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June 21, 2006

Back in Holland!

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Back in Holland, where it was 30 dgr. when we arrived. We had 29 already in Germany on the Niederhein Airfield at Weeze.Nothing a lot happening and an easy going flight which brought us back 10 minutes before schedule.

We left Sweden, with great memories and it was a bit sad to see how empty the field was , after we left.We were nearly the last to leave. Cleaning ladies were cleaning all toilets and showers as they went back on Monday. Every spot of high grass, where caravans or cars stood was mowed.

They prepare for new guests to come . One of the Hamburg clubs will arrive in the weekend for a camp, so is a club from Lubeck!

Before I left I saw some info about anotther World Championship in the samr area in Sweden and as a lot of glider pilots started their carreers with model flying I will give you this info too!

The 19th FAI Scale Model World Championships 2006 , will be held at Bravala airfield in Norrkoping, from July 15 till 21.For more info you can look at: Enjoy!

As this is just the beginning, we struggle still a bit how to do this well, as till now I have send all info to Australia and the server there puts in on. In between I lost an article about the World Champions, but I hope it will be put on later.

While we were in Sweden, lots of pilots loving their distance flying , went on a trip trough parts of Europe and flew for over 2000 km. Euroglide, which starts every year in Holland at Eindhoven Airport, has been flown in the same period. Will come back on that.

Let me see first if this works!!! CU later from reasonable war Holland with 20 dgr. in Amsterdam, where I am now. Ritz

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