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December 18, 2013

Love you all!

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Bloemen Maria

Picture courtesy Maria Boetcher.

Thanks for all the reactions on my birthday and also for mentioning that it is good to see my blogs back on line. You are all great mates!!!!
Feel very blessed, privileged,  but also humble, with so many kind good wishes.
Glad my laptop works again, so I could read my timeline on the day itself.
Had a wonderful weekend full of presents , joy , laughter and good ” booze” , the in-crowd knows what I mean with that.

Back to work,  as things are happening!

WELKOM in SOUTH AFRICA with pictures from Arne and Ronald as shared on FB.

South African Nationals, WELKOM  South African Nationals Gold mines.

The airport WELKOM and the Gold Mines

 day 4 in club class was a difficult one for Konrad , as he only “got”  44 points for 28.8 km, whilst the other 6 finished after 310 km. It could be even worse as 1 pilot unfortunately landed already after 11 km. in the KA 6E.
Annemiek is still on spot 1 after 4 days of flying with 433 points ahead on the runner up.
Too good for words!!!! Go go Annemiek, as it is not over yet!
In 15 m. Wayne [Schmidt]  added a new set of 1000 points as he was the best pilot over the 445 set kilometers.
In 18 m./open Oscar was again the daily winner and is JUST ONE point behind Peter Nouwens who was runner up for the day with 554 km. They flew both over 140 km. /ph, so did Laurens who was 3d.

South African Nationals by Arne South African Nationals by Arne 2

The 3 Dutchies! Ronald and Annemiek and Maurits and Annemiek.

Day 5 had a 243 km. task for Club, an AST task from 315 km. for 15 m. and the ” big/fast boys had to go for 434 km.
And they did!John won the day with 147 km./h. and only needs 44 points to pass Oscar to the overall-top.
But Oscar did well too, finishing on spot 6 for the day but only loosing only 35 points on John.
In 15 m. Wayne Schmidt is clearly the best, winning EVERY day and Annemiek is still on spot 1 overall but lost a few points over the last days. The marge is getting smaller , as Edvard from Croatia is on her heels , but she can do it.


South African Nationals boye Moellers

 The Boye Moellers, sorry have not find the umlaut yet!


Day 6 had tasks from 236.8 km, 348.6 and 428.1 km. but was cancelled and today, the new day 6, they all got a 3 hour AAT.

On my birthday, the 16th a few 1000 km. flights were flown in Australia, from Cunderdin [WA] a 1000 FAI triangle in ASG 29 by Swain Johnson, his 2d in a week and from Narromine  a declared 1000 in an 18m. LS 10. That’s number 4 in Narromine in 3 days.Good on both!!!

Nice message from the Australian Soaring Center in Corowa for Swain:
” Well done Swain!!! 
FA (Frank Alissa the names from the 2 kids from Francesco and Grietje] ) used to be our 29. We are happy Swain is enjoying the glider!” 

Talking about Corowa , they had a few nearly 1000 km. flights and Tocumwal over 800 km. Noticed that not only Anton but also Andrea is back flying in Tocumwal, both friends from Austria fly there already for AGES!!!! And always have fun.
Heard by phone from my Toc friends that temperatures are going up to the low 40thies this week, might mean more 1000 km. flights this time for Toc. and Corowa as well, as they are only about 80 km. to the East from Toc..
There were days that the weather was good on the 16th and pilots promised me a 1000 as present, which they flew! Not everybody gets such a present, is it???
Yesterday was hot and good again and Anton flew in the LS 4 737 km. and today a 736 km task!!! Not bad in such a glider! The weather ” makes”  it all possible!


Adam tried from Narromine to fly a declared 1000 k , yesterday,  flew 917 km. [FAI triangle 873] but as he mentioned;

 ” Declared 1000km FAI in the Dry Cirrus with Dutters in his H301.

Got off to a good start, though the day didn’t get going until 2.5hrs after start. Sadly the trough line stopped at Hilston, the next ~200km was running in the blue. Naturally this slowed down progress, Dutters and I deciding to re-declare in flight – Temora, home for FAI 865.

Flew together for the whole day, a very enjoyable experience – especially the final glide area.

Just need the right day, and a 1000 in the dry cirrus is a done deal.”

Good luck boys, should be possible indeed on THE day!

Adam and Dutters2

Adam and Dutters as shared on FB.

AND  JUNIOR Ailsa flew a 1000 from Narromine [LS 8]  but was beaten by last light to finish at the airport, what a pity. As her proud club members mentioned;
” You may have noticed already but our junior member Ailsa McMillan has just flown 1,000 km from Narromine a few days after placing 4th (third Australian) at Joey Glide. Ailsa was prevented from completing the triangle only due to last light approaching. She showed great airmanship by landing at a safe aerodrome before dark
Of course I noticed and was more than pleased for her and of course sad that she was beaten by lasdt light .BUT we will hear more from her as she is a nice young lady and has the right mentality to get far.


Ailsa here having fun in Poland during the JWGC.

From Jo I received a nice video-link to the juniors- comps in Narromine, a look, certainly when you are young and going to the JWGC in 2015!

Got a nice link as well, from Frauke from the USA. She “glued”  82 pictures to a nice story about Chilhowee, where the Oktoberfest was a while ago. As you know Chilhowee is the airfield ” from”  Sarah and Jason.
Enjoy and thanks Frauke for sharing!

Got the flu!!!!! Hope it does n’t take too long. Off to the doctor now!
Cheers Ritz

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