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UK Mountain Soaring Championship 2020 from Aboyne;
The news on Thursday was “There is no cross country task today, launches are available for the height gain until 18:00 this evening”.
And they gained height;” R1 is leading the height gain with 45,942 ft, followed by 8Q with 39,974 and FCB in third with 37,543
So who are they?
R 1 is team Naylor and Tait in the Duo Discus, 8Q is Graham Paul in a JS 1 and FCB is Martin Philimore in a Pegase101 A.
On Friday a CC task ; 2 hour AAT…..But scrubbed because of the gusty conditions.
At 5 PM the evening wave started and so did the tuggies to bring those who wanted to be “HIGH” up in the air. They had three late launches with 8Q getting to 17,150 feet, XX to 16,744 and R1 landed out.
Saturday was supposed to be the last day but “we are going to scrub today due to the wind strength”.
At 12 they had a prize giving for both CC flying and height.
Prize giving is over. Congratulations to Robert Tait and Stuart Naylor in R1 for winning the 23rd UKMSC. The Height Gain was won Graham Paul in 8Q. We must give a special mention to Team DGC flying the Perkoz who scored the most points this week but were flying hors concours.”
By the way I checked for you; Indeed 2 pilots with the same name John Williams and as often ,one get’s the nick name….BIG JOHN flies Z7 the ANTARES and is based in Portmoak. He was 3d in the comps. John flying the LS 8 was 5th.

Brasil had the 62d Championships Region Mid West, flown in one class from Luis between September 5 and 11, which was good practice for the Nationals straight after.

14 Pilots in gliders between Libelle/St Jantar and Nimbus 4/ASW 22BLE.
2 day’s with 4 hour AAT’s , 1 with 4.30 and 2 with 3.30 AAT’s , meaning 5 days of great soaring weather and only day 1 had to be cancelled/ no task. Distances on the 4 hour days up to 552 km in the ASW 22 BLE and a speed of 137,98 km./h.. All days were 1000 points day and in the end Claudio Schmidt in the ARCUS was the winner with 4.903 points. He won 3 days. Followed by Henrique Navarro in the Nimbus 4T with 4.883 p. At spot 3 Egon Rehn in the ASW 22BLE with 4.571 p.

Straight after the BRASILIAN NATIONALS [September 12-19 ] were flown in 3 classes; Club,[4] racing [15] and open, [7] with on Saturday the 12th a practice day for the 26 pilots!
On Sunday “the real thing started”.
Task 1; 3 hour AAT…The Libelle did not compete so only 2 PW 5’s and a KW 1 in this class.
Task 2; 3.30 AAT…pfff …many k’s for the little ones!!!! Andre Goldenstein in the PW 5 flew 307 km,in time 4.16 ..great effort!!! In fact he is the only one in this class who flew well.
Task 3; 3.30 AAT… Andre “got”the 1000 points, for 285 km. Speed 81 km. /h not bad for the PW 5.

15 m;
Task 1 ;3.30 AAT….1000 points…431 km…speed 123.39 km./h in a DG 1001 M flown by Renato Stefanuto..3 out.
Task 2; 3.30 AAT…445 km. in this class in time 3.46 in a St Jantar by Luis Affonso for 1000 points. 5 From 14 finished.
Task 3; 3.30 AAT… 2 St. Jantars with 385/388 km. in time 3.32/3.34 and a Duo with 419 km. in 3.33.

Task 1; 4 hour AAT….1000 points for 597 km…speed 149 km./h…in Nimbus 4T flown by Henrique Navarro. All 7 finished , 6 flew over 500 km.
Task 2; 5 hour AAT….5 from 7 flew over 600 km!!! Claudio Schmidt in the ARCUS M flew 673 km. in time 5.03 , so a nice speed of 133 km./h.[703 OLC km’s] Runner up was Henrique. He and Egon Rehn [ at spot 3] in the QUINTUS topped the world wide OLC last Monday.
Task 3; 439 km……All 7 pilots flew the task. Best on handicap [118] was Claudio with a speed of 149 km. /h. Egon had 154 km./h in the Quintus.[ Handicap 124]

Varese continued on Friday with the last 2 / 3days of the Coppa Citta di Varese…./ Trofeo Walter Vergani. A 2 hour AAT was set. Alberto [Sironi] in the ARCUS was the best with 194km , but only 4 [Stefano Ghiorzo, Ugo Pavese and Austrian pilot Thomas Hynek ] flew over 100 km, so a zero- points –day! Another small task for the last day; 2.10 AAT. Alberto won again , this time for 603 points. 16 from 19 flew the task. They added on Sunday the reserve day to make it 3 valid days and to define the winner of the Coppa AND the 15 m. NATIONAL CHAMPION.
A 2.20 AAT was set. 153 km. was the best result and won by….Alberto and only 7 flew the task. So winner of the Coppa …. Alberto Sironi in the ARCUS T with after 3 valid days 1.264 points. Only one other pilot flew over the 1000 points line; Luca Castelli in the JS 1 EVO with 1.167 p.
NATIONAL CHAMPION in 15 m. after 3 valid tasks is Alfio Lavazza in an LS 8 with 844 points. Runner up was Ugo Pavesi [ASG 29] with 818 points and Stefano Ghiorzo was 3d in the DIANA 2. [816 p].

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