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—–We are really having autumn weather now. We went from 37dgr. C. 2 weeks ago …hottest day ever in autumn…to 14 in the weekend with wind and lot’s of rain.

—–The weather in Brazil was still good , also after the comps. On September 23, the pilots who stayed, flew nice long distances,
Claudio and Egon who were still there flew both in an ARCUS M, 940 km[886 FAI triangle] , topping with another great flight the OLC on last Wednesday.

—–In between they flew the Gauteng Regionals in Orient, [September 16-26], so talking about S.A. In 3 classes they had 10 days to define the winners in club, [6 pilots] 15 m. [13 pilots one of them HC] and open class. [15 pilots].
Not the very best spring-weather over there, as they only could fly on 2 days and 1 day was pretty marginal.
Task 1 with 186 km. showed no finishers in club and a max of 41 points for the winner.
Their task 2 had 165 km and 4 finishers and 434 points for the daily winner.
Task 3 on Saturday had 182 km. but was changed in NO TASK.
Winner in club; Philip Leach in Janus CM RG, leading with ONE point; 434 points after 2 days. Dave Maver was the runner up.
Philip won task 1 with no finishers but,…he flew 133 km. whilst the runner up flew 41!!!
Task 2 was won by Dave Maver in the ASW 20. Philip lost “only” 40 points; so he had 1 point left for the overall win!!!

Task 1 for 15 m. had 257 km as task but also here nobody finished. Mark Holliday flew 141 km and was clearly the best in ASW 27 for 19 points!!!!
Task 2 was a set 328 km, but only flown by 2 pilots.
Bennie Du Plessis 818 points for daily winner in ASW 20 and runner up Mike Tiffin in ASW 27 was in too for 790 points.
Task 3 was 271 km. but changed in NO TASK.
Winner in 15 m after 2 days; Bennie Du Plessies with 828 points. Runner up Mike Tiffin with 790.

In open class task 1 was 356 km and flown by 2 pilots from the 14 who started; John Coutts , as the daily best, with 309 points in the JS 3 and Nico Le Roux in JS 1 with 304 points.
Task 2 was a set task from 438 km. flown by 12 pilots. Riaan Denner , in JS 1, “got” the 1000 points!! Unfortunately he was out on day 1.
3 More pilots were between 900 and 1000 points…Jason Adriaan and Oscar and Laurens [Goudriaan]
Speed was around 105 km./h for them.
All pilots fly JS 1 or JS 3 except for 2x a Ventus CM and an ARCUS.
Mike Barenbrug is 1 of the Ventus pilots and on this day he topped the OLC with his flight!
Task 3 and the last day, had a set 348 km. task. And yes, ..also changed in NO TASK!!!
Overall results after 2 flying days; 1;Nico Le Roux 1.194 points. 2; John Coutts 1.163 p.

For sure their great South African weather will start soon,…only spring now.
Heard it will be an El Nina year ,…will that bring more rain.. in Australia and also in SA ???

——There might be now still a short Bitterwasser Season;
Here is their news!
There is still a chance for a gliding season in Bitterwasser! Even if it can only be a short one. Namibia has opened and flights to Windhoek can be booked again. The first flights have already reached Namibia. So the traffic light is green.
After this good news, at the Bitterwasser General Assembly in mid-September the desire arose to take the opportunity and organize a small season. If the containers are dispatched at the beginning of October, the fist flights could take off in Bitterwasser at the end of November. If you want to be there and take your glider with you, please contact Executive Director Rainer Hog (
And this is what the conditions for staying in Namibia look like now: Anyone who enters the country with a negative corona test which is not older than 72 hours can travel to Bitterwasser without quarantine. Another test is necessary after five days. If the result is negative, the country may be freely traveled
There is a new board behind the “small season” campaign. Ilka Elster-Back and Jürgen Dörrie were elected to the board of directors by the general assembly to join Rainer Hog and Ralph Bürklin. Wolf-Dietrich Bornholdt made room for them after ten years of work for gliding in Namibia, Dirk Reich had already retired before that

—–The Queensland State Comps will be flown between September 26 and October 2. Practice was on Friday September 25. They are flown from Jondaryan at the Darling Downs Soaring Club.
On you can follow all the action! They have a GP scoring system.
Adam Woolley and David Jansen lead after 2 tasks, [ 285 km. and 410 km] with 10 points in the sports class. Speed from task 2….147 [Adam] and 137 km./h.
Adam mentioned in his Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures
Awesome day, awesome flight, first past the post at 148kph !! Nailed the start, height, speed & line of energy out. First climb of 7kts took me to base, then it was run at 110kts all day😀I linked up the energy lines well today & stopped in 6kts to top up only when I had to. Was always looking for 8-10kts though! Picked up over 3000 ‘on glide, typically slow in the areas of lift & 100kts otherwise all the way in. Great fun!
Task 3 was 325 km. and yes…Adam was with a speed of 136 km./h again the daily winner. He got the 6 points. Lisa 4 and David 3.
Lisa Turner in her ASW 27 was runner up with a speed of 133 km./h and David in the LS 8 3d with 126 km./h.
2 More pilots in this class Jenny Thompson [ASG 29/18m] with a speed of 129 km./h for 2 points and Mike Codling in ASW 27 got 1 point for 108 km./h.
Adam…..From a young boy organizing already with other young chaps JoeyGlide , from tuggie also for a short time with us in Tocumwal, from an eager competition pilot flying comps all over the world, he is a very accomplished pilot now. His mum and dad [ a good pilot himself] have stimulated him through the years.
16 Points in total for him now.14 for David.
Adams daily comment;
Another cracking day, very pleased with how I’m flying atm. I feel like I have my go-get-em attitude back, no fear of failure & willingness to learn. Special points for the day…Maximizing the glide out of the gate through the over development & generally poorer conditions, saw me able to core the first booming climb soonest (albeit from lower down).I was attacked by an eagle in my final glide climb of 8kts, so I rolled out 1800′ below glide on a 6.7kt MC (my average climb rate for the day) & tried to hold 110kts all the way in & pick it up. 80% of it worked as I’d hoped, so I feel that my final glides are getting faster (ie, steady & constant speed all the way in) now, with confidence – happy!”
AND…..”Easily a 1000km day out of DDSC yesterday I think.”

As shared by Adam during task 3.

Day 5 and task 4 showed a shorter task from 169 km and Adam won again,….this time with 118 km./h. His 3d win in a row.
His daily news at Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures
David as runner up flew around with 100 km./h.
Total scores at this stage; Adam 21 …David 16..Lisa Turner 10.

14 pilots in club and after 2 tasks [237 km. and 309 km] it ‘s Jo Davis leading [18] ahead of Peter Brunton, [17] both in ASW 27, each winning a day.
Task 3 was 294 km and won by Jo, flying 114 km./h which was quite a bit faster than the runner up, Peter who had a speed of 108 km./h .On top of that he got a 30 s. penalty for a too fast max speed at start[ 6 knots x5]
So 12 points for Jo and 10 for Peter.
Overall Jo has now 31 points after 3 tasks and Peter 28.
No scores or task for today.[yet]
Swiss Chris shared a picture from the weather during task 2….GOOD!!!!!!

As shared by Christian Hostettler

—–Looked at the first debate between Trump and Biden…at 3 in the morning,….BUT only 3 minutes…shouting and accusing each other is not my cup-of-tea!!!!! And that for a president from the USA and maybe the upcoming president. Later I heard that I missed NOTHING!!!

—–Bill has worked hard and the blog is working fine again.
THANKS again to Bill, who had to spend some time on it.
So with less doubt than the last couple of weeks I can say…CU next week
Cheers Ritz

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