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March 28, 2018

Spring conditions! SGP in Orlando USA !

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Whilst our astronomical spring started here on March 20, my friends Down Under in the Perth area, had to wait and see if the  severe tropical storm MARCUS, an early autumn storm growing to cat. 5,would pass by or hit the coast line. [expected wind 285 km./h.]
There was hope MARCUS would stay well away from the West Australian mainland. It did !
“Our” time changed into summertime, so we had one hour less.
Down Under they move this upcoming weekend.


——OLC 2018;
have to get used to the new system/layout. Not very conveniently arranged in my opinion, but for sure better readable.
In the past you could see straight on ONE side all first 50 flights now you have to scroll.
Maybe I just have to get used to it.
The OLC shared this news the rest is on their site;
As of now OLC will be available in a new format, perfectly laid out for smart phones or tablet computers. At first sight you will find our service has been completely new designed. The content, of course, did not change … OLC will continue the way it has always been working. Our virtual platform is still functional with its tried-and-tested system.

Henceforward, the “smart” OLC is offered in a special ‘responsive web design‘, which means that its layout (e.g. for navigation, columns on a page, texts) is automatically adapted to the properties of your specific device (e.g. your smart phone or tablet). Touch screen application like typing or swiping will also be available.
The improvement is not simply reduced to a new design; of course a feature to easily upload your flight is also part of our innovative system. You may now upload your flight using your smart phone or tablet pc right after landing.
We had already started the ‘smartOLC‘ project about two years ago. The goal was to adapt OLC’s platform to our users’ altering habits.
But the realization of our ideas was awfully complex, and most problems could only be solved by experienced IT professionals. No question, our latest project was nothing but cheap. This kind of work could not be accomplished by OLC’s volunteers only.
This is why we would like to thank all contributors and sponsors, as well as our smiley owners, who support OLC with money. Without you we would not have been able to realize such a big reorganization 😉
If despite all our efforts you should find any mistakes or bugs in the system, please send an e-mail to:

March 24 was a great day here. Blue skies , nice clouds and not TOO cold.
15 Eager pilots in Holland, saw the same great skies as I did and moved to the airfield.
419 km. for Sikko in the ASG 29E/18m.,not bad for a first flight in the beginning of the season. Former vice champion of the JWGC in Narromine Robin flew 325 in his Cirrus, not bad either.


The “oldies ” have left Orlando-Florida in the USA and the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix racers have arrived at the Seminole Lake Glider Port. Last Saturday on March 24 they started their 2 practice day’s to be followed by 7 races.12 Pilots entered and 2 of them are from Canada.
Sean Fidler is the event manager and he also flies his ASG 29 during the races. Busy bee!!!
As always there is live-comment and you can follow them in real time.


As shared by the organizers.

The practice day’s were interesting.On the first one not everybody bothered to fly and those who did learnt from it as a few had penalty points they won’t make anymore.
Day 2 was interesting as only 4 finished and those who did n’t flew between 34 and 171 km. from the set 207. Local CD Sean won the day.

Race 1;cancelled due to frontal weather. They waited and hoped,…in vain.

Race 2; 214.8 km. … Cloud base around 4000 MSL…..and start at 13.30 …… Bill Gawthrop in the JS 1C got the very first 10 points, though the first 4 pilots each had a speed of 128 km./h. within 24 seconds . And 3 of them 127 km./h. So a big bunch flying and finishing together on this first race. But flying 127.2 km. only gives you 4 points.

1st: Bill Gawthrop (F8)  2nd: Sergei Morozov (M6)  3rd: Rich Owen (ZO)
As shared by the organizers.


Debrief -time!!
As shared by the organizers.

More next week.


For ALL who have been at Sportavia in the past,….the bus still exists!!!!! Many have been sitting there, lot’s of talks and great moments after special flights . The tie-down area from the past ,were many WGC participants for the 1987 Benalla had their gliders during practice, looks brilliant again. Have a look as Sportavia shared a picture.

The hardstand has been graded and some hard work completed by some dedicated people who have made the hangar and the grounds looking very tidy. Even the bus is a stand out iconic sight to welcome glider pilots.”


———Diana -2 New Generation;DIANA 3

As shared by Boleslaw Kawik.

We have the new JS 3 , the new Ventus 3 and for the next WGC there will be also the next Diana 3.
It will be an exciting WGC !!!
I remember from Tocumwal that the glider looks beautiful but a bit fragile to the tail and sometimes had problems with the start and landing,..breaking out.
I just looked at a video from the first landing of the Diana 3 and it looked great.No worries!!!

With test pilot  and WGC pilot Petr Krejcirik on the right …thumps up.
as shared by Diana -2 New Generation


with Petr in the Diana 3 for a test flight.
As shared by Diana-2 New Generation

Talking about the JS 3 and Ventus 3 ,…a very classic picture, Uys [Jonker] visits Ralf and Tilo [Holighaus] in Kircheim Unter Teck.

As shared by Jonker Sailplanes.


Flying mostly between 6000 and 7.340 m. you can really race. And,…that’s what Dennis Tito and Tim Gardner did last Friday ,in the ARCUS J,flying from Inyokern in the USA;GREAT speed 243.9 km./h. [distance 722 km.] WOW !!!!

European wave;
lot’s of OVER 500 km. flights on March 26 from Sisteron,[602 km in DG 400/17 m.] Puimoisson, [805 in ARCUS M] Lienz Nikolsdorf [903 km.  in EB 29 ] and Serres La Batie [572k  in Ventus 2 CM/18 m.]


—–And to finish…..INGO ;

Still going Strong; Picture shared by Sportavia
I totally agree with their next words:
Congratulations to Australia master of the skies and true gentleman Ingo Renner. During this Australian summer, Ingo clocked over 37.000k hours in gliders. I’m sure a good number of them shared with many pilots from around the world. Ingo continues to be a wonderful ambassador and inspiration our sport.…”

Not much happening, hence,..not much news. CU next week.

Cheers Ritz

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