airfield in 3 classes. Max van Bree from Holland and Rogier Weekers , also from Holland , were the winners in 2 classes. In one class the best pilot flew 15 km , which means ;no competition day!

In Australia, in Tocumwal Eddie Madden got permission from the SHIRE to start his camping area at the field!!!This is great news!!! Season starts soon in OZ with the new commercial center , from Eddie and Don including the ultra light flying which went on through winter with lots of flying guests. When there is more news , you are the first to know!

The Murray Border Flying Club club with instructor Ingo Renner starts with a BBQ and a meeting on September 2  and they start flying every Sunday from Oktober 14 onwards or by arrangement.

Glad to be back on track , so more news in the future, but…this Friday first the wedding of my daughter! So busy, busy!!!

Cheers Ritz

Last 2 days of JWGC in Rieti!

Rieti on August 9 2007.

We hope to start with competition day 9. This is SO MUCH better then the poor pilots in Pociunai in Lithuania, who are sitting in the rain today again with till now only 4 days of flying, which JUST makes it a valid European Championship.

In Issoudun France it is not much better. The first day was cancelled and for 15 m class the 2d day too. Open class and 18 m. class started in the rain with very marginal conditions and some managed to fly the task some not which leaves many pilots with 0 points on day 1, loosing over 500 points , which is in my opinion more a lottery then a European competition. But,….they still have a few days to go there! Hopefully the weather improves.

We had thunderstorms very close by, but great flying weather in the area to the S. The tasksetter with some help and advise from the stewards does a great job. We are lucky with the weather here, as 8 flying days is good to show what the young pilots can do. Will there be nerves on the last 2 days, spoiling good places???? Wait and see!

Only 2 more days to go here with a bit unpredictable weather. Look at the Rieti site for the latest

Bye for now Ritz

Let’s try competition day 6 again !

Rieti Italy

on August 6 2007

Yesterday the wind was blowing ; 20 kn withs gusts to 30 on the ground! Not good to let 54 young pilots start for an AAT in the mountains. Result after talking to the TC’s ; cancellation of the day!Good idea!

We went to Terni a bit of a bigger town 30 k north of Rieti.The wind was there as strong! The best gelatti [ice cream ] I ever eat was on the Piazza Europa in the valley and in Terni . Just delicious.

Today we try to fly again , I mean the pilots do.The weather is allright , not spectaculair but flyable. This is what you cannot say unfortunately of Ponciunai , where they have had only 2 days of flying during the EC. till now and the weather for this week does not look too good either.Look for results at their result site!

Today the big[ger] ships start in Issoudun for their EC.You can follow them on their site.

Cu next time , back on duty here in beautiful Rieti. You can follow “us” on the Rieti site. Here is the adress again. www.wgcrieti.it Click on WGC juniors. Meet you there. Ritz

4 competition days !

Rieti Italy

on Friday August 3 2007

We have a valid worlchampionship, with 4 days of flying! But hopefully still more  flying days to come as only next Friday is the last competition day.

You can see all news and results on < www.wgcrieti.it> and click on WGC juniors.

Yesterday I went with the ” boys” as I call the stewards and president of the jury, to visit the Mountain Terminillo. We went to the highest point where you can come, over 3000 meters. We still climbed higher after parking the car . I only had my slippers on, so I stayed lower then the rest. They really went high with normal shoes and it scared the hell out of me. I was sitting there by myself while the boys were not to been seen anymore hidden  behind another mountain.  Not even gliders were above me while they promised we could see them there.When the boys slowly came back we finally saw 3 gliders.We rushed with big speed over the windy road to see the rest on a lower point which was fantastic!!!!Gliders on eye level height and even lower!!!! All gliders came back at the field. This was better then the day before when half of the Standard class did NOT make it home!

Till now tasks have been set carefully and for all young pilots possible to fly. Still 2 gliders damaged with no time to repair for the next days. One S.A pilot and an American pilot, both with a difficult outlanding.

The speed in both classes is high! The pilots really have good skills! In between they have had the first flying day in Ponciunai and the first practise day in Issoudun , both European Championships!Look for more news and results to their site! Cu you next time,as today is a restday and we plan something nice after lunch at the field.