Latest NEWS on the Keepit WWGC ..10 ! Updated !!!

8.10 AM;
When I left you yesterday I was AGAIN amazed to see how quickly the weather can change here.
Still enjoying the beautiful and disciplined finishes, ….I looked up ,…. felt wind , ….saw red dust and ….smelled smoke. This all happened around 6.45 PM.
We raced in though some had to stay!!
Still some club class gliders out then , but they showed their skills by landing safely here,… even in turbulent circumstances. Well done !!!
One of the Aussie girls, Jenny, was out in 18 class [ after 234 km] and Sylvia [USA] could not make it back in club after flying 347 km.

It turned out to be a “French” day, winning in each class.
1 and 2 in 18 m. Anne and Melanie and Margot from Italy on 3….the 2 Audes on 1 and 3 with Cornelia from Germany in between ….Celine in club class, with Aussies Jo and Jenny on 2 and 3.

Last night the wind/storm was terrible till about 1 AM. Then it was more or less quiet again.The whole building here is red from dust, the toilets, the kitchen etc but Wendy is here to clean it all!!! Thanks!!!
This extreme dusty weather is created by the drought, so bad it is normally NOT here, I heard.

This is how the UK saw this seabreeze yesterday;
” Interesting conditions at #LakeKeepit in the #WWGC2019#TeamGB‘s Claudia Hill having to land long to avoid kangaroos on the runway. All three British pilots are now home, but any late finishers and crews are now having to deal with the sea breeze bringing in a wall of dust “

as shared by British Gliding Association

Day 3 starts soon as the first launch is expected at 11.30 AM.
They grid at 32 and 18 m is up front with club and standard behind.
Briefing at 9.30 AM

Here is the report from USA TC John Good with his permission, from yesterday task 2;
A more difficult day today, especially for Club Class.  The forecast said very hot, very blue (except well to the southwest) and a possibility of lift shutting down around 5:30 near Lake Keepit, due to an easterly wind that could bring both marine air and smoke.

In the face of this and some decently long tasks, the right decision looked to be an early start, avoiding the chance of being caught short of home when the good conditions ended.  This is just what Sarah did in Standard class: started early and joined the three Australian pilots (repositories of local knowledge) in a group of four that made good progress around the 460-km task, found good lift to over 14,000’ well southwest of home, and were able to finish about 10 minutes before the 5:30 witching hour.  This smart and sensible scheme didn’t look quite so good when the troubled weather held off until around 6:45, allowing the late launchers to romp home in good conditions.  Yet their scores were still decent; sometimes the smart bet doesn’t produce the best results.

Only a couple of Club Class gliders decided to go with the “start early / play it safe” scheme.  All the rest delayed their starts, then discovered soaring conditions on the long task that would rarely allow good speeds.  All the class struggled on the leg home from the west; most finally got home, many with disappointing speeds.  Kathy put up a desperate fight, finally got the altitude she needed, and finished around 7pm, just as the easterly wind and smoke arrived.  Sylvia also fought hard, but couldn’t connect with the final climb she needed and landed about 30 km from home.  This is an area with good fields, but unfortunately not the best or most direct roads. She and husband Hugh are expected back around 10pm.”
For more you can go to

John Good TC from team USA.

9.15 AM
Just spilled a full cup of tea over my laptop. NOT GOOD.
Hope I can continue, for now it looks fine.

10 AM;
Briefing is over. EVERYBODY talks about the red dust. People woke up in closed sleeping rooms with red dust on their faces.
White clean gliders were IN the hangars….this morning red instead of white.
But NO complaints as the fires and the devastation around Sydney and in the S of Victoria ,….are MUCH WORSE.

Tasks for today are LONG
18 m;A task …5 hour AAT..B task..4 hour AAT.
standard ;A task …4.15 AAT…B task..3.15 AAT.
Club; A task…4.30 AAT. B task…3.30 AAT

What was more up at the briefing?
Today’s sponsor is Jonker Sailplanes.

The prize winners from task 2.

18 m. CLASS:
Anne in the middle as number 1. Melanie as number 2 to the L. and Margot to the number 3.
Standard class;
to the l. at 2 Cornelia, in the middle Aude [Untersee] as number 1 and to the r. Aude Grangeray on 3.
club class;
to the l. on 2 Jo, in the middle as number 1 Celine and to the r.Jenny as number 3.

About safety; a copy of steward Frouwke’s safety presentation has been posted to all for “your own self briefing.”
Further on;
—-after release turn RIGHT!!!
—-after a relight bring 2 traces!!!
—-2 tugs had a problem, during the last 2 day’s ,…react straight away on the wave-off-sign, ask later.
One had oil on the wind screen, a case of cleaning and checking the oil , the other a cracked cylinder which will be repaired today. Will take all day.
—-Australia night is free for all and sponsored by the GFA, the NSWGA and Jonker. Starts tonight at 7.30. Music by the 2 B’s…Bill and Brad.
—-Hardworking friends/volunteers Lynley in the office and David at the field are travelling back to Waikirie tomorrow, another 15 hour drive.Lovely people, as is their daughter Alannah, a real artist.
They showed both cartoons this morning at the briefing, still struggle to download them.
Lynley got a huge applause for all her efforts in the office.

Weather; sponsored every day by SkySight.
With the HIGH over the Tasman Sea , we have a continuous NW airflow.
Today will be only 39 dgr. C.
We have an early start as the trigger temperature only needs to reach 32 instead of 36 yesterday.
Due to smoke haze to the NE they had to change their task plans.
Day starts early and “stops” around 5.30 and might end around 6 again with incoming seabreeze.
Have seen that now, being back then ,….is the best one can do.

Tasks; are set in a rather small area but they are LONG. Some classes will cross each other.

Today’s tasks as shared by British Gliding Team

It’s nearly 11 AM now, just half an hour before the first launch.
11.15 AM ;Tuggies are starting their engines on the radio “Launching will commence in 15 minutes.” All cars should be removed from the grid.
5 Tugs today!!!
Back soon.

11.30 AM:
And we started flying day 3!!
XM , Alena, from 18 m. was the first to be launched.
Followed by ZF with Eva and ZE , Jana, all 3 from Czech Rep.
57 With Margot from Italy and MM with Diana from Luxembourg.
Then after 5 launches there is a small delay and P was launched with Joanna from Poland. FM with Anne from France and 51 with Liz from the UK.
FQ with Melanie from France, J7 follows with Aussie Jenny after a “cable-problem” gave some delay.
Several gliders are below drop height at the drop zone, is what’s mentioned.
Good on them!!! Safety first!!!
HS is launched with Lisa Turner and OG with Ailsa, PT with German Stefanie is the last to go at 11.55 so line should open after 30 minutes at 12.25 .
Miss[-ed] one!!!!

11.55 AM; Club class follows at 11.55 with JO [Petra] in it.16 To go.
12.10 PM; They are not yet very high , between 1400 and 1800 m [MSL] and it looks pretty grey out side… BUT, strong thermals at the ground pass by with dust and speed. So there must be lift.
Just one, a big one, in front of the club house, making the visibility tempera-rely low.

12.20 PM:
Last glider in club class has started, line opens in 30 minutes at 12.50.
12.25 18 M line is open. “Welcome in this monster gaggle” was what one of the 18 m. pilot’s said.
They launch standard class now.

12.34 PM; several pilots ask agitated for MORE speed behind the tug, one wants less speed . Looking at the OGN the French and the German girls in 18 m. have left on track.
5 hour AAT seems a lot under the circumstances we can see now. For sure not the best visibility.
Good luck to all.

12.50 PM; Last of standard class has been launched now. Their line opens at 1.20 ! Line from Club should be open now!

1 PM; Some more positive news about the weather too, as some are really racing now!! Visibility remains POOR!!!!! BUT,….when on track it should be better is advised. Still not very high though, some at 5000 ft.!!
1.20 PM; Standard class is open now too.
CU later!!Good luck girls!!!

2.30 PM:
Visibility is still poor. On the tracking system is written” reduced visibility due to smoke.”
Standard has the worst visibility at this moment ,but it should improve and it should be still within the norms. It seems not all pilots do agree with this.
Club is busy with their longest leg from 191.8 km.
Standard as well but they have 3 long legs from 101, 122 and 158 km.
18 m. has 2 long legs as well from 260 and 142 km.
This means of course to the middle of the circle.
Now the 18 m. has flown 187 km with about 110 km./h. So still a long day AND we might have the incoming sea breeze at 6. Hope it’s delayed!!!
Bruce has gone up in a 2 seater to monitor the weather/ visibility from above.

3.15 PM:
The weather finally “cracked” and pilots have now more height to fly , even up to 10.000 ft. over Mount Kaputar.
I had a look at Wikipedia;
a mountain with an elevation of 1,489 metres (4,885 ft)  above sea level located near Narrabri in northern New South Wales. It is part of the Nandewar Range and has been preserved within the Mount Kaputar National Park. The mountain is a prominent landmark for travellers on the Newell Highway as it rises abruptly from the plains .”
It is “the remnants of an 
extinct volcano that was active about 18 million years ago. “!!!!!!
At this stage it gives welcome-lift to the flying pilots there in 18 m.
The club class pilots have “used” the mountain already. They can be using it again on the way from TP 4 to 5,… they pass it then again.
Standard has the Kaputar to the SW in their circle. Most are on their way from the 2d to the 3 point/circle.
On the way back from TP 4 to TP 5 they pass the Kaputar again.

3.45 PM;
It’s clearing here. I can see blue skies and clouds popping up. Good!!!

But I hear that the task is cancelled for all classes!!!!”
It says on G-Track
Task cancelled due to smoke

A pity from the smoke here!!! What can you do.
We are not the only ones,…..Also Benalla and Tocumwal have very poor visibility. Look at their web cam.
Narromine has about the same dust/sand storm yesterday as we had.

Like most of Victoria today, Benalla is just a tad smokey and definitely a “no fly” day. Keep safe everyone.... “
as shared by Gliding Club of Victoria

The weather forecast for today has changed as well . They will for sure explain later. It might be what I expected,.. that due to the slow speed the gliders coming back, might be hit by the seabreeze.
Will tell you later or tomorrow. Gliders return safely at the field now which is GOOD.
Safety FIRST!!!!

5 PM;
A big bunch of gliders arrived already home at 20 or 14 long and it was rather “congested” at the end of 14, as you can see at the picture shared by
British Gliding Team@GBGlidingTeam

4/5 kts wind….210 dgr.

All pilots want to be back for that “maybe “scary- again- sea- breeze.”

5.45 PM;
The last 2 pilots are on their way back home. The nasty weather should come from the N. this time, and it is difficult already to see the mountains there.
One of the reasons and the bad visibility,…. to cancel this day.

One tug was sent out but had to return .
Tomorrow there is another day.

CU then.
Glad the laptop survived ” having a cup of tea.”

The Latest News on the Lake Keepit WWGC…9 !

8 AM;
When I start at 8 ,a lot of people have started their day already earlier. I hear action already at 5, but I try to sleep a bit more then.
Today it was 43, but in Western Sydney I just heard it went up to 50 dgr. C. That ‘s a bit TOO hot!!!!
Yesterday was a superb first day.
Specially the Aussies, I heard some have been training for this comps already for 4 years, started fantastic.
Interesting as well ,that over 478 km. 2 girls gain 1000 points . Both Elena from Czech Rep. and Lisa [Turner] achieved this in 18 m. class.
Speed 145 km./h.
Ailsa was 4th and Jenny 7th.
In standard it was Sarah who smashed with her speed the others as she was nearly 10 km./h faster than the runner up; Aude Untersee from France;137.84 for 128.96 km./h.
Sarah straight away leads with 129 points, yes I know it is still day 1, but we celebrate EVERY day all good results.
The slowest, with respect, flew with a speed of 115 km./h.
In club 122 km./h was the best speed for 2 Aussies Jo and Jenny [Ganderton];1000 and 975 points for them.
Still a few warnings and penalty points on day 1 , hope this will get less in the future.

A nice visitor this morning for the president of the jury. In front of Gisela’s house was a nice Australian goanna.

A friendly goanna.

10 AM;
Sponsor today Maddog Composites . On each table the “not to miss” stubby holder for nice cold beer.Or…a small bottle of water.

Sponsor for the day!

The winners from yesterday were called to come to the podium and when they stood there, the 3d hymn from Australia was put on. After the National song and Waltzing Matilda , the band “Men at work” with their ” land down under” , always giving me a HAPPY feeling, was put on. I guess it gave everybody a happy feeling as well, specially the winners.

Here they are. Yesterday’s winners.

CLUB CLASS; Jenny [Ganderton] and Jo both from Australia .Judyta from Poland was not yet in the briefing room. Both Aussie girls were still” boiling ” from enthusiasm, when they had a beer at the mobile bar later after their flight. “A team effort” they called it
Standard class; Sarah on 1, Aude on 2 and Lisa on 3. Later Aude got zero points .
18 M Class; Very special!!!!2 Ladies on spot 1 Lisa [Turner] and Alena and on 3 Liz from the UK.

What happened more in the briefing?
Anita with ; A few very important safety issues.
” do not fly over or under each other” think of wind gusts.
Be gentle with your maneuvers. p.e don’t pull up.

—-Collect trackers straight after briefing and bring them back before 7 PM, preferably by one person.
—-Australian Night tomorrow= free for the guests, “not for the Aussie team”. Starts at 7.30 with music by Brad Edwards and his brother Bill.
We all hope the French girls will dance!!!!

Briefing room as seen yesterday by British Gliding Association

Weather is very stable also over the next couple of day’s, though today is slightly weaker than yesterday. Ceiling around 10.000 ft. with around 5 kts. No cu’s over Keepit, not when they leave not when they come back. On track they might find a few, certainly over the ranges.

18 m; A task..465 km…B task…350 km.
standard; A task..459 km….B task…336 km
club; A task…381 km..B TASK…274 KM


Cameron and Jeff helping me with what’s app. Helping during the day at the field.

10.30 AM;
This morning 2 young very clever fellows, Cameron and Jeff, helped me with the whats app on my Aussie phone. Now I get the important messages.
The fine tuning was done by Diana.
By the way,…Did you see the nice video-interview, from Sean with Lisa Trotter after flying day 1… and with the other winners , if not have a look at
YouTube Gliding Australia

A Tasks for today;
Blue is Standard…yellow is 18 m and pink is club class
as shared by British gliding team as tweet. Of course I can make pictures myself but why doing things “double”.

Tuggies are preparing , pilots slowly move out of the club house, into the heat. First launches at 12.
Gyrocopter rides available ; 80 dollar for 30 minutes.
You see I am part of the WWGC what’s app-group now.
11.30; Tuggies are moving to the grid. Found my sunglasses and one of the tuggies the hat. First launch in time at 12.
One pilot is still doing ” touch and go’s”!!
Some of the Czech girls , leave for the field.
15 minutes to go and day 2 starts with ” new hopes and expectations.”.
11.45; The gyrocopter is making a video over the field.
It just started and created a huge dust cloud spreading over all clean washed gliders!!!!MMmmmmm……

12.PM; CC , from Standard, was the first to go with the A task in the pocket, followed by the yellow gyrocopter with the video guy in the back of the 2 seater.

Standard class being launched.

12.20 PM; they finished standard now. Lisa Trotter was the last to go.
Start-line should open in 30 minutes at 12.45.
12.21 PM; Lisa Turner in HS the first of the 18 m. class.
12.21 PM;18 m. class is launched now. 51 , Liz, was the last on tow.
Line should open in 30 minutes. Opens at 13.10.
12.22 PM; launches from club class in progress now, after a very short break to let a thermal pass by. First to go was Amelie from France.
1.10 PM; Club has been launched now. Line opens at 13.40.

2.30 PM.
Most of the pilots are on track now. I thought some left a bit late, as the weather clearly is less than yesterday. Still large tasks.
No “booming” willy-willy’s in the afternoon and more smoke. We heard 2 fires reported over the radio close to Manilla, about 35 km from here to the NE.
Still a bit upset with the unofficial scores from yesterday.

Whilst waiting for the club to be totally launched I was told that the 2 French Aude ‘s flying in St Class, have been infringed the air space yesterday. One a competition airspace infringement the other at Tamworth. Quickly looked at the unofficial scores and yes, Aude Untersee get’s zero points instead of being runner up yesterday and the other Aude [ET] lost a few . That’s hard!!!!OUCH!!!!
1 PM. Peter, one of the tuggies mentions an engine failure. He landed safely. Very experienced guy both in radio calls and towing!!!

Nice picture from Diana’s JS 3 with the jet engine.

3 PM;
Of course we heard that one of the tugs had a problem this morning. Did not know that it was at 600 ft. with a glider on tow. The cylinder cracked so the tuggy had to wave her off , at that moment she did not know exactly why, but found out quickly.
“Cool” reactions from the tuggy and the Polish pilot. No worries!!!

3.30 PM;
looking at the G-track-live, club class has a long first leg from 133 km. They should be now there with still 250 km. to go.
Standard ‘s first leg is 209 km. to the far SW. Nobody seems to be close to the TP. Still more than 250 k to go.
18 m;still 330 k to go!!!!
In between Sean has updated the official site, which looks much better now. All actions from NOW, this moment , not anymore from 2 months ago. GOOD!!!

3.45 PM;
Good to see our ” future” finding each other in the club house.

Italy, Australia, Germany and the UK. It needs one German girl making the movement that the bar is open and …off they run. Back with beers at 4.15.
3 Crew members from the Czech team ; Ivan ,nice Russian name, Tomas and Pavel.
Father David and daughter Alannah drawing cartoons.Husband and daughter of the very hardworking lady in the office; Lynley.

4.30 PM;
Sarah [St. Class] is flying well again according to the G track live. They have started the one but last leg from 165 km. then still 23, to get home. Quite a few are 60 km. behind!!! But ,..they fly in the good area and have lift up to 13.000 ft.
Club class is busy ,still with 15 minutes delay, to conquer the 2d leg still having to fly one leg of 71 km and one from 57 to finish after another 23 km.
18 m; has a leading group from 6 working very well together.They have done half of the 191 km leg ,still 180 km. to go.They just reached 9000 ft after a great thermal.

5.15 PM;
I expected club first.
My finish radio is on NOW.
BUT,… it’s standard who races home first with LT and XZ up front Aussies Lisa [Trotter] and Kathy. Of course Sarah was with them too, or they with Sarah. She said she had a “funtime”.Don’t know when they started but soaringspot will tell us soon.
5.30 PM;
as said before looking at the tracking these girls were about 60 km. ahead. Very quiet now but JP announced her arrival.

6.35 PM;
Today I looked at the finishes at the field so no call signs here at this blog, but tomorrow I will do that again. There is a huge spread in arriving gliders so points will be not as close as yesterday.
They are still coming in NOW.
Looking at the scores from Standard, Aude took revenge straight away with 1000 points and a speed of 131 km.h in the Discus 2A. Good on her!!!!
In 18 m, the french girls did well too at this stage.
In club nobody is scored yet. They might come in now.
You can find the scores at They are all preliminary of course.

Analyses tomorrow!!!! Long day off now.
Cu tomorrow.

Message; All who want O2; bring the bottle to the hangar now for overnight filling.Grant is away tomorrow morning. Just to let you know.

The Latest news on the Lake Keepit WWGC…8 !

8 AM;

Not awake enough??? Coffee is ready!!!!!

Ready to go for it!!! Today is the day. And,….a first day is always VERY important.
Everybody seems ready for it…pilots as well as crews and the organization.
If I see what effort they put in this competition , I can only say CHAPEAU!!!!!
After part of the day “off ” yesterday, they want to fly now!!!! Some stayed here , some went to Gunnedah for shopping and others to Tamworth. Quite a bunch of young people left for the movies in Tamworth and when I asked what movie it was STARWARS!!!!
We had a lovely dinner at one of the most high and beautiful points here, looking over the lake.

It ‘s all happening here today in LAKE KEEPIT and the next day’s till Friday January 17!!!!!!
Same evening is the farewell party and next day at 10 AM, 3 ladies will leave with a big cup and a medal, another 6 with medals. The rest hopefully with a great feeling on a good competition.

Well I hope for a safe and fair competition.
Briefing at 9.30. Here at the field, which gives a lot of “mental peace”, as I heard. One is “relaxed”…..but I guess HOT. It will be 42 dgr. C today.
Will be there for you.
Grid order today; Club, Standard , 18 meter.
DON’T FORGET the 5 S’;

Very important ; TOO many have skin cancer in this country AVOID melanoma’s or carcinoma’s.

Some pictures I found from yesterday’s opening:
Here is Akemi from Japan, ready to go for it with her crew David.

Akemi who represents Japan here in Lake Keepit, with her crew.
As shared by Akemi.
The French team with TC Eric.
As shared by Pôle France Planeur
Petr with his girls and crew members.
as shared by Czech Republic Gliding Team
You can still fly when you are a MUM!!!!Also in WWGC’s. There are quite a few mum’s here.
This is Aussie Lisa with her little boy Syd.
as shared by Lisa / Kingaroy Soaring Club
team Germany with Fin and his mum Chrissie upfront.
As shared by Team Germany.

CU later;
10 AM;
tasks first
18 m; A task…478 km……B task…385 km
standard; A task…464 km…B task…361 km.
Club class; A task…422 km….B task …320 km.

Sponsoring in clean looking hangar is today from Maddog Composite and LX Nav.
The weather is sponsored every day by SkySight.

Surprise, surprise!!!!The volunteers did a massive job to get the “new”- old -tug-hangar in good order!!! Compliments.
At 9.30 the briefing started and it was full.

Also lot’s of “listeners”.

It was NO mistake but on the white-board you could read; Practice day 4!!!
Not day 1. This way they wanted to take the day-1-stress away. Just the procedures they had already for 3 day’s.
Good idea!!!
Some messages from this morning.
—A good “bailing-out” program by Liz from the UK has been sent to the competitors.
—The FAI flag is already STOLEN. An always returning story!!!
BUT,…the webcam was put off and that “looked” in the direction from the flag. SO NO proof who did it or what happened!!!
—As pilots need their sleep they should be able to sleep between 10 PM and 7 AM. So NO noise .
—Dinners at the sport and recreation will be half an hour later; at 7.30.
—REAL/GOOD Coffee ready in the morning at 6.30.
— Helpers get the rope, your own crew hooks it on the glider.
— It is Mandy’s [CD] birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mandy!!!!

The weather; is about the same again. The air-mass is a bit dryer today the dew point lower.
No sea breeze or rain expected.
5/6 kts lift ,less where there is smoke or haziness. Top of ceiling today up to 13/ 14.000 ft.
Tasks are above …A and B tasks
First launch expected at 12 PM.

Team USA, Luxembourg and the Czech team had their team meeting here in the club house this morning. It was pretty busy here.
It seems tracking will be visible here at the TV as well.

Team Luxembourg at the table, Team Czech Rep in the kitchen
Team USA in the sitting corner.

Let’s begin!!! CU later.
Sean Young, editor from the Magazine Gliding Australia has arrived and wrote his first article yesterday after the opening ceremony:
The opening ceremony for WWGC Lake Keepit took place on 3 January. The teams from the ten competing countries lined up at the launch point of runway 32 in sunshine and heat.
A Welcome to Country was given by James Hogbin of the Kamilaori Nation, the traditional custodians of the area. The Deputy Mayor Rob Hoke welcomed all the competitors and Lake Keepit SC president Tim Carr introduced each pilot. Gisela Weinreich officially opened the Championships for the FAI.
The three official training days had very strong thermal conditions with some high cumulus. On 2 January CB cells developed and delivered wind, dust, lightning and a very few raindrops to this parched land.
Today is a rest day. The first flying day of the Championships is tomorrow, Saturday 4 January. The weather forecast is for a temperature of 42° C, thermals up to 12,000ft and light north westerlie

Watch Video of Opening Ceremony

11.40; FIRST LAUNCH will be at 12, was just announced!!!!
The 6 tuggies have started their engines and move to the grid.
Have my radio, so I can follow it for you , not from the field today but from the club house. Tomorrow I go to the field again.
One of the tuggies mentioned, when I asked if this was not a heavy job for him:
I prefer this above field running
Huge thermals create already big dust devils at the field.

11.55;All car’s, still 4 at the grid ,have to be removed NOW.
First launch in 5 minutes. Meaning to go for TASK A.

12.PM; Club class glider J 1 is the first to be launched during this WWGC.
With the words “full power, full power” to the tuggy, Polish pilot Judyta started her WWGC in ASW 19, with that honor. BI , Kinga, another Polish pilot followed.
They have to fly 422.3 km.
The 6 tuggies go up and down, nice to see how quick this goes. 2 Of them are female ,Val the tug master and Fran.
There are 17 pilots in this class. They pass by still pretty low here, so I can easily see the call signs.

12.25 One glider thermalled pretty low so tuggies were advised where she was.
12.30; All club class gliders have had their regular start. Line opens at 1PM.
12.31; Launching from standard class in progress . Just saw EU pass by with Czech pilot Hana . 16 In this class!!
12.35; Claudia Hill from the UK in WH [club] announced her return for a relight.
12.40 ;the 2 gliders which returned, will have their relight as quick as possible. Normally that could be straight after standard has been launched. 12.43; L 7 with Ayala [LS 8] just passed, by so they are still busy. PO with Serena from Germany just is launched as well.
12.48; Relight of club class glider happens now….WH.[ after minor technical problem] .
Meaning standard class has been launched. Line opens at 13.25.
12.55; 18 m. will be launched now!!!Margot just passed by in 57.
13.04 ;One pilot tries to get more speed. She is hanging behind the tug over sport and recreation with 60 kts.
13.20; launching from 18 m. still in progress . !4 gliders in this class.
13.22; They have finished NOW.
Line for 18 m. opens in 30 minutes.; 13.50.

Back later; French crew members are having their lunch here. Smells good, looks good.

All French crew members enjoy a good lunch in the air-conditioned club house.

Was in Manilla, to do some shopping. What a lovely old town,… looks like a real Old Settlers Place.
Eye catcher for sure; the old Manilla Railway Bridge, what a beauty. Have to go back to make some pictures.
When I came back here , the tracking system was installed in the club house and a few people were checking it.
Mind you the delay is 15 minutes!!!
Heard the girls are up to 13.000 ft. and speed over 130 km./h over the first leg!!
That does n’t surprise me as on the road,we saw the most beautiful “willy-willy’s” rising high, like small but powerful tornado’s. It looks like a real good day here at the ground. Several nice clouds popped up , but the wind , has changed at bit and is now a more Westerly.

tracking system working!!!!

4 PM:
Have to find out about a few things and as the first pilots are expected to be back here around 6 PM, I do have some time.
Most pilots are reaching the 3d TP meaning 18 m. has to fly a leg of 219 km…standard 135 , but they just finished a leg from 146 km…club just finished 121 km and starts their leg from 175.5 km.

A bunch of young crew members “found each other” in the cool kitchen. Just having fun!!!!

5.15 PM;
In standard class it looks like Hana and Aude are only 50 k out. Take the 15 minutes off and they can be quickly here.
In club also only 23 km.
Have put the finish line on!!!
In 18 m;They need some more time.

5.20 PM;
And there they are..Earlier than expected...
Club class arrives at 14 …long…wind calm.
heard FX..AJ..BM..EJ..WH..40..ZC..V 57..KW…CQL …JO ..KE and a few more
PO..standard class as well now!!Some land on 20.
More difficult to see.

5.50 PM;
18 m is arriving as well with LT..XM..PT….L7 ..FQ..MM…and more!!!
6.10 PM:
ALL pilots are safely back home!!!
It was a bit of a “fight” sometimes, chasing the kangaroos on the 4-wheel-drive [quad] , but the pilots were disciplined , listened well where to land because of some “cheeky” animals and happy, so were the organizers.

Excitement enough,….meaning not a boring day!!!!!
145 km./h by Lisa Turner in 18 m. Not bad!!!!
137 km./h. by Sarah in st. class at this stage with a pretty late start at 2. 12 PM. The Czech team started at 13.35.
122 km,/ h. in club class by 2 Aussies , Jenny and Jo, at this stage
Looking at it tomorrow.



The LATEST NEWS on the Lake Keepit WWGC…7.

12 PM:

After Gisela , the president of the jury and representing the FAI, declared this WWGC open, the National hymn was song by Hayley and the flag was raised.

At 10 AM was the opening of the 10th WWGC here in Lake Keepit. As promised it was short, because of the extreme temperatures here at the moment.
Welcome words by several people , also in Aboriginal language completed by playing a didgeridoo.
BUT,….before all that, the 10 teams marched in accompanied by a cadet carrying the flag f the country.
Here they are;

BIG team with 3 pilots in each of the 3 classes.
Petra Piskata flies in club class and she has brought her little son, the most beautiful little boy. He had no difficulty with the heat and looked interested around to what was happening around him. Their TC is the very experienced Petr Krejcirik, a competition pilot himself.
France is here with 6 girls, 2 in each class including Aude Grangeray, the current world champion in Standard Class. 2 Of the team are really good dancers as well. A very happy team with Eric as their” boss”.
Strong German team with 2 current WWGC champions. Katrin Senne in 18 m and Sabrina Vogt in club class. On top of that a few former WWGC champions.
They fly with 2 in 18 m and 3 in standard and 3 in club class.

Team UK has 3 pilots one in each class. 2 Girls upfront Claudia and Liz and in the back Ayala.
With Ricardo as TC Elena and Margot are taken well care of.Good luck to them.
Akemi flies for Japan .
Diana and George Schuit. They represent Luxembourg . It’s Diana ‘s first WWGC. George is TC and crew.
YES with the big smile in the middle is well know Aussie pilot Adam. He crews for his friend Agata from Poland. She flies with Anna in Standard Class. Joanna flies in 18 m and Judyta and Kinga in club class. TC is Thomasz Hornik.
3 Girls from the USA with John Good as their TC.You see Sarah and Sylvia Kathryn is hidden behind John.
But here she is with her big smile.Sylvia looks at the bear hidden behind the girls by also hidden Ailsa.
A big Aussie team , 9 ladies,……last but not least…some very strong competitors with Terry Cubley as their boss.
A fly past by 3 power planes from the club from Gunnedah, greet ALL competitors and crews.

The opening finished with morning-tea. The rest of the day everybody will be free, to go where they want to go. With a few we visit this evening one of the houses looking over Keepit on a hill. It seems to be spectacular.

VOTING has been on the accommodation for the briefing room. One country was in favor of the spiffy air conditioned hall in the sport and recreation center and 1 had no opinion. The rest was in favor of the shabby, hot hangar where the 4 tugs live.They prefer being AT the field above “luxe”.
As the UK send a tweet out already earlier ; “ Stupidly hot briefing today. The organisation is experimenting with briefing on the airfield in a tug hanger, we are melting! The UK team will be voting for briefing to move back to the AirCon’d hall at our accommodation for the comp. “
I heard somewhere “BREXIT 2” !!!!
So that’s organised.
It seems the designated start will be not used straight away, may be not at all, as the scorers could not deal with it.
Same as in Tocumwal.
So that’s sorted as well.

A landing from the 2 local pilots in the dust storm yesterday evening was quite spectacular.Even for the local pilots here. The SW storm definitely came in quicker than expected.The dust took ALL visibility as the wind stood full and straight on 20.
For that reason Attila landed on 32 short, to stop behind his trailer to pack the glider in it straight away.
We had heavy wind all evening and had to eat inside, but had a lovely night and the steaks now “cooked on the BBQ” by Nick, were yummy.

Results from the short AAT’s yesterday:
18 m; 2 hour AAT won by Anne Ducarouge in JS 3 in 1.59,52. Speed 175 km./h. over 350 km. Melanie had about the same. Heard from Lisa [Turner] that they had 8 m lift at some places!!!She was still full of adrenaline after her speedy flight; 172 km./h.
Standard class; 1.30 AAT…good speed here as well;220 km. in time 1.30 makes 146 km./h.for French pilot Aude .Sarah did well as runner up.228 km in time 1.35.speed 144 km./h.
Club class; 1.30 AAT; 5 flew over 200 km and the best speed was by the French they had a real good practice period,127 km./h for Celine and 122 km./h for Amelie both in LS 4.

Some more pictures from today by other teams:

Team USA
Courtesy Sarah Kelly Arnold
Agata with Adam
Courtesy Adam.
Team Australia
courtesy Jo Davis.


As most , I take off the afternoon, but want to share for family and close friends, reading the blog as well, a short tribute to our son and brother Dennis, who died 32 years ago here in Australia after a fatal accident with his tug.
Dennis and his dad George flew together in the Benalla WGC in January 1987, as the first father- son combination in the very first allowed 2 seaters in open class; the Nimbus 3D.
Only one week earlier [ December 27 1987] our best friend Kees Musters [World champion in Hobbs in New Mexico] had a fatal accident in the mountains in France with his hang glider. Busy with his funeral , we got the message of Dennis. We never attended the funeral of Kees.
It was a terrible time.

surrounded by beautiful oleander at the Tocumwal cemetery, where nothing grows.
One week before he had the accident.
R.I.P Dennis and Kees.

Life continues

The LATEST NEWS on the Lake Keepit WWGC…6 !

Ready for the last practice day.

9 AM; January 2 last official practice day!!
First a correction on what they spend in Holland on fire-works not 7,… but 77 million!!!!!! I don’t say anything!!!
An interesting evening and morning here in Keepit.
Did you ever hear of a tawny frog mouth????
It’ an owl and pretty difficult to spot, but we found 3 in the tree, listening to our conversations in front of the bar and club house.

One to the left and 1 to the right and 1 behind.

In between a storm reached Keepit , you notice it on the picture and we saw a nice light show and heard interesting thunder and a tough wind.We could count the drops of rain , but they were there, we felt them!!!!
Before we heard a loud “BANG” …one car drove backwards in another car in front of the bar. Quite some damage on both.
The kitchen was cleaner as clean, great job from the French team.

No worries we had a good BBQ here so did part of the German team.

With Frouwke, Gisela ,Chris and his wife Lindy.
Still busy when I went to bed. They even tried to “play a didgeridoo”

I slept in. Only woke up at 8.15, which was good as then, only 9 minutes earlier we had water again.
At 6 I heard the words “pump and water ” but I slept on. This morning I heard there was a major failure in the pump-house of the forest estate here. The whole estate also the camping’s at the lake were without water.
Compliments for those who worked VERY HARD , to give us water again for the shower, the tea and the toilets.

Briefing is today AT the field. After complaints from several TC’s they try today the hangar from the tugs. They had briefings last year during the pre worlds in the scruteneering hangar ,now they try the other one as it is all closer by and saves valuable time, in their opinions.
So not far today, not with the car but just walking to the hangar close by.

Young Finn tried the didgeridoo as well, it was more difficult than he thought.

Back after briefing, which is at 11 today.
Just had a look in the tuggie hangar, …may I say, not as beautiful and big as the scruteneering hangar. Interesting to see what the TC’s will decide; a fancy airconditioned room on a 15 to 20 minute distance to get there and another to drive back or a hangar without airco, at the field close to the tie-down area and gliders at the strip.
They are moving the 2 tugs in it,…… out now!!!

Let’s wait and see.

12. PM;

Trying out another briefing room.

Briefing is over,and though it was pretty hot in the old hangar , all ladies laughed more or less about it.The difference is BIG.
BUT,….8 of the 10 TC’s voted for a place AT the field.Tonight we know the result.
Let me start with the tasks as they are short today due to a small window but they want to practice a few more things as designated start and 20 km circles instead of 3 at finish.
A FINAL CHECK to see if all the systems are working.

18 m; 2 hour AAT
standard; 1.30 AAT
Club;1.30 AAT

Due to problems to connect the monitor to the laptop, they send all pilots a PDF, but,…in the end they got it working.
Mandy and Anita both had a few issues to talk about.
The final logger- choices should be at the office today.
Most of them are already on the logger list.

As said they are practicing today a DESIGNATED start. So if the startline is open you can start with an interval of 10 minutes.
They try also the 20 km. circles, that might be necessary with special weather circumstances, when you finish.

20 km. circles

Very interesting as well….. Bruce Taylor will fly in QR to keep an eye on dangerous situations. In case of emergency, p.e. as a smoke wall is coming in very quickly with the sea-breeze.
He will be “invisible” , does not fly the task, but can advise in such a situation where to land.
They have 4 big airfields allocated, where you can land with all classes if necessary.
Of course EVERYBODY hopes this is not necessary, but they are prepared as it happened before.
IF he advises an out landing for safety reasons , it will be a ZERO-POINT-day.
They also advise then pick up’s by trailer or tug.

Tomorrow is the opening at 10 AM.
It will be short, in the small terminal and outside between the containers where the flags are.
There will be “real” coffee and something to eat for a nice gathering.
Of course everybody parades in their uniforms.
The rest of the day is free.

The upcoming week shows temperatures in the low 40thies.
One day in the end of the week is cool ;38!!!! Cheer!!!!
The dew point is 16 so very moist here.Makes one tired.

About the same weather with 6/7 kts. and a ceiling just over or under 10.000 ft.
18 m. is upfront today followed by club and standard.
First launch expected at 2 PM. Day will not last long and there might be gusting wind at the landing.
Yesterday quite a few pilots landed 20.
No smoke expected today!

Forgot to tell you that yesterday’s pilots did well.
18 m; 9 from 14 flew the task and Jana from Czech Rep was in the JS 3 the best with 123 km./h!!! 4 “[virtual] outlandings”.
standard; great day for the Aussie girls being 1-2- and 3. They flew 404 km. in time 3.31!!!Then the 3 Czech girls with 336 km. in time 3.18.
8 from 16 flew.
club; Aussie Jo, USA Sylvia and Italian Elena flew all over 110 km./h.over nearly 300 km.
Sylvia started at 14.05 and Jo who won the day at 14.44.
12 From 17 flew and 6 were out

You are up to date now, back later.

Found this part in the hangar.

2 PM;
They started launching the 18 m. class at 2 at the dot! 51 Liz from the UK and FQ, Melanie from France were the first 2 to go up.
Not a lot of girls use this last practice day, so with 6 tuggies they should be all up in a flash.
In between votes for the definite briefing room will be send by the TC’s via an app.
Modern times!!!!
2.30 PM;
Launching from Club is in progress! IIC just passed by.
18 m. was up in 20 minutes.
Standard will follow soon,,,,now as, CC just passed with Claire.

2.45 PM ;
Had a look at the skies for you. Up NNW huge “towering” clouds. To the E over development, but they don’t go there, but ….it seems to move here…. and to the W no clouds yet, but they form every where quickly now, also over the field….but some disappear as quickly as they arrive. One glider up high,…. finds lift in the blue!!!

looking to NNW.

3 PM;
very quiet now. Tuggies and field-runners and other helpers have done their jobs. Siesta – time ,… as it is “bloody hot”.

5 PM;
Nobody back yet skies look great , even over the field are beautiful MAJESTIC CU’s. BUT there is some less good weather coming tonight as we can see already.The mountains up N are pretty hazy now.
Just read about the fires far to the S.E from us here.
About the mass evacuations from over 10.000 people, from a area of 240 km from Batesman Bay,[ I know a few of my friends love it there as their holiday spot!!] to the border of Victoria.
Saturday will be even worse there with 43 dgr. C. and wind!!!
An area as big as Belgium has burned down already and 1300 houses are lost , ….381 over the last week,….and even worse they count till now 14 casualties.
” A fire is burning between Batemans Bay and Nowra and east of Braidwood. The fire is more than 258,000 hectares and is out of control. This large fire is burning between Nowra in the north, Braidwood in the west, and Batemans Bay in the south. “
I hope that this will stop quickly with lot’s of rain.
Maybe too much HOPE!!!

5.15 PM:
the first 18 m. gliders have finished at the field. Also LOT and CC, from Standard class just arrived back, whilst I was making pictures from the skies to the SW[ not looking so good] and over the field.
Also Bruce is back from his mission in QR.

Looking to the SW
Skies over the field,…still looking good
QR,…Bruce back from his mission.

5.30 PM;
Hope to have a radio from Jan. 4 onward to be even more informed and will interview some of the girls about their experiences here. So stay stand by over the next 2 weeks.
Due to problems, results were done by hand yesterday, big job, hope all works fine now. for the results from practice day 3….soon!
Will find Bruce to check what was going on today, during his flight.

5.35 PM;
Found Bruce , but he quickly had to tie down his glider as within 5 minutes the SW storm created no visibility over the field.
ZR who arrived back this morning had to be quick as well.

Dust storm arrived within 5 minutes

Have to leave my little room. It ‘s booked CU tomorrow from”somewhere” . Sean will be here today too

6 PM;
No worries ALL girls are back home. 2 Local Club class pilots practiced “landing in dust”, but as far as.I heard they did a great job.One of them was Jacques.

CU tomorrow after the opening!!!

The Latest news ..5 continues here!

4 PM;
In between the French team is cooking in the club house with some help from Swiss Kurt.The chocolate for the chocolate cake smells superb.

BIG job to cook for 16.Swiss Kurt helps.
This club house kitchen is very well equipped!!!

It looks like a full meal with potatoes and vegies [beans] as well. AND ,….. for 14 people!!!! Not bad. Big job though ,…in an unknown kitchen. An Australian boiled pineapple fruit cake,…mmm….. also baked this afternoon in another oven here. Never even heard from it,…but then,…I can’t cook /bake anything.

Boiled pineapple fruit cake!!!!
The Frech chocolate cake. They prepare the English cream to go over it ,

4.15 PM;
The first 18 m. pilots are about 70 k out. So to see quite a few have flown to the good looking clouds over the mountains .If they still continued their task, we only know when they are back.
In club class Kathryn is at the 3d TP at 4300 and Claudia is already further at 6000 ft.
In st. class a few are between TP 2 and 3 at 6000 ft.[Aussie team] and the Czech team is on her way to the 4th and last TP at 10.000ft. Liz is back home with Ayala, they turned short.
Have a look.

5 PM;
The skies to the SW still look good as you can see.

Looking at the SW whilst several pilots come in
Looking at the NNW there seems some over development.

And looking at New Zealand:

Picture courtesy Geoff Soper:
” Bushfire smoke from Australia enabling some different images. It must be absolutely horrific in parts of Australia if the smoke is that thick here in NZ.

Scores will appear later at soaringspot.

The LATEST NEWS on Lake Keepit…5. Updated!


Those Aussies are so smart, they have a TV report on the famous fireworks at the bridge in Sydney early as at 10 PM for the young ones and the “oldies” like me and one at 12 midnight.

8.30 AM:
I could not make it till 12 ,though it was a very nice evening with lot’s of guests and also young ones from Italy, France, Australia etc sitting all on 1 BIG table!!!
If camaraderie is one of the goals in top soaring, this event showed it was there!!!

Singing their hearts out. Andy and Kerry[Klein] who is the manager here.

Eating their heart out!

Looking back at flying yesterday. The first training day was a success .
In 18 m. a nice speed of 132 km./h by the French girls Anne and Melanie in their JS 3.
All flying pilots in this class , except for one, had a warning, mainly for bad MOP or late delivery of FR log ,…so good they practice.
11 from 13 flew and 4 of them practiced an out-landing.
In standard class, Sarah did well from the USA in her Discus 2; 114.62 km./h.
The 2 Aude’s from France followed with 103 km./h.
11 From 16 flew and 5 out-landings, some close [85 km], some after 330 km.
In club class it was France and the USA on the top 4. With Celine on 1 in the LS 4b, with 96 km./h , followed by Kathryn in the LS 1 f , then Amelie and Sylvia.
12 from 17 flew and 6 out-landed some after 17 km.

Sarah’s canopy cover.

Mandy started training day 2 with the words :” We thought ,…why do we need 3 training day’s.”
But it was proved yesterday that they need them for the pilots and the staff.
There were a few issues,
—about the drop off…not in ” convenient” lift, but in the designated drop off zone…
—about loggers , some have more than 2 but you need to use the ones which are registered at the office before 8PM tomorrow.
—Trailers should be secured in the ground. They have had here more than once trailers on top of each other by gusting unexpected wind.
—very unexpected seabreeze can come in and create a wall of smoke! A preliminary warning now .They will advise how to deal with it.

One of the sponsors mentioned today was SkySight from Matthew Scutter. They applauded him.

18 m; Task A.. 3 hour AAT…Task B …215 AAT.
standard class;Task A…3.30 AAT…Task B…2.45 AAT.
Club class; Task A …2.30 AAT…Task B… 2 hour AAT.

The Weather;
About the same as yesterday. 40 dgr. C,..not abnormal for here.
Maybe cross wind again with the landing at 14 if a gusting wind appears they can land on 20, as well.
Clear day expected, no smoke.

The tasks are set to the NW this time and all classes have AAT’s to practice this as well. All pretty similar .
First launch expected at 12.30.
Standard is first at the grid, then 18 m. and club.

I heard there will be 6 tugs during the comps and today number 5 will be added.
Back later. Go to the field. Quite a lot of pilots are not flying today, I noticed! More later.

2 PM:
Just back from the field .HOT!!!!!
Most walk around with umbrella’s.
Noticed about 15 gliders at the tie-down-area, so they take the day off.
With 5 tuggies , worries about towing,…it goes smooth and without problems.
The first launch was at 12.30 sharp.

Liz with her crew Charlie , we have the same friends; The Kurstjens.

Within 10 minutes the st. class was up in the air.Their line opened after 30 minutes after the last launch in this class at 13.10.
XM was the first 18 m. class glider up at 12.40 and the last was up at 13.50 ,…so at 13.20 their line opened.
Club with WH as the first left at 12.56 and JO was the last at 13.20,..their line will open at 13.50.

5 Tugs today,… was was towing.

So very quick action from the tuggies!
Specially with launching the 18 m, they had small delay due to gusting wind creating lot’s of dust over the field. They don’t take any risk!!!
The dust devils were MAGIC!!!!Look at the picture from TEAM UK
British Gliding Team@GBGlidingTeam
Must be another great day.

The flags show the strength of the wind.

For got to tell you this morning that the safety committee has been appointed and all agreed on the chosen ladies; Elena from Italy, Sarah from the USA and Anne from France.

You are up to date, I am going to have a little rest. CU later.

3 PM:
A lot of PR for this International competition which is good.On the last day of the year NBN NEWS was here and share a nice video with several from the guests flying here.
BREAKING NEWS again over new fires in NSW. They keep a good eye on it here as well. It looks scary orange and hot on TV!!!

In Holland, they blew the biggest amount spend on fireworks, in the air last night;7 Million!!! What a waste.
Read as well that the cost for Sydney were 4 million!!!
Hope to have a radio here as well to hear what’s happening and of course we look at the live-tracking at
BUT,…it is not always working. From one pilot we know the tracker is on but it does n’t show anything.

The LATEST NEWS on Lake Keepit…4 continues here.

12.30 PM: on December 31. First official training day.
One way or another I could not add more news to blog 4 ,so we just create a new one and continue here. Might have been too overloaded!!!
The gliders are launched right now. At 12.30 sharp the first club class gliders went up. 4 Tuggies available now ,so it goes much faster.

Off they go….long rope…glider just in front of the last trees

1.00 PM;
No clouds to be seen. Guess club class really has to work HARD the first hour!!!
Crews or TC’s coming in here in the club house look hot and bothered. Still a few at the grid, to be launched.
Some news;
About the airspace here :
According to Mandy it’s very simple and they feel very lucky with that. So they should!!!
Not as in parts of Europe, where you have to find your way through small corridors to go on track.
Tamworth is strictly for bidden. Pretty normal, big airfield.
Several Military Fields are open/ not active at the moment, as they are on a holiday.
As long as they mention that these areas are open ,you can enter them.It will be also mentioned on the task sheet.
So today is mentioned that R559ABCDE and R639CD are not active. But I presume you are not really interested in that.
Also important,…there is a zone of 60 km close to Gunnedah and that is totally unlandable,…so NOT safe .

Elevation of the field here is 1150 ft and the QNH 1011.

Ready to go …with Kurt [born in Switzerland] as one of the ” courageous “helpers in the heat!!!
ONLY 6 weeks ,he is a member now from the club here , but he started flying in Switzerland, when he was 15 and went solo there. He found a “coupon” in a Magazine to fly for 5 Swiss fr.
He went to the club …. they did not know about the coupon but,…of course they took him for a ride.
For a while he was out of the soaring scene, but now he is full back in it, here in Lake Keepit!!!
Picture courtesy Pôle France Planeur

2 PM;
All glider pilots willing to fly seem UP in the air now, though I still hear some tuggies working hard. Clouds popped up over the mountains to the NNW. Pretty high!
The A tasks are on.

Did n’t go to the strip. Had to resolve a few issues with downloading pictures to my blog.
Back later.

5 PM;
Yesterday Diana was 1 of the pilots who flew the task. A lot gave up.
As it was a pretty long day for her, she is not flying today.
Guess today most of the girls will try to fly it.
They will land here in front of the club house at 14.
Maybe with a little bit of cross wind as they mentioned at briefing and a surface wind of 5 to 10 kts.
We are waiting.
The 4-wheel-drive to chase the kangaroos from the field just drove away,so there might some pilots on their way. I’ll have a look for you.
At 6 PM there is a TC meeting as well.
Back soon , but you can see the scores from this first official training day on

5.15 PM;
When I opened the door I clearly heard the jet engine from 1 of the gliders coming back and trying it out. LOUD like a Citation leaving!!!!
2 Czech girls are back in ZE [Jana] and ZF[Eva] in 18 m. class. Also 51 [Liz from the UK] in 18 m.passed by ,when I waited at the field.
A few had just landed when I run up. All nice long straight- in- landings, as requested.

There are people in favor of the fireworks on the Bridge in Sydney and quite a lot against.
There is enough fire here in Australia already.
BUT,….The show goes on and when a million people will visit,they each can give money for the people suffering from the fires and for the fire brigade to assist them.
That ‘s the idea I heard on TV.

I am sure I speak for EVERYBODY from here, to wish you a SAFE, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS and HAPPY 2020.
CU next year in 2020.
Cheers Ritz

The LATEST NEWS on Lake Keepit…4 !Updated!

8 AM;
Tuesday …December 31 2019….last day from 2019…..tomorrow it will be 2020!!!!
Tough wind last night and still now!The kangaroos hide behind trees maybe to avoid sand in their eyes???
First official training day , briefing on a new location ; in the sport and recreation center, where we had dinner again yesterday.
ALSO,…the mandatory safety briefing at 9.30 AM!!!

Yesterday evening was a busy night at the club house and the “mobile” bar. Pilots and crew, as well as volunteers found their way to get together and drink and talk.

In front of the club house
in front of the bar.

Before going to dinner yesterday evening, I noticed ZR. It was a glider belonging to Sportavia Soaring Center in the past, was bought by Grant, who sold it to Attila. I walked to the glider to make a picture and the gentleman walks to me and said ; “Hello Ritz.”
It was Attila . Have not seen him “for ages” certainly over 15 years, but it was good to see him and talk to him. He was and still is a hang glider pilot, who converted to gliding with us at the SSC and did that remarkable quick. All of them, as there was a “bunch” of hang glider pilots converting then.
Grant had already done so before.

Attila,..very pleased to see him. He was a bit disappointed in the weather but had a good day.

Brad is leaving again today. He “raced” , after the Nationals ,with tailwind from Toc. to Armadale, as he had to take care of his brand new glider… an ASG 32. I wish him and all who fly with him , good luck and safe flights in this glider.
We just shared some stories on the past also with John [USA] about how he became world champion in Uvalde[ Texas] in 1991 and about Mafikeng with the “thunderstorm day” on which all out landed.
We share so much great memories from gliding and this WWGC will do so too.
Cu later.

11 AM;
A long briefing and some had to get used to the new location. Quite a few were late.

Air conditioned briefing room .
Courtesy Frouwke

CD Mandy welcomed all competitors and crews and introduced her team. They wear pink hats, so easy recognizable.

Paying attention to Anita.
Courtesy Frouwke

Safety officer Anita ,spoke about ALL safety things important at this comps. It covered airspace, snakes , dehydration, important phone numbers and more. You can read it all on line; WWGC SAFETY BRIEFING
I can only agree.
Start-line is 10 km.
Finish circle 3 km.
Min. finish height TODAY 1450 ft MSL for Club Class and 1400 ft. MSL for st. and 18 m.

Anita as safety officer but she is also the Deputy CD.
Courtesy Frouwke

Meteo Dave ; said that the weather is about the same as yesterday but with a later start. Thermals up to and over 7 kts. and around 5.30 a ceiling of 15.000 ft.
NO sea-breeze today and a light wind.
Task setter Bruce shared the tasks; A and B tasks for all classes in the direction S.W.
Pre start height for all classes 6000 ft.
Launch order;Club Standard and 18 m.
First launch expected at 12.30.

Everybody has his own table and chairs and today’s gift was a water bottle from this WWGC!

18 m;
A task…332.9 km.
B task…263.7 km.

Standard class;
A task …377 km.
B task ….303.9 km

Club class ;
A task …329.7 km.
B task …247.7 km

The French team.

The LATEST NEWS on Lake Keepit…3!!Updated!!!

Breakfast in the morning with her “mates”.
Courtesy Frouwke

8.30 AM; Monday December 30.
An early morning [6.30] as several pilots and or crews left early to work on the glider, when it is not yet hot.
It’s still practice here , but French pilot Aude flew 409 km. already in her Discus.
The good weather and finally no smoke was in the South.[NSW and Victoria]
Benalla and Tocumwal both had 1000 km. flights yesterday ;Tobias in his 15 m. Ventus 2ax and Lumpy in his JS 3 [925 triangle!!]
And what about Grant in his St Jantar; a 750 FAI triangle [ stretched to 806].
New National champion in 15 m. class Bernie flew in his PIK 20 a distance of 819 km.
His comment ;” Great day…..760km @ 132km/h……Yeehaaa
Both flights from Tocumwal, where they struggled a bit during the Nationals 2 weeks ago , due to smoke and wind. Such a pity the weather is at it’s best now.
From Sunraysia David flew 903 in an LS 3.
Great flights. Look at them on the OLC.

We had a lovely meal yesterday evening in the sports center. What a “posh ” place that is …Huge too.
Katrin [Senne], the current WWGC champion in 18 m. , arrived as well, with Brad and his JS3.
The apple crumble was to die for ,as was the custard pudding, not to forget the chicken curry, mild but very tasty. Compliments!!!!

Great place for dinner.
Courtesy Frouwke.

Off to briefing now to see what the girls have to do.

9.30 AM;
Another hot day in Keepit, from now on I leave “the Lake”.
It was the last briefing in the small office, as from tomorrow onward briefings will be in the sports center about 7 km. driving from the airport over a small road. At 9.30.
The office will now be the “operational heart” of this WWGC.

The weather with Dave; about the same as yesterday,hot with an northerly influence ,blue with later in the day’s some clouds in the SW and N.
Lift about 5.5 kts. up to 10.000 ft and later up to 11/or 12.000 depending on the influence of the smoke from some fires in the flying area.
Not much wind!

With Wolli Beyer , German coach , and part of the German team.

The tasks with Bruce; 2 tasks have been set on this last unofficial practice day.
One from 454 km. for 18 m,; a polygon with 4 points.Longest leg 173 km.
The other 302 km.for st./club class.; a polygon with 4 points. the longest leg is 96 km.
Tasks have been set in the better weather and stay away from smoke.
With fires in the area close by remember; 3000 ft AGL and 5 nm .
Gridding will be “who comes first, is on row 1” and the first should be lining up at Terminal 1, the shade-roof at 32 [ Showed you pictures yesterday. ] and the first launch is expected at 12 PM.

Borgelt Instruments has worked here at the vario meters of a few gliders. Mike explained why instruments suffer from the heat and might even overheat.
Some of the modern gliders have no opening at all in the cockpit. With the heat it is like a SOLAR OVEN, which is bad !!!!
He advised to “make a hole” in the top of the instrument panel, cover it with insect screen ,….so air can get through… and place some computer fans at the bottom under the instruments.

Yesterday Diana, who represents Luxembourg , flew around 310 km. and after arriving back here, she started the jet-engine of her new JS 3 at 300 m. to race with 200 km./h queer over the field.
It was only the 2d time she tried the “jet”. She was smiles from ear to ear, when I met her later, ” it felt just GREAT” she said .

Off to the field for the launches,

2 PM;
Great looking skies, so lot’s of gliders in a queue to start.
Adam flew as coach in the back of the Duo Discus and Ricardo decided to fly today too.

First helping his friend Agata in the air in P1, running the wing tip with his parachute on and then he started as well.

The competition doggy is adopted my many pilots. It goes from lap to lap. A cute little Mascot.

With Claudia as “take carer ” and Gisela in the back.
This is how low they pass by at the camping area. MM on tow!

AND,….strong thermals turning over gliders, from one wing to the other, so MUST be a good day.

Strong thermals racing over the ground.

And more…strong day!!!

Towering high!!!

3.30 PM;
Still some gliders are being launched NOW.
There is a lot of talking about the fires and their influence on the weather. We know for sure that it HAS an influence.
Here is the more technical info from the Bureau of Meteorology.
I share this news which I got from Anni today;

Water is a problem too, also here. as said they bought water here and use rain water as well.

In the kitchen.

In between the ladies, who started are happily flying, their crews drop in hot and bothered in search for drinks!!!
They are, looking at the tracking , at 8000 ft and some at 11.000 with lift up to 2/3 m. So nice cool up high there.
One of the ladies mentioned earlier, a not working oxygen bottle and wondered if she should come back.

5 PM;
Gliders are landing now. 2 Just arrived, but I got only one on my pictures.

good looking skies to the N and NW!!!Still at 5 PM.

6 PM;
The Team captains meeting starts in 5 minutes!
Scruteneering is over. Nearly ALL was OK.
Gliders are landing, some are still half an hour out.
One landed today wheels up,..not good ,but better now than during the comps.
The new “bar” along the club house is busy .
No worries for “mum” kangaroo, eating a bit of green grass with her baby in front of it.

SO sweet!!!!

Off to dinner soon.
CU tomorrow.Interesting day as the official training starts.