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January 11, 2016

Part 33; HOT and dusty!!

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Monday evening;
I could see it already in the morning, overcast, bloody hot and dusty. I guessed the day was cancelled in Benalla, as the wind here at 5 was from 1 minute into the other, BAD/STRONG!!!Indeed they cancelled before launching, so the set 700 km. was not going to happen. Now in the evening you can only say ;good decision!!!!

I went to Shepparton for the day with Jill. Nice day out and we both did what was necessary.Here are some pictures from the pub and our -German- lady- friends- from- the- Sportavia -past for sure remember this pub , Hotel Australia, which was yellow in the past, grey now!!!!We had always lovely meals there and we had a great one again today!!!

20160111_141310    20160111_142256 (1)



11139449_1092845627416164_6251570424646143050_n (1)

Day 5 ; “ Open class is about to launch on a 600km task going around the Albury airspace and into the hills!
As shared by the organizers.

But I look back at day 5 first. In open class Bruce was again the best and received the 1000 points for a speed of 145 km./h. over 600 km. NOT BAD!!!
Andrew did well as runner up [144.20 km./h.] and Wolfgang and Andy were on a nice 3d spot.[127 km./h.
Only one out-landing.

Bruce mentioned about the day;
—” Today we were tasked out into the mountains. I have to say I thought it was a really fun task, with plenty of variety. We had mountains, flat, cumulus, blue, great thermals, and crappy ones, all in one flight. Pre-takeoff I suggested to Eric Napoleon and Laurent Aboulin that they might need a briefing before they ventured out into our Aussie mountains, but they didn’t seem to think that was required. Eric has lived and flown in the French Alps for who knows how many years, and probably knows mountains as well as any pilot on the planet. Plus they are real mountains, not our piddling little hills.
Anyway, I couldn’t get high enough to start, so I left when it was time to go despite that small problem. Initially it was blue, but soon we were in the hills and there were some cumulus. A few of the climbs there were excellent, and although I felt I deviated perhaps too much we made good time. There was some airspace to take care with around Albury, and all too soon we were out in the flat again, and it was blue, blue, blue. I spent almost all day with Andrew Georgeson, and it was comforting to have the company when I got a bit low near our northern turn point. We swapped places all day, above, below, above again. Eventually it was a great run home for a good speed, 145kph over 600 km. Getting in the groove in the JS1 again, although I did have some issues with my glide computer today, which made me nervous as the GPS kept dropping out… rather vital for getting a score at the end of the day. More work to do in the morning.-–”
After 5 days Bruce is overall on spot 1 with 4720 points. Runner up Andrew with 4664 [both JS 1] and on spot 3 Ian also in the JS 1C with 4409. The French are on 4 with their Duo Discus. Good on them.

18 m. class;
Peter Temple was in a hurry as well,flying the set 455.80 km. with a speed of 144.70 km./h. in the ASG 29.
Well done for Czech pilot Petr Svoboda flying himself to a runner-up-place with a speed of 134.12 km./h.
Butch flew a tad slower.
Rolf out landed and that’s a pity as he dropped from 20 to 24 overall..
After 5 days we see 4753 points for Peter, followed by Butch 4466 and and Tom 4401.

15 m. class;
Great day in this class and the day was won by Norm [Bloch] ;speed 142.02 closely followed by Adam with 142.32 km./h.
14 Pilots flew around over the set 445 km.with a speed of 133 and 142 km.h.
At Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures you can see every day a video about the day.
In this class the overall scores after 5 days are as follows ;Matthew with 4.684, Mac with 4544 and Stephen with 4464.
Anne is doing well she is on spot 5!!!

Talking about the ladies in this competition ; They are “caught” in a beautiful picture , by another lady Anita!!!.


Anne, from France, Catherine from Australia, Sarah from the USA, Swaantje from Germany, Lisa from Australia and Marta from Australia.


And to finish a nice air-picture from day 1 , shared by the organizers.
Cheers Ritz

12439491_1090579280976132_6543277256248121484_n (1)

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