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December 27, 2015

Part 24! In memoriam …Kees Musters! Chinese pilots and Chinese H. sailors !

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2015-12-27 04.56.42

A tribute to Kees and Dennis. The white- gum- tree, 28 years “old” on the 10th of January 2016.

December 27.
Today it is 28 years ago that Kees Musters died in that terrible hang-glider- accident in France.
Here is the tree which was planted after Dennis funeral , by Bruce Brockhoff. It was a little plant from some seed from a white gum tree in St Kilda park.
Janet Hider Smith took care of it to grow it, into the little plant .
After the funeral Bruce planted it at the Tocumwal Aerodrome Caravan area from Sportavia.
It was a memory to both Kees and Dennis, mates dying exactly one week behind each other,….both from Holland, …both participating in the 1987 WGC in Benalla, Dennis with his father George in the NIMBUS 3D .
A lot of friends all over the world could not believe it and I know a few are still trying to come to therms with it after nearly 30 year. THAT big was the impact.
Unfortunately Janet died a few years ago of cancer as well.

I made some more pictures from the old Sportavia environment while walking around there.It made me VERY sad!!!

2015-12-27 05.02.45     2015-12-27 05.03.22

The former dining room and outside area for drinks and the BBQ area.The briefing room and sun room.

2015-12-27 05.01.46     2015-12-27 05.02.26

The pool where so many had great fun.


Told you yesterday a bit about the Chinese pilots setting up base here in Tocumwal.
Today it’s about 2 CHINESE crews participating in the Sydney to Hobart race.
First time in history!!
Yesterday at 1 they started ,…108 vessels ,….27 of them international.
They started with a nice North Easterly wind ,but last night and this morning they had to deal with much more  heavy weather.
More later!

2015-12-26 00.58.27

We had some pretty bad weather here as well. Yesterday it was “cold” ,windy and we had a lot of rain. In the night I woke up and felt happy for farmer Ted , yes from the “dry rice” , that a real good Christmas present ….”lot’s of rain” , had arrived for him. It might make his rice-season!!!!????.
Today ,Sunday it ‘s still fresh with 24 dgr. ,but in the sun it feels really good.
Along the Great Ocean Road a lot of holiday makers were evacuated due to out-of-control-fires.The rain helped a bit but several houses have been lost.A total of at least 116 homes, houses and holiday houses.


Caught up with the Macsteads this morning.Parents from Dennis and Michael, both tuggies here in the far past, now both airline pilots.
Also with Tammy, good friend of my daughter Inge and married to Glenn, another tuggie here for several years, now an AG- pilot.
And with Laurel and Paula , Wayne Wood’s wife. Great looking dog they have as well.

The Geelong Gliding Club arrived for a good week of soaring  in Tocumwal with several gliders and one Pawnee.Busy, busy!
Mac is flying his glider to Benalla, where he will participate next week in OZGLIDE.

Talking about Benalla 1987, it makes me think of the OZGLIDE 2016, the 54th Australian Nationals combined with the PREWORLDS. 80 Pilots have entered for this event in 3 classes, starting in the new year between the 4th and the 15th.
I know for sure that Wolfgang Janowitsch flew in 1987 and he participates now again.Will be there next week and find out if there were more.
As it looks now 19 pilots will fly in open class among them Sarah Arnold, tuggie in Uvalde and glider pilot during the WWGC in France and her husband Jason [Duo Discus]  ,from the USA. Both own and run/operate the Chilhowee Soaring Operation.
28 In 18 m. class and 33 in 15 m. class.

And to finish, the “madness” in Melbourne at Boxing day when the SALES starts.At 4.30 AM the first ,over 500 people, were waiting already in row to enter David Jones. The expectation is a turn around on ONE day of several billions in Australia!!!!!

I nicely stay here in the country.

Cheers Ritz

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