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August 24, 2016

Keiheuvel -special!

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A short blog , to not over-activate my left arm.

My annual trip with my high school friend Ans to Belgium to attend the Keiheuvel Cup flown by 34 pilots this weekend was as every yea, just wonderful. Lot’s of mates , unfortunately only 1 instead of 2 days flying , but fabulous food at The Kei , run by Chrisje and Rudy [some will remember him from the Sportavia time !] and lovely conversations with so many you only see once a year.

2016-08-20 09.23.05

As every year “our ” caravan was placed on the best spot on the border of the airfield by Eddy [Huybreckx…Thanks Eddy]] so with chairs , table and i-pad and my camera I could keep track of what happened.


4 Classes club , sport, sport with transponder and open with transponder.
Saturday did n’t start too good, but the forecast on all weather-stations was for a flyable day. Task setter Robbie [Seton ….my 2005 HUSBOS junior and now married and father of 2 ] said during briefing;
” A window between 12 and 5 PM with a cloud base from 1700 m. /1900 m. …..lift with 1.5 m./s …..but a pretty tough wind.”  So we waited and indeed the dark shower-clouds disappeared,  a bit of sunshine appeared and even more and  this time nice clouds and blue skies and ready to go pilots .
Among them some toppers as former world champion Bert Schmelzer jr.  Keiheuvel has quite some good pilots and a lot are part of flying families. Young Dennis Huybreckx had to work on Saturday but attended after work. He was the number 4 in Pocuinai  this month. A few young ones have a bright future, as Jeroen Jennen and Pieter Daems and more.
An impression.

2016-08-20 09.22.50  2016-08-20 09.22.30

2016-08-20 12.04.52

Improving weather and after the sniffer did not find enough lift and the cloud base still was at 800 m. they postponed and at 1.15 PM the 4 tuggies were in front of the gliders and the show could start.
By the way the sniffer was Pieter Daems in his new glider a Discus 2 T. He flew the competition as well.

2016-08-20 10.12.56  2016-08-20 10.19.54  2016-08-20 10.32.15

The briefing was busy with young and old and as you can see well prepared. On pic 3 you see Wim Akkermans with his daughter Emma and Bert Schmelzer jr. He arrived in the night, driving up from Switzerland where he lives and works.

2016-08-20 10.52.05  2016-08-20 12.23.10

The airfield of Keiheuvel with in the back the restaurant THE KEI and a “black visitor”  more upfront. And all gliders are waiting for the good lift.

Nearly ready to go!! Just a bit of waiting,…no worries.

2016-08-20 12.05.14    2016-08-20 12.29.21   2016-08-20 12.30.09

With in the middle Bert jr in his MILVUS flying outfit with Pieter’s dad Jeff Daems.

2016-08-20 12.06.17   2016-08-20 12.06.31

Surprise surprise,……not one but two grandsons from Mark,future new twin-glider pilots.


The tasksetter celebrated  his birthday, while ” working”,  so hip hip hurray for Robbie and beautiful birthday cake was served at the field by his wife. Why not!!? I can tell you it tasted WELL.

2016-08-20 13.13.28   2016-08-20 13.04.44

The happy birthday boy and the birthday cake.

Still waiting,…..

2016-08-20 12.07.58    2016-08-20 12.33.17

Ken Evens , just back from the Bailleau competition where he flew with great pleasure , flew the KEIHEUVEL CUP as well.
Whilst waiting he explained on request from some other pilots,  how he flies his Discus 2 T. In between the weather really improved and glider pilots were ready to go now!

2016-08-20 13.08.04

2016-08-20 13.25.20  2016-08-20 13.27.12  2016-08-20 13.30.37

2016-08-20 13.40.43

Tijl, Tim, Robin and Bert jr.ready to go. All young top pilots,  3 from Keiheuvel and Robin [Smit] from Gilze in Holland where there was no flying last weekend so he choose for Keiheuvel.

Nearly ready to go.

2016-08-20 13.25.54  2016-08-20 13.29.47

Jef [Kell] with his wife Gitte and Niel [Deijgers] in his beautiful Libelle.

And I love the next picture with Wim [Akkermans] and his son Louis. Same smile,…. no doubt father and son.

2016-08-20 13.38.39

Some 2 seaters;

2016-08-20 13.39.24   2016-08-20 13.43.09

From Belgium with Wim and his team pilot and the Dutch ASH 25 with Dirk Nieuwenhout and his team mate.

More- ready -to- go- pilots.

2016-08-20 14.03.47  2016-08-20 14.13.54

Emiel de Wachter with his wife Godelieve and Patrick Govers in the KA 6 CR.

AND to give you the complete picture the “tower” and the camping.

2016-08-20 14.19.22           2016-08-20 14.30.03

The day turned out different than expected or hoped for. The clouds looked great on the ground but were not too good at places in the air. Several trailers rolled out the gate to the paddock to pick up the glider and pilot.  The first finishing pilots mentioned a very tough day with lot’s of turbulence , low conditions and heavy wind.
Not too many pilots for the BBQ as only 7 pilots finished. As we knew already that Sunday would be wet, wetter, wettest, we knew after the briefing at 12 that the daily winners were also the winners from the KEIHEUVEL CUP.

In club class 70.58 km; 3 pilots and all 3 flew under 60 km. so all 3  were called as winners. Bottles of wine and an envelop with money ,sponsored by the EMSENS family,  who do this already for years and years, were handed over!
In the sport class 167.70 km;  4 pilots and 2 of them finished, good on them. Winner was Emiel de Wachter in his LS 8 with 70.41 km/h. Runner up Geert De Palmenaer in the Ventus 17.6 m. with 71.86 km.h.

2016-08-21 12.15.12

Emiel waiting to be called as winner.

In the Sport transponder class 170. 49 km; 13 pilots and 2 finishers. Tijl Schmelzer flew with 94.47 km./h. around in his Discus 2 ax and won the day , ahead of Daniel Kleinsma in the LS 4.[67.19 km./h.] Good job!

2016-08-21 11.32.28

Tijl just before the prize giving.

In the open transponder class 185.26 km.; 13 pilots and 3 finishers . Bert Schmelzer showed his great gliding ability and flew around with 96.40 km./h. and won the bottle and money. Daan Spruyt did well in his ASW 27 and flew with a speed of 88.39 km./h. and Tom Van Den Eynde did a real good job in his LS  flying with a speed of 65.71 km./h.
8 flew between 135 km. and 178 km.

2016-08-21 11.32.15

The last prize was the beautiful bronze statue for the best junior in this competition and it was between Dutch pilot Robin and Belgium pilot Pieter. The last won and received the prize called after Albert Schmelzer, granddad of Tijl and Bert jr., who died in 2002 and was one of the “engines” for flying at the Keiheuvel.

2016-08-21 12.14.43  2016-08-21 12.25.27

Pieter….Not knowing yet but I did ……..and with the great bronze bird with many great now well known winners on it.
This year an other one. Congratulations Pieter.

CU next year with an other special on the KEIHEUVEL CUP.
Thank you to all friends for their always warm welcome.
Hopefully next week with the normal blog.
Cheers Ritz

Some extra info;

Icao code : EBKH
GPS : 51″10’51,1″N – 05″13’14,7″E
Freq. : 119.200 Mhz
Elevation : 131ft / 40m
Runway : 07 / 25 (Grass 690mx18m)
PPR : before visit contact on +3214812521
Activities : Motoraircrafts, Motorgliders, Gliders (towing and winching)
Remarks : due glider winch-launches do not cross the field below 2000ft

Koninklijke Aeroclub Keiheuvel
17e ESC.L.Vliegwezenlaan 8
2490 Balen

August 14, 2016

WGC in Pocuinai; mixed feelings but Great Champions! CIM with winners and a National 15 m. CHAMPION!

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POCUINAI ! It can be like this as well.


As shared by team UK.

I left you on Wednesday morning with a much too long blog, so this will be hopefully shorter but still with ALL the relevant news.
After only ONE really acceptable day in total till now , the pilots wish and hope for a few good day’s  to finish this  a tad disappointing WGC.

August 10; Day was cancelled. The meteo info was ;
Today cloudy with a few showers. High 18C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 30%.”

Enough time to prepare for the INTERNATIONAL EVENING. As always a GREAT event!!!!

13912743_633116370196086_6124626873853949540_n  13912786_1016236931828537_4269963381515797412_n  13912913_1016235768495320_7881886644917117535_n

The Belgium team,  the Danish team and the Dutch team.
as shared by the teams.


The Czech team.

13920627_839153986221041_7004933952119713728_n  13879382_839154066221033_3954852989470442344_n  13880215_1016236941828536_1010047010459104915_n

The New Zealand team ,Aussie team and French team.
As shared by the teams.

Thursday August 11; pretty cool out side,16/18 dgr. C , blue with clouds  and hope for 1800 m. base
Alarming messages in the early morning though,  from some of my mates….
scrubbing the day for a stolen flag. Pociunai should never get an international competition again. absolute disgrace
” No scrubbing.. They postponed the briefing for one hour
they only fly when the FAI flag is back”
” Now they just called a tc meeting threatening with calling the police. Either this organisation are jokers or a joke.”
So there is currently a standoff in briefing. The director has said no briefing or flying until the flag is returned. The Belgians are furious. Lots of shouting. 10% of competitors have walked out. Slow hand clapping. Stay tuned“.
Well, this is getting interesting. No briefing until FAI flag is returned. Briefing is turning into a riot.”
Still a stand off and the police have been called… this is fabulous.”
After a lovely enjoyable evening last night & a bit of a comedy act this morning, the boys are raring to go.”
It would seem that sanity has prevailed and we now have some tasks .”
Yes, Tasks have been received! the flag not yet, but the competition director gives time until the closing ceremony to return it. Weather looks ok for today. First launches are planned at 1pm. To be continued..”

The organization seems very angry, but , as they could have known, it has happened before, nearly  some kind of tradition nowadays, and is always back before the final day, to be hanging proudly on the pole during the closing ceremony. Not that I am in favor of doing such things , and it is a bit “outdated”, but,…….boy’s are boy’s.
After the ceremony this year, the flag will be given to Terry Cubley from Australia, now steward at Pocuinai,  to be proudly hanging then in Benalla at their WGC .


Hot topic for the day…missing FAI flag!!
As shared by the UK team.

WOW WOW WOW , and this is a TOP FAI event, a WGC -spot chosen years ago after a good bid,  with jurors , stewards and intelligent pilots!This day is  turning into a bit of a joke !!!Such a pity!!!
Maybe the bad weather and  the sometimes “weird decisions” to fly on un-flyable days, has made some of the guests a bit “naughty” . Where is the HUMOR????? Of course the flag should be and will be back in TIME.

Anyhow tasks were set and I hope the emotions were less, when they could fly and crews could be active again.
Back to soaring!!!!
All A tasks with 3 hour AAT’s. Start lines opened at 1.47 for club  and 2.09 for standard and the first news was good lift with 2 m./s. and a base already at 1400 m. Lovely news after all the “troubles”.


As shared by the Belgium team with the message:”enough drama for today. let’s fly!

After the pretty miserable morning it turned out a real good day and everybody was happy again. Though,……..”Unbelievable. the one day we get to race and they under set the assigned area. Maxed out all sectors, hammered the field, and they get an extra 6 minutes to finish the task…. genius.”
Pilots had problems to fill the time, but after a day with No finishers, they now had a day with nearly [except for 2] all finishers.

Standard class; 3 hour AAT…..The Czech pilots Miloslav and Pavel raced over 386.63 km. in 3.02 gaining 1000 and 997 points.The German pilots Felipe and Robert did well with 991 and 990 points and with 2 days to go the overall score is for the French team pilots Louis and Guillaume but the Germans are closing in.
Club class; 3 hour AAT …and Lithuanian pilot Linas in his St Jantar got himself 1000 points for 297.89 km. in time 2.59. German pilot Jan Rothhardt ,over the last couple of days on spot 1 overall, was on a daily 3d spot.
20 m.class: 3 hour AAT….and the current WGC champions the Jones brothers won the 1000 points together with the by now number ones overall,  the French team Duboc/Aboulin. Though they still have the same amount of points as the Italian team Ghiorzo/ Mangano; both 5068. The Jones brothers are on spot 3 with 4920……Exciting last days for them, everything is possible as long as they can fly!!!!

As steward Terry mentioned in the evening;
Never a dull moment in Lithuania.

International night last night was great, lots of very potent clear liquid in little cups and some great food. A lovely night talking to lots of people.

We were rudely awoken for a 9am team captains meeting – big issue was the loss of the FAI flag. A standoff between the CD and the teams with delays and threats to flying for the day. The worst briefing I have seen with stamping of feet and yelling and abusive comments. We managed to calm it all down and the final briefing was harmonious with some task sheets issued.

The day was the best day we have seen for the comp with the AAT tasks rather underset so the top two in 20m class came in 7 minutes under time at 120kph. This could change the overall results at the end of the day.

Pilots were a lot more relaxed after a good race so hopefully the next few days with good weather will create a better atmosphere. It has been hard work – not quite the relaxing time I was hoping for, but still good fun. The steward/Jury group went out to the local posh restaurant for dinner, very nice.

Photo. Chief Steward and Jury President “sucking up the pressure.”


And the report on August 11, from USA coach John Good one of my soaring friends and former Uvalde Deputy director in 2012 under the head;
Today began with more grim weather – and a near riot.  I’m happy to say that both situations saw improvement by the end of the day.”
“After substantial overnight rain, we again awoke to overcast skies.  Having adapted (to the extent possible for glider pilots) to this difficult weather pattern, we were trying to get our minds around the possibility of a third straight no-contest day.  But the forecast was cautiously optimistic – and the predicted clearing arrived around 11:30.  Conditions improved steadily, launches went off as planned, and we ended up with the best conditions and speeds of the contest thus far.

The day’s area tasks proved a bit short for the good weather.  Both in Standard and 20-Meter classes, some pilots flew close to the maximum possible distance in less than the specified minimum time.  Despite this minor glitch, it’s fair to say that everyone’s mood has brightened considerably.

The near riot calls for some explanation:  The FAI is the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (read: International Airsports Federation) – a venerable organization that does not take itself lightly.  This contest is held under the FAI’s auspices, and thus is required to observe approved decorum, which includes playing the FAI anthem at opening and closing ceremonies, and displaying the FAI flag.  This flag has become a common focus for pranks – the goal of certain mischievous individuals is to steal it out from under the noses of contest organizers, then hoist it in unapproved locations and circumstances, etc.

This has happened here.  Unconfirmed reports say that there were two FAI flags, both of which have disappeared.  Contest organizers are Not Amused. At the morning pilot briefing, it was announced that no flying would happen until a flag was returned.  When the assembled pilots realized this was meant seriously, many of them rose and loudly booed.  The mood was not good.

I’ll note that this rather heavy-handed approach seems out of character for WGC2016, where the general approach has been mild application of authority, resulting in a very smooth-running, low-stress contest.  I’ll also say that FAI flag capers are becoming a rather stale joke – this was mildly amusing when it was a fresh idea, but that was quite some time ago.

When the booing subsided, the pilot briefing was terminated, to be re-convened in an hour.  At the second briefing, it was announced that gridding, launching and flying would proceed as normal (to everyone’s relief, as there were now ample signs of good weather arriving).

It’s unclear how this ends.  The FAI flag is said to be an essential part of Sunday’s closing ceremony.  The general hope – and expectation – is that the pranksters relent and the flag(s) reappear.”
A kind wise opinion. Not being there I want to give you as much news as possible.

August 12, one but last day! With the REAL Pocuinai weather, finally.

14021510_633694046804985_5099354945843084550_n    13912856_1114620451928250_436173370587782865_n

As shared by Team Belgium [pic 1] and the UK with the message;
On the grid – ready for the day. If only the sky had looked like this every morning....”
I guess this is the “normal “summer-weather the organization expected and certainly hoped for. Pretty tough on them , it turned out different.
What can you do?

Good [racing]  tasks were set  on a nice crystal clear, sunny blue morning with cu’s slowly building up;just under and well over 400 km. GOOD!!!!!A very important day as the forecast for the last day says 40 % chance of rain.
Standard class; 460.02 km…..and today it was the other way around. 1. Pavel 2. Miloslav with a speed of 107 and 105 km./h. We have n’t heard much of Sebastian but today he was 3d. 29 From 40 finished.
How does it look overall after today with ONE day to go:
1.still Louis Bouderlique from France with 5961 points.Not a too good day loosing 107 points on a daily spot 8, but still no worries.
2. Felipe Levine from Germany with 5894 points. He climbed up from 3 as French pilot Guillaume had a less good day finishing on spot 11.
3. Guillaume Girard with 5870. So EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is still possible.Certainly when you flew the comps after landing in the lake in the first week on an official training day. But with help”of your friends”  he could continue the WGC [and win bronze!]For Belgium pilots Dennis [5644] and Bert jr. [5587] , as well as German pilot Robert [5609] the gap might be too big, but you never know. They will go for it .


Louis Bouderlique / Guillaume Girard !
As shared on Pole France Planeur.

Club class; 395.78 km…..starting at 1500 m. was not an every-day-happening, so the pilots enjoyed to leave on a “high” ;1500 m. and pilots from 3 East European countries used the great clouds for the first 3 daily spots. Zsolt from Hungary, Linas from Lithuania and from Russia it was , Anton. At spot 4 Henrik from Denmark.
With one day to go it looks as follows;
1.Jan Rothhard from Germany with 5696 points
2. Eric Bernard the current WGC club class champion from France 5658, who was before already a few days on spot 1 overall.
3.Ricardo Brigliadori , his father would have been so proud!!!! But still one day to go. 5479 and that’s a difference of only 4 points with Henrik Breidhal from Denmark. And Italian pilot Davide [5454]  and French pilot Antoine [5447] and last but not least Sabrina from Germany[5412] might be still in the race as well.


Jan after an out landing with a lot of “new Mates”.
As shared on their site.

20 m.class: 461.09 km…..the French and UK pilots fight for the honors and with ONE point difference the French team arrived in front of the UK brothers and it was a pretty miserable day for Stefano and his Italian mate as they lost nearly 150 points today.
With one more day the differences are ;
1.The French team Duboc/Aboulin with 6068 points.
2.The Italian team still on 2 but now with 5925 points
3.The Jones brothers from the UK with 5919.
You see how CLOSE this all is.Let there be another day!!!

13900168_878548465580703_7865018495960748148_n      13932880_866845296779175_3315417054565478458_n

Selfie from Kathrin with husband Stefano and Mr. Mangano…… And the French team Julien [Juju]Duboc and Laurent [Lolo]Aboulin.
As shared by Pilotessa Design-com before the start…….. As shared by Pole France Planeur

August 13 LAST DAY!!! The early- morning-sun is shining, but it seems not for long.Briefing at 11 and no grid before!!!!! That does n’t sound too good. My prayer for let there be another day might be not heard by the weather gods.
Meteo;”Considerable cloudiness with occasional rain showers. Turning warmer. High 18C. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 km/h. Chance of rain 40%.”
Standard classcancelled
Club classcancelled
20 m.classcancelled

So no last day , it’s over and OUT, no possibility to win or loose points,…..I think for some there is a feeling of,” it’s over, its good no out-landings anymore , no long trips through Poland to find a glider, it’s good, it’s over now”.
The many out-landings have cost a lot of energy both on pilots and crews. Also disappointment and some kind of disbelieve on tasks set on days gliders normally stay in a hangar ,…BUT  this is a WGC. But…. Maybe,…not at any cost!!!
It’s all about camaraderie as well ,  for sure  more new  friendships, more talks in great atmosphere and you learn from up’s and downs.
Some one- rule- opinions as shared by the pilots
It’s been a fun if a little challenging couple of weeks- every comp is a learning exercise.”
” We had great days and hard days, but most of all, we had fun!”

13903247_861584127305292_3138449149715783187_n  13886398_859848860812152_5526945658967419724_n  13882559_867290656734639_4652389701039331326_n

The very successful French team during their private team meeting, and briefing with TC Eric Napoleon and the full team.
as shared by Pole France Planeur.


The French team [above]  did extremely well with 4 from 9 medals around their necks.
Team Germany ,…compliments….with one gold and one silver
Team Italy with a silver and bronze medal,…chapeau!!!
One medal left , bronze and that one is for the Jones brothers from the UK,…good on them. Last WGC’s champions ,….now still in great form on spot 3 with only 6 points from the silver.
Also Eric did well last WGC champion,… now number 2 and Bert Schmelzer jr, was WGC champion and now on spot 6.
Steady going pilots all of them.

WE HAVE CHAMPIONS from this 34st FAI WGC ;
Standard class; 
GOLD; Louis Bouderlique from France with 5961 points.
SILVER; Felipe Levine from Germany with 5894 points.
BRONZE; Guillaume Girard from France with 5870 points.


Club class ;
GOLD;Jan Rothhard from Germany with 5696 points.
SILVER ;Eric Bernard from France with 5658 points.
BRONZE ;Ricardo Brigliadori from Italy with 5479 points.


20 meter class;
GOLD ; The French team Duboc/Aboulin with 6068 points.
SILVER ; The Italian team Ghiorzo/Mangano  with 5925 points
BRONZE ; The Jones brothers from the UK with 5919.


As shared by Kathrin
Pilotessa Design-com

Party time was from 8 PM onwards yesterday evening after packing most of the gear.Some countries left early to show they were not happy with this WGC. That should not happen, as everybody tries it’s best.

August 14…..TODAY…..Prize giving at 12 AM. Teams were asked to be there at 11 AM. And,….a great sky!!!!! As at many more events I visited!!!!! Always the same. A pity.
And,…..the FAI flag was hanging again!


Team CUP won by France with team manager Eric Napoleon, how many WGC’s would he have attended as pilot and as coach???

14022293_1019325788186318_2237303652491216026_n  13920806_10155095302741988_6174271938780110226_n

Shared by the Dutch team and by Katja from Finland.Look at the SKY!!

To finish this WGC, a great picture shared by Mitch Hudson from team USA. FABULOUS picture. He was amazed himself , that his i- phone picture turned out so well.



CIM in Rieti !


The Terminilo and hangars, as far as I remember for helicopters. The old hangar to the r. was the briefing-room in the past for big comps.

No bad weather in Rieti anymore. After they flew in the first week, 3 out of 6 days, they flew in the last week every day.

On Wednesday, several AAT’s between 3.15 and 2.40 hour.There are no bounds for Michael Sommer it seems, as he won in open class every day till now.
August 10;
club; 3 hour AAT for the club class pilots and Nicola and his sister Elena started and finished together over 267 km. in the LS 1f  in time 2.58 and received 991 and 982 points.  Michelle did not fly.
mixed;2.15 AAT and Luca de Marchi flew 331 km in time 2.13 and “received” 691 points. VERY fast day as his speed was 147.21 km./h. This day was cancelled in the end , as not all gliders [ heavy non self 2-seater-launchers] could start from the N site of the field, so that would be unfair.It’s very unusual that the wind comes from the in their eyes wrong site. The runway is shorter then with trees on the end, as far as I remember. In all the years I was there it happened only once or twice.
And, this is a National Championship for 15 m class their scores counted for the total; so 700 points for Luca in this class. But Thomas is still on top.
18 m; AAT from 3.15 and Lasham pilot Jon Gatfield raced with big speed over the mountains and valleys to arrive back at Rieti at  5.52 PM. He flew in 3.12 a distance of 425.95 km. Pretty good!!!! Speed 131.06 km./ 1000 points for him.
Giorgio got 923 points as runner up for 407 km in time 3.05.
open:2 hour AAT and NO,….not Michael this time as winner but German long-distance- pilot Alexander Mueller. He flew with huge speed….152.58 km./h over 316.69 km in time 2.04. Alberto [Sironi] an Italian Speedy Gonzales was runner up with a speed of 152.06. Michael was 3d with a speed of 149.19.

August 11; VERY LAST DAY!!! And this was waiting…….


club; 288.68 km…and Austrian pilot Rudolf Schneider in the PIK 20E won the day; speed 110.78 km./h.
The WINNERS of the cup  were brother Nicola  and sister Elena Fergnani both with 5723 points. How they do that after 7 days of flying  must be a miracle. They flew together yes, but had daily different scores.Good on them, such a nice family.


mixed;2.30 AAT….and Gintas was the best again; 800 points and the speed was 137.29 km./h.. For the Nationals it was also an AGAIN as Luca won ;800 points this time and a speed of 123.85 km./h.
After 6 days in this class and 2 daily wins  Gintas wins the CIM. 5318 points.
In this class seven Italian 15 m pilots were fighting for the national title.
National 15 m. Champion is Thomas Gostner[5860] The silver was for Luca de Marchi with 5675 and the bronze for Lucas Marchesini but with more than 600 points less;5051.


A happy smiling Thomas as Italian 15 m. CHAMPION.

18 m; 2.15 AAT… Aldo [Pigni]  and Giorgio flew around with a speed of 137 and 133 km./h and gained 722 and 693 points.
So who wins this class?
Pino Dal Grande with 5925 points. He did not win a day, but flew very consistent. Sandro Montemaggi was the leader in the beginning but after 2 outlandings he lost too much points.
Then there are 3 Austrian pilots , Bernard Leitner [5796], Heimo Demmerer [5755] and good old Reinhard Haggenmueller [5712]  they love the CIM and on spot 5 Giorgio Galetto.
open:335.96 km…Michael was the best again; 141.50 km./h. and leads with more than 300 points. So Michael Sommer  is the clear WINNER. [5944]
He was followed by Tassilo[5622] and Austrian pilot Sebastian Eder.[5215]

The CIM is always one big event full of mates!!! Congratulations to all.


Pictures by Clara and shared by CD Aldo.


F5B Worldchampionship in Lugo.

From my Japanese friend Ken I got news about model-flying. He represents Japan in the Electric Model Airplane World Championships.
Ken flew in gliders with us in Australia in the past , later more and more in his own vintage planes; the T-21 Sedbergh and Olympia.

12795289_10208698201636841_1904935367159805663_n   13924999_10210107421026445_5246775457805139182_n

As ” vintage “glider pilot and model -airplane-pilot.

Hi Everyone
Again I’m in model airplane world championship. This time at Lugo Italy.
We will be competing against 20 other national teams. It’s a small village near Bologna but we still managed to find a Japanese restaurant.”

8 Days [between August 12 and 20] of exciting flying with electric model aeroplanes. Model-flying is done by many glider pilots prior to gliding.


Kenichi Ueyam, Ken for his friends, to the left with his mates.
As shared by Shun Myiashita .

Ready to go for it!!

13934759_10210090626046581_2951732221933236060_n  13876640_10210090626286587_5088049451191857060_n  13892080_10210090626126583_7887576619837679157_n

As shared by Ken.

My Japanese is non-existing, but a lot of news is in that language of course!
There you are ,…only readable for my Japanese readers and those who studied the language. No worries I get news in English as well.
Maybe not the best copy and paste job, as I think , after reading the very poor English translation, that it is about a sick father from one of the participants , Shun Myashita, who has to hurry home now. Hope he is in time!!All the best.

13935114_702313796589425_211980874264697586_n  13938594_702313856589419_8760967231558841849_n  13886312_702614676559337_4076973897576052882_n

A bit different than at a soaring competition.AND,..with “doping”.
As shared by the Japanese team.



News from Schempp-Hirth.

On August 8 they published the next news;
A bit more than a week ago, we have successfully test flown the new Ventus’ prototype now equipped with the Turbo sustainer engine – and we are very happy with the results.

Easy to operate, reliable and with the experience of many hundred systems already in the field, this Ventus’ Sport Edition engine option will be the perfect addition to avoid landing out. For those in search of an electric sustainer engine, the FES system will soon follow.”


13876705_1040554326012717_5455112226700168379_n  13882197_1040553442679472_4267493898932534378_n




Due to the fact that I am using my left arm in a wrong way whilst writing, I must on doctors advise quit writing for at least a week or 2. The tendon in my underarm is damaged and causes problems for my left pink  which is more or less paralyzed.
To avoid an operation,…. I will be a good girl.
Sorry about that. Health wise this is for sure NOT my year.
The weekend of the 19th I will attend a competition in Belgium and catch up with my friends over there also those who will be back from Lithuania. Asap I will share the weekend with you of course with pictures as every year.

cheers Ritz

August 10, 2016

By weather troubled 34st WGC continued! LashamGlide ; 7 out of 9 days! CIM in Rieti.

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POCUINAI , venue of the 34st FAI WGC.


With Dutch pilots Frank and Robin ready for day 3.
As shared by the Dutch Team.

Wednesday August 3 with task 3.
In the end the B task was set on Wednesday, so another flying day.
Standard class; Task 3 was a prey for German pilot Felipe Levin. The 666 points were his.He started together with Robert [Schroeder] who won already day 1 and was runner up on day 2. Somewhere “on the road” something must have gone wrong as Felipe was the best [176 km. in 2.09] ] and Robert finished on spot 26 together with Sebastian. Robert flew the most km. 182,57, but must have had problems to come home , digging himself out??, survive??? as it took him nearly 30 minutes more .He dropped from 1 to 3 overall and Louis [Bourderlique] is now the number 1 overall after 3 tasks.
36 From 39 finished!
Club class; Tom Arscott [St Cirrus] from the UK had a pretty bad day on Tuesday,  but promised to do better. So he did. Together with Ge Dale [Std. Libelle 201 Bwl]   they occupied spot 2 and 1. They flew 157 km. in 2.01.
Polish pilots Jakub [SZD-48-3M1 Brawo]  and Lucasz  [ ASW 19 B] flew 173/174 km. but needed 15 minutes more.
From 48 a total of 45 finished. One of the out-landers was Alex from NZ .He was so ready to go for this WGC together with his mate Nick , but he got only 54 points for the day and it was his 3d out-landing. He surely dreamed in a different way of this WGC . Over the last years I kept an eye on them , young and enthusiastic and both real good pilots. BUT,…it is not over yet!!!!
They say it very positive in their daily wrap-up:” Alex landed in a paddock near the first turn point and expanded his cultural experience by making some more new Lithuanian friends. Nick got around at a reasonable pace and managed a place in the top 20.” From Australia I received another update about all this from Ulrich dad of Eric [Australian team junior]:
 “I have a bit of background info on how the team NZ Brolly Dolly Updates came about:
Alex (“Bobo”) and later Nick (“Nuk”) have been coming to the Aussie Junior Nationals (JoeyGlide) for quite a few years. From the start they have been teasing my daughter Jess every year that she should be their Brolly Dolly which she vehemently refused. As you know she has been very actively involved in organizing competitions over the years, often as Beryl’s left and later right hand and most recently at the Junior Worlds in Narromine.
Through various circumstances (and much begging from the boys) she has now ended up as their Team Captain (an Aussie  with German heritage mind you) and as such couldn’t really be their Brolly Dolly (although I’m sure that if necessary she’ll see to it that HER pilots get shade). The Brolly Dolly duty in the NZ team has been officially passed on to the very attractive crew chief Ross who is writing the BD updates.”
So now you are totally updated!!! And yes I met Jess in Narromine a real nice out-going girl.
20 m class; Argentina  on TOP!!!! Something different today. Team ARG ,flying an ARCUS M with 192  km. in time 2.14.From 22 pilots 19 finished the The Broquevilles only just [dropping from 6 to 10 overall]  but the Triebels not.
A great day for my Dutch mates Hans and JWGC-runner-up-junior Robin on spot 2!!

Thursday August 4, with NO task 4. The day was cancelled. NO rain, BUT also no possibility to fly.

Friday August 5, task 4.
Standard class; 315 km. was the set task and already quickly they could see that it would be going to be a difficult day with lot’s of alto cumulus, still some cu’s under it though.
But what a FABULOUS day for my young Belgium friend who I know since he was born; Dennis Huybreckx!!! He was the only finisher!!!!! He got the 1000 daily points and “catapulted”  himself from spot 13 overall to spot 4!!!!! WOW that’s something!!! The runner up from Germany Felipe got 762 points. So 38 out-landings.
Close overall ranking after task 4; 1. Louis from France ,3.105, 2. Robert from Germany, 3.055, 3. Girard from France 3.029 and on spot 4 Dennis from Belgium with 3.015 !!!


  Here Dennis,during the Dutch Nationals.
Courtesy Willemijn de Lange.

club class;269 km.  and in this class more pilots flew the task. Best was South African pilot Nico Le Roux in a St Jantar 3. The 947 points were his. Great to see Henrik Breidahl from Denmark on spot 2. German pilot Jan Rothhard was on 3.
23 From 48 finished.
20 m. class;338 km. and a “big bone to chew” for most of the pilots.18 Pilots in this class flew with trackers.Only 3 from 22 finished and not the least, as it was team 54 from the UK, the Jones brothers , defending their WGC title on spot 1 , as runner up team GT2 from Italy with Stefano Ghiorzo [former WGC champion in Szeged 2010] and the French pilots from team FP with Lourent Aboulin.[former world champion Uvalde 2012]

One week over and here is steward Terry Cubley from Australia, later this year CD in Benalla, where he lives now too since nearly one year.

Well, we have been in Lithuania for over a week now at the Pocunai world gliding championships. A big event with 111 gliders.

Vicki and I were sick from the moment we arrived with cold/flu. I am fairly well over it now but Vicki has a day or two to go yet.

A lovely place, very green, a lot like Finland with trees and fields, but not as many lakes. That didn’t stop the French pilot on the only practice day who managed to land in a lake in the middle of a forest. No damage, but it took two days to dry it out and clean it. There was only the one practice day so the organisation was fairly un-prepared by the time the competition started last Sunday.

The opening ceremony was very nice, in the central square in town. Quite a small square so the 111 pilots and their crew really filled the place up. There were some folk dancers (looked like an old fashioned barn dance) and some great singers, a lovely display all round. The speeches weren’t too long, and they got shorter as the thunderstorm which had been looking on, finally moved into the square and we had heavy rain.

Day 1 was tricky with cycling weather. We spent the next non flying day sorting out all of the complaints about the launching. A number of the 20m class motor gliders were naughty, flying directly to the better looking climbs rather than following the required launch pattern. By the time we gave some warning and some penalties and managed a number of complaints everyone was clear on what the right procedure should be.

Two days later we had day 2 which was the most consistent day for the competition. Fixed tasks of 320-360km and quite reasonable speeds. Heights were quite low with typically 1500-4000 feet so nothing too flash.

Day three was really tricky. High cloud with overcast stable conditions and lower heights. Somehow CD Vytas managed to arrange a task of 2:00 hours for each class. Cloud base was mainly around 2500-3500 feet ,so a close look at the ground for the pilots. It ended up being a very successful day. Most of the fields still have long crops but still no damage in the outlandings.

We had another day off with rain and overcast conditions. Vicki and I drove into the old city of Vilnius. Hard work finding the centre of the city because no signs in English and my Lithuanian is quite poor (non existent). We all had a great time in a beautiful place. The drive home was even worse. We were lost in the city during peak hour but eventually appeared back on the main road.

Today was another tricky day. It was hot (28 degrees) and sunny so great hopes. It promised to be a blue day but we had a lot of cu on the standard and club class tasks. All three classes went in different directions. 20m drew the short straw and went NE between the airspace into more blue and lower thermals. Club class went to the south with good cu and Standard class went more west with good cu and then approaching high cloud. Only 4 20m managed to come home without starting the engine. Only one standard class achieved speed points, and half of club class ended up in paddocks.

The special mention today goes to the Hungarian pilot who crashed his glider into the roof of a house. No injuries to him or the owner, but it looks a real mess. There are some good photos somewhere but I can’t find them.
Tomorrow doesn’t look that good but we will see.” 


“Only harm to [ the nice] house and glider”
As shared by Henrique  who out-landed about 20 m. from  the Hungaryan pilot who ” landed” his LS 1f, on the roof.
Henrique [JM] landed/ rolled out “far” in the field  so emergency crews could be close by to help out.
He has a story to tell when he flies back home.


August 6  was cancelled. What can you do on non-flying-days!? Enough…..
Here is some news from Aussie girl Jess, TC from team NZ  but also crew and in charge of more jobs as washing, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, updating the many Kiwi fans and much more .
She mentioned” the Worlds are all good fun! There are so many people here to meet and chat with during the day or night.”
 The weather here is crazy. Nothing like Australia. We have only flown 4 out of 7 days now because the weather has been so bad. There’s really no way of predicting it either, one day is gorgeous summer and great for flying and then the next is like it’s the middle of winter and freezing. On these days we have been having little team sight seeing expeditions. The first day off we went to the second largest city in Lithuania called Kaunas. It’s 40mins away from where we are staying. We spent most of our time looking at an old atomic bomb bunker. It was crazy! They had old relics there from the cold war, including old KGB spy equipment – fancy a camera for your buttonhole?
The second scrubbed day we visited the old town of Trakai. In the middle ages it was the capital of Lithuania… and it certainly has the castle to prove it! The castle is situated on an island in the middle of a lake. Now it is a tourist hotspot though and around the lake there are lots of little market stalls and touristy shops. “

August 7   NO…task 5.
On Sunday the focus was on flying again. After a rest,  or working on the gliders, or a sight seeing trip , pretty good tasks to continue. All 3 classes got a 3 hour AAT. As there would be a concert in the hangar that night, maybe a reason for pilots who love to ” hurry home ” to be there.
Picture courtesy Antti Lehto.



THOUGH, first a big shower passed by , then the base did not want to go up,  first start 12, then 12.15 , then 12.45, then they expected and waited for the  shorter B task from 1.5 hour.  Difficult , difficult.This picture was shared by Per Carlin from Sweden before start.
Then they  start ,….with the A task in the pocket….and with strong cross wind ????? And 40 km/h. wind. The meteo is SURE; the weather will be better!!!Off they go,…………At least club class.
It turned out difficult as they sometimes had to wait for the cross wind to ease down, whilst some pilots returned to the field not able to stay up. And then you still have 3 hours to fly…….


No words needed.
BUT….. they started for the A task with a strong 45 dgr.  cross wind!!!!
??? Such a big field?????

In the end with club already in the air the day was cancelled. Some club class pilots even had out landed, the rest had to come back.Too much showers!!!
Here is the story from steward Terry:
“Cold and wet Steward in Lithuania:

Well it gets colder and wetter in Lithuania. They have 4 contest days so far (over 2 weeks) and I am hoping they get to fly a few more times before next weekend – but not so sure. Typically the cloudbase is 2500-4000 feet, long crops in the field and occasional rain. Definitely a warm clothes day today, only about 15 degrees.

Despite an awful forecast they set a task today and actually launched club class. 2500foot cloud base, rain, 20-25 knot winds. The launching was quite exciting – 90 degree cross wind, gliders ground looping, tugs on converging course on the ground run, lots of relights. I was quite nervous and at one stage stopped the launch. Club class was launched and they opened the start gate with rain clouds apparently blocking the track. About half a dozen gliders outlanded near to the start point. They reduced Standard and 20m class task to 1.5 hours (club were flying 3 hours). The rain became a little more ominous and so they cancelled the day before launching the other two classes and even called the club class gliders back – task cancelled. A good call.

By then most of the day was over. We had diner at the local pizza place and then came back to the airfield as there was a classical concert in the main hanger. 17 piece orchestra and an opera singer. Very nice. Good to have a bit of culture at a gliding site. A few drinks and cheese back at the house, how good can it get.” 

Brazilian pilot Henrique reacted;” A precise description, thanks Terry. And once we – the clubbies – survived the groundloops on take off, landing patterns in convergence, no landout prior to start line, and we finally climbed to cloudbase and started… task was cancelled when we were already in route. What a day!”

August 8 task 5,…. let’s try again. AND,…yes after a few de-motivated/angry pilots shared their opinions about the “poor”  WGC organization on the day before, they straightened their backs and prepared for new set tasks into Poland.For sure better conditions looking at the skies on the picture shared by the Belgium team ……and no rain[yet] and nice tasks.
A mix of clouds and sun. High 24C. Winds SW at 15 to 25 km/h.” was the news on the official site.
The first start was moved from 12 PM to 1 Pm. , pilots got instead of A a B task and the wind was ” BLOWING”.Start-lines opened at 1.42 PM, 2.05 PM [St.] and 2.15 PM. The weather improved during the day, but they had to deal with blue areas as well and “dead air” in the end. Some pilots  entered wave above the field at the start time. A tough day as a lot landed in Poland.


Standard class ; A;344 km. but,….B task was flown from 302 km. and surprise surprise flown by 23 pilots . Best result for the Belgium pilot Oliver Sevrin who started with the current WGC champion Bert Schmelzer. Oliver got a penalty for a wrong circuit but still was on one. The French team  Guillaume and Louis were on sport 2 and 3.
The French are on spot 1 and 2 overall as Guillaume is runner up now behind Louis.Behind the 2 German boys and then the 2 Belgium pilots.


Daily win for Olivier Congratulations!!!
As shared by the Belgium team.


club class; A;311 km. but  B task with 256 km.was on and 3 FINISHERS…..Dutch pilot Frank Hiemsta, Austrian pilot Peter Hartmann in his Libelle and Danish pilot Henrik Breidhal in the LS 4. Henrik jumped from 5 to spot 3 overall!!!!! Peter from 12 to 8 !!!!! Frank was the best , but his finish was too low so he got penalty points and instead of being number 1 for the day he was 5, but,…he moved up from 21 to 13!!! What a day!!!
Some were only 4 km. out!!!!It means that 45 had to out-land!!!!
20 m. class;A;366 km. but B task was 309 km. and they were last on the grid!.  12 pilots finished!! Including the overall number 1 Stefano Ghiorzo in the ARCUS M. So 10 “aux vaches” better said ” in on engine” .Daily winners team FP from France.

As said the skies were DEAD in the end of the day and lot’s could not make it home. Polish police even check’s pilots after landing on booze!!!?? This picture shared by the UK team shows Tom after landing.


Several landings shared by several pilots.

13921077_1733935990213650_6417439454325706809_n  13880130_1067078083376878_3638950132500643550_n  13903232_1111924025531226_1047229151428413826_n

Courtesy Per Carlin.    Courtesy Kristian Roine.   Courtesy British gliding team

Not a lot of gliders back; shared by Team Belgium


August 9 task 6.
Another lottery-day???? 25 % of the pilots has to fly over the 100 km.
Standard had to go for a 2 hour AAT. Not weather my Aussie mates are used to , but they won the day with 131 km. BUT NOT finishing. Nobody did, but a total of 6 from 40 flew over 100 km!!!For fighting in this miserable weather they got 77 points!!! They seem to have a valid day according to soaringspot this morning, but I doubt that.I am SURE it’s invalid; 6 from 40 says enough.
Club was ready to go for the same task, but only ONE pilot Henrik , flew over 100 km. so a not valid day!!!
20 m. pilots had to go for 2 hours as well. NO finishers, but 6 from 22 , flew over 100 km and for them ,the Lindell’s from Sweden, waited for ALL their efforts the great amount of 68 points!!!! but,…..No valid day is what I see on soaringspot. I doubt that too!!To my knowledge they have a VALID day!!!

More about that next Sunday this is still all preliminary. And they seem to have not only problems with the weather , of course that’s not their fault, but also with the scores. It’s only a few points ,but comps have been won with ONE point difference so all points count.
On the other hand setting tasks with this weather forecast,…….

The UK team shared this picture with the message:”Launching into a classic looking sky… 2hr AAT all classes. Wish us luck!”


Well, I believe this is not really fun anymore!! Sorry!
Hope the fun returns tonight with the INTERNATIONAL PARTY. Should be fun indeed!
Last news about the WGC on SUNDAY!!!




With the message” With the best day of the comp so far, here”s the view from the tower” a picture from Saturday August 6.Shared by Lashamglide

2 Days of flying, then 2 days not,  but day 5 gave good soaring weather again.

Open class; Task 3.Shaun Lapworth , well known for his comments on the SGP series won the 325 km with a speed of 104,92 km.h. in open class in his JS 1C; 1000 points for him.
Russell with a very late start lost about 200 points and dropped from 1 overall to 5 after this task 4.
18 m. class; From 14 only 5 finished the 2.30 AAT,  among them number 1 Wolfgang and Andy , so 2 Austrians , 2 Germans [Michael and Sebastian] and Mike Young. These 5 pilots are in the lead overall with quite some margin.
15 m.;4 did not fly in this class and from the 25  “left-overs”, only 5 finished. Gary [Stingmore] won the day with a speed of 77.14 km./h over 262.41 km.
A very bad day for the French pilots , both Didier and Denis . Didier started VERY late at 15.44 and flew 92 km. Denis only 11.85 km. with a start at 15.03 whilst daily winner Gary started at 13.58.Denis dropped from 1 to 13. Ouch that hurts!!!!

Day 6; they fly from Lasham,….. so task 4 is a fact!!!
Open class;2.30 AAT. A UK day as the first 3 were from there; Ken, Richard and Pete and all 3 flew JS 1c. On spot 4 the Swedish team Acketoft in the ASH 25 EB 28. Sylvain Gerbaud moved to 2 overall and Pete [Harvey]  is now 1.
18 m. class;203.26 km. set task.A good Austrian day again with Wolfgang and Andy on the best spots; one point difference in favor of Andy.
15 m. class; 164.36 km set task.SO VERY pleased to see that Patrick [Naegelie] won the day in his ASG 29 e. One of his mates Roy unfortunately out-landed. Both flew with us in Australia in the far past. Overall the Germans are “close” in scores Thomas 2883 after 4 days and Michael 2881. Few days to go though. On spot 3 Irish pilot Paul Crab [2841] and never to underestimate Leigh [Wells] on spot 5 with 2699 points.

13680751_1121108317936100_383211134553214205_n  13879335_1121108307936101_7561515204603339332_n  13934912_1121108201269445_4918250066857637762_n

Impressions from Lasham shared by the organizers.

Day 7 task 5. And,…another BIG ONE!!!!
open;  Ken Barker had his 2d daily win in a row in the JS1 c with a speed of 102 km./h. over 437.19 km. Only 1 out-landing;20 k short.
18 m: 399 km and the 2d daily win for Mike Young. Good on him!!! The 2 German pilots Sebastian and Michael are going strong as well as runner up. Behind Wolfgang and Mike they are on spot 3 and 4 overall.
15 m: a 3.30 AAT for this class. I told you ,…don’t underestimate Leigh. Today he was number 1 together with Tim Scott, both 1000 points. 402 km. was flown by Leigh in time 4.05 .
Excitement enough as with 2 day ‘s to go the overall scores look like this; 1 and 2 the 2 German pilots Thomas and Michael with TWO points difference[3752/3750]  and 3 and 4 Leigh and Tim with 15.[3715/3700]

Day 8 task 6. And…..another GOOD one.
Open; 471 km. Richard Browne, who started as last pilot  [1 PM] from the 21 flying pilots and r” rolled them up ” all of them. With a speed of 107 km./h over 483.40 km. he raced over the circuit to receive 1000 points with arrival.With one day to go the overall scores are; 1. Pete Harvey [UK] with 4.722 points. 2. Sylvain Gerbaud [FRance]  with 4.654 and on 3, team Acketoft from Sweden;4.650!!!
18 m; 3.30 AAT. The German pilots Michael Streit and Sebastian Huhmann are in a great flow and won the day.999/1000 p. With one day to go they are on an overall spot behind Wolfgang; [5423, 5217 and 5198]
20 m; 399 km; Chris Starkey was a new face on the daily podium though he flies already for a long time, so for sure not a new face in soaring. 1000 points for him,… good to see. Also good with 50 points less good old Dave Watt.
VERY close overall scores now with ONE day to go;Thomas Wettemann  ,[4675] Michael Eisele [4673] and Leigh Wells 4643 !!!! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE so hopefully they fly.

Day 9 task 7. Last day AND,…they fly!!! So with 7 out of 9 days, [ one cancelled , one without a task]  a great event there at Lasham. Certainly when the weather in Europe has been pretty poor for soaring this season.
open;a 2.30 AAT to finish these comps. Winner was Ken Barker ,..again already 3 x. A pity he out-landed during task 4 and task 2, as he was also one day runner up and on spot 3.Overall he finished on spot 10. Ken flew 280 km. in time 2.49.
Winner in the JS 1C is Pete and not for the first time. Congratulations!!!A clear win with 5389 points. Runner up was Russell who moved from spot 4 to 2 as he had a good last race. [5355] An even better race was from Dan Pitman with a daily spot 2, bringing him in the overall scores to spot 3 from 5.[5302]
18 m; 227 km. was set for the pilots and Andy Lutz in the brand new Ventus 3 was the last-daily- best. Only 6 from 13 finished. Wolfgang won LashamGlide with 6374 points.Well done. Sebastian stayed on spot 2 [6177] but don’t know what happened to Michael Streit; he did not fly and dropped from 3 to 5. Mike Young was on spot 3.
15 m; 17 pilots flew the 249 km.- task. Though the German boys and Leigh did not have their best day they still remained in the lead.So 1. Thomas Wettemann[5385] 2. Michael Eisele [5382] 3. Leigh Wells [5313]

13882384_1123395757707356_4390899459110801235_n  13902628_1123395727707359_901796622915092429_n  13880297_1123395734374025_143237080406032733_n

LASHAMGLIDE winners Pete, Thomas and Wolfgang surrounded by Andy and his wife.

Great comps there in the UK with 7 out of 9 days!!!!!! Hope they have the same weather or better next year during the EGC. The facilities are superb , as you can see on the picture shared by LashamGlide FB.
And,…who said ” it’s always raining in the UK,???….and the UK has no  “soaring-competition- weather” ???!!!!



CIM 2016 at Rieti.


Great field there at Rieti.
Picture shared by Clara Bartolino

In Rieti , the annual top competition CIM [Coppa Internazionale del Mediterranio] is in progress.[August 1-August 12]  and a lot of pilots again, 65,  even with WGC and LASHAMGLIDE in the same period. 4 Classes and in the first week 3 out of 6 days were flown.
In club , 3 from the awfully nice family Fergnani, Nicola, Elena and Michele. After 3 tasks they are on spot 2-3 and 4 overall out of 7.
In the mixed class 22 pilots and after 3 tasks Gintas Zube is on spot 1 less than 100 points ahead of Thomas Gostner.
In 18 m. class also 18 pilots and on top after 3 flights Sandro the ASG 29 E. He is 41 points ahead of Italian pilot Pino Dal Garde and followed by 3 Austrian pilots among them Heimo Demmerer who I met there several times when I attended the CIM. Giorgio [Galetto] won 2 days but on the first soarable day he out-landed.
Open; 4 TOP pilots from Germany. Michael Sommer, [EB 29R] Tassilo Bode [EB 29],  Bruno Gantenbrink in the ETA and kilometer-eater Alexander Mueller.Till now Michael won EVERY day, task 3 with an average speed of 140 km./h..

13912835_10205832563167889_8657265952079889272_n  13895068_10205832562207865_4351258380225245546_n  13906584_10205832563807905_3672152364956254940_n

An impression as shared by Clara.

Sunday August 7; tasks were set AAT’s in each class. Weather as in most parts of Europe,…. windy with possible showers.
In the end the day was cancelled.

Monday; August 8
Club; Fergnani-day!!! On spot 1 Elena, on 2 Nicola and on 3 Michelle. Good on them. 249 km. was flown with a speed of just under and above 100 km./h.
Mixed ; 375 km.Nobody finished in this class but Vittorio Pinni flew with his mate in the Duo Discus XLT a distance of 302 km.
18 m. ; 387 km and Giorgio Galetto, who knows the area VERY well, got the 1000 points for an excellent flight with 116 km./h. Next pilot “only ” flew 110 km./h.
open; 464 km;and,the day was again for Michael a class apart!!! Tassilo was runner up.

Tuesday August 9;
Club; 295 km and only 2 finishers but still 1000 points for  Franco Poletti.
Mixed;377 km and 1000 points for Gintas 3 points more than Luca [de Marchi] 11 from 20 finished.
18 m;316 km,. and Alberto [Testa[] was the winner.15 from 20 finished.
open: 445 km. and ,…it’s getting boring again but Michael and Tassilo were the best with 1000 and 998 points, starting together and finishing together.He won each single day!!!! 5 in a row!!!!!

Today club has a 3 hour AAT, mixed has a 2.40 AAT, 18 m. a 3.15 AAT and open 2.45 AAT.

These are also the Italian 15 m. Nationals . NOT handicapped the overall scores are at this stage, with 2 days to go and 5 flown ;
1.Thomas Gostner 4551
2.Luca de Marchi 4175
3.Luca Urbani 3928


The Olympic Games in Brazil.

After a lot of positive and less positive news over the last years, the GAMES have started with a great opening in ECO STYLE. Good on them. We as Dutch people hope for 25 medals or more. Let’s wait and see.Only 1 gold and 1 bronze at the moment,……..


AND… from Australia.


 YES it’s on again! The Narromine Gliding Club is delighted to have been chosen for the 5th consecutive year to host the Two Seat National Gliding Competition in 2017.

The competition runs from Sunday 12th February 2017 to Sunday 19th February 2017 inclusive.

Practice day is Sunday 12th February and the first Competition day is Monday 13th February 2017.

Subject to sufficient entries the Competition will be run in two classes,



Same Rules, same Tasks, same Starts, separate scores and winners.


 Cheers Ritz , sorry this blog is VERY long , but so much to say.
CU back on SUNDAY.

August 3, 2016

The 34th FAI-WGC has started! First QSGP in the USA! French Nationals in Club class !

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Great picture of the airfield of Pocuinai as shared by the Czech team.

With 111 pilots in 3 classes , 40 in standard, 49 in club and 22 teams in 20 m. class, the pilots started with their official training on July 27. BUT,…the weather was still not flash.
I remember clearly that ,a couple of years ago,  during the IGC meeting in Holland,  Lithuania and Australia “got ” their WGC’s. That’s where I met Vitautas the CD from this competition, as well as his wife . Nice people !They were smiling from ear to ear.Now it’s their turn to lead a good competition!


CD Vitautas

A few of the pilots [14] tried to fly the set 277 km. task in standard class, but nobody finished. My Aussie mates Adam and Butch flew 137 km. in their LS 8 and were the daily winners.28 Choose not to fly the task.
In club  9  pilots flew the set task from 238 km.further on  13 out-landings and the rest choose not to fly.
In 20 m. a task from 285 km. flown by 6 teams  with 3 out-landings. A lot choose NOT to fly!
On the 28 th;”Lightning and torrential rain for breakfast… Should be a good day for getting all the non flying jobs sorted.”
And Baldrick mentioned on July 29; ”  All we need now is some weather to go flying. There is a small chance that we may fly this afternoon. We have a task but a very small one though. Currently it’s warm and overcast.”
Still practice-time , …but for those from far away it would be good to have at least some practice!!!
No flying, but enough to do and talk about. Here the Belgium team. Hilde  and her boys and girls including her sons Tijl and current world champion Bert Schmelzer jr.


My Belgium mates. GOOD LUCK!!!!
As shared by the team .

I liked the stories from the NZ boys Nick and Alex, called ” Brolly Dollie”which you can read on FB.
Here is part 2;”
“Brolly Dolly” Update 2
Practice day 1. 220k, trianglish! First landout, nearly in Poland. The usual ultimate trailer maintenance test whilst Alex happily eating, swimming and socializing with the village locals!
PS .. for those wondering .. the “Brolly Dollys” are the second most important team members, after the pilots …  when hot and waiting to launch they hold the umbrella’s!!!
PPS French team have taken the honours of first comp “lake landing

13680884_832045450265228_2246915214678532046_n   13686784_832045280265245_8312336784505389884_n

The first out-landing with an interesting trailer to retrieve the glider.
As shared by NZ Junior Gliding Team

On Saturday , extra training-day, they could only practice a bit in the early afternoon,to be precise till 3PM,   as at 5 PM the opening-ceremony  started.Some team’s shared their pictures , so the weather is still not flash, but getting better.

   Opening at the main square, as shared by the teams.

Middle picture is Finland with Katja famous soaring-webmaster and is shared by Kristian Roine.

13895298_833161273486979_7743267223421859561_n  13887096_1060785990672754_2286669622208909816_n  13782112_627142020793521_666243531299881978_n

b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC0277_20160731-065749_1  13891858_1738739796344192_812295650761515213_n  13886453_134421456996428_8403663867461735383_n

The German team as shared on their site and the Czech and South African team and below the Dutch team.


13880209_1105657472824548_8135539127428888372_n  13886309_10207077790159401_5892356853768265965_n  13886320_1119974958041744_2770156507748646860_n

The UK…………………….Poland…………………………………and many more as shared by Adam.

To read his blogs you can go to   ;  here is one of them.

Adam flies this WGC as a self funded pilot in Jay Rebbeck’s LS 8. I was at the closing ceremony in Benalla, when  the final choice for Pocuinai was announced and both Butch and Adam were NOT in the team. Butch was very disappointed as it was only  0.030 he missed out on to be in[ if I remember well] .Now they both fly
” Huge thanks to John Buchanan,  who made all this possible for me in the first place, my team mates who supported Johns request to have me here with him & finally the support of the team selection committee ,who allowed me to come as a self funded pilot.”
He also wrote he was ready to go and all pumped up!!!!



“Pumped up”  as well…….Wilga-Tugs ready for the comps!!!  Dynamic’s as well.
As shared by the Dutch team.

Sunday July 31 Task 1; The “show”  started, for some maybe with not enough practice to check the area and/or the instruments, but that’s how it is.
Baldrick mentioned in the morning;” Today is the first day of the WGC here in Lithuania. We had the opening ceremony down town yesterday and we got drenched not once but twice….. Today however, the day has started nice and sunny but there is cloud coming in from the west so we shall see..”


2.5 hour AAT’s were set for each class in difficult skies , overcast,  showers but a bit of sunshine as well.First start delayed till 12.15….12.30 then club was launched, then all of them. Before 2 PM. they were all airborne.
Restarts, out-landings not far after they started, [that hurts on day 1] mainly in standard and 20 m. class ,but the weather improved during the day. Though for some the first day was a disaster and some hopes will be blown away.
After landing Finnish pilot Kristian shared this picture,so indeed the weather was better later in the day!!!


Club; German pilot Robert Schroeder did an excellent job  and was the ONLY one flying over 100 km./h. over the 276.51 km. he fitted in , in 2.40,44.From 36 pilots 26 finished. According to the scoring-system 3 pilots did not start one of them Sebastian Kawa .
Standard;great start for Poland and Australia. Here we are with the Jakubs and Lucaszses again  . Daily winner was Jakub Barszcz with 2.15,56 km. in time 2.35,25. Allan Barnes ,Australian kilometer eater, was on spot 2 and Lucasz Grabowski on 3. From 49 pilots 46 finished!!!!!
Bad day for Alex the NZ junior. In the Brolly Dolly story above he had the fun part , now Nick finished on spot 36, Alex had to carry his glider out of the paddock. He shared what he had to do with a few!!!


20 m;12 from the 22 teams that started finished. 17 x an ARCUS  M or T in this class. Daily winner  team ET with 254 km. in 2.35,10.
Australian juniors Matthew [Junior world champion ]and Dylan [team ARC] just did not make it. They took NO risk and out-landed 20 km. out ,instead of using the engine on a low height.Very wise decision!!!
For all scores you can go to;

Day 2 was cancelled due to rain but the forecast for the new day 2 was hopeful. Specially for those who out-landed a good day to re-set and focus again. But also for the other pilots as a lot really struggled.
Some went to the LAK factory to see the new developments .

Tuesday August 1 Task 2;


My Belgian friends had this news early in the morning;“Conditions look much better today! First tows will start at 12 o’ clock”. As you can see on their picture they were right, but still pilots had to make out-landings.

Standard class; Except for one pilot, all pilots finished the set task from 364.67 km. With only ONE point difference French pilot Louis Bouderlique won the day. German Pilot Robert had another good day this time 999 points.
Sebastian flew as well and “collected” 902 points on spot 9.
Club class; a great Italian day with Ricardo[Brigliadori] and Davide [Schiavotto]as daily winners over 315.60 km.both flying St. Cirrus. Lithuanian pilot Vitautas Racimavicius , a very nice young guy I met in Finland was on spot 3 in his St. Jantar, just ONE point ahead of Polish pilot Lucasz Grabowski.
Tom Arscott,   from the UK team on a daily spot 41 ,said on FB:
Mixed day today in the club class. We all started reasonably late and had a good run towards the first turn, catching up several earlier starters. Unexpected rain at the first turn, over the massive unlandable forest, cost the late starters a bit of time, but we cut through the gaggles nonetheless. Will and G went on to have a very solid flight scoring some good points today. Unfortunately I missed a climb, dropped off the bottom and ended up stuck on my own, low, over the forest for what felt like an eternity, before eventually getting going again some 40km behind. With the day dying, there were some very long smooth glides, but I somehow got back which is some consolation at least. Hopefully things will come together a bit better in the next few days. ”
20 m. class; After day 1 there was “a lot of noise” and upset teams, about self launching 20 m. gliders using their engines to fly  in the direction of the soarable weather in one long glide to the south, “completely disregarding the mandatory release zone as defined in the rules”.
Task 2 had changed release points, closer to each other ,max 1 km. apart, so more or less in the same weather zone. I guess the stewards and jury have bend their heads over this, anyhow an extra TM meeting was called to sort things out.
They flew again for task 2 and  363 km. was set. The Polish ASG 32 MI , team MD, received the 1000 points . 20 From 22 finished! One of the out-landers was Antti and his mate Nikke from Finland in their ARCUS.
More next week.
So you can see that practice is not only necessary for the pilots , but also for the organizers. It’s better to find out eventual problems as release points or problems with landings, [I read it was some kind of “wild west” during the landing] , on the practice days but then if the weather doe n’t  co-operate?????????!!!!!!!!!

For today the organizers message was;”Attention everyone! Grid starts at 9:00 and briefing is at 11:00 in main hangar.Grid opens 09:00, closes 12:45 ” and the grid order has changed.
Lot’s of rain over night but the forecast says;
Showers early, then partly cloudy for the afternoon. High 22C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 50%.
As I read the meteo guy is unreadable,  the lady OK , so reading is always good.
Tasks as well; Task A for all classes a 2.30 AAT. Task B for all classes a 2 hour AAT in the same area.


Ionia Michigan.


Wings and Wheels, North America’s premier soaring supplies retailer, signs on to support the 2016 Sailplane Grand Prix USA as an official event sponsor.

Last Wednesday when I left you, they started with race 3 [118 km.] and the 2d win for Jerzy Szemplinksky from Canada was a fact.
On Thursday 103 km. [race 4] was set and,….yes Jerzy won again!!!After 4 races he has already 33 points. Good on him.Already 12 points ahead of the runner up with the same first name, Jerzy Zieba.

Several out-landings as well. Here some pictures from Jerzy’s wife Maria, a fabulous and famous  photographer;the retrieve of Krzysztof Wiercioch [2W]

  13880155_1737040756538691_5785631350439725901_n  13886380_1737040806538686_7210855713548146372_n

On Friday with race 5 there was rain , also on Saturday, so with ONE day to go it looks like Jerzy will win but,  when they fly,  there are still 5/6 pilots for the runner-up-spot.


Daily prizes, already 3 first-ones for Jerzy.

There was no day 7 ,so in the end no “fight”  for the runner up spot as it was for Jerzy Zieba with 21 points.


The French Club Class Nationals!


All competitors as shared by AAVE [Association Aeronautique du Val d’ Essonne.

They continued on Wednesday with a 2.15 AAT, won by Eric Soubrier in his LS 4;218 km. in time 2.23.756 points.
On Thursday with a 1.45 AAT, Eric showed he “dominates” this kind of soaring and for 141 km. in time 1.54 he received this time 267 points. Eric flies an LS 4 in this competition.He is after 5 flying days number 1 overall with 2 days to go.[3683]
On Friday….no task.
LAST day at Saturday so time to score and not to loose!!!
A task from 271 km. was set, so long enough to play start games for those who wanted.
No games necessary for Eric he won another day and clearly was the new FRENCH CLUB CLASS CHAMPION .[4683]
Young Thibault Alasnier [Pegase] just missed out on 2 daily points but climbed up to spot 2 overall. Meric Morel [Pegase]from the same club as Thibault,  lost some points on the last day by being 10th but still finished the comps on a 3d place.


Benjamin Neglais, modern comps director reading from his phone,  with the champion Eric and young runner up Thibault and Meric.




It is now so far,  that this soaring-happening started as well. As they say; “ the best possible practice for the 2017 European Gliding Championships.” 
On March 22 they wrote;
At the deadline for entries prioritized according to IGC ranking we have received 70 entries for LashamGlide: 31 in the 15 metre class, 13 in the 18 metre class and 24 in the Open Class. We are pleased to confirm acceptance of entry for all Overseas pilots who applied for entry before the deadline.”
Last Saturday 67 pilots started flying ; 22 pilots in open class, 15 in 18 m. and 29 in standard class. Among them Wolfgang Janowitsch and Andy Lutz from Austria, Didier Hauss , Sylvain Gerbaud and Denis Guerin from France, Marcus Gaumann from Switzerland ,Stephan Beck Michael Streit and Michael Eisele from Germany and lot’s of UK pilots including some Lasham mates.
Day 1 ;task 15m ;238 km. and 214 km, for 18 m… 173.69/259,…..but later there was the message:
15M Nationals launched on task B 243km
18M and Open re briefing to task C as the weather took a little longer than expected to get here.”
open; Russell Cheetham won the day in the JS 1C. 20 from 22 finished so only 2 out-landings.
18 m. ;got 214 km. and Wolfgang Janowitsch [Ventus 2cxT] was the best.
15 m.; left in the end for 238 km. Denis Geurin [ASG 29] and good old Didier Hauss [Ventus 2cxa]were the best followed by the German pilots Michael Eisele [Ventus 2ax]and Thomas Wettemann [Ventus 2a] .Nick Tillet [ASW 27b] was the first UK pilot on spot 5.

Day 2; with big tasks.
open;439 km. 18 Pilots from 22 flew the task and Russell was the best.
18 m; 402 km.10 Pilots from 14 flew the task and Wolfgang was on spot 1 with Mike [Young] on his heels. Difference ONE point!!!
15 m: 4 hour AAT. 26 from 28 flew the task great result for all classes. UK winners Gary Stingmore [ASG 29 E] and Nick Tillett [ASW 27 B]were the best with 1000 and 939 points.


“Looking good!” Indeed!!!
Picture shared by the British Gliding Team on day 2.

Task 3 was set but not flown. Day 4, yesterday,  had no task.
For today there is a grid order already , so hopefully time to fly again.



Nice news and great pictures about vintage gliders  from Schempp-Hirth on FB and I share it with you;”

Friday evening, Schempp-Hirth CEO Tilo Holighaus made the first flight on the SHK owned by the Flying Museum Hahnweide (FMH) after it had been registered again.

On the pictures, you can see the SHK next to FMH’s Gö-1 ‘Wolf’, built in 1937. A lot of history in one photograph: The Gö1 ‘Wolf’ was Schempp-Hirth’s first glider built in serial production, while the SHK was the late Klaus Holighaus’ first own construction for Schempp-Hirth.”


13645135_1030503453684471_4494677026347587945_n   13707806_1030503277017822_8351144487888875311_n


Tilo and the old-timer’s as shared by Schempp-Hirth.

CU cheers Ritz

July 27, 2016

Pocuinai the venue of the 34 th WGC for “small ships”! Swedish Nationals !Solar Impulse!

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The registrations were completed, the local procedures and turn point /airspace files are on line , a lot of participants have driven or flown to Lithuania,  so the show is about to begin.
120 Pilots from 29 different countries will try, in a friendly way, to be the BEST in each of the 3 classes; club, standard and 20 m/2-seater.
The official training will be between July 27 and 29, the opening ceremony will be at 5 PM on the 30thiest and the game starts on July 31 and continues till August 13. On the same day in the evening the farewell party at 9 PM and the next day the prize-giving and closing ceremony at 11 AM.
From yesterday onwards they can practice unofficially.

The weather was not yet spectacular over the last week,so time enough to work on gliders and have them in top condition. This picture was shared by team New Zealand. Young NZ pilots Alex [St. Cirrus] and Nick [Libelle] mentioned on their FB blog;
” We made it! After 3 days of driving and approximately 2500kms we arrived at Pociunai airfield in Lithuania at 3am last night.” First they traveled from NZ to London , then drove to Dusseldorf to pick up Alex’ car then continued to Pocuinai. What a trip!!!!!

13769598_828784337258006_7047083459049811878_n   13726783_828784360591337_396407921143293360_n

Long way to go,….driving through Poland with great weather!!
As shared by Alex and Nick.

From home, with help from my “contacts” ,I will try to keep you informed the best I can.


Swedish club , 18 m. and 2 seater class NATIONALS.

Langtora was the place where they welcomed 26 pilots to find out who would be the new SWEDISH Champion in the 3 classes.
The first 2 days, tasks were set but not flown, or cancelled , anyhow no valid days on July 15 and 16.
Day 3 was MUCH better with 351 km. for the 18m pilots, 272 for club and 320 for the 2-seaters. In each class out-landings but there were also 1000 points for Gunnar Karlson in Ventus 2cxa,  Thomas Hansen in St. Cirrus WL and Larsson /Fischer in Duo Discus XLT.
After the weather was less good, but flyable and on the last but one day,  on Thursday , good again, with 306 for 18 m. ,267 for club and and 280 for 20 m.
Great to see that good old Ake Pattersson won the day with 1000 points in the 2 seater class flying a DG 1000.With 1 day to go he was on spot 2 overall.
In 18 m.Peter Cutting in the ASG 29 won the day and in club Niklas Lofgren in the St. Cirrus. With one day to go he is 3d overall behind Norwegian pilot Thomas Hansen and Per Carlin.
The last day had a 225 km. task in 18 m.
In 18 m. this day was AGAIN for Peter so he had a great last-couple-of-days-run but that was not enough to be the Swedish National Champion. That honor was for Gunnar . 18 m. Top 3;
1. Gunnar Karlson with 4000 points,
2. Holger Eriksson [ ASH 26 e] with 3924 and
3. Boerje Gustavsson with 3779.[LAK 17 a]

 A 183 km. task was set for club and Per Carlin won the day, his 2d daily win. Most of the days he was number 1 overall , after consistent flying, also on the last day;
1. Per Carlin [LS 1f] 3961
2. Niklas Lofgren [St. Cirrus] 3763
3. Tomas Hansen from Norway[St Cirrus WL]  3732


As shared by Per Carlin in the middle with Niklas to the l. and in the checked blouse Robert.

The 2 seaters had to fly 225 as well.Haven /Sohlberg won the last day in the ARCUS and the competition.
1. Haven/Sohlberg 4266
2. Ake , good on him.[DG 1000] 4077
3. Hans Larsson [DuoDiscus XLT ] 3881

They flew 6 out of 8 days.


Jannen Kisat !

With 3 out of 8 days the popular Jannen Kisat competition in Finland [Rayskala] was not really endowed with good weather .Juha Sorri [Discus 2] won 2 of the 3 days both with 1000 points, so with 2503 points he was the winner.



The Summer competition at Malden Airport is an annual competition specially for them who want to gain points to participate in next years Nationals. Several National pilots fly as well , for fun as Malden is always a great place to be.Part of the Dutch Junior squad is participating too.
4 Of our juniors are flying in club class ; Jelmer, Rick ,Nick and Thijs. Robin , the junior vice world champion flew a few days as sniffer. He leaves soon for Pocuinai to fly in the 20 m. class.
The 4 “young ones” are doing a great job.
As I read in the Tulipe Bulletin [Juniors magazine] the first 3 days were weather-wise good with clouds after a low had passed . The next 2 days were hot [32.4 dgr C.] and blue,  but  those 3 days together “delivered” a total of 620 km. as tasks.
Even better the juniors occupied the first 3 daily spots on each of the days.
Day 3 had a 317 km. task and only the 3 juniors finished. 1000 points for Rick, 991 for both Thijs and Nick.
9 Out-landings in this class , some close as female pilot Doortje,  who just was 15 km. short.

THEN,…unfortunately 3 cancelled days. last hope was for flying on Saturday the last day, as it is not so nice to go home after 3 good days of flying and then 3 days ” sitting and waiting”, though with so many young pilots they always find another sport to do as you can see on the picture shared by Jan Paul.
There was hope for a day 4 on Saturday,a  small task was set 103 km. but it was in vain the day had to be cancelled.

13754652_10208674219587204_7459471901706938119_n    13769531_10208681774736078_5806211955455393071_n

Playing soccer or “discussing the world” ,they call it nowadays ” chillen” .
Courtesy Jan Paul

Final results in club after 3 days;1. Nick Hanenburg  [1991] 2. Rick Boerma, [1970] 3. Thijs Bastiaanse [1895] As said all 3 are juniors!!
In open class 13 pilots flew 3 out of 7 days and on the best day they got 425 km. None of the pilots finished but they tried hard. The Kuijpers family sharing an ASW 20 cj flew 365 km. for 1000 points. Not enough to pass Edo Kwant who won day 2 and was runner up on day 1.
1. Edo with 2072 points, 2. Kuijpers fam. with 1985 and 3. Jan Willem van Doorn with 1906 points.


French Club class Nationals.

With 34 pilots , 1 from Belgium [Pieter Lievens], one from Switzerland [Davide Giovanelli] both flying HC and both juniors, a lot of young and “older” pilots participate in Buno-Bonneveaux .They started on July 23 and continue till July 30.
The weather was good , something not too normal nowadays and the pilots straight away could go for 337 km and it turned out a 1000 points day.Only 1 out-landing and a speed of 96 km./h as best time.
Even 411 km. for the Sunday…good!! Pretty long distance for a competition with St. Cirrus , several Pegases and ASW 19 and LS 4 and more types.
30 From 31 finished and the 1000 points were for glider with call sign L , a pegase.
On Monday the day was cancelled, but  yesterday a task from 218 km. was set and flown by ALL. An other Pegase won the day this time ED.


First QSGP in the USA .

Iona County Airport in Michigan is the venue for the first USA FAI QSGP.
16 Pilots in total and 5 from them are from Canada.
FAI president Eric Moser opened the race and will be there for the week as referee.
Day 1 was straight away won by Canadian pilot Jerzy Szemplinsky, we know him from many WGC’s ; 8 points.
More next week.


OLC flights.

Yesterday was one of those real Fuentemilanos days and all the guests, 38 were flying,  must have had a ball.The first 49 flights were nearly all from Fuente. Guy Bechtold from Luxembourg who flies there every year flew 1.229 km. in his Quintus M. [1000 km. FAI triangle] He gained a new goal he had set; a new European 1000 FAI  Record with an average speed of 137 km. [it was 120 km./h.] Well done Guy!!!
Congrats from Schempp-Hirth as well: ” Congratulations to Guy Bechtold for a phantastic European Record . The record for 1000km FAI triangle was at around 120 kph and Guy raised it to now 137 kph on his Quintus-M!”
A total of 19 over 1000km-flights among them flights in LS 9 and ASH 26. It’s being at the right time on the right place .
Also at other Spanish places , as Villacastin 2 x 1000 and Cuenca Sotos where my friends the Wiesenthals fly, flights from nearly 1000 [988 and 963 km.] km. It’s hot in Spain!!!!


Soaring related flights!

The Solar Impulse started it’s last leg to fly around the world, in Egypt to fly to Abu Dhabi. Bertrand Picard started his trip to show the world that so much more is possible with sun energy,  on March 9 2015 also from Abu Dhabi.
With wings full of solar cells , [17.000], feeding his engines, he completed his 35.000 km. flight last Monday .
It took the 2 pilots,  each flying legs in the solo cockpit one and a half year, including reparations [ 9 months] on the plane on Hawaii after the batteries were damaged.
Great effort!!!!One of the most difficult parts of the flight was the very last one as the heat over the desert caused heavy turbulence and thermals. The pilots had for that reason to fly much higher than they hoped for and as the air is thinner there , there was less air to cool the electronics as I read. But a bit of a challenge is not bad so on the end of the trip is what Picard said in the end.


Sad news …again!!!!
This is from the British team;
It is with a heavy heart that we report the very sad news that Kay Draper, a dear friend and member of the British team was killed in a gliding accident on Thursday 21st July.”
RIP Kay.

My good mate Tony Lentino died of cancer. He was the one who invited me in 2010/2011, to see his estate in New Zealand to check if it was a good place for soaring. It should be a spot like Tocumwal. He, and his then girl friend Emily,  showed me also around over most of the Nord- Island. It turned out an unforgettable trip with so much warmth, friendship and hospitality.
Not long after and then  happily married , with 2 little girls, he was diagnosed with cancer  … SO SAD!!!!
Got to know Tony in my Sportavia period. He was the one who gave me my blog and one of his co-operators Phil had set it up !!! I hoped he would survive it, but he lost the battle…..he passed away this weekend. MUCH TOO YOUNG!!!!!!

As said TRAGIC!!!!!
RIP Tony!!!!

Australie2010 120  Australie2010 147

Australie2010 128  Australie2010 132

Happy times in 2010/11 with Tony and Emily.

CU next week.

July 20, 2016

Cruel holiday for guests and locals in Nice! French Nationals..continuing story!! UK QSGP !

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It’s all about France to start with. The terrible/horrible action from one lunatic to drive his truck in a crowd , to kill as many people on the National Day ,Quatorze Juilliet, in Nice is just unbelievable.How is it possible that a big truck [15m] can drive so fast and so long, over a boulevard, before they can stop it and avoid what has happened now!!!!
84 Innocent people, several children,  died ,after a happy evening with fireworks to close the important day for France ; a day for liberty, fraternity and equality. How,…where,….what?????


French Nationals.


As shared by JC.

After Wednesday the weather improved and they could fly each day till the end.
Wednesday;189 km. and Aude Undersee is doing very well . She won the day with 90.70 km./h and was the only one in the ninety.
Thursday;219 km. and Aude is still in great form and won the day again. 3 out of 5 days a daily prize for her.
Friday;251 .Martine Lesage in the Pegase won the 1000 points for the day. Aude was 4th. Only 1 out-landing.
Saturday; LAST DAY!!!146.86 km.
Some kind of coup by Magali De Cachard [ 3476] on this last day.She won the day and moved from spot 4 to spot 2 overall so from “nothing” to SILVER. Good on her! Aude was far ahead so no worries for her GOLD.[3640] The bronze was for Amelie Audier [3419] Melanie Gadoulet moved from 2 to 4 [3390]
A huge difference in start times on this last day between 2.07 and 3.30.
6 out of 8 days.


The CHAMPION as shared by JC.

18 m;
Wednesday;282 km and Jean-Denis Barrois won the day together with Arne from Denmark.Both 721 points. Gilles Navas was 2d.
Thursday; 406 km and finally a 1000 points day. This time for Antoine Havet. Denis Guerin was runner up and Jean Denis 3d.
Friday;341 km. Danish mate Arne won the day [118.58 km./h.] and got 950 points. The French number 1 was Denis Geurin with 924 points.ALL pilots finished.
Saturday; 248 km and Jean Denis Barrois won the day and moved to SILVER.[4605] Denis Geurin remained on the GOLD spot but he had not over much. [4645 so a difference of 40 points] Good “old” Gilles is on the bronze medal spot [4571]
7 out of 8 days.


Gilles Navas as shared by JC.

open ;
Wednesday;292 km and Laurent Aboulin raced best for 774 points. 4 x JS 1 in the daily top , all ahead of the EB 29 from the THE Broquevilles at spot 5.
Thursday;406.80 km and another winner; Christophe Cousseau [JS 1 c] with the The Broquevilles HC as runners up.
Friday;405.80 km.All pilots finished so a good day! Sylvain Gerbaud [1000 points] was just ahead of the The Broquevilles.[909]
Saturday; 255.77 km.With a speed of 104 km./h the the Broquevilles won the day and Pierre and Arnaud added 782 points to their total and that was enough to call them WINNERS [they are from Belgium] of the French open class Nationals.[4151]  It’s their 2d win this year and they love their new glider the EB 29.
The new French CHAMPION is Sylvain Gerbaud [JS1 C] who won the last 2 days.[ 4080]Jean Marc Deycard [JS1 C] was silver champion and the bronze medal was for team Jean Marc Caillard. He flew with Hersen . I remember a monsieur Hersen from Angers in the 70 thies, maybe he/she is family.
6 days and 2 x a 1000 points day.


The THE BROQEUVILLES, Pierre and Arnaud.
As shared by Jutta.


The Spanish Nationals.


The briefing as shared by Aldo.

Santa Cilia De Jaca Airport,in Spain,was the venue between July 1 and 9 for 30 pilots flying in 3 classes.

13600033_10209398881026885_382490160782089339_n   13603680_10209398881466896_3545010722449279383_o  13607001_10209398880546873_3297307137531584787_n  13619936_10209398884226965_8735043859883822789_n

Santa Cila is according to Aldo a gorgeous airfield and area to fly in/over. [Pyrenees] So to see ,….that’s totally true.
Pictures courtesy Aldo.

Out of the 9 days they flew 7 , under reasonable good circumstances , though on each day there were out landings.
In club class, 11 pilots among them former world Champion Stefano Ghiorzo in the Silent 2 Targa.
Task 1 was a pretty marginal one [225 km] with only 2 finishers and 1000 points for Jose Antonio in the KA 6.
Task 2 [1.30 AAT] was for Stefano .
Task 3 with a 2 hour AAT was for Stefano as well.
Task 4 with 247 km. “boring”…but Stefano won , finally a 1000 points day.
Task 5 [157 km.] was for the KA 6 pilot and task 6 [2.30 AAT ] for Stefano in the Silent.
Task 7 [219,48 km] was for Stefano as well, so no doubt about the Champion in this class Stefano, [4727] but as he is Italian , he is the winner and Jose Antonio Blanco Quesada the new Spanish Club Class CHAMPION.[4586]


Stefano in his Silent Electro.
Picture shared by Alisport.

Standard/15 m; with 10 pilots.
Task 1 with 287.77 km. had only 3 finishers…still a 1000 points day for  Francisco Artega [ ASW 27 B]
Task 2 had a 2.30 AAT and Jorge Arias [Ventus b] won the 1000 points.
Task 3 a 2.30 AAT and it was a daily win for Francisco again.
Task 4,  with 334 km. was Jorge and
task 5 for Francisco. They happily seem to share the days; each one every other day!
Task 6 with 281 km however was for Francisco again . Task 7 with 332 km. as well ,….he was in the racing mood!!!!
But it was not enough to beat Jorge, who clearly was the new Spanish champion[5903] with Francisco as runner up[5762]

Open class ; with 7 days as well and 9 participants.
Task 1 and 304 km. Alvaro Orleans- Borbon [ASH 31 MI/21 m] ] won the day so 1000 points for him.Aldo Cernezzi , [ARCUS M] my colleague at Gliding International was runner up.
Task 2 was a 2.30 AAT and now it was Aldo ahead of Alvaro.
Task 3 had a 2.30 AAT again with a brand new name up front for the 1000 points; Inaki Ulibarri [ flies at La Cerdanya and is a Spanish-Catalan from Barcelona ] in a DUO DISCUS, with Alvaro as runner up  and ouch,….Aldo was one of the 2 out-landers after 314 km.
Task 4 with 354 km was a “correction on the day before” for  Aldo, he won and Inaki was runner up and Alvaro did not start, as he had home/family-obligations. But according to Aldo he could have been the Champion.
Task 5 with 233 km. was for Aldo and
task 6 with 337 km. for another new name; Ricardo Rodrigeuz Menchero [ASH 31]  and,..Aldo unfortunately was out at 314 km. Only 2 finishers that day.
Task 7;Aldo won the last day and ,….. there was a total of 5900 points for him as a VERY CLEAR WINNER of the Spanish championship.Aldo is also from Italy so the new champion is Inaki , but….with 1000 points less!!![4900]


Open class winners!!!1. Aldo , 2 Inaki and 3 Steve [Ollender].


QSGP in the UK.
Bicester July 10-17.

With 3 days cancelled due to bad weather, they expected to have good soaring conditions from Thursday  .
Ian Macarthur was the winner of Race 1 of the UK SGP and race 2 was for German pilot Jan Omsels. 18 Pilots and 3 are from Germany.

13600172_1047097502046639_1714504488373922709_n  13654361_1048475198575536_6690320370746991441_n

Ian and Jan.


Race 2 winners after prize giving as shared by the organizers. Jan in the middle and the the left Andy to the right Francis.

Race 1 was a race from 135.85 km and Ian [JS1] won with a speed of 86.7 km. /h. Runner up was Derren in a Ventus 2cxa and number 3 on the podium was Ken Barker in a JS 1c.
After 3 days rest they continued with race 2 and with 245 km. and an early regatta start at 1.01 PM, the pilots could race. They did!!! Jan flew around with a speed of 124.7 km./h. in his ASG 29 ES and Andy had 123.3 km./h.[JS 1c EVO]
For a -tad –too- fast- start he got 5 pen sec. {Starting above max speed 171 km/h.}
Friday was cancelled again so Saturday and Sunday were the only possibilities to gain more points.
Saturday was cancelled so it was ALL about SUNDAY the last day.
AND ,…they flew!!!!103.75 km. was set and this time Andy was the best but even with 11 points for the last days , he could not win this GP. He had a bad first days with no points.Young Jan Omsels from Germany did.He won race 2 and was 7th on race 1 and runner up during race 3.
Jan had 21 points and  Andy 19.

To read back about  the event you can go to


Interesting OLC flights.

July 15; One of the good flights last week was from Ramy Yanetz:” Had another 1000km flight today. Flew out and return across Nevada. Bagged 3 states in one flight. Turned deep in Utah 18 miles from Delta and within easy glide from Nephi, and back to the Whites in California. Great lift under strong clouds but overcast and strong wind (25 knots) made it a bit more challenging and slower.” Can only add GREAT flight.

July 17; As I told you ,…it was only waiting for a long list of 1000 km-flights from Fuentemilanos and it already happened on July 17 and with 34 pilots in the air 6 pilots flew a 1000 and 6 a 900 plus and 9 a 800 plus task.Not only in open class gliders but also in LS 9 and DG 400/17m. and ASH 26.

July 19; it was hot in Europe yesterday with a strong high. 3x 1000 km flights in Germany.On the OLC  page all first 50 flights were GOOD even the one from 636 km in an ASW 15.
756 from Bex in Switzerland in an LS 4 must have give the junior -team-pilot David Leemann ,joy as well.


To finish a great picture from and shared by Robin , our junior runner up in Narromine and courtesy to his dad Martin Smit. It’s a cut-out from a bigger picture .

CU next week, 30 dgr. here over the last days, pretty hot! And today maybe 38!!!!At least hotter than yesterday and we had in a shopping center in the Hague out side in a pretty dark lane 34.8 dgr. C.


July 13, 2016

The season of the juniors! Issoudun and Swiss, French and Polish [Club] Nationals !

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In several countries the European juniors are performing very well at the moment. GREAT to see!!!
I continue with the UK and Swiss juniors flying regional or national comps in France and Switzerland.



As you could read in my last blog the UK juniors have settled down to gather more [International] experience in Issoudun in France, at the 41st International Issoudun.
Last Wednesday they all had to work for their points.
Open got 369 km. and 5 from 10 finished on this “ hot and sweaty day“. Daily winner was Mike Gatfield , his second victory and this time for the full 1000 points. Only half [5 from 10 ] finished.
On Thursday a 250 k., was set and NOBODY finished but some flew far enough to make it a day; 212 km. by French pilot Ludwin De Roest [ not a real French name by the way] , gave him 722 points.
Friday ;342 km.and a tough day for Mike as he just was 21 km. OUT in a paddock. A pity, as 6 from 9 finished! He dropped from 1 overall to 4.
Saturday;  Mike was straight back and won the 3 hour AAT-day.
With 7 out of 8 days the overall scores look as follows;
1. Ludovic Hirtz…4.645 [France]
2. Thierry Nortier…4.594 [France]
3. Mike Gatfield…4.585 [ UK]

In Club, the task was 303 km. and all 8 pilots finished!!!!William Blackburn in the St Cirrus got the 1000 points for his effort. All started before 2 PM.
” A lot of the locals abandoned the open task allowing Mike and Will to claim the top spots in each class.”
Club had a 250 distance as well. AND,…….. ONE FISHER in a LIBELLE!!!!! Good.
Local French pilot Jean Philippe finished and his speed was 52.68 km./h. The UK boys flew between 70 k and 157.70 km.
Friday; 304 km. was a good day for UK pilot Jake . He was, in the DG 101,  the ONLY FINISHER !!! Good on him!He climbed from 2 to 1 overall. Jean Philippe missed out on 59 km. but still was runner up.
Saturday; a 3 hour AAT for the last day. The UK boys won with 236 and 231 km in time 3.10 and 3.07.
Final scores;
1.Jake Brattle…5.120 [UK]
2. Jean Philippe Rogier…4.922 [France]
3. William Blackburn…4.319 [UK]


Swiss Nationals in Schaenis.

On Wednesday , when I left you, the pilots in Club got 218 km. and in open 336.
18 m. 298 and the combi’s went for 243 km.
In club, the fight for the ” honors” continued between David and Davide. David [LS4] started early and was back early [2.51] and won the day with 595 points behind his name. Davide [St. Cirrus] left 19 minutes later and it took him a bit longer 3.12 but he was runner up with 551 points.
On Thursday a different scenario and another winner;Edi in the Discus. During the 2.15 AAT he flew 150 km. that’s 12 km. more than Davide and 11 than David.
On Friday with one day to go, a 2.45 AAT. It turned out to be GIRLS-DAY. The German ladies Maria [LS1f] and Lisa[Hornet WL] flew both over 100 km to make it a valid day. Not too many points but still ; 120 and 114.
Saturday was cancelled so no time anymore to catch up.

Final club class scores and Swiss champion , runner up and 3d place ;
1. David Leemann …2.806 clear champion.
2. Davide Giovanelli…2.496
3. Maria Schneider…2.063

18 m. same story, same fight for honors other names; Juerg and Rolf. Still departing together and arriving together 1000 points for 999. I guess they want to be equal number 1 in the end. Now the separation is 3 points in favor of Rolf.
On Thursday a 3.15 AAT for the pilots and this time it was Rolf with 1000 points and Juerg with 996.7 Points difference overall in favor of Rolf.
On Friday a set 352 km. on the menu and a total different story.Only Rolf and Fredy Zulliger finished. Juerg was “out” after 117 km. 1000 and 946 points for the best, Juerg had only 293 and dropped to spot 3 whilst Fredy was runner up. It turned out to be their last day as on Saturday it was cancelled.

Final 18 m. scores;
1. Rolf Friedli….5.140  clear CHAMPION
2. Fredy Zulliger…4.652
3. Juerg Haas…4.426

Open; On Wednesday the 3d daily win for Gabriel Rossier what a pity about the loss of points earlier in the comps, but rules are rules. 8 From 9 finished.
Thursday the Rossiers were 1 and 2 on a daily base and 2 and 3 overall now. Splendid racers!During the 3.30 AAT, Gabriel flew 376 km in time in 4.06 and Daniel 412 km. in time 4.32 !!!One finishing pilot flew 5 hours and 13 min over 310 km.BUT,….he made it!!!!
On Friday a 386 set task, still a difficult day,  as MarkusVon Der Krone won the day in the JS 1 with a speed of under 100 km. /h. ; 97.26 km./h.
Gabriel was 5th and Daniel out landed after 235 km. With one day to go Markus remained on spot 1 , Markus Gauman now was on spot 2 and Gabriel on 3 with Daniel on 4.
For open there was another day to put “things straight”!!!!
311 km. was set on Saturday and that’s enough to play last-day-games. Early starters between 1.40 and 1.53 PM, did well the Rossiers started at 2.30 and on the last day they had a daily score of 912 and 869 whilst Markus Gauman [Nimbus 4 M] had the full 1000. Not a lot of difference but I guess they wanted to improve. At least they tried.
Worst day for the other Markus with a 7th spot , but no worries he was far ahead of the rest.

So after 7 days in this class, not bad in by rain troubled Europe, the final scores;
1. Markus Von Der Krone …5.535 clear Swiss CHAMPION.
2. Markus Gaumann…5.146
3. Gabriel Rossier…5.004

Combi; Well known pilot Rainer Cronjaeger won the day with 647 points and moves up from 5 to 2. Not bad. Tizian [ Discus 2] still leads with 0ver 300 points. Tizian was the 2015 Junior Champion in Switzerland.
On Thursday a 3.15 AAT and Rainer won again in the ARCUS T ;237 km. in 3.10. Tizian out-landed after 62 km. He lost more than 300 points, but still leads with 12 points.
On Friday a 2.45 AAT. NO FINISHERS but a valid day and daily winner Rainer, his 3d win in a row.
NO 7 th day for them either so the final scores;
1. Rainer Cronjaeger …2.563 and Swiss Champion.
2. Tizian Steiger…2.477
3. Martin Buhlmann…2.404.

CLUB class A
Częstochowa-Rudniki, Poland

50 Pilots flew for the CLUB class -A title in Poland and to make it difficult, there are again many ” performing”with the same name  Jakub, Lukasz,Piotr [x6] ,  but also Stanislaw, Jaroslaw and Miroslaw.
They had between July 2 and 9 ,a total of 5 valid days out of 8 ,  with 2 x a-1000 -points-day.
The last 2 days were cancelled.
In the end Jakub Barszcz won with 3.344 points. Not far behind was runner up, Lucasz Grabowski with 3.300 and on spot 3 Lucasz Kornacki with 3.238.


French Championships for women, 18m. and open.


Great picture shared by the organizers on day 2 when the day had to be cancelled.

In La Roche-sur-Yon les Ajoncs, in France these championship started on July 9 with 78 pilots. They continue till July 16
22 of them… GOOD!!!!
Day 1 had a 2.30 AAT won by Magali de Cachard in Pegase. Aude Untersee was runner up in a Pegase as well.
Several Pegases in this class, a “real French” glider, a total of 15 !!!!! In total around 300 were built till 1988 when the production stopped.
I remember the first ones built by Centrair in 1981. The fuselage of the German ASW 20,  with a new wing. I even remember Marc Ranjon the owner of Centrair and the fact that he at that time,as agent for Schleicher built this new type;
 Schleichers were not happy that their agent was in competition with them using their fuselage design, but the dispute was settled.”
Well you see they still happily fly and belong to the easy-to-handle-standard-club-gliders.

I missed one French pilot on the list, normally she is always there, JC [Jutta Sturm]  but only later I found out that she is recovering from a very nasty car accident in Germany in 2015. She cannot fly alone yet , but flies now with her husband in open class in an ASH 25/26 m. Good to see her flying in a 2-seater for the time being.

13620960_1314433745252848_7441739955614172095_n  13592219_1314434188586137_5314132410372996978_n  13606576_1314433951919494_5833635786613237240_n

Girl power as seen by Juliette Charlie.[Jutta Sturm]  She flies this time not in the female class but in the open class.

Task 2 a set 115 km task.but was cancelled.
Task 3 was on Monday with a 106 km. task. Not much,  but with this weather at least a possibility to fly.And they did. Amelie Audier won the day in a St Cirrus with a speed of 86 km./h. about 20 km./h faster than the runner up in LS 4.
12 “girls” finished!
Task 4 yesterday showed a very small task; 1 hour AAT, but the day for the ladies was cancelled in the end.

18 m;
Also 22 participants in 18 m. class and 6 of them fly HC [Hors Concours] one of them Peter Eriksen  from Denmark and it was just he who won day 1; 999 points. Arne Boye Moller is an HC pilot as well. Spot 1 however was for French pilot Denis Guerin.
Task 2; 171 km. but cancelled in the end.
Task 3; had a “very small ” task as well, just over 100 km.[109] The 2 Danish pilots did well though flying HC they fly for the points and both were the best today. Arne with a start at 4.04 PM [201 points] and Erik at 6 .05 PM [ 209] !!!!!!! They were the only 2 to fly above 100 km./h.Jean -Denis Barrois was the number 1 with 99.9 km./h. [191]
Task 4 was a ONE hour AAT. 5 HEROES  finished  and a total of 6 pilots flew over 100 km. gaining between 120 and 162 points for their efforts.
Some pilots started at 4.15 PM others nearly at 6 PM!!!!
Denis Geurin had his 2d victory in the ASG 29 .Gilles Navas was runner up. They all flew over 2 hours.

Interesting class with many top pilots. Also 22 in this class and also HC pilots not competing officially, a total of 4. They are from Belgium[2] , UK  and Germany and cannot be French champion, but it is great to fly with and between the French pilots, always good at EGC’s and WGC’s and compare your own skills.
Task 1;Jean Marc Deycard won the 2.30 AAT, with  243 km in 2.35 . Eric Napoleon and his mate flew 284 km,  but needed more time [3.06]  still was runner up.


Day 1 picture shared by Juliette Charlie. [ Jutta flies with her husband in the ASH 25 and was on spot 10.
So keep an eye on the Sturm family.
and another great picture taken during flight, that’s the beauty of flying together.


Task 2 ; was cancelled.
Then on Monday no task in this class.
Task 3 was yesterday with for open class a nearly ridiculous task , but at least they could fly;ONE hour AAT and ONE pilot finished. Jean Marc Caillard [ASH30 MI with call sign RC] won the day with 186.90 km. and “received”  86 points.
Amazingly many kilometers, certainly when you look at the runner up Jean Marc Deycard [JS 1C with call sign DY] ] who flew 129 km. The rest [24] was under 100 km.
RC started at 3.47 ,whilst DY left at 6.10 PM.


Interesting OLC flights!

On Wednesday July 6 Holland had great weather and several pilots used it for a nice long flight. Peter Millenaar [ASG 29E /18m] was one of them with a  750 all the way up from Malden, direction N to Friesland , then East into Germany, to past Porta Westfalica and back . Great stuff!! Spot 12 for the day WORLD WIDE!!!
July 9 was another EXCELLENT day in the USA. Top-pilots as Jim and Tom Payne and recent open class champion Keith Essex with Gavin Wills from NZ flew in teams and what do you want more with such WAVE-weather in Minden and each an ARCUS to fly in????
A much better than expected rarity…good Minden wave in July. Mostly blue south of Minden.” was the comment from Jim on the OLC. The Payne’s flew  2.308 km.with a speed of 196.8 km./h.!!!!
Keith and Gavin, top wave pilot from Omarama, flew 1.905 km. with a speed of 196 km. /h. They flew a “yo yo in the wave and to keep it interesting they jumped around wave bars to the north.”
It’s worthwhile to have a look at their “fun- fan” -trace on the OLC on July 9.
Boulder had good soaring conditions as well with several 1000 km. flights in Ventus 2 ax /15 m. and Ventus 2CT /18m. and DG 800 b/18m.
Spain is awakening and the popular places as Fuentemilanos,[ 958 in in ASH 31/21 m]  Ocana [ 901 km in ASG 29.] and nowadays Cuenca Sotos have great flights. It’s just waiting for the 1000 km. day over there.

News from the QSGP in Australia.

Hi all,

Entries for the Australian leg of the 8th Series of the Sailplane Grand Prix are now open.  The event will run at Horsham in western Victoria from 14th to 20th December 2016.

The website is at

This will be the first leg of the 8th series, which will conclude with a final at Vitacura in Chile late in 2017.  Assuming we have a full field at Horsham, the first two places will be selected for the final.

This event will be run in the 18m class.  No handicaps apply, although we may introduce a wing loading limit if the entry list warrants it.  Only 20 entries are allowed, and seeding via the IGC list will apply if it is necessary.

As the Contest Director for the SGP I and the organising committee would like to invite you to enter this contest.  It is a simple format, and the emphasis will be on fast racing around fixed tasks rather than endurance tasks, where the first pilot home will win.  Typical tasks will be 2.5 to 3 hours.

We do expect that several members of the Aussie team for the Worlds at Benalla will enter, and there has already been interest from overseas WGC contenders as well.
This promises to be a significant and spectacular event in this year’s gliding calendar.  Don’t miss it!
If you have any questions please contact the organizing committee at, or you can ring me at the phone number below.


NO Holland did , rather amazingly, NOT qualify for the European Championship Soccer, Portugal won last Sunday  from France BUT………..
We still had a TOP SPORT WEEKEND;
the Dutch 100 m-relay ladies [with Dafne Schippers] won European GOLD,
Young [23] Anouk Vetter won unexpected with a new Dutch record [6626 points] the heptathlon
Max Verstappen drove his Formula 1 car to a 3d spot, to be later corrected to P 2
Tom Dumoulin won the most important mountain stage during the Tour De France arriving on the top of the mountain in infernal rain and hail like marbles,… but with a glorious ‘winners-‘smile!!!

On top of that, as Murray fan, Andy won the Wimbledon final.

CU next week
Cheers Ritz

July 6, 2016

USA Nationals finished! Swiss Nationals ! European JUNIORS are very active ! Latest Gliding International!

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With the news from Aussie friend Bruce just too late to publish in my last blog , I continue with the last days of Nephi in Utah now.
Nice article again, also about his mates. Here is Bruce and THANK YOU Bruce;
—” What a day! The weather did blow up just as forecast, and as we expected pre-launch. However, the task-setters got it exactly right, and the turn points fit the storms like a glove. Everywhere we went there was a great line ahead of us, and when you looked back there was a door slamming shut behind you. Incredible! Parts of the day were really strong; I went so close to hitting the 17.5k limit a couple of times, cruising with 1,000 feet to spare and suddenly everything is going up like crazy. There is so much energy in the sky here, sometimes it is scary.
Today I really thought that I didn’t do much wrong. I started well, good climb straight out of the start, didn’t have to use anything weak, stayed high, got some absolutely spectacular runs, and always had a good line of lift in front of me. I even finished right on the second of our minimum time after a ballistic final glide. I did 176 kph around 430 km… and I came third!
Dick Butler and Keith Essex both did more than 182 kph!!
Dick we all know, one of gliding’s true gentlemen, but Keith is a newcomer. Let me simply say that everyone should watch out for this cool dude from Alaska. Keith has only been gliding a few years, and flying comps for one year. He is so eager to learn, and is really in the groove at present. He and his wife Deb are lovely people, and Keith has the knack for getting his JS1 really smoking. It’s a pleasure to watch. Unless the wheels come totally off the billycart, he is about to win the US Nationals.
The photos show some of the day’s action, overdevelopment beginning, what some of the sky ahead looked like on task, some virga and showers after we finished, and a sunset. Fantastic day to be a glider pilot!”—

I follow Keith from “far” ,as he added this last year some  nice long flights on the OLC .[ in June 2.774 km. speed 254.80 km./h. and 1.133 km.from Minden ]

13524278_10153521270440981_1523493504214901425_n  13511974_10153521270485981_2101264712133203152_n  13529009_10153521270500981_2533572243682307174_n

June 29, one-but-last day: as Ron [Gleason] mentioned in the evening;
” Forecasts, models and procrastinators all lined and agreed that OD and high clouds would make for unsafe or unreliable racing conditions today.”
So the day was cancelled. A pity as it would have been really nice to see on 2 more good days how the pilots would do , specially with those close margins. So it will be ONE day now to see who is the best. Safety above all!
Ron by the way is a great guy. If this is the Ron from Uvalde, who was the scorer there , then I can tell you he is a lovely  person!!!!

June 30,…. last day of June…… last day of the comps!
What a pity They tied HARD !!!!! But the message was .”Gridded at 11:30, launched Standard Class at 12:10 and scheduled task open for 12:40.  The 15 Meters were next and after 1/3 of that class launched the CD conferred with the weatherman, task advisers and  CANCELLED the day due to rapid development and over development.

So after 6 valid days with official scores it looks like this:
Standard class;
1. Bif Huss, when I am correct he won last year as well as a then relative new comer; 5157 points . Bif won 2 days was runner up on 2 days and the other 2 days he was 3 and 6 so great scores. Congratulations!!
2. Danny Sorensen, with 5140 points. Danny, flew consistent. Won one day and had daily scores as 2-3-4-9-5 on the other days.
The first 4 gliders were Discus 2 A or B.

15 m. class;
1. Peter Deane in ASG 29/15m. Peter won the first 2 days , then he was 16 [from 27] and 10-6 and 4.[5374]
2.David Leonard in ASW 27. David was 3 times runner up and on the other days on spot 4-17 and 6.[5369]

Open class;
Uys and AP shared the JS 1-C/21m. and HC they were the number 1 with 3 winning days and 3 days on spot 2-3 and 6. [5352]
1. Keith Essex, good on him.Same glider and specially in the end he had a great run with 2 winning days. Before he was 3 times  runner up and once on spot 9. Great soaring.[5309]
2. Good old Dick Butler in the CONCORDIA , as Bruce said, a real gentleman. That’s how I know him as well too. He flew consistent with spot 8-3-6-6-6-2. [5109]

Bruce’s “round up”;” So, it’s all done. The trophies have been awarded, the organizers and helpers have been thanked, the food has been eaten, and the drinks have been drunk, though there was very little of that here in Utah. I’ve made some great new friends, sampled some incredible gliding conditions, and learned a little more about myself. There were some moments that initially I would have preferred not to experience, but in hindsight they provided a good lesson, and in a strange way allowed all those people to get to know me more closely. Every single person here, whether they be pilots, crew or organizers, were all so friendly and supportive. They joined in the successes, and stood close in the more difficult moments.” 

13516745_10153525580205981_850545162196991727_n 13532933_10153525580235981_3946653447579046061_n

Keith Essex [with his wife ]the new champion in open class and the HC winner Uys.
Pictures shared by Bruce.

 After the comps Keith was not yet tired and added a few more 1000 k’s to his OLC list; on July 3, a 1.197 flight  and on the 4th of July  1.055 km.Both flights from Ely, [both in his JS 1,]where they had some awesome soaring days for all flying there.


The British and Dutch juniors.

The UK juniors  settled down in Issoudun last Friday for training.
They are [financially ] supported/ sponsored by Sydney Charles Aviation Insurance Brokers. Good on them.
Here is the news:
—-“The British Junior Gliding Team are delighted to announce that Sydney Charles will once again be sponsoring the Team through this season!
The sponsorship, along with the continued support of the British Gliding Association, will be going towards the Junior Squad’s development training, which kicks off in Issoudun, France, tomorrow. We’ll be bringing you updates on this over the next 10 days.
Once again a massive thank you to Sydney Charles for their continued support of the Team, building on our great success last year. Long may it continue.-–”
You surely remember the great results during the JWGC in Narromine from the UK team.

The Dutch team had great results as well in Narromine and they have a total program of sponsoring as well, you can read about it in the new Tulip Bulletin.
In the corner to the right you can find your own language!!!
Our top junior in Narromine , Robin Smit [runner up in standard class] flies in Pocuinai during the WGC in the end of July in the 2-seater class in an ARCUS  M with a more senior top pilot Hans Biesters.
The number 1 from Narromine JWGC will be there too and flies in the same class for Australia also in an ARCUS M. So they meet again now in Europe, in the 20 m. class; INTERESTING.

And the UK juniors added their news on FB and started well at the 41th INTERNATIONAL ISSOUDUN with 18 pilots in 2 classes;
” Congratulations to Jake Brattle winning day 1 in the club class at Issoudun, Finn Sleigh placing second in the open class and all the other strong performances by the junior development squad. The cold front cleared this morning leaving time for a (massively underset) 2hr AAT which open class romped round at 100kph. More of the same please! Mike”

No tasks on the 5th of July in Issoudun.
Yesterday a 253 km task was set for club. In this class a total of 8 pilots, ONE from France, one from Belgium the rest from the UK squad. Simon Brown won the day in the ASW 15 with a speed of 87.11 km./h.
Overall Jake Brattle is in the lead in the DG 101.

Also 253k.  in open class for the 10 pilots ;Thierry Nortier from France in an LS 6 /18m. won the day before UK pilot Mike Gatfield. After 3 flying days, Mike still leads with 20 points.


Swiss Nationals .

The Swiss Nationals , in 4 classes, are flown from Schaenis and started on June 30 and continue till the 9th.
A lot of juniors in this National Competition as well and they are DOING WELL.
On the first days NO tasks were/could be set , but on July 3 they started with 2.15/2.30 AAT’s.
It’s all between Rolf Friedl and Juerg Haas in 18 m. They start and finish together and occupy spot 1 and 2 overall after 3 days.[   ]
11 Pilots in this class [10 Swiss and 1 German pilot]  and Juerg flew  in Tocumwal in the glider from Swiss Chris.
Yesterday it was even more spectacular, [if you try to do it it won’ t work] but this time they were equal on spot 1. Both 434 points.
The overall scores after 3 days are not the same but the difference is “only” 4 points.and…it ain’t not over yet!!

In  club class 7 pilots , 4 Swiss and 3…. German girls!!!! In this class it’s more or less a “fight” between David Leemann in LS 4 winning 2 days and Davide Giovanelli [ St Cirrus] as runner up,  both juniors with “a bright future”.
Yesterday however, on day 3 it was a “different story”  as Davide out-landed [89 points] and David won the 1.30 AAT [201].
Great job from German female pilot Maria Schneider [LS 1f] as runner up and as  one of the 3 finishers.
Starts after 2 PM and best distance by David ; 121 km. in 1.36.
After 3 flying days and 3/4 to go David leads and Davide follows but now with more than 250 points difference.

DavideG.jpg.res-200x268 DavidL.jpg.res-200x268

Davide and David ….Swiss Juniors .
Pictures from their junior site;

In open class 3 to me more well known pilots, Markus Gauman and the Rossier brothers Gabriel and Daniel and a total of 9.
Last Monday they had a 404 km. task won by Markus von der Crone in the JS1. The Rossier brothers won the first flying day but unfortunately lost massive points by infringements on Monday and both dived from 1 and 2 overall to 6 and 8 !!!
All 9 pilots finished on day 3 and Daniel in the ASH 31 MI/21m. flew clearly  further than the rest in his beautiful machine; 195 km. Gabriel , same beautiful glider,was 3d with 187 km.
Markus Von Der Krone still leads after 3 days

A combi class as well in Schaenis with 10 pilots flying between LS 4 [ handicap 104] and ARCUS T. [114]
10 Swiss pilots got on flying day 1 a 2.15 AAT and on day 2 a racing task from 315 km.
Martin Buhlmann won day 1 but on day 2 he was “only” 9th , but flying nearly 5 hours in his Discus 2 .
1000 Points for the winner , “only” 406 for him.
Chapeau for the daily number 6 flying just over 5 hours in his LS 4!!!!
4 Out-landings yesterday in this class and Mario Straub won the day.[Discus 2B]
Tizian Steiger[Discus 2] , one of the 10 Swiss Junior squad members,  leads the pact after 3 days with a 4th, 1st and 3d .


Tizian Steiger an other talented young Swiss pilot.
Picture from their junior site.

More next week.


The 34th WGC for club, standard and 2 seater class in Pocuinai.

With 120 pilots from 29 countries this is going to be a huge event between JULY 31 and AUGUST 13. The official training will be on July 27-28-29.
All preparations are in full swing.
The current champions [Club class:- Eric Bernard, France,…..Standard class:- Bert Schmelzer, Belgium and….20m Multi-seat class:
–  Howard and Steve Jones, Great Britain ] will try to defend their titles but for sure , looking at the list of participants it’s not going to be easy.Looking forward to the event!!! Hope anyway that the weather will be BETTER!!!!!!!


Gliding International…the July/August issue !

The July /August issue arrived from NZ in Holland and I always check straight away all stories and then read them in depth. Enough great stories.
—-I started my own column in this issue , with my concern about the many incidents and even accidents in the beginning of this 2016 season. I was even more shocked to see that it was worse than I thought!!
ONLY in May there were 22 incidents and accidents, TOO many. We lost 5 “mates”  in ONE month,…. that is much too much. I was sad to see that also girls were involved. As they write in the Magazine; May ..a poor start of the season.That’s an understatement!!!
—-As I knew Klaus Holighaus and I know Brigitte, Ralf and Tilo it was extra interesting to read the story” The Legacy of Klaus.” Martin Schempp and Wolf Hirth are mentioned as well. The history of all their legend-gliders is top reading too, certainly as my ex George owned/flew several Schempp-Hirth gliders as Cirrus , Nimbus 2, Ventus, Discus, Nimbus 3 and a brand new 4DM during the WGC in 1987 in Benalla.
—-The story about Polish top-glider pilot Adam Czeladski is touching. In 2009 he crashed with his LS 8 ” sustaining spinal injuries that rendered him a paraplegic.Less than a year after the accident he flew solo again in his brand new Discus 2CT.
Now he flies a JS1 with a Hand Control System. The full story is in the Magazine.
—-All about the AERO 2016 TRADE show in Friedrichshafen by Aldo. With p.e. news about the GP 14 from Peszke, the SWIFT from Italy, DRONES but also avionics, books and art, electric propulsion , the STEMME and more.
—-The Perlan Project costs now over 7 million….BUT the Space Glider Perlan 2 is helping Airbus with their innovations and goal to set the altitude record for of 90.000 ft[ 27.400 meters] to find out about similar conditions as on MARS.
—-63 Pages of aviation-news from all “corners”.


Too much sport to follow at the moment!!! First of all,  the semi- finals and finals from soccer in France, the Tour de France, Wimbledon with exciting tennis and on top of that the European championship athletics in Amsterdam starting today in the renovated Olympic Stadium. The first big event after the Olympic Games in 1928!!!!


And to finish a picture from the good old times shared by Dieter ” Dundee”  Albrecht.
With Michael Giles [then] WGC pilot and long time guest, Don Escott, [instructor] Maria and Dieter Bottcher, [long time guests/friends] , Kurd Boyd [tuggy] ,Bones  [tuggy] , Lada [dad from Hana] ,Dundee [long time guest/friend] and another nice German couple who visited a few times, Wurbs-von Burlow if I remember well  and 2 I don’t remember .


CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

June 29, 2016

USA Nationals continued. The last days of the UK Nationals and QSGP in Austria.

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What summer we have ???? Rain , thunderstorms, flooding…etc even here in Holland!!! Hail stones like tennis balls in the South of Holland  and trees broken like matches…unbelievable!!! Most glass houses ruined.
OVER 100 million is the expected bill for ONLY the hail damage !!!! In our region about 20 million for the rain damage, including the crops on the acres.
The huge hail balls are to be seen at Severe Weather Europe.
BUT ….one of our meteo guys forecasts a hot summer with heat waves!!!!! Let’s wait and see, there might be hope!!!
THIS,….is Holland as well this week a very nice weather phenomena. A storm-front ahead of a huge shower at the IJsselmeer, as seen and shared by Maurits Dortu, who travels end of this year to Australia for the WGC in Benalla as member of the Dutch team.


13532883_10209570071233266_6107567004103324242_n   13508831_10209570071553274_731416237912678216_n


A roller cloud in Holland!!!?? Like Morning Glory in the N of Australia but now at home!!!!

In between,…. Euroglide fights the weather elements as well.
Before they started  the organizers already deleted Dahlemer Benz from the TP list due to a long rain forecast.
On Thursday some had reached Roitschjora close to Leipzig and some landed at Leszno.
Pilots arriving at the airport of  Mielec, had a warm welcome with a “sleep -over” in the hangar.
On the 24th a total of  7 had landed in Leszno in Poland on the way to TP Plock and some were on their way again from Plock up to the next TP Krosno .


Sleep over in the club house , BBQ and glider in the hangar, what do you want more?
Picture shared by Robin van Maarschalkerweerd.

Here is the map again so you can click on it and follow where they are . On the site you can follow the tracking of course as well.

euroglide2016route270 (1)

Yesterday the first finishers arrived back at Venlo from the turbo class. Great effort from the boys in the ARCUS T with call sign EX and DX. Congratulations!!!!
Some teams however are “stuck” in Poland due to the bad weather. No worries, it’s a holiday anyhow, though all want to be back in a good time.
But also for them good news as you can see on the pictures shared by Frouwke. No rain but CU’ S.

13528890_1104118159627364_2906104569316010443_n  13494783_1104118192960694_446395802051009060_n

Holiday soaring atmosphere!!! On the “GO” again.
Pictures shared by Frouwke.


USA Nationals in standard, 15 m. and open class.

News for day 2 by Bruce;
“Here is the sky on the direction we are going today, on a 3 hour AAT. It stays mainly west, as the weather to the east where we went yesterday is forecast to be overdeveloping, possible small storms. I think there might be some grid-sitting today while we wait for things to heat up.


2 Hours later;” The day has been called off. Still some high cloud cover, and the temperature has dropped about 5 degrees. Back to the house.”

During briefing he was allowed to give a safety briefing about what happened to him, as “ I think there is something to be gained from telling the story” .
He got huge support from ALL.
Here is Bruce;” I delivered the safety briefing this morning, and told my tale. I was concerned that I would struggle to keep it together, but I mostly managed to keep talking. The gliding world is full of fantastic people, and they have shown me huge support, along with all my family and friends. So many thanks to each and every one of you.
Now, today is another day.”


Bruce with an after-safety- briefing of his difficult flight.
Shared by the organizers.

Off they went indeed for another day [2] on the 23d. A good day for Uys who won again in open.
Bif Huss is doing a great job in standard class and in 15 m. it is Peter Deane who flies really well till now.
In open it’s all about Uys , Keith and Dick ,being 1-2-3 for the day and overall. Of course being from South Africa Uys flies HC.
Bruce did a good job being 6th for the day.
–” Today the weather looks to be excellent, maybe the best day of the competition. We have been given a 4 hour MAT task, which means we have a sequence of assigned turn points to visit, with the aim of arriving back at home at least after the 4 hours has elapsed. If you don’t visit them all, that is fine, and if you are fast enough that you need some more distance, then you can choose your own from the turn point list, so long as you don’t fly back and forth between the same two points; you must visit another one in between. Is that clear? Really it is like a set racing task with a time component. Having never flown one of these tasks, I am very interested to see how it goes. It may be a good solution back at home for the pilots who don’t like assigned area tasks. The day is firing up as forecast at present.


—” Today looked like it was going to be a good one, and the 4 hours assigned for out MAT sounded like a load of fun. However, we are having some trouble getting the entire fleet in the air fast enough. It is still taking two hours to launch 65 gliders, and the Open Class is always at the rear, so we struggle to get a reasonable flight completed. Today we basically all started the moment the gate opened, which was 3:30 pm local time. It was obviously not going to work having us come home at 7:30pm, so the task was shortened half an hour. That would have been OK, but some small storms/overdevelopment happened as we turned for home from the south, and it was difficult to make the last few turns. Shame, as the weather was boiling pretty nicely up until then, with some good strong climbs going well above the 17.5k limit. After my experience on Tuesday, I enjoyed staying high and surveying the Utah high desert from afar! It also meant that when the stuff hit the fan I cruised quietly home, when I probably should have had a go at one more turn. I finished 20 minutes early, which costs a heap of points too. The idea of struggling low and creeping back home on a really marginal glide didn’t excite me too much. It was a fun day.
The photos are late in the afternoon, one towards the turn that some guys managed to make, and the other, with the better-looking cu in the distance, is the view home. By the time I got back, those clouds had collapsed also. Well done to the winners – looking through those names there are no surprises. They are all the good guys.—“

13533264_10153511008930981_2720053087586442251_n   13529255_10153511008985981_1002535605762396127_n

On June 24 flying- day 3!!! Here is Bruce after he WON the day!!!
—“I think today was the best day yet. It was still strong and high, but there were no storms or showers to get in the way. There was a bit of wind, often around 20 knots, but that actually lined the lift up nicely, and I found it easier to get some nice long glides. As happened yesterday we began with a 4 hour task, and it was cut back to 3 while we waited for the launch to progress. We were just running out of time. In the end the day lasted long enough that we could have managed another half an hour, but after the last few days you wouldn’t have known that it was going to be possible.
The task went south then east to get home, and my track took me over the scene of my horror on Tuesday, but at the significantly more comfortable height of 16,000 feet. One of the photos shows the area where I was low. Pretty ugly isn’t it? The other shot is during my best climb of the day, with a peak over the panel of a delicious Utah sky. I managed to stay nice and high all day, got some good runs like I said earlier, and finished 322 miles at 106 mph for a day win. Very satisfying!“— Bruce.


What happened more on flying day 3?
In standard class it’s more or less  a “fight” between Bif [Huff] and Danny [Sorenson]. They circle around each other for spot 1 or 2. Today Danny won and Bif was 3d. The totals after 3 days are close; Bif with 2797 and Danny 2735. Walt Rogers ” hangs in ” with 2722 [4th today] The rest ,9 pilots, are at this stage 300 points behind.

In 15 m. 28 Pilots and also in this class 2 pilots who “fight”  each day for the honors.David[ Leonard] leads after 3 days with Peter [Deane] just behind him; 2754 for 2717.

In open Uys still leads HC with 2914 points.[JS1 c-21 ] He was 2d for the day behind Bruce. Keith Essex [JS 1 C-21 ] who was 8th for the day still leads , the championship, with 2770 but his marge is not big as David [JS 1 C-21] and Dick [CONCORDIA] follow closely; 2738 for 2736.
Still 6 days to go!!!!!

June 25;
Day cancelled due to weather at the morning pilot’s briefing. A cold front has brought north winds to the valley and cooler temperatures. While the temperatures are pleasant for ground crew, today’s forecast does not include soarable weather. Conditions should be improving tomorrow.
Still 5 days to go!!!!AND,…….as they expect good days:
next  few days should be strong hard racing with no letting up. Fingers crossed” as shared by Bruno pilot from B 4.
He also mentioned :” Uys Jonker and the Jonker crew gave a fine demonstration and presentation tonight during dinner.  They flew the new jet around the airport with beautiful Mount Nebo in the background.  Be sure to look for pics and video of this demo on our facebook page. Uys then shared with a full house the background development of their JS1 and working to make improvements to performance in the future. The pilots really enjoyed the evening.  Catering was Mexican from our favorite caterers!!”


JS 1 flight  by Uys with jet-demonstration and ENOUGH interest in this glider.

13494874_1018976328151379_7147063123458435104_n  13511950_1018976174818061_6419003158588981188_n  13528944_1018976301484715_3356317991034690588_n

June 26; was hot and VERY blue with late launches and for all classes racing tasks!!
As said , Walt Rogers is hanging in, and so good that with his 3d place for the day he moved to spot 1 overall in standard class!!!
Danny is 2d and Bif 3d.
In 15 m. it was not such a good day for the 2 “toppers”. Peter was 10th and David 16th. They still lead but Rick Indrebo is on their tail with only 80 points behind David.
In open it was Uys again. He shares his glider now with South African toppilot AP Kotze.
The top 4 is all JS 1 and then the CONCORDIA.

Bruce had another good day and was 3d. He is 8 overall.
Here is his daily story;
“A slightly frustrating day all around today. The weather was slow to start, and we had two pilots meetings at the front of the grid, which resulted in two changes of task, from “A” to “C” to “D”. Once again we were running out of time, and our gate did not open until 4:25pm. The final iteration was just 195 miles, east one valley, then a run down that valley to the south, over a range to the west and home again. There were just a couple of cu when we first went east, but the rest was blue. Heights were OK; it was possible to get over 17,000 feet, but once we were racing there was no point in going higher than 15-16,000, as the lift strength was dropping off. Short tasks are always difficult, as one small slip usually costs you a big percentage of time, whereas on a longer flight the mistakes even out for everybody. My flight was frustrating too, as I had my slow spot after the final turn. There was nothing going up and a group of us got low there, before we found a climb that was less than average. I finished in third place, but felt that I could have done that part of the flight better.”

June 27; Day 5…….A fabulous good strong day in Nephi, except for 1 pilot in standard class. Walt out-landed and dropped from his nice 3d place to spot 10, by gaining “only” 558 points for the day.
As they mentioned in the daily story; “A great fun day of racing around the Great Basin.  Looks like we have one landout, it will shake up the Standard Class standings, and some great speeds.”
Bruno Vessel flying the ASW 27 had the fastest long flight in his life; 125.07 km./h. over 646 km.

Open Class – Top 5 were over 100 MPH and more than 425 miles

Standard Class – top three over 90 MPH raw before the handicap.

15 Meter – Top 15 for the day were greater than 90 MPH and more than 425 miles

Lot’s of smiling faces and tired pilots.  Need to go remind them to hydrate and eat well so they can do it all over again on Tuesday.

Just over 1:30 to launch 61 gliders!  The ground crew is rocking!

June 28; forecast for today and the next 2 days; over development! The news on their site:
” 15 Meter stated at 13:05 local time for 3 hours 
Standard and Open task B for 2.5 hours.
All classes returning between 1600 and 1620 local time.  Sky is filling with cumulus, over development, high run off from far away cells and the first sounds of thunder.
Hoping for safe task and landings.”

In Standard class Bif was 1 for the day and AGAIN overall. Walt was runner up for the day and climbed again to 4 overall [great effort] and Danny was 5th and 2 overall now  only 17 points behind Bif. Exciting last days!!!!
In 15 m. same story . The 2 “toppers” Peter and David are still  “fighting”  for the honors. Peter was 4th for the day, David 7th. Result overall; 5374 and 5369.!!! Gary Ittner won the day and is 3 overall now!
Open class saw Keith as daily winner and he is the number 1 overall as well. Uys/AP are still HC in the lead. 5352 for 5309. Dick with the CONCORDIA is now on spot 2 overall. Good old Doug Jacobs had a less good day being 11th but still is after so many years , at this stage, in the top 5. Bruce is 6th with a daily 3d place.
All scores unofficial.


QSGP in Austria.


The pilots , the gliders, the tuggies , part of the LOGO team, the organizers from the QSGP .
Picture courtesy Christoph Graif via FB.

Finally the good weather reached Niederöblarn in Austria and after 3 days without a task, they started with a 234 km. flight on their day 2 on June 22. Wolfgang was the best in his Ventus flying the distance with a speed of 126.44 km./h. and “collecting”  the 10 points for the day.
11 From 19 finished. Bostjan was runner up [8 p]  and Didier 3d. [7 p.]
Day 3 was straight on the next day, bigger task, better weather; 360 km. This time German pilot Simon Schroeder won the 10 points by flying around with a speed of 132.53 km./h. Number 2 and 3 were from Germany as well; Jan Frederic Mueller [8] and Mario with 7 points.He was as fast as Simon, but did not round a TP well.
Except for one they ALL finished and the non-finisher was only 13 km.out.
Day 4 had an even longer task and after the 3 non-flying , lazy days the ” boys” had to work; 403 km.
Excitement enough as Wolfgang has 17 points and Bostjan and Jan Frederic 14.A total of 13 for Mario and 11/10 for the Schroeders, Robert and Simon.
A big “cloud” of gliders arrived at the finish line after the 403 km. 8 within 4 minutes,  some a tad later.
Best speed and winner of the 10 points. Werner Amann.[127.75 km./h.]  runner up Bostjan with 127. 33 and on 3 Robert with 127.16 km./h. They all had a chance to win the day , flew alternately on different positions , but in the end Werner separated from the rest and went home with extra speed.
So how does it look before they start on the last day?
22 points for Bostjan and 19 for both Mario and Wolfgang, 18 for Robert and 15 for Simon. They are all still in the race!!!!!


The airfield as shared by the organizers.

Day 5 last day!!!!!Task; 131.88 km.
Werner won the day and with the 11 points from the last day and the 10 he scored earlier by winning a day he had a total of 21 points. NOT enough to win. Bostjan , 5th for the day, earned 5 more and wins with a total of 27, the QSGP from Austria.
Wolfgang only “got”  2 points to add to his total and that was not enough to be runner up. [21 p. as Werner]
2 Pilots share the runner up spot. Simon and Mario both from Germany and both with 22 points.

5 Days out of 8 with this terrible weather is pretty good. Nice long distances as well on 2 days 360 and 403 km.
Another “LIKE”- QSGP.
The next one is in the UK in 18 m. configuration . Between July 9 and 17. 20 Pilots have been selected, another 7 are on the reserve list. Among the UK pilots ;Andy Davis and Russell Cheetham and 3 pilots from Germany. The race will be flown from Bicester Gliding Centre.


UK Nationals standard and 2-seaters.

On their 2d flying day from 7 finally a task again for all those waiting and patient pilots; 220 km. for standard, 216 for the 2 seaters and the “regionals” got 154 km.
SO sad, ….but they had to cancel the task.
The last day was a very marginal day again and it just made 2 days for St Class with a 153 km. task, but nobody finished. The best pilot reached 144.75 km which seems already a miracle but George  Metcalfe did it followed by Jez Hood with 143 km. and Howard Jones with 140.  The rest did not reach 100 km.
In the end George won with a total of 634 points what says it all.He “climbed” from 3 to 1 on this last day adding 108 points to his total.Howard moved from 5 to 2 [559] .
In the 2 seater class the day was cancelled so were the regionals. So only ONE day for them, but they all will have had good fun together, as the weather is the weather. You have to do/deal with it.
Andy won flying day 1 in the 2 seater- class and “got” 440 points for the day,  that was also the final result.


Interesting OLC flights!

German pilot Thorsten Streppel flying an LS 6 WL in the USA, mentioned in his comment on June 23;
Finally the first 1000km day at Parowan this year. Very nice convergence lines, easy to use despite some local over-development and thunderstorms.”
He flew the next day another 1000. Not bad in an LS 6 with winglets.
1.097,17 with a speed of 137.41 km./h. and [with an outlanding not far off] 1.057,16 km. with 142,13 km./h.
Mathias Schunk flew his 9th 1000 km. flight for the season on June 24, this time from Koenigsdorf  in the Quintus M. It looks he wants to win the Alpen Liga.
June 26 showed 2 1000 km-flights from Parowan on another amazing Parowan day.[ DG 800S/18m. and ASW 27]
Parowan was “glowing ” again on June 27. Ramy Yanetz flew in his ASW 27 1.207 km with a speed of 133 km./h. He commented on the OLC:”Super epic day. The hardest part was to stay below 18K with thermals averaging 10-15 knots and cloud bases well above 20K.”
” Averaged at least 150kmh most of the flight but traded speed for distance the last couple of hours to stretch the flight to 1200km”   9 Over 1000 km. flights in the ELY / Parowan area. Same great weather in Parowan [more to the NW]  as in Nephi  .


It’s still far away but here is the latest from Tom Claffey about the comps at NARROMINE:
Hi all,

After much consulting with all concerned we finally have firm dates, just adding one more day to finish on the Sunday 19th of Feb.
Starting practice day Sunday 12th Feb, first comp day Monday 13 Feb.
This allows anyone flying Horsham week to drive up on the Sunday and still compete Monday while getting in the full days for the comp.
Comp is open to all two seaters, with the 20M two seaters up for National Championships and international team selection.

Happy Flying,



After nearly 70 years and 5 months of examinations,  they diagnosed me with asthma. NEVER EVER had a problem with my lungs!!!!
Bad allergies as well, so more medicines to recover, but nobody can heal asthma unfortunately.
No worries I am going to live with it!
Cheers Ritz

June 22, 2016

10 years news from Holland!!! Cotswald Nationals in the UK and QSGP in Austria. Open class Nationals in the USA.

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Back on track after a great week with my high school friends. Was n’t the fittest person in the world, we did not have the best weather either , but we did what we wanted to do; having fun, lot’s of talking, shopping, even walking [ every day,…. but 2 times 10 km.] and biking[ once 25 km.]!!

So life goes on and last Monday was some kind of jubilee. I wrote my first soaring-eu blog from Holland exact 10 years ago. In total I have written 20 years. Starting when we were running Sportavia from 1996 onward with the Latest News.

Back to news about soaring and comps or GP’s NOW.
By the way I visited on my way to the holiday resort,  for an half hour the airport of  Malden where the Open Military Championship was busy with it’s last day.
Impressive is the only word for the new club house of the NIJAC . It looks like a glass tower , on the first floor, where you can sit outside with a drink to oversee the airport.
The old club house has been renovated and looks enjoyable and spiffy as well.


QSGP [18meter] in Austria.
June 18-25.

With 19 competitors , 7 from Austria, 1 from Switzerland  and France, 2 from Slovenia and 8 from Germany this competition is flown from Niederöblarn in beautyful Styria.
They could start straight away on Saturday with a 158 km. task, won by well known Swiss pilot Werner Danz. He got the 6 points for the day.
Christian Hynek, flying the ” SHARK” was the unlucky one for the day,  missing the start line and “getting” 5 minutes penalty.A pretty tricky day with several re-landings before the regatta start with a max start-height of 2000 m.

The more lucky ones from day 1; Werner on spot 1, Robert [Schroeder 4 points] on 2 and Klaus Kalmbach [ 3 points] on 3 and number 4 was Wolfgang [Janowitsch.. 2 points] and 5 was Mario [Kiessling.. 1 point].


Sunday, was cancelled.
Monday, was cancelled.
Tuesday, was cancelled.


The Cotswold Nationals and 2016 Regionals.
June 18-26.

With 23 pilots in the standard class Nationals and 15 in the 2-seater class this is a competition flown from Aston Down in the UK. Another 10 fly the Regionals.

Unfortunately day 1 on Saturday June 18 had to be cancelled, Small tasks were set but “in vain”.
Sunday was cancelled as well, but the forecast for the rest of the week was better.
Monday was a no-go, but on Tuesday tasks were set; 206 for standard, 239 for the 2-seaters and the Regionals had to go for 164 km.
They were reduced to 153 km for standard and at least 3 pilots finished with a start just before 4 PM and finish between 6 PM and 6.38. They got 553, 527 and 526 points for their efforts.
So 3 Finishers  and 15 over 100 km. [107-to 150 km.] . Close but just not ” in ” was Ayala Truelove. She got 471 points for her 150.60 km.
16 LS 8 gliders from 23 in this class.
155 km. for the 2-seaters and also here 3 finishers; Andy Davis with the ARCUS T with a speed just under 80 km./h.[440 points]  Kim Tipple in ARCUS T also,  was runner up[434]  and Peter Hurd in the Duo Discus XT was 3d.[398] Number 4 flew 144 km in a Duo Discus T still got 353 points.
87 km. for the Regionals and at least 2 finishers.
All results preliminary.


15 m, standard and Open class Nationals in Nephi Utah [USA]
June 20-30

Bruce Taylor from Australia traveled all the way up to Utah to fly the USA Nationals. Here is his first impression from his ” Taylor’s Gliding Place” . For those who cannot follow that on FB , I copy and paste it here with his permission;
—-” We have arrived at Nephi, Utah for the Open Class nationals, which begin on Sunday. After crossing into Utah amid the red and brown I was expecting, it became steadily greener towards Nephi, about 70 miles south of Salt Lake City. Tomorrow I will have my one and only practice day, and the weather looks to be OK. Early next week the weather could become extremely good… Fingers crossed! Photo is from the airfield car park. Reminds me a little of Mount Terminillo in Rieti.—“

Indeed he is right.


Practice ;
—” First day flying today, and I managed a personal best. I know for many it is not so impressive, but in 6500 hours I have never had a thermal climb to 18,000 feet. I have been (much) higher in wave, but not in thermals. The day was generally a bit difficult, and at one stage I even contemplated the embarrassment of an out-landing first day out! However we dropped some ballast and struggled out of trouble. I didn’t fly a huge distance, but did start to get a feel for how things work, and I have to say that it is different to all the other mountain sites I have visited. The trees grow quite high up the slopes, and all the greenery seems to affect how the thermals develop. I think on a good day there will be thermals everywhere, but on cooler blue days like today it is only the very hottest bare peaks that work. I was watching the only cumulus in the sky about 50 km East of Nephi, and late in the afternoon I went to explore, and found a little convergence there. Cloud base looked to be around 20,000 feet, but the limit for us is 18,000. Shame The next couple of days are going to be similar, with some wind around, but Tuesday looks like being a monster.. Can’t wait!–-” 

Official practice day on Sunday June 19;
Bruce; ” False alarm. We have two practice days, competition begins on Tuesday. Today is blue, blue, blue with a 3 hour AAT. That means we have a choice in which piece of blue we use. Most pilots are flying, as for many of us it is our first visit here.”
“A bit more of the same today, except lower and slower. We were set a 3 hour AAT, north-east, south then west before coming home, probably about 380km scratch distance. The weather was pretty slow again, and we were mostly working below the ridges, with some tippy-toe flying amongst it all. Further south and out of range for our task there were some high cu’s and lenticulars, no use to us at all. The day took a long time to start, and I was afraid it might stop early. For me at least it did, and the final 100km was almost totally dead. After landing though, there were a few signs of wave on the final leg, so maybe I just flew in the wrong place.

Despite the tough conditions, I felt slightly more confident today. It’s always hard going to a new site, as flying well is so much about confidence, and today I felt like I could push along a bit more and stay out of trouble. It almost turned to worms on the last leg, but we got home somehow.
Photos are out east of Nephi. As you can see it is quite green and scenic. Not a description normally associated with great gliding, but I think this place might be different.—” 

For what it is worth Bruce won this BLUE practice day in his 18 m. ASG 29 with a 3 hour TAT[turn area task] !!!Different mountains, different tasks as in TAT etc, so good on him.
BUT,…..there are a few very GOOD pilots in his class , as in 15 m. and standard. So let’s wait and see what this upcoming week brings.


13507170_10153502390510981_6487522181452160599_n   13442167_10153502390525981_7905410825857679880_n

Practice day 2 on Monday June 20 was won in open class by Dick Butler , now in the CONCORDIA and not in the SUSI-1A he flew in on practice day 1. I had to go to Wikipedea to find out more about this glider and here you are ;
—” The Sisu 1A is a competition sailplane built in the United States in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Originally designed by Leonard Niemi as a homebuilt sailplane, its first flight in 1958 showed such promise that Niemi decided instead to manufacture it in series production. Niemi formed the Arlington Aircraft Company for this purpose. The Sisu 1A quickly proved itself as the most competitive American sailplane ever developed, winning the 1962, 1965, and 1967 U.S. National Soaring Championships. On July 31, 1964, a Sisu 1a piloted by Alvin H. Parker became the first sailplane ever to fly farther than 1000 km. “—-

So would Dick add 2016 as a new winning-year in this old-timer with many world records behind it’s name ??????
The answer is NO. During the comps he flies the CONCORDIA!!!!! He was 7th on day 1.
I hear from insiders that the SISU  is a pretty heavy glider but with great performance on high speed.

Bruce’s experience till now , is a good one as well ;
Nephi looks to be a great soaring site, my first experience of the western US. Big thermals!”
Practice day 2 was good practice and Bruce finished as 5th.
” Today will be 100 degrees. At midday it is still blue, but the nice weatherman says we will have some cloud today. Heights may be above 18,000 feet. I smiled at the forecast thermal strengths… 8-10 knots, peak climb rates to 15.5!! Could be fun.”

Yesterday they started the comps and
—“ First day of organized gridding, and I have to say it wasn’t… at all…. 4 hour AAT and the weather looks pretty smokin’ hot. Hopefully more time bouncing off the height limit. If we do anything like predicted speeds we’ll need every inch of the areas they’ve set us, so will have take care of that, but there is usually something to slow us down. Photos of the grid thing, with JS waiting patiently. —”
As said Uys in the JS 1C-21m. won the first day. Keith Essex in the same glider was runner up. Bruce was 14th after an out-landing and RESPECT for his next story about day 1 !!!!!!!

—-“I’m unsure how to begin. Today I escaped having an accident by a tiny amount, and whilst I believe that it is important to tell the story, I don’t want to scare those who care about me. I am back in our house, safe and sound, but severely humbled. I care not about the fact that I out-landed, but I do care about what happened earlier in the flight. I flew down to a frighteningly low height above totally unlandable terrain, and I went within an inch of breaking a borrowed glider. The scenario contained both poor decision-making on my behalf, a lack of knowledge of the area, and some weather that simply caught me out. The attached photo was taken looking down my intended track about 20 minutes before this whole episode. The attractive cu’s overdeveloped quite rapidly, but even after this started I thought that they would still be working. I did get a long run of good air, but should have realized sooner that there were no more climbs to be found. I deviated right, which is west, to chase what I thought was the more active side of the clouds, thereby putting myself further into trouble. Long story short, I arrived at the very far right of this photo incredibly low. My only option would almost certainly have meant a broken glider, and I have never done that. Finally I climbed away, after a radio call to explain that I was in serious trouble, I continued the task for some time, then got low again, then climbed again, from where I realized that I had safe glide to a nice, paved airport. I’d had enough excitement for the day, so landed and took an aero-tow home. I now have a very much greater respect for this site, and a heightened awareness that I am not infallible.—”
This is the picture Bruce talks about.


13445698_10153505342150981_5206769660828954435_n    13502024_10153505342165981_5185249025424973065_n

Ready to go on day 1 with happy and exciting expectations for a great one.
More about them next week.



Started last Monday. A monster trip through Central Europe of 2400 km. All pilots LOVE IT!!!
In the past they started at Eindhoven but all gliding operations from Eindhoven Airport have ceased. Now they start from Venlo in the South of Holland and the organisation of Euroglide 2016 is a joint operation now of both clubs.
So start and finish of Euroglide 2016 will be on Venlo airfield.
Here is the news from the site:
The basis of the route is a triangle with start and finish at Venlo and two turn-points in Poland. The first turn-point is Plock, just North-East of Warszawa. Then to the South of Poland where the turn-point is either Nowy sacz or Krosno, depending on the class.

Euroglide 2016 route
Euroglide 2016 route,
click to enlarge.
In addition, two turnpoints have been inserted in order to avoid the TMAs Dusseldorf and Koln-Bonn and also to avoid overpopulation of airfields on the first leg to the East:

The Gliders and Self launchers have the first leg to Plock via Borkenberge and the Turbos have the first leg to Plock via Dahlemer Binz.

The total distance of the two tasks is around 2420km.
More details can be found in the Euroglide 2016 Rules, available on the rules page.


2 Dutch teams …ready to go. Good luck to ALL.

On Monday it was raining “cat’s and dog’s”   up to 25 mm at some places, but the weather will improve!!!!
On Monday evening at 11.10 PM, Luc Weber published this picture;


It was either waiting or displacement by car. At least some German beer was available for some yesterday evening[Oerlinghausen and Flugplatz Dinslaken, Borkenberge ] so quite a few moved by car…trailer on “tow”.
Today looks good!


They have already good weather in Brazil at Bahia Gliding. Look at this!
32 Dgr. C and a cloud-base of 2000 m.



news from Graham Garnett from the UK.
LASHAM GLIDE 2016 the prequel for the EGC 2017.

-” To all my gliding friends in the UK and abroad please read and share this post.

Lashamglide 2016 (30 July – 7th August) which consists of the 15m and Open Class Nationals also has an 18m competition.

It has now been decided that the 18m competition will be a handicapped competition with the handicaps ranging from 105 – 111 (UK handicap rules)

This now makes your LS6, LS8, DG800, LAK17, Ventus2C or any other 18m glider competitive!!

The 18m class at Lashamglide though rated as a Regional comp will be treated in the same way as the other two classes, grid rotation, scoring priorities, prizes etc will be to Nationals rules and standards.
The actual wording on the Lashamglide website below;

The 18 Metre Regional is a handicapped task group rated as a Regional but operated to Nationals rules and procedures as defined in the BGA Rules for Rated Competitions valid at the time of these championships. Eligible glider types are gliders with wingspan of 18 Metres of less within the BGA Glider Speed Index range of 105 to 111. Scores will be handicapped using the appropriate BGA Glider Speed Index.

It can’t rain forever!—”

CD of these comps is former world champion Andy Davis and as said, they run the “show” from July 30 till August 7 2016.
At this stage;

  • 15m (currently 35 entries): the official UK Nationals, run to Nationals Rules, including tasking and scoring, with the starting grid rotating each day.

  • 18m (currently 12 entries): a handicapped task group rated as a Regional but operated to Nationals rules and procedures as defined in the BGA Rules for Rated Competitions valid at the time of these championships. Eligible glider types are gliders with wingspan of 18m or less within the BGA Glider Speed Index range of 105 to 111. Scores will be handicapped using the appropriate BGA Glider Speed Index. The starting grid will rotate daily.

  • Open (currently 25 entries): the official UK Nationals, run to Nationals Rules, including tasking and scoring, with the starting grid rotating each day.

    The event is sponsored by Sydney Charles Insurance Ltd and NAVBoys, who are putting up serious prizes and will provide on-site support for various LXNAV, Naviter & SoaringXX products; both will have representatives on hand to answer competitors’ queries.


And to finish another awesome picture this time  shared by Jill Mc Caw, mum of Alex  with her text. Enjoy !!! Gill is the editor and publisher of Soaring New Zealand Magazine and with her husband John she runs MCCAW MEDIA.


Alex McCaw and Nick Oakley fly along the Craigieburn Range in Canterbury. Both Alex and Nick are competing at the up coming club class world championships held in Lithuania.
Alex’s dad John took this photo while flying in the back seat of an ASH 25 with Nicks dad Mike; gliding really is In both the McCaw and Oakley family.


By the way, we have had the longest day yesterday and on the same day the astronomical summer started here with a bit of sun. On Monday it felt like autumn. BUT,.. we will have up to 30 dgr on Friday,…yes…..with thunderstorms.
The first half year Holland had more rain than ever counted for in history. Up to 500 mm. where 300 to 350 is the normal average.
Still terrible weather in Europe.
Warshaw in Poland had a severe down burst on June 17 with heavy rain and wind. Tornado’s at Serbia on Monday and heavy hail in SE Italy last Sunday. [Puglia]]

Cheers Ritz

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