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November 2, 2016

Potchefstroom….. FAI- SGP- FINALS soon!!!

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Now the time, here in most parts of Europe has changed back  to the standard time, we could sleep one more hour , which felt good.
Down under in most parts [not all] they had a shorter day ,but no worries their summer, is arriving reason for a good mood.
Have to get used again to the difference when sky-ping with my Aussie friends, as it is not 8 but 10 hours now!!!
Already  November …… time flies AND time for many to pack the suitcase for short, long or very long visits to overseas soaring destinations.

Not long anymore and the Benalla WGC will start as well. It was a huge happening already in 1987 , specially for me and my family.My ex flew with our son Dennis in the brand new [prototype] of the Nimbus 3D; first ever father son combination in a WGC. My daughter Inge was their crew together with George’s brother Adrian and I helped where ever I could ,also crew from team Gerrit [Kurstjens].
I opened my huge book full of papers and pictures from that year and straight away was back in good old Benalla. I will write a bit more about it during the WGC . From home,…. as I am still not fit enough to go myself.
Looking forward to the season.


South Africa.

Just ahead of the finals of the FAI SGP in Potchefstroom, Oscar [Goudriaan] started his season with a ” big bang “; 1000 km. FAI TRIANGLE with a speed of 154 km./h!!!![October 28]
The full flight was 1.122.5 km. with 153.7 km./h and the FAI triangle 1.064.4 with 154 km./h. Good on you Oscar!!!
He flew his JS 1 C TJ Revelation 21m. with OG as call sign.
Oscar is ready for the Grand Prix!!!
So is John Coutts;865.32 km [596.2 FAI triangle] with a speed of 141.11 on October 30 in an 18 m. LAK 17 flying from Orient.

FINAL of the 2016 FAI SGP Potchefstroom is  about to begin!


18 Top participants, 17 JS gliders [18 m] and 1 Ventus 2cxt flown by French pilot Phillipe de Pechy and 11 different nationalities .Here is an appetizer from the site about the side, the rest about the top-pilots,  you can read there:
This will be the 7th SGP final to take place since 2005 and the first to be held outside a mountain region which will certainly change the dynamics of the contest. Potchefstroom 120 kms south west of Johannesburg is situated in the vast high plateau of South Africa. The combination of high temperatures dry air mass and high altitude flying in this region should provide competitors with some excellent racing conditions.

The host airfield is the home of Jonker Sailplanes manufacturers of the JS1 sailplane, a new design in the world of sailplane racing which has established itself as a formidable competitive sailplane.

Most of the competing pilots have chosen not to ship their own sailplanes from Europe and will be flying JS1 sailplanes. This will make the contest almost a one design contest removing any controversy surrounding the performance of the machine and allowing a true comparison of the pilots abilities and performance.”

The first race is on Sunday the 6th of November, for live race coverage results and pilot interviews go to the event web site at

For the latest news of  race broadcast times, race progress and results follow us:-

On Twitter at

On Facebook at


Gliders for sale in Australia!

Checking the October-Alpine Flyer , the internet soaring magazine/news from the Mount Beauty club I noticed 2 adds . Specially the Cirrus 75 is here in Europe popular for the young [top]pilots.So for sure also in Australia or New Zealand;
Here you are, specially for those who are interested as I have space now and maybe there is space in the containers coming back from Benalla:
Airframe and wings professionally refinished by Rowe Aviation Services
 No crazing or cracking on the gel coat.
 New instrument panel with the following units:
 Xcom VHF radio with press to talk, rear speaker and boom mike.
 Swiss FLARM.  Tasman V1000 vario.
 PDA mount on panel with 20 cm extension.
 Tasman flight pack air data engine – coupled to Tasman vario, Swiss flarm, temperature probe, pitot and static vents and PDA.
 Mountain high oxygen, AL180 bottle with EDS oxygen regulator.
 Clam shell trailer with mechanical brakes.
Price $19,500 Contact Richard Todd

The other glider is a PILATUS B4 GLIDER VH-GCD
Currently airworthy with 40 yearly inspection completed in September 2015. Open trailer. Price $8,000 ono
Contact Andrew:

All the news on;


And news from the Tocumwal Residential Park


“Welcome to the Australian Aerobatic Club who are hosting the 2016 National Aerobatic Championships at Tocumwal commencing today and running until Sunday the 6th. We have turned the weather on just in time…we hope you enjoy your time here!”


Latest news from SEVENTY 2 ONE!



The first 50 Gift Certificates for €500 each.

The certificate entitles a glider pilot to experience the ultimate in cross country soaring, a day flying the magnificent Eta 70:1 sailplane with Uli Schwenk from Münsingen Germany.

To purchase your certificate email Uli Schwenk at . Once your payment is received your certificate will be posted to you.

You can use your certificate in the 2017 or 2018 season and you can share the experience with a friend where you can have two shorter flights on the one day.

Book now, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

#christmasgift #bucketlist#ultimateglidingexperience #70:1

On a question how many flights for the E.500, the answer was;”you get a full day. You can share it with one another pilot. It will depend on the day of course, maybe a 5 to 7 hour flying day. When you book email Uli and let him know what you would like to do.
Always interesting!!!!


Have a good week.
Cheers Ritz
Finishing with this awesome picture I got in my FB messages [zwevers] shared by Constant Godefroy on October 30.
With his text ;
This is gliding as well.  The DG 1001T from the  KZC, on final at sunset.”


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