Final comp-day’s in Potchefstroom!

The final day’s from this National Championship for 15 m, 2 seaters and club class were more than interesting, mainly due to the weather and the tactic’s!!!!

Wednesday October 9:
First some news from , Jonker Sailplanes ,as they are proud on their men:
A JONKER’S DAY at the South African Nationals! It’s only the second father & son combination in the South African Nationals history, both winning a day! The first father & son constellation was Klaas and Laurens Goudriaan back in the 1980’s.
For young Phillip Jonker, only 16 years old, it must be really fun to leave school at 11 o’clock every morning, jump into the glider and compete at the Nationals in the afternoon. This must be life! After a disastrous air space violation on day 2 on final glide, Phillip is back in the lead
. “

He just is a”puppy”. Unbelievable!!!! A new soaring-star is born???

Oscar presenting him with the daily prize;
Day 3 Club Class Nationals. Only 16 year old Phillip Jonker winning his second day win and overall leading again. Well done!  “
Courtesy Bennie Henning photography…As shared by Jonker Sailplanes

The Wednesday turned out to be pretty good! Some worries for some, but not too bad.
15 m….. 426 km.; The best 4 from S.A. are always somewhere in the top. This time Attie was the best with a relative late start and a speed of 162.64 km./h., that was just a tad faster than his brother Uys with 161.71. They started together. Oscar went a bit earlier …8 minutes… arrived at the same time ,so was a bit slower;155 km./h , so was Laurens.
11 Still flying in this class.
club….348 km; a new face on the daily podium , Jaco Burger. Of course not new, but he had not win a day these comps yet. In the LS 1f ,he had a speed of 114.89 km./h and with that ,he just beat Wilhelm Moosehuus with 114.83 km./h., who won already a day.
Young Phillip was 4th in the ASW 19 with 102 km./h. The other 16 year old, another talent , Dicky Daly is flying the St. Cirrus.[6th for the day]
Jaco and Wilhelm started early at 12.36, the rest at 12.52.
2-seaters….348 km; The ASG 32 MI flew with a speed of 128 km. The DG 505 with 109 km./h.

Thursday October 10; flying day 6 and task 6 for 15 m and 2 seaters and flying day 5 for club .
During briefing ” With the revision of the handicaps it was good to see that in fact there were different daily winners for 7th October – Sven Olivier, and for 8th October – Jean du Plessis – well done to them both. “
Both in 15 m.
Weather;”  today has cloud on the deck according to Couttsy and there is a cold front moving in from the east, which in theory will arrive over Potchefstroom this afternoon which will result in very strong winds and runway 15 may be the landing runway to be used. All will depend on how fast the front is moving as to where the pilots are sent. “
”  “A” task would take the pilots in a more northerly direction hopefully ahead of the approaching front, and then off to the better weather in the west before heading back towards Potchefstroom. So it could all change before launching!  ” A,B and C tasks were ready.
15 m…..A task 382 km;changed in 2 hour AAT; CANCELLED.
club….A task 253 km;changed in 2 hour AAT; CANCELLED.
2 seaters……A task 253 km.; changed in 2 hour AAT;CANCELLED.
after trying hard, very hard , harder than hard, as I read… a club class glider went up for “sniffing”…then the task-setter went up in a plane to check the situation..then 2 club class gliders with as tuggy ..the CD. That’s really trying hard. But then you know for sure it will not be a flying-day.

Friday October 11;” the air has definitely changed with very much cooler temperatures and a stiff chilly wind. The sun is shining and there are blue skies at the moment, and the gliders are already gridding.  “
That was the news before briefing on the last but one day.
After briefing;”  The cloud base could get to about 11 000 ft and in the task area there should be good flying conditions. There is a strong inversion, and clouds might push through with possible over-development later.  “
And off they went…..The day turned out not as good as expected.
15 m….396 km; task 6….changed in 1.45 AAT;Still a rather fast day as Oscar won with a speed of 140 km./h over 280 km.
Laurens was runner up, Attie 3d but Uys lost a few points being 9th for the day. So with 1 day to go , these 4 pilots are in the 4000 margin. The number 5 has at this stage is nearly 700 points behind.
Oscar is on 1 again but only 18 points ahead of Attie.
Exciting last day!!!!
club….315 km; task 5…. changed in 1.45 AAT;Phillip in his ASW 19 flew pretty fast. The only one over 100 km./h over 177 km. Overall he is still 10 points behind Wilhelm, who was 4th today.
Dickie out-landed. A pity.But he has a whole soaring-life in front of him.
2-seaters….315 km; task 6….changed in 1.45 AAT; and another win for Nathalie with a speed of 119 km./h she won the day; an all female crew by the way today.

as shared by Lizelle Keyter

Saturday October 12; VERY LAST DAY and a good day to fly;blue skies, a stiff breeze and sunshine, is the first news.
After briefing;” The high pressure is dominating and capping any over-development, so conditions remain similar to yesterday’s weather with bases up to 12 – 13 000 ft and thermals 4 m/s. There could be possible spread-out later in the afternoon.”
Overall scores in the morning are CLOSE in 2 classes. Difference in club between 1 and 2 is 33 points. So tactical games might be on in 15 m. and club.
15 m…..400 km;AND,…they were on. Attie and Uys decided to start early at 13.15. About half an hour later Oscar and Laurens started their race. The speed was furious again with 160 km./h for Attie and Uys and 159 km./h for Oscar and Laurens. That say’s it all with that speed ;Attie had 788 points , Oscar 753.
1. Attie in JS 3 ………5.161 points.
2. Oscar in JS 3………5.144 points.
3. Laurens in JS 3…..5.026 points

club….363 km; 115 km./h. for Jason Adriaan, the daily winner, with a rather late start. [12.44] .Wilhelm [start at 12.29] was runner up and Phillip 4th.[start at 12.44] So early starters had the better choice.
1. Wilhem Moosehuus in St. Cirrus with 4.685 points.
2. Phillip Jonker in ASW 19 with 4.647 points.
3. Jason Adriaan in St Cirrus with 4.438 points

2-seaters….363 km; The ASG 32 MI was in,…the DG 505 “out”, but it was all not important as with 2 in one class you have a winner and a runner up.
1. Nathalie Lueben in ASG 32 MI with 5.238 points.
2. Riaan Denner in DG 505 with 4.020 points.

At a more inside story of these nationals with many pictures.

An illustrious fine bunch of South Africans..with Laurens, Attie, Carol [Clifford, Arjan Schaap[??] and Dick.Behind Dick …Uys.
as shared by Lizelle Keyter
a special picture from Elly Goudriaan, mum from Laurens and Oscar who awarded the prize, The Klaas Goudriaan Memorial Trophy to the winner of the 2 Seater Class ; Nathalie .

The trophy represents a young boy whose passion for aviation and specifically gliding is obvious.
The trophy was made by Donald McNicol from Klerksdorp.


Interesting News from ;
They got the next Final of the GRAND PRIX….good on them. St Auban will be the place to be!!!!

VERY SAD NEWS from our former chief instructor Eddie Madden. His health is not to good and he was forced …and I know this will cause him a lot of pain…., to stop his business Sportaviation Tocumwal.
Dear customers
After 12 years of gliding and power operations my health has finally said no more
I will cease all operations immediately existing customers try to secure aircraft from Tocumwal Soaring
Lumpy or Sharon
Eddie madden

The 12 years stand for his job as owner/chief instructor of SPORTAVIAVIATION TOCUMWAL.
Before he worked with and for us and for Don and Jeff and for the founder Bill Riley.
His life was soaring for at least 50 years. Thousands got to learn from him how to fly a glider or light aircraft.Lot’s of tuggies have been checked out by him.
Hope he has time to recover now and live a more private life, with his sons and grand child and many friends.

The AS 33 the first time rigged in our factory

As shared by Alexander Schleicher


Another new toy for a “rich” boy. The first test flight was “OK” !!!!

The ship with the gliders has arrived in the harbor and the 7 containers arrived last weekend at their spot, so flying can start soon.

Lake Keepit;
It’s nice to see that one of the LASHAM pilots , Andy [Aveling] is flying at the moment in Lake Keepit in a Discus 2A and some good flights as well up to nearly 750 km. He can share a lot of info with the WWGC girls from the UK. Their gliders are en route.
Also the French gliders have left now.

after the vigorous typhoon in Japan Takeshi , one of our former Sportavia guests, shared some pictures. Luckily he was safe!

as shared by Takeshi.

Burketown the mecca for the MORNING GLORY!!!!

An awesome morning in Burketown.
Peak Pictures is met Martin Hurst.

Some very nice long high flights from St Gaudens with Robert and Helene Pratt flying 989 and 826 km. in ARCUS M and ASG 29E/18m.last Sunday and yesterday from Germany from Koenigsdorf and Kufstein , also high and far ..772 km. in ARCUS T and 779 in ASH 26 E.

That’s it. CU next Wednesday
Cheers Ritz

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