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January 21, 2017

Benalla..last day part 2!

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To good for words!!
Richard Geytenbeek,…thank you!!!

Not a lot happening with the scores now ,so there might be a point more or less but here is how it looks;

15 m.
1.  Sebastian Kawa from Poland  in the Diana 2 …..5417 points and WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!
2. Mac Ichikawa from Japan in the Ventus 2a  ……….5261 points and vice world-champion.
3. Lucasz Grabowski from Poland in the Diana 2 ……5212 and winner of the bronze
just 7 points  ahead of Lourent Aboulin. So that changed .
And,.. a very impressive spot from Belgium pilot Andre Emmanuel Litt , not Baudouin sorry!!, on spot 5 [5153] The rest of the pilots was in the 4000 range.
The brand new “raptures”  were on spot 11 and 12.

18 m.
1. Killian Walbrou from France in the JS 1 ….6607 points and one more day of flying.WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!
2. Mario Kiessling from Germany in VENTUS 3T……6513 points.
3. Mike Young from the UK in ASG 29e……6477 points. 30 years ago crew member now on spot 3 for the bronze. Well done.
Matthias on the “nasty”  spot 4 had 6439, Boerje at 5 with  6432 and Wolfgang on 6 with 6409.
So  4 brand new Ventus 3 T gliders  were in the top 7 a great result!!!

open class
1. Russell Cheetham from the UK in the JS c  ….6562 points and WORLD CHAMPION.
2. Michael Sommer from Germany in the EB 29R….6549 so only 13 points difference, but a good vice world champion.
3. Andy Davis from the UK in the JS 1 c…..6520 points
Good old Oscar Goudriaan was on the 4th spot.[6455]

Peng Du flew 60 km. on this last day , but he can say he flew a WGC!!! He finished on the last spot [1378] even with 2 pilots NOT flying over the last days!!

So all in all great results for the UK with 3 team pilots in the top 3’s taking a gold, and 2 bronze medals home , Poland and  Germany ,  each good for 2 medals ;  Poland with gold and bronze , Germany with 2 times silver.
Well done to Mac and Killian , for taking gold  back to France and silver to /for Japan .

The South African pilots straight away started packing the containers for the long trip home.
I guess the South African team is a bit disappointed ,they  had hoped for more ,as many others.


Back to the last day of 1987!!!!

The chase for the title was in each class between 2 pilots.
In open Marc and Ingo with 171 points difference in favor of Ingo.
Mike Opitz was on the heels of Markku 185 points in standard class .
Brian was only 97 points ahead of Holger in 15 m..
It was a good LAST day, strong blue but up to 9500 ft. So tasks were long for a last day but close by . The whole task was close around Benalla ,a band direction East and West.
Open had 572 km,..Standard 538 and 15 m 570 km. With such distances “Things”  can still happen ,….good or wrong.

On top of , that part of the task went into the mountains  and nobody liked that as it was” miserable flying” there  as they found out earlier.
A lot of talking before about tactics.
But in the end in open class Marc won with 118 km./h so 1000 points and Ingo was 3d with 989 points. Janusz Centka was in between. So that was good enough for Ingo to World Champion AGAIN…his 4th WORLD TITLE.
1. Ingo Renner Australia in ASW 22B …….11.019 points.
2.Marc Schroeder from France in ASW 22b…..10.895 points.
3. Bruno Gantenbrink from Germany in Nimbus 3….10.770 points.

Ingo on his way to receive the 4th gold medal .

In 15 m. Our Dutch world champion from Hobbs in New Mexico was 3d for the day, his mate Daan 4th. But it was all about Holger and Brian and also Doug Jacobs, who  tried with a “coup” together with Eric Mozer to maybe reach the top if the others would fail.
They did not as Holger won the day with a speed of 121.5 km./h. Not enough to beat Brian who was 2d for the day with 120 km./h.
Doug got himself in trouble over the mountains,he was ahead but when there was no lift to be found he had to go in survival mood and hanging around on not much,  the gaggle with Holger and Brian passed by,……..

1. Brian Spreckley from the UK in LS 6 with 10.314 points  WORLD CHAMPION!!!
2. Holger Back from Germany in LS 6a with 10.254 points
3. Doug Jacobs from the USA in LS 6b with 10.077 points.

with from left to right. Jacques Aboulin Mike Opitz and Markku Kuittinen, from standard class
Ingo Marc and Bruno from open and
Brian and Holger from 15 m.
Between Bruno and Brian Wally Wallinton and another official.

standard class .Another daily win for Leonardo who flew around with 105 km./h on the clock.[1000 points]  Andy Davis was runner up  [ 987] and Markku  “only” got 925 points . But no worries for the first time in history a FINNISH world champion. They celebrated till the morning.
1. Markku Kuittinen from Finland in DISCUS A with 10.536 points.
2. Mike Opitz from the USA in DISCUS B with 10.393 points
3. Jaques Aboulin from France in DISCUS with 10.281 points .His mate Alain Delylle had 10.163 on spot 4.

AND all of them again now also with Doug Jacobs to the right.

There were 12 days and the weather was like this year not as it should be , but at least they had many more days.

THE PRIZE GIVING WAS HOT 40 dgr.C. AND ” BOTHERED” and everybody was tired, some even fainted….

The Dutch team with a flag as shadow, on the first picture you see how somebody had fainted from the heat.

Kees [spot 4 overall] and Giorgio Galetto on spot 28. This year on spot 27 in 18 m. class.


one more  parade and off we went all home again….

Australia with Ingo and crew Peter in front and the Italian team.


The Dutch Team


The German team and many more

Cu tomorrow with some kind of epilogue and pictures from the prize giving. And on request some extra pictures from 1987!
Cheers Ritz

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