I know my English is not the very best, some are disturbed,sorry about that and some readers think it is charming and part of the reason you read it.Whatever, ….last article was not yet ready to send …I wanted to read it first again, take the mistakes out and then save it, but I pushed the wrong button and …off it went and now I still don’t know how to get in back in it to “do better”.It is rather complicated to work in one part of the world and to publish it on the other side. We are now that far that I can put the text straight on and as soon as I get more instructions we can put pictures on and I can get back in old stories if neccesary.

For that reason I leave you for a week. A welldeserved holiday on the beach is planned for this coming week. In between we improve the system and I hope it will work out better when I am back.

Yesterday I caught up with Jo and Tony Tabart [oldest pilot in the 2006 WGC] from Australia, in Amsterdam. After Sweden they drove to Frankfurt, flew to Denmark to visit Copenhagen and then to Holland where they found a beautiful place to stay on a “woonboot” on one of the Amsterdam canals. It is great to see that “after flying” there is so much more to do for people who travelled so far to fly in Eskilstuna.
The Dutch Team arrived home safely, though one of the teams spend one night sleeping on the tables outside the clubhouse from a gliding club in Hamburg, to arrive after some ” more or less troubled sleep” in a long, long Monday morning traffic jam.

Sorry again about the last article.See you in a week for more news, about other flying/gliding then the WGC in Sweden. That is over and out now. A pity! We had a great time!
Cheers Ritz

Back in Holland!

Back in Holland, where it was 30 dgr. when we arrived. We had 29 already in Germany on the Niederhein Airfield at Weeze.Nothing a lot happening and an easy going flight which brought us back 10 minutes before schedule.

We left Sweden, with great memories and it was a bit sad to see how empty the field was , after we left.We were nearly the last to leave. Cleaning ladies were cleaning all toilets and showers as they went back on Monday. Every spot of high grass, where caravans or cars stood was mowed.

They prepare for new guests to come . One of the Hamburg clubs will arrive in the weekend for a camp, so is a club from Lubeck!

Before I left I saw some info about anotther World Championship in the samr area in Sweden and as a lot of glider pilots started their carreers with model flying I will give you this info too!

The 19th FAI Scale Model World Championships 2006 , will be held at Bravala airfield in Norrkoping, from July 15 till 21.For more info you can look at: Enjoy!

As this is just the beginning, we struggle still a bit how to do this well, as till now I have send all info to Australia and the server there puts in on. In between I lost an article about the World Champions, but I hope it will be put on later.

While we were in Sweden, lots of pilots loving their distance flying , went on a trip trough parts of Europe and flew for over 2000 km. Euroglide, which starts every year in Holland at Eindhoven Airport, has been flown in the same period. Will come back on that.

Let me see first if this works!!! CU later from reasonable war Holland with 20 dgr. in Amsterdam, where I am now. Ritz

Welcome to the very first article of the brand new weblog

Hello dear friends this is me Ritz and it is an honnor and a pleasure to write about gliding and all other things belonging to it, specially when you know that people are interested in reading it.
The many , many reactions from people from all over the world have inspired me to do so and on top of that I love writing and sharing my thoughts about gliding with you.
Old news is no news , so we try to be up to date or to reflect on news in our own way!

Where can you better start with the first article, then in the MEKKA of gliding at this moment; Sweden,of course in Eskilstuna on Ekeby Airport, where tomorrow on June 16 2006 the last day of the 29th FAI Multi Class Gliding Championships will be flown.These are the very last Comps with 4 classes involved.So a very special day! With 116 pilots flying, also one of the bigger gliding events in history.26 Different nations are here and with 12 tow planes all pilots are launched in a very short time.

And …they are great comps! The weather was not all that flash , for that reason the tasks were not too big, but it was till now a real competition with ups and downs and weather circumstances with a variety I have never seen before in my life. The weather can change here very quickly and we have had, snow, hail, rain, sun, temperatures around 0 and temperatures around 30, lenties, clouds, blue days, tough wind and weak wind and a sunset at 22.15.Yes it seems it is never dark here and you go to bed too late for that reason.

We had 10 soaring days and you can read all the stories from these comps till now on Enjoy them!

The nicest part of gliding is the fact that through the years we all became a big family.We share our love for gliding and for competition flying, but we also share a warm friendship for each other. Young and old, the oldest pilot here competing is Tony Tabart from Australia who is 70 years young and the youngest is Piotr Jarysz 23 years old from Poland , we all get together love the flying and fly to be the best. Crews help to make it easier for the pilot , organizers try to do their best to make it the best competition ever and if we go home with a good feeling, even after having lost, it was a good competition!

But it will be not only World Comps ,we write about.There are so many nice events worthwhile talking about. We saw here a good video from flying in Argentina, also one from the desert in Israel. We want to hgear about new gliders , new designs , new trailers, new instruments ,like the one we saw here in the back of the ETA.

SOARING.EU here we go ! Join in with us, share your thoughts, send info if you have it about interesting events and we will write about it.From Sweden a warm welcome and for now a nice good night. It was a long day and all what has happened is written in 3 stories today.As said if you not have read them yet, ENJOY THEM! Ritz