Coppa in Varese ! Aboyne for mountain flying and …G.I.

September started with around 700 km. flights in the beginning of autumn in Europe [France, Spain and Germany] , and ….not too bad…600 k. in the UK from Lasham in the ARCUS T….and 456 km. Down Under, by our former partner in Tocumwal Grant ,who flew his St. Jantar from Kingaroy on the first spring day.
The last comps in Europe are in progress now as well.


Coppa Citta Di Varese.
4 September 2020 – 13 September 2020
 Sat 5, Sun 6, Mon 7; then Fri 11, Sat 12 September 2020
13 is a reserve day.

Task 1….Ready to go….Great airfield,..never have been there…
As shared by Aldo Cernezzi

After the CIM and Coppa Citta di Rietie, the pilots fly now in Varese where 20 pilots “fight” to win the CUP from Varese at the airfield of Calcinate del Pesche; “Adele and Giorgio Orsi airport of Varese “. I remember both of them.
The 15m. Nationals are part of this last competition in 2020.
The CD is the same as in Rietie…Aldo Cernezzi.
Day 1 …no task… but day 2 had a small task number 1; 2.45 AAT.
Nobody flew more than 100 km…67 km. was the best …and lots had air space violations.So NO points.
task 2; 2.20 AAT…and now they could fly a few more kilometres.
205 for Alberto [Sironi] as the best for the day, in the ARCUS T; speed 87 km./h, which says enough of the day.
No flying on Monday..cancelled.
Then they start again next Friday.
I will keep you informed.


—-News from Alexander Schleicher;
First flight of the AS 34 Me – Schleicher’s first electric self-starter in the airAS 34 Me – Schleicher’s first electric self-launcher has flown

Pictures courtesy Alexander Schleicher


News from E2 glide;
Congratulations! Matthew Scutter won E2Glide competition with Diana-2! September 2020, Germany.
With 5 out of 8 day’s at the airfield of Großrückerswalde, Matthew won 3 days and was runner up on 2!!!
Number 2 was Florian Heilmann in the SILENT and at 3 Luka Žnidaršič in a Ventus 3.
Matthew mentioned ;” E2Glide turned out to be a great event – we had very marginal weather, as you would expect for September in Germany and perhaps 2/8 days were flyable by normal standards. With the whole fleet having electric engines, we were able to launch and even start in marginally soarable conditions and still manage tasks on 6/8 days. “

Matthew in the LL.
Courtesy Diana-2 New Generation


Another competition which is always nice to follow is the UK Mountain Soaring Championship 2020 from Aboyne in Scotland organized by the Deeside Gliding Club.
Things will be a little different this year, no welcome BBQ on Saturday evening, morning briefings will be held over Zoom and all all pilots, crews and the organizing team are split into 5 separate bubbles.”
But some things will never change, we will still have both the cross-country and height gain competitions running all week, with all the task and scores published on Soaring Spot

They started on September 6 with a “nice” 3 hour AAT, with 20 pilots and 2 HC pilots/teams.
Tasks 1 was for as far as I know one of the best in this discipline..John Williams with 254 km in the 18m. LS 8. Though there are 2 John Williams in this comps , the other one flies the ANTARES 20,….that’s always difficult when you are not there!
10 were out and the runner up Dave Latimer, had 237 km in the Ventus CT/17.5 m.
Task 2 after a non flying CC-day [ pilots could fly or practice height that day ] had a 2.30 AAT won by the Duo Discus, with 394 km. mind you , the runner up in Discus 2 CT had 256 km. 12 Pilots were out.
You can follow the days action at,-3.54577,10
A 2 hour task is set for today.


It’s getting easier and easier to read the G.I, just perfect NOW!!! It reads so much easier when the lay out is superb, and that is what it is now.
More or less an e-reader.
Compliments to the G.I. team in New Zealand.
What’s in it???
—-An impressive story about “Sailors of the sky” 24 pages of stories , pictures and graphics.
It’s a reprint of a 1967 article about gliding, just the time I started soaring.
Finding the story and buying the rights to use it from National Geographic was not a complex affair, but nevertheless gave us all at Gliding International a real sense of purpose.” John Roake the editor.
—-nice stories about Klaus Holighaus an Ingo Renner who turned 80 in June.
—-has gliding anything to learn from passenger aircraft manufacturers?
—–an update…..a sad day for gliding in New Zealand with Omarama closed….
—–Lot’s of news…p.e. the 2020 FAI General Conference edition 114,…will be like most briefings at comps nowadays electronically.
—– the August accident report did n’t make me happy….7 deaths recorded.
and INTERNATIONAL Aviation news for glider pilots and “things with wings”

CU next week
Cheers Ritz

A weird season about to begin!

We are in September now and the meteorological SUMMER is over here!!! Winter of course down under/southern atmosphere.
Normally I write about containers travelling to Australia and even more to South Africa and Namibia, but as it looks now, such things will NOT happen.
Most travelling is on hold, lot’s of airline pilots are waiting to start again,..that is when they have not lost their job…and borders not only from countries, but also from states are CLOSED.
Comps have been rescheduled and some just disappeared from the agenda.
We NEVER anticipated a year ago, how bad this covid-19 was and is for our way of living.
And it ain’t over yet!!!
We just have to make the best out of it.
Let’s focus for the moment, on local soaring, our good health and remain careful.

“our” call sign MM already for ages, …so I thought I share this picture from Schempp-Hirth, where “all our employees wear now masks in the company, and gliders do the same! Take care, stop Covid, wear masks .”
as shared by Schempp-Hirth

On Wednesday August 26, Adam [Woolley] showed the season down under is on the verge of beginning; 487 [300 FAI triangle] from Kingaroy in his Ventus 2ax /15m.
Not long he will fly his new toy, a Ventus 3.
What an awesome Winters day in Queensland & a terrific way to open the bank up since my last glide (Mid-Feb).; 305km at 132kph!! Then OLC flying to end the day under huge clouds, fires and smooth air – great fun!

David Jansen flew ,…also from Kingaroy…the next day 726 km [541 FAI triangle] in an LS 8, with a very easy-going comment;” Gotta love Queensland in winter.. “
Adam and his dad had a great flight that day too.
Adam;” Wicked winters day, 500 declared FAI triangle at 135kph – Dad beat me off the stick at 140kph! I missed a climb that I rejected and Dad took at the end of the day, that was all the difference way. Old bull, young bull hey!?”
AND;” Sensational winters day, 513km FAI at 136kph! 5.1kt average, 17% thermalling, 37km glides at 73:1 at 180kph cruise speed!First glide out of the start: 100km at 85:1 at 180kph, into 6.6kts for 3500′! Beautiful CU for most of the task, heights, climbs, speeds, all predicted perfectly by SkySight, many happy smiles at the bar tonight .”
Indeed very “happy chappies” over there in the East of Australia where the new season normally starts.
Here clearly days are getting shorter. BUT,…..still over 700 k-flights in Europe [Germany, France],as well in the beginning of autumn.

” the sky after landing at 15:40 “shared by Adam. By the way he has now ” over 10,000hrs total aeronautical experience “-


—Slowly we can look back at the 2020 season on the OLC. Not a bad season, when we look at the damage done by COVID in other sectors.
I guess not a lot will change,till the end of this OLC season, so I slowly start with the stats from the best flights.
Both were flown in a STEMME.
Both in December [-13] from Zapala Neuquen in Argentina, with huge speed ; 196 km./h.
One by Klaus Ohlman …2.816,95 km….and one by Thomas Horz…2.805,58 km.
Wave up to 8045 MSL.
At spot 3 Jean Marc Perrin in a 15m. DG 808 on December 12…..2.228,12 km. with a speed of 163 km./h also from Argentina, but this time from the airfield of Jose De San Mart  .
So to see, the first long flight not flown in wave ,was from Pokweni by Alexander Mueller in his EB 29 with 1.400 km…speed 151 km./h. on November 27.

—- News from Jonker Sailplanes;
JS2 Revenant – STEP by STEP – Our chief design engineer did not want to give any performance away with the JS2 fuselage. In fact, he designed the fuselage with even less drag than the JS1C fuselage. Obviously, this raised some concerns to our marketing team if we would be able to fit our better built customers. As soon as the seat pan, seat back and instrument console were installed we lined up our test models… The awesome models were sadly not selected by looks but for size. Being fit and in shape was not one of the criteria. In fact, we tried all sizes. Our favorite model Oscar Goudriaan fitted easily, and it seems if a 140 kg “real man” also manages to find his position. “I am confident that a 115 kg pilot exceeding 2m will enjoy a comfortable ride!” Attie says.

—-Outlanding with the tug!!! as shared by Arne Martin Guettler:
Glider pilots can outland anything. Here the tow plane had to make an outlanding, after an engine failure at 400ft during a glider tow. The field was about 250m long, but recently harvested. The glider made it back to the airfield.”
In the end it was a cracked cylinder.

Pilot is caught here collecting the tow rope, which he released on final before the landing. ” with
Stian Rasmussen.

More outlandings.,..3 out of 5 flying days for Benjamin [and Claire] who wrote a funny but very interesting blog about the Pre world ‘s in France…

—-Yesterday the TOUR DE FRANCE left Sisteron, passed Serres and the cyclists spend the night in Gap.
All places we know from soaring too.
One of the Dutch glider pilots Willem, made a few pictures whilst looking at the TV. You can clearly see the several helicopters used to cover the tour caravan.
I saw it on TV in Holland/The Netherlands as well.

Shared by Willem.

And to finish a great picture shared by  Mamz’ailes SoFi in her L’album de Mamz’ailes SoFi She just celebrated her birthday.

HB-2471 Arcus M August 27 at SISTERON.

CU next week,
Cheers Ritz

Montlucon continued! class Nationals.

When I left you on Wednesday morning they were ready for short tasks in France, but even short was not good enough.
In Club, 3 from 13 finished, in Mixed 13 from 31…..The UK pilots did well in that kind of UK-weather.
Starts were mostly around 4 PM for club and around 4.25 PM for the mixed class. So a late window to fly in.

Tuesday……as shared by Pôle France Planeur

Club class;

Wednesday …Task 4…2.15 AAT;
The German and Polish pilots knew how to deal with this weather too. Uwe [Wahlig] and Stefan [Langer] started at 3.49 together and Uwe finished after 138 km in time 2.24. Stefan flew 147 km ,but seems not to have finished but still got 358 points where Uwe got 440.
Lukasz Kornacki and Arkadiusz Downar in SZD 55 and Pegase started together as well at 3.41 and both finished in time just over 2.30 and 140 km’s distance.

Thursday…Task 5…363 km;
That looks better….

Briefing on Thursday morning.
courtesy George.

But it was not really better….with what I heard, a pretty tough wind and on the tail during start, the pilots enthusiastically started their relative big task, BUT…..ONLY 3 finished. The wind on the nose at the last leg was just too much for most.
Uwe and Stefan finished,… good on them…. they started together at 1.46 and …finished around 6.50 PM. So over 5 hours in the air.
They were on a daily 2 and 3 spot ,…cause the UK has a good pilot as well; Jake started at 2.15 , finished at 7 and was number 1 with 877 points and a speed of 77 km./h
His UK mate Ge started at the same time, but JUST could not make it home missing out on a few km’s.
Belgium pilot Frederic de Groote is doing well in his St. Libelle and was on spot 4 missing out on 4 k.
So 3 IN and 10 OUT.

Friday….NO TASK! So 1 more day to go!!

Saturday …task 6...3.45 AAT !!!! LAST DAY!!
Weird day not only because the scoring system failed in the evening, just when it is important to see what’s going on.
In this class however, “things” were pretty normal.
The German toppers Uwe and Stefan , were together with Rasmus, the ONLY FINISHERS.
They flew all 3 over 300 km, …more did so, but did not finish…with the best speed for Stefan, 88.96 km./h., so he won the day.
Jake was out and lost points.
Then it was waiting for the scores till mid night. Sunday morning I had the final results, for the first 3 pilots.
1. Stefan Langer, moved from 2 to 1 with 3.961 points.
2. Uwe Wahlig moved from 3 to 2 with 3.936 points.
3. Jake Brattle moved from 1 to 3 with 3.776 points.

As shared by Pôle France Planeur

Mixed class;

Wednesday…Task 4…1.45 AAT;
Starts between 4.14 and 4.30….also for them a small window to fly in,…so small that 9 flew less than 100 km.
It really upset the overall scores as the “normally finishing” pilots as Sebastian and Lucasz were out as well.
So 6 pilots flew over 150 km.,among them 3 UK pilots, 2 from Italy and 1 from France.
For their efforts they got between 517 and 530 points .
The UK pilots Matthew John [Cook] and Howard [Jones] moved straight away from 7 and 14 to spot 1 and 2 overall, but scores are close very close.
My Belgian mates Jeroen and Dennis had a bad Tuesday. Their scores arrived only a day later. I noticed they had started 1 hour later than the rest and could not bring their gliders home.
So I wondered what had happened,…taking a risk for a late start…maybe rain and non way to depart…NO , they were not sure if they had a good start and flew back for a restart…now I wonder if their first start was OK.

By the way Benjamin had an other outlanding, but I was more interested in his comment;
this time with my team mate. Still massive welcome from the farmer and his family. We will come back for sure just for the friendship !
Weather was like a « cucumber tart » and start line limited to 1400 m was just a joke many pilots paid by early outlanding… anyway welcome in Montluçon

Thursday…Task 5….369 km;
That looks better and scores will be hopefully less upset. But,…..for some it was a “hell-of-a-day”!!!!
Though 1000 points were to be given.
They were for Belgium pilot Francois Delfosse ,who in his JS 3 flew the distance with a speed of 68 km./h. AND,…that say’s enough about the day with a real tough wind on the last leg.
Some were caught out by rain as well.
What about Sebastian, you look for him at the top, but no this time he was at the bottom!!Last spot ..41…with 163 points.
He started with Lucasz G. who was the last finisher on spot 29…but he “got” 836 points.
But we know what Sebastian can,… worries!!!

Friday…NO TASK!

August 22 last flying shared by Pôle France Planeur

Saturday….task 6…3 hour AAT ; LAST DAY!!!
And what a day it was!!!! Not only because of the scoring problem, but also because the changes in the overall scores….Let’s start with the day first.
Team Eric and Anne won the last day in the ARCUS T. with 333 km in time 3.10. A few more were scored and then it was waiting. Problems with the scores. I went to bed.
In the morning on Sunday, still the wrong scores as I knew that some pilots were scored as only km’s,…. but they had finished.
In the end the scores , who were all pretty close changed dramatically.
The 2 UK boy’s Matthew and Howard moved from 1 and 2 to 5 and 9!!They were 18 and 19 for the day.
The French boy’s Meric and Antoine moved from 6 and 3 to 1 and 2!!!!
They were 12 and 14 for the day.
Scores are still very close, that’s why I share the best 10.
1. Meric Morel in ASG 29 with 3.935 points.
2. Antoine Havet in JS3 with 3.928 points.
3. Enrique Levin in Discus 2A with 3.870 points.
4. Jacek Flis in Discus 2Awith 3.869 p.
5. Matthew Cook in Ventus 2Awith 3.844 p
6. Max Seis in JS 3 with 3.835 p.
7. Thomas Grove and Andy Lutz in ASG 29E and Ventus 3 with 3.831 p.
9. Howard Jones in Discus 2A with 3.830 p.
10. Peter Banki from Hungary in Discus 2A with 3.815 p.

Pôle France Planeur

I say often ” on a last day a lot can happen ” That happened here with scores SO CLOSE. Mind you…scores are ALL PRELIMINARY as they are still struggling with the system…but they claim that the numbers 1-2 and 3 are OK.

An interesting competition , …maybe TOO many outlandings… I had the feeling that for next years WGC the organizers have to do a few jobs . No worries, it’s practice for them and the pilots.
As I later read, most were volunteers and called on very short notice. The drought and covid-rules did not help either.

As said the Junior comps and Female comps were in La Roche-sur-Yon also in France.They had tough weather but great fun.
Here are the ladies, the best out of the mixed class…

as shared by Pôle France Planeur

And here the juniors from CLUB class with only 3 out of 7 days.

Club class
1. Eliott Daniel in Pegase
2.  Théo Manfredi in LS 4
3. Clément de Péchy in ASW 24.

And the winners from the mixed class after 4 days of flying out of 7.

1. Florian Labatut in ASW 27
2. Clément Flick in ASG 29 E
3. Duboc & Alasnier in Duo Discus.
Pictures shared by Pôle France Planeur


Coppa Citta di Rieti

Nice to see a Dutch tow plane in Rieti.

With 21 pilots hoping to be the new Italian Open Class National Champion ,they started on August 15 in 2 groups like in the C.I.M.;
Group 2 counted 28 pilots, group 1 had 12 .
They had 7 out of 8 good days up to 500 km. and a few very fast ones.
Peter Hartmann [Group 2] flew on task 3 around over 381 km. [2.20 AAT] with a speed of 163 km./h!!!
One day later he repeated that with 162 km./h over a racing task from 394 km. flying his Antares 23T.
Saturday was the last day and Peter leaded the overall scores then in group 2 , ahead of the Bouderliques, Giancarlo[Grinza] winner from the C.I.M and Thomas[Gostner] .
Great to see Alvaro [De Orleans] did win 3 tasks [1-5-6] in his ASH 31 Mi 21m. A pity he did not fly on task 3.

Gallery from …

On Saturday was their last day and in group 2 the winner was yes , Peter again, now with 129 km./h. over 393 km during a 2.40 AAT. So easy overall scores;
1. Peter Hartmann in ANTARES 23 T with 6.085 points.
2.The Bouderliques in the ARCUS M with 5.879 p.
3. Giancarlo Grinza in Ventus 3F with 5.795 p.

Group 2 winners. As shared by Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

In Group 1 no surprises and great flying by Luca
1. Luca Urbani in Discus B WL with 6.128 points.
2. Team Scheiber from Austria in Duo Discus XLT with 6.062 p.
3. Lorenzo Fornari in Ventus A [500 kilo] with 6.015 p.

The rest was in the 5000 scoring.

The GROUP 1 winners with CD Aldo to the left. He is GOOD!!!
Shared by Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

SO ….also important ,…who is the new Italian Open Class Champion;
1. Giancarlo Grinza with 6.231 points.
2. Ugo Pavesi with 6.052 p.
3. Thomas Gostner with 6.007 p.

The rest was in the 5000 marge.

Proud winners …Specially Giancarlo who won 2 titles [ 18 m. champion as well!!!] during the last weeks.
Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Congratulations to all. Rieti had a great time with many happy pilots during the C.I.M. and C.C.R.
I think, no I am sure that, CD Aldo’s mentality , personal interest and touch, have to do a lot with these great comps.
Not to forget a THANK YOU TO THE TUGGIES, always active in hot and sometimes not too easy conditions

Tuggies and ..the Dutch tug.


—– Newsy news;
Liz Sparrow, the CD for the next WWGC ,flew a new UK gliding speed record; class….women’s open,20m and 15 m.!!
Congratulations Liz, this is some super flying. Liz’s record flight was on 11 July 2020. She flew a 400km triangle at 107.76 kph!
I add my congratulations as well. By the way she flew the record in an ASG 29/15m.
—-  regarding the rescheduling of the Multiclass Nationals in Australia, which had been planned for October 2020.
The SDP (Soaring Development Panel) have agreed that a Nationals can not be a Nationals if all states can’t attend, or can’t do so without quarantine. So if the current interstate restrictions were to remain in place throughout the soaring season, we will not be having any Australian Nationals events in the 2020/21 season. “
They remain optimistic though…
—–The Kiripotib SOARING team , has cancelled with pain in their heart this upcoming season. So NO FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS.
There will be no containers from them, going to Namibia this season, but they are planning already for the 2021/22 season.
We decided two months ago not to send our gliders, but in the background there were considerations and discussions about organizing a shortened season. However, the current Covid19 developments, especially in Namibia, have led to the decision to cancel everything. “
—–Bitterwasser had about the same message;”All hope in vain.
All the optimism of the organizers did not help: this year – due to the Covid 19 pandemic – there will be no hovering season in Bitterwasser! The Bitterwasser Board kept the decision open until the last minute. Now, shortly before the containers with the gliders should have been brought on the way, the decision had to be made
. “
Travelling from and to Namibia at this stage,is impossible too, BUT ” The hope for a season in Bitterwasser has not yet been completely given up. If the development turns positive by early October at the latest, a shortened season can be organized. “
—-The Polish 18 m. Nationals [ 14 August 2020 – 23 August 2020 ] from Leszno , were won, like last year by Lukasz Wojcik in his VENTUS 3T.
29 Competitors in this “open ” class and 5 out of 10 days.
Janusz Centka was 3d in ASG 29 and team Wolfgang Janowitsch/Petkovic in ARCUS M was 6th.
—- Tassilo Bode had some super flights in the Ventus 3M from Puimoisson in France and shared some great pictures here is one of them.
Pretty busy there with 22 flights on the 21st.
One day earlier Lucas Blattmann flew a 1000 from there in his VENTUS 3T.

As shared by Tassilo.

We finally had the last day of the regional heatwave last Sunday, pfff… 18 day’s is a pretty long time. On the other hand , we have today a REAL autumn-day,..this change is going to quick!!!AND,..again a lot of damage by fallen trees, but no casualties.
CU next Wednesday
Cheers Ritz

Montlucon-Gueret International Glide/Pre-Worlds!

Ready for the official practice day.
Courtesy George.

The Montluçon-Guéret International Glide 2020/ PRE-WORLDS with 60 pilots from 17 different countries is in progress.
16 August 2020 – 22 August 2020
One of the important messages was published on August 14 2020;
Dear competitors
Due to the severe drought situation in France and particularly in the department of Creuse, measures to restrict the use of water have been taken by the authorities.
Competition will therefore take place without ballasting the gliders.
Thank you for your understandin
That will be very different, but less work in the morning and everybody has the same “problem”.
I heard not everybody was happy with this “on short notice” new rule.

Pôle France Planeur

A lot of well known and still young pilots in club class as , Rasmus Orskov from Denmark, Jake Brattle and Tom Arscott from the UK, as well as a bit older Ge Dale and from Germany their German coach Wolli Beyer.
Dutch WGC champion Sjaal Selen will attend from Holland and my Belgium mates , Dennis Huybreckx and Jeroen Jennen.
Toppers from Germany as Jan Omsels and Enrique Levin and from Poland Sebastian Kawa and Lucasz Grabowski.
Matthew Scutter former JWGC champion from Australia and Andy Lutz from Austria and many more!!!
So 2 classes CLUB and a mixed standard/15 m/20 m. class. Scoring for the standard, 15m and 20m multi-seat class will be with French FFVP handicaps. 
First official practice day after rain the day before, was on August 15 with tasks as 3.30 AAT for club [ 13 pilots] and 3 hour AAT for the mixed class.[43] In the 2 seaters of course 2, as Eric Napoleon with Anne Ducarouge in the ARCUS .
12 in the mixed class flew and finished ,2 were “out”. Winner was Sebastian with 319 km. and a speed just over 100 km./h.
The rest , as runner up Dennis and Howard [Jones] on 3 ,had under 100 km./h.

A few “girls ” flying as well. A quick look on the participants learns me : Aude, Diana, Anne and the Abadies share one JS 3.

Aude Untersee, last seen in Lake Keepit, now ready to go at the Pre Worlds.
Pôle France Planeur .

Let’s start with this for sure interesting competition;
CLUB CLASS 13 pilots:
Day 1 ..task 1…2 hour AAT; CANCELLED
Day 2..task 2…297 km; won by the young “hotshot” from the UK, Tom [Arscott] with a speed of 80 km./h in the LS 7 WL; 865 points.
Ge [Dale] an a bit older “hotshot’ was runner up in a DG 200 and on 3 the other young “hotshot” Jake [Brattle] in LS 7 WL.
So a few “out” as well; 7 from 13.
Day 3…task 3 …3 hour AAT; OUCH…bad day for Tom…he was the only one out….after 238 km. and lost nearly 700 points, that hurts!!!!
Jake had a better day and was runner up, they started together, so something en route must have gone wrong.
Winner for the day Stefan Langer for Germany in LS 3A. [279 time 3.09 for 1000 points] His mate Uwe Wahlig in the same glider was 3d.

MIXED CLASS 41 pilots:
Day 1…task 1…2.30 AAT; CANCELLED.
Day 2…task 2 …322 km; only ONE pilot/team flew over 100 km./h. so a difficult day; Yves Gerster /Hirt from Switzerland in the ARCUS M .
Max[imilian] Seis in the JS 3 lost 18 points as runner up as it was a 1000 points -day for them.
The Abadies sharing a JS 3 were 3d but fly HC ,so Matthew [Scutter] had a good day as number 3.[98 km./h]
Matthew mentioned;”Exciting climb up to final glide on the first flying day at the France Preworlds.[In the rain]
Easily the strangest competition I have ever flown in – water restrictions mean we are not allowed to ballast with water, but we’re still being scored with ballasted handicaps, so we have Diana 2’s in our class as low as 30kg/sqm and Arcus M’s at nearly 50kg/sqm, with 1% between them. I have the FES batteries in my Diana 2 so I am not suffering as badly as others.
A difficult day, with TP’s surrounded by rain and a storm for some on the last leg…then dead air!!!
From 41 6 were out. Most of them only 10 k out!!!Benjamin [Neglais] was out on 12 k, as you can see a “real aux vaches”, but still could smile;

” Yesterday a late start was complete wrong with rain on start line and first low point after just few kilometers… a good start for a long day which finished exactly like it started… with rain and dead air.  at least field was great and people also. One of my best welcoming in a crop Field !
As shared by Benjamin.

Day 3…task 3…2.30 AAT; MUCH better day for Benjamin…19th for the day. It turned out to be a Polish day; Lucasz Grabowksi [ASG 29] was on 1 with 265 km. in time 2.40. Jacek Flis [Discus 2A] was runner up and Sebastian [Diana 2] on 3 with the other Lucasz [Blaszczyk ] on 6.[Discus 2A]
The 3 Dutch pilots were on spot 31[Robbie in LS 8] , 32 Diana [in JS3] and 33 Sjaak.[Discus 2A]

For today there is a 1.45 AAT-task for the mixed class and a 2.15 AAT for Club.
Scores are very close ,..but hopefully 4 more flying days to make the difference,…AND with ONLY ONE point more you are a winner too.

If you want to “follow” the pilots….they continue till August 22… look at;


At the same time they fly in France the JUNIOR and Female competition.
La Roche-sur-Yon in France, is the place to be for the juniors and the female pilots.
Also a mixed class [ 19] and club class.[ 22]
4 Members of the De Pechy family, with, I presume dad and one son in the ARCUS M., being runner up on task 2 but as HC and 2 young sons in the Club class with Clement winning task 2 and brother Anton with no points.


—-Ricardo Brigliadori flew a stunning new European and Italian record ; 183 km./h.over a 100 km. FAI- triangle.
He flew his JS 1 …and/as …he is the Italian JS agent.
Ricky mentioned via Jonkers;” “the sky of Rieti is always the most magical sky of the world. Every day brings joy, fun galore and satisfaction for those who love our amazing sport: GLIDING!

Ricardo after his speedy 100 km. flight.
as shared by PilotaperSempre

—-Talking about Italy AND Rieti the Coppa City di Rieti is in full swing with group 1 and group 2 and during this competition the Italian Open Class Nationals will be flown.
21 Pilots fly for the title. Quite a lot of the same names as the last Rieti CIM.
They had 3 flying days till now …yesterday had NO TASK….and in open it’s again Giancarlo Grinza [Ventus 3F/18m] who is at this stage leading the “pact”.
Ugo Pavesi [ASG 29] is just 16 points behind and Thomas Gostner is 3d in Ventus 3T./18m.
Yesterday Peter [Hartmann ] in his Antares 23 won the 2.20 AAT with 163 km./h. in group 2.


—-For my Aussie mates and for those who still hope to visit Australia for the 2020/2021 season here some news from the comps.
Qld state Comps
Registration from Thursday 24th Sept
Practice  Friday 25th Sept
Comp Saturday 26th Sept – Friday 2nd Oct
Presentation Dinner Friday 2nd Oct
Format will be Grand Prix style.
Club Class will be flown Dry
Sports Class will be ballasted.
Registration at

—-To finish some really “sad” news!!!!About Omarama, I thought the problems were sold but it seems to be more complicated!!!
Sadly, Glide Omarama does not expect to be operating from the Omarama Airfield in the near future.
It has been an incredibly challenging six months for us on many fronts.
Many of you will know that the Civil Aviation Authority decided to discontinue our letter of exemption from part 115 of the civil aviation act earlier in the year. This decision, to enforce new compliance on Glide Omarama’s operations, was abrupt and unexpected and was made following extensive personnel changes within the Authority. Unfortunately for us, it fell in the middle of our season. Part 115 compliance for Gliding is unique to New Zealand and is a complex, lengthy, and expensive process. Requiring significant new levels of regulatory and administrative overhead it would have vastly increased our operating costs without adding any measurable safety benefits. It would also push many of our most experienced and talented instructors out of the industry.

Even as we began to tackle part 115 compliance, Covid-19 turned the world upside down. Despite some newfound local interest in gliding, many of our regular overseas clients and team are unable to travel here for the 20/21 season. We’re thinking of you all; whatever this gliding season brings it will not be the same without you.

A further hurdle has now been thrown at us by the Omarama Airfield Company. Despite our existing legal rights to an exclusive license to operate commercial gliding from the airfield, they have proceeded to advertise for new commercial operators. We have been attempting to work with them to resolve our concerns in a way which minimises impact on everybody else. Unfortunately, they have declined to engage with us around the issues raised.
As a result of all of the above,
there really is no choice but to suspend operations from the Omarama Airfield until further notice.

I myself have retired and handed over the business assets and affairs to my son George in the hope that he can pull together new leadership and a future for what we have built over the last 22 years in Omarama.In the meantime, I am preparing all of the equipment for sale including gliders, tow planes, hangers, and ancillary equipment, as well as writing a book. So please watch this space for updates.

I am told that over our 22 years, Glide Omarama had grown to become one of the most successful gliding operations worldwide. It was certainly unique considering the skills and professionalism of our staff, our wonderful guests from around the world, not to mention the Omarama soaring environment.
I often said that the real reward from this line of work was the people we met and the adventures we shared. This is certainly true for both Mandy and me.

I would very much like to thank all our guests from wherever you came and our outstanding team. There is also a very special thank you which I would like to make to Rod Dew our General Manager; his outstanding leadership and steady support throughout these difficult times have meant so much.

Gavin Wills – Retired, Omarama

It makes me feel VERY sad again, as it makes me think back of how Sportavia had to be sold in 2005. It’s a life style you don’t earn a lot of money ,but it is great to meet so many mates and be there for them, share their passion as well as yours.
I feel for Gavin and Mandy but as far as I could see and hear they did a great job.
I still have a lot of contact with lots of our guests and friends from the SSC time.
I know they will have too.

Cheers Ritz

EXTRA;Pictures from C.I.M. winners and Italian National Champions in 18 and 20 m.

The Italian CHAMPIONS in 20 m.

The Italian CHAMPION Alberto in the middle with team mate and daughter;
1. AM Sironi & Bassalti………………6,382
2. BPG…Prodorutti & Pronzati……5,599
3. PP…Brunazzo & Micheletto…….5,472

The Italian 18 m. CHAMPIONS

1. CU….Giancarlo Grinza……………6,840
2. Y…..Giorgio Galetto………………6,825
3. 8D ….Davide Schiavotto………6,796

The GROUP 1 winners from the C.I.M.

1. LB….Bouderlique & Bouderlique….6,270
2. AM……Sironi & Bassalti………………..6,198
3. BRA….Ghiorzo & Passardi…………..6,176

The C.I.M. GROUP 2 winners!!!

1. 2X……Bert Schmelzer………….6,981
2. AB……Arne Boye-Møller…….6,835
3. CU…Giancarlo Grinza………6,701

That’s it from the C.I.M.
It took me quite a while to publish the pictures , but after 3 hours I got it “right”.
Pictures were all published by Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

CU on Wednesday, with some news from the French pre worlds in Montluçon-Guéret, France, … 16 August 2020 – 22 August 2020 …with 55 interesting pilots.
And I keep an eye on the next comps in Rieti.

cheers Ritz

Last 2 soaring day’s in Rieti!!!!

“Rieti” is always such a great competition and this one, so to see and read is not different.
Not an easy one for pilots as I often hear [d]. It needs some experience to “deal” with the weather , specially unexpected sea breeze and the mountains, but,..when you are comfortable with that, it’s awesome.
The atmosphere is always good, from all 8 visits I only have super memories.

The promised picture from the rain straight after the flight on Tuesday. by Arne.

Here are the last day’s from the C.I.M.
They always confuse me in Italy, sometimes it is till the 13th, on other comps it’s the 13th included and that’s what happened in Rieti this year.
When I left you Wednesday tasks were not set for the one but last last day, but here it is;
Wednesday group 1…racing task 371.64 km.
145.88 km./h was the speed from the ARCUS M team Prodorutti & Pronzati , but for only 819 points. They started reasonable early at 2 PM whilst the runner up team Alberto left at 2.17.
All finished, but Fridolin [Hauser] in ASG 32 MI did not fly over the last 3 days.

Thursday ,very sure the last day!!!367 km;
Another FAST day; 144 km./h for team Alberto. Team Stefano was runner up with 139 km./h. They started at 14.43 which was as the last but one ,..anyhow 8 minutes after Alberto, have to try at the last day.
Team Prodorutti & Pronzati was 3d , the Bouderliques 4th and Katrin and Arnaud 5th.

FINAL results group 1;
1. Bouderliques from France in ARCUS M with 6.270 points.
2. team Alberto Sironi in ARCUS T with 6.198 p.
3. team Stefano Ghiorzo in ARCUS T with 6.176 p.

So very close scores!!!!
Number 4 had 5.954 …Katrin and Arnaud in the ASG 32 MI.

Italian 20 m. CHAMPIONS;
1.Team Sironi with 6.382 points.
2. Team Prodorutti with 5.599 p.
3. Team Brunazzo & Micheletto with 5.472 p

Hopefully pictures next Wednesday!

Wednesday group 2…racing task 373.88 km.
Davide won another day…so 2 in a row….. now with 153 km./h!!! Good on him.Such a pity he lost around 500 points on task 2 .

Arne mentioned ;” Hot and fast day with friends and fellow competitors. Arriving on final across the mountains after intense 375km at 250kph+ raises the heartbeat a triffle but ground control and good discipline among the pilots and all was safe. “
I looked at the video from the finishes and they were quite spectacular.

Thursday task…413 km;
VERY interesting for the Italian title..this last day, as Giancarlo and Giorgio have only 30 points between them. Who is going to be the Italian National Champion in 18 m. class?
But first the CIM….
You are a former world champion,… you flew a few times in Rieti ,….you have been on spot 1 overall from the beginning ,…PRESSURE!!!????
NO not for Bert jr.
He “just” won the last day,…with 13 others he started at 3 PM and was back in a flash with 151 km./h on the “clock”!!!
Arne and Davide belonged to the same-time-starters, but were a tiny bit slower…148 and 147 km./h. Giorgio was 6th for the day.
5 Were out on this last day!

1. Bert Schmelzer jr. in Ventus 3T with 6.981 points.
2. Arne Boye Moeller in JS 3 with 6.836 p.
3. Giancarlo Grinza in Ventus 3F with 6.704

ITALIAN CHAMPION in 18 m. class;
1. Giancarlo Grinza with 6.840 points.
2. Giorgio Galetto with 6.825….only 15 points!
3. Davide Schiavotto with 6.796 p. GREAT EFFORT
The “fight” was from the beginning between Giancarlo and Giorgio. Giancarlo leaded the overall list 5 x and Giorgio 3x.

For all scores have a look at

There are a few splendid video’s from this great competition on FB…have a look!!
Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

The C.C.R [Coppa City di Rieti] starts straight after the CIM. 15 August 2020 – 22 August 2020

Hope I can add more pictures tomorrow,…it’s unfortunately not always working well.
CU then..

Cheers Ritz and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL, the CIM winners, the National champions and ALL pilots who have flown in this competition.

C.I.M….WOW! G.I. August!

Spectacular flying from Rieti;
Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

The CIM, started as you know already with 2 cancelled day’s.
But then the weather improved and soaring was a fact in good old beautiful Rieti!!
They started carefully in both groups on Wednesday with
Group 1;
Task 1 …2.30 AAT
; in this class lot’s of 2 seaters as this is the Italian 20 class m. National Competition as well.
Daily winner; Maldivi/Ferrero in ARCUS T with 224 km. in time 2.30 at the dot, [89 km./h.] followed by 2 ARCUS M.
Task 2…279 km;
Alberto Sironi/Bassalti was the best with a speed of 110 km./h. Not yet the fast Rieti weather,….. but building up…..
The Bouderliques from France were runner up in ARCUS M and on spot 3 Katrin Senne with Arnaud de Broqueville in ASG 32 MI.

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Task 3….3 hour AAT;
2 Italian teams up front with 2 Swiss teams following. Vitorio [Pinni] flew around over 326 km. Alberto over nearly 350 but they needed a bit more time.
In this class also 2 single seaters ; a Discus 2A [Handicap 11]and 2 bWL.[109]
Task 4…2.45 AAT;
Today the temperature varies from 31° to 34° depending on the area. QNH is 1016hPa, 10/15 knots from the north-east. Cumulus bases at 2000-2400m, good thermals but broken by the wind. The air is humid but getting drier. Wind from the northeast may create wave phenomena (unfortunately) on the eastern side of the Apennines.
A “mighty” distance of 324 km. for the Bouderliques in their ARCUS M; time 2.51!!!AND,…not even for 1000 points…946.
BUT,….climbing from 4 to 1 overall!!!!
The next best performance shows the difference; 287 km. in time 2.52 by the Stefano [Ghiorzo ]-team;805 points.
4 Were out ..among them Vittorio dropping from 5 to 10 overall.

Group 2;
Task 2…2.20 AAT;
You remember for sure that task 1 was cancelled but still flown by Bert Schmelzer jr with big speed.
He repeated this effort for points now ,winning the task; 296 km in time 2.39 in his Ventus 3T.
He was followed by the UK pilots Pete Harvey and Steve Jones with less kilometers but better time;269 and 265 km in time 2.24 and 2.26.
6 Pilots had an airspace violation even pilots from Italy who have flown a lot in Rieti. Luckily it was in the last part of the task.
Task 3…339 km.;
AND ,…a 1000 points day and those points were for Arne [Boye Moeller] from Denmark in a JS 3/18m. [112 km./h] Followed by Bert in the Ventus 3T[110 km./h] and the UK pilots Derren[ Francis] and Pete both in Ventus 3.
Bruno Gantenbrink in the ETA missed out on 1 km.; he flew 338.17 costing him 100 points.
4 Airspace violations in this class.
“It was fun and interesting at times and difficult flights. The landings were safe despite the north wind, Bruno Ganterbrick’s Eta gave us the spectacle of his landing from the south!

Bruno’s shared by Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Task 4…3 hour AAT;
For today they expected” a maximum temperature of 32 degrees , QNH is 1016, cumulus bases between 1600 and 2400m. In the north, thermals will be powerful but broken, in the south they will be weak and disturbed by some coverages. There will be beautiful convergence but also some rains. “
377 km. in time 3.27 was flown by young German Lukas Blattmann in the Ventus 3T.
The ANTARES from Peter Hartmann from Austria was on his tail but has a handicap of 124 to the 120.5 for the Ventus.
Alvaro [Spain] in his ASH 31 MI was the first “not-finisher’ and only 1 pilot abused the airspace.
Giorgio [Galetto] only lost 19 points on the winner as number 3 for the day.
After 4 tasks Bert jr. still leads but Arne is on his heels ; 2.749 /2.735points.

Task 5…3.10 AAT;
The best daily 4, flew around 360 km. around time 3.08.
2 Italians, Giorgio and Davide, and 2 Austrians Peter and Christian[Derold]
12 Were out, virtual or by airspace violation and maybe in “real”. Among them the 3 UK pilots, who were doing so well and the winner from the day before, Lukas after 86 km. That hurts….dropping from 4 to 18 overall.

Today, August 9th, is the Official Rest Day.
There will be an informal briefing at 10.30 with meteo info and.. personal considerations.
National rules say that must be a rest day after a maximum of 7 consecutive flying days.
We have a total of 5 more available days (9 consecutive).
Forecasted excellent weather starting from Monday.
Towing and operations active as usual under the 2 local clubs’ managemen

Looking at the overall scores from the Italian Nationals after 1 week;
Alberto leads the 20 m. class with 3.115 points.
18 m.class Giorgio with 3.615 points.

Rieti airfield from 3.480m waiting for the Startline to open. “
By Arne.

So with just 3 day’s to go, [ 3 August 2020 – 13 August 2020 ]as it seems the 12th is the last flying day, we continue with
Group 1;
Monday..Task 5 …372 km
;WOW,..what speed over those kilometres . Team Stefano flew around in the ARCUS T with 154 km./h!!!
So no 1000 points but “only” 766.
Vittorio in the Duo Discus XL was with 148 km./h runner up and Katrin and Arnaud were 3d with 152.82 km./h.

Katrin and Arnaud
Shared by Giacomo Cavoli
Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Tuesday..Task 6…351 km;
Bouderlique-day again !!! Speed of 129.55 km./h over the set task. Team Alberto and team Katrin were runner up and on spot 3.
With one day to go the Bouderliques have 4.842 points , followed by team Stefano with 4.673 and team Alberto 4.593 points.
Only 64 points less for team Katrin, so a lot is still possible in this 20 m. class National Competition.
Looking at the scores for the nationals…Team Alberto [ 4.777] is more than 500 points ahead of runner up as team Brunazzi.[4.237]

Wednesday;task 7 last day!!!No task yet so an update tomorrow!!!

Tuesday…Task 7…401 km;
Davide in the JS 3 won the day ahead of 5 x a Ventus 3 and 1 Antares.Nice speed of 143 km./h.
The UK pilots Pete and Steve starting and flying together, were on spot 2 and 3.
4 Pilots did not finish and Alvaro did not fly .
Arne mentioned; ” Complex 401km day in Rieti. Decisions, decisions, decisions. As an afterthought the met man mentioned there might be a bit of cb activity. A bit? But man, is this fun and exhilarating! “
And;” heavy rain and lightening, the occasional adrenaline moments, blue thermals and sheer wonder that all this is possible. What a great day and kudos to the pilots who just blazed through. 
With other words wet,wet,wet. They needed shelter after the flight.
Sorry,..the picture does not fit anymore, will try tomorrow.

With one day to go;Bert leads with a bit more than 100 points on Arne.
Looking at the Italian comps it is Giancarlo who leads with 5.226 on Giorgio with 5.180 and Davide with 5.098…the rest is far behind!!!

Wednesday…task task yet. so see the update tomorrow!!


The GLIDING INTERNATIONAL is as you now already a monthly “happening” now. I must say it is so much easier to read it digital now. Not flipping over the pages, but just a download and scroll down over the nearly 60 pages.
What’s in it?
—A very interesting story about Benalla, AND a fascinating story from there about a Grunau Baby in 1948...Had not read or heard this story before.
The glider and pilot were sucked into a mammoth cloud that took them to a height of 13,000 feet. “
Of course having gone solo in the Grunau Baby the story got some extra attention.
Jonker Sailplanes...the story of the success from the brothers Uys and Attie and Dr. Johan Bosman their Chief Aerodynamic Design Engineer .
—-membership…As I know John, the chief editor is very involved with this issue.
My interest in this subject goes back well over 35 years. In those earlier times, we had 120,000 soaring pilots which has dramatically fallen to today’s estimate of 79,000.”
—-the international accident report from June and July 2020, does n’t make you happy.
—The best “tug undergoes major performance changes.” ..all about the Super Piper Cup.
— lot’s of aviation news , “thing’s with wing’s” ….. Lot’s of claims for new world records!!!! …..and much more!!!


I do realize that a lot of the young pilots flying great distances at the moment, are having [temporarily] no job as due to COVID-19 lot’s of staff including pilots have been sacked at airlines all over the world. An awful time for many,…I wish you all lot’s of luck and hope you are having your job back when possible again.

Last Saturday a 2-seater crashed in Belgium, not so far from where I live , with an 57 year old instructor and an 18 year old female student, as I read during a summer-camp , it……makes me shiver, certainly because my own grand children fly now as well!!!!
SO SAD!!!!!!

We are still in a 9 day heat wave here in Holland with up to 38 dgr. C. In my garden in the sun it was 49 dgr.C.
It’s the 29th official heatwave since they started ….we have the 2d regional here already now in 2020.
No fun as most of us have no air co’s. Normally not necessary.
By the way this has NEVER happened before!!!!The hottest EVER period here.
I hear , experts say so, that we are going to a more French climate now here in Holland.

Cheers Ritz CU tomorrow with an update of the last day in Rieti and then again next week.
Do have some problems with space on the server. Good “old” Bill is looking into the case again.

Continuous “1000-km-rain” in Spain! C.I.M. in Rieti!

It’s August the month of normally long flights from Fuente and nowadays also Villacastin.
It is at least 20 years ago that I was in Fuente ,so things have changed ,but I do see a lot of the same names still flying there.
With the much better gliders the distances are getting longer as well.
What about 1.384 km?! Speed 150 km.p/h in an ARCUS M. from Villacastin.
And Guy from Luxembourg, in his Quintus M, who I met there that year, flew 1.265 km[ 911 triangle], his 9th 1000 km and the longest till now!!
2 More over 1200 km. flights!!!!Good day!!!

In between those long flights from Spain, 2 long ones from Holland as well!!! Tim and Casper Kuijpers …yes sons from Frouwke and Ferdie flew in a much less fancy glider in not so hot Holland nearly 1000.
Tim flew in the ASW 20 a distance from 961 km and Casper in a DG 800/18m. 951.
Tim flew his 1000 already from Holland and missed out on a declared one on about 280 m., but Casper is still in the running for his first 1000.
They declared a 1000 out and return over the Harz , but before the Harz it was a bit slow,…. so they turned short, to find out that the wind “on the nose” was not even that bad as expected.
They added some km.’s to make the 1000 but “that was not there”.They started at Malden and Tim finished there ,Casper at Terlet not too far from Malden.
My grand kids were there with many others to welcome him back.
By the way, I just read that today it is 3 years ago that Tim was “crowned” as the new European CHAMPION.Time flies.

Grandson Dexter with instructor Ronald in the ASK 21 and Indya for the first time in an LS 4 flying for 30 minutes ,both in the same thermal… cool is that!
Courtesy Ronald.

Last Friday a few more good flights and Pierre [de Broqueville] flew a 1000 in the EB 29D from Bordeaux Saucats in France and according to his OLC comment it was the “ first 1000 from that airport “. 1.068 km. he “hopped” over the border , flying the Pyrenees, direction La Cerdanya and back.

Last Saturday, AUGUST 1, it was a 1000-day in Puimoisson in France[3] and Gilles [Navas] flew 1 from Vinon in an 18m. ASG 29.
Nephi and Minden had 1 in the USA.

Yesterday a TOP DAY in France;1.328 km. [1.092 FAI triangle] in the ASH 31 MI/21 m. by Baptiste [Innocent] from Fayence!!!!
From Vinon Gilles [Navas] flew one on August 1 [1.134 km.] and yesterday in his ASG 29 and from Puimoisson some young Germans are flying 1000 km. flights in the ARCUS M, also on August 1 and yesterday. Tobias Welsch even called yesterday one of his best flights with wave, thermals, convergence and “hang” and the Mediterranean Sea as back ground, what do you want more.
But also Holland had fabulous weather again. They say,….that today a new heatwave starts maybe even for 9 day’s!!!
Yesterday “we” had a 1000 from Hoogeveen by Peter [Millenaar] and 970 k. by young Jelmer Vis [ his longest flight till now in time and distance!] and over 800 by Tim [Malden] and Steven Raimond , 920 km by Alfred Paul [Alfers] and Bas [Seiffert] .[all from Terlet]


It’s also the month of the CIM…in Rieti.
3 August 2020 – 13 August 2020

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Have been there several times …at least 7 times at WGC’s, JWGC and CIM’s….and loved each of them.
419 km. was set but,….Unfortunately day 1 had to be cancelled ;” Due to strong wind from ssw, the contest director and tow pilot chief decided, at 1pm, to cancel the task also for group 2: there are 13/14 kt from 220. After one hour in grid, all the glider are back to the trailers, relax for everybody! “
So there are 2 groups there and in both of them several top pilots from several countries, a real old fashioned CIM in Rieti.
A total of 30 in group 2 and 16 in group 1.
Group 1 (gliders with Italian hcap index between 0.98 and 117.5)
Group 2 (gliders with Italian hcap index = 118 and higher)

We are proud to say that this year we have nine World and European champions among the competitors:
Louis Bouderlique, Bruno Gantenbrink, Giorgio Galetto, Stefano Ghiorzo, Steve and Philip Jones, Bert Schmelzer, Katrine Senne.
And around 10 pilots of this competition are in the first 100 places of the international ranking of sailplanes pilots
! ” as said by Aldo [Cernezzi] who is the CD.
Even the pool is open and of course
“all participants, and in particular all the persons who require access to the “Pilot’s rest area” AKA Camping and Swimming Pool, must follow the national and local Covd-19 rules.”

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

The Italian national Championships of the 20m Double Seater class, and of the 18m class, will take place during the CIM. The results will be re-scored accordingly to national rules.
Only Italian citizens will be eligible for the Titles;

the 18m class will be scored with no handicaps, by extrapolation from the results of Group 2; the 20m class will be scored with handicap, by extrapolation from the results of Group 1.
The first mandatory briefing was on Meeting app.
Most paperwork [p.e. entries] is done and will be done on line.
All Daily Briefings in remote form will be via Zoom conference web based software.
The prize giving ceremony will take place in an open area.

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Now you are up to date, so let’s see what they did on the day off:
Competition day cancelled.
Decided to fly the task anyway: 419km with 165kph at only 48kg/m2 and not a single turn on the task
“ written by Bert Schmelzer jr, who clearly loves his wife Barbara BUT also his VENTUS 3T.
The ARCUS M flew 600 km!!!!
As Schempp-Hirth added;” When wind is blowing strong in Rieti, problem comes for towing and unfortunately organizers of the championship had to cancel yesterday for safety reason. “
Very true!

hot – dusty – strong climbs – high speeds – good food – great company – …
What’s not to love about it

Courtesy Bert jr.

And yesterday for their first task.
BUT.….;” Day 2. Unfortunately, the situation is similar to yesterday for strong winds on the ground from south at about 12kts. In addition, very poor thermals, sparse precipitations.
So it’s no task today.
We have reason to think we will have good weather from tomorrow
. “

As shared by Arnaud.

So next week in the blog you get ALL the news.

No task yet so time to say goodbye
CU next Wednesday.
Cheers Ritz

Polish 15 m. and club class Nationals finished!

Ostrów Wielkopolski Michałków, Poland
16 July 2020 – 26 July 2020

Finishes after task 7.
Courtesy M. Levitzki.

“NO task yet”, ….I wrote when I published the last blog, so I thought maybe after the long flights on Tuesday [3.30 AAT] they might have given a rest day , but NO they did not and with such fabulous weather ,NOBODY wants a rest day .
So off they went again, on Wednesday morning July 22 with 4 more day’s to go, with an early launch time at 10.45.

task 6…603 km.;
WOW, and it was easily flown by 15 pilots some with a speed of over 130 km./h up to 135 km./h!!!
Daily winner for 1000 points was Jacek Flis , in a Discus 2a.
Local, Lucasz Błaszczyk was runner up for 988 points in the same glider.
Sebastian was with 135 km./h the fastest on spot 4 , with Janusz Centka right behind him in the 15 m ASG 29 E.
Jacek moved from 11 to 8 overall .
Then.. ….NO TASK..
Task 7…3 hour AAT;
Last couple of day’s start now with 7 pilots close…. between 3.070 and 3.384 points …a lot can happen.
Whilst waiting for the gliders to finish the weather was still GOOD!!!
404 km. for Ukraine pilot Marius in time 3.14 so a nice speed of 124.85 km./h in the Ventus 2ax.
Runner up Sebastian flew 377 km. in time 3.06. Tomasz Rubaj remains on spot 1 overall after a 5th daily score. …..even gaining points on Sebastian who is at this stage on spot 2 overall.

10 k out!!!!! Aeroklub Ostrowski

Task 8….378 km;LAST DAY!!
Like me,….You might have expected already……3d and 2d is NOT good enough for Sebastian ,so WHEN he can win, he will try to do so!!!AND,…that’s what he did!!!
He won the last day with big margin; nearly 10 km./h faster …107 km./h.than the runner up , the local hero, Lucasz B.
On 3d place Jacek both 98 km./h.
So Sebastian went overall from spot 6, to spot 9, then to 6 then to 2 and finished on spot ONE!!!!
Tomasz who was first overall EVERY day, lost on the last day his top position missing out on 137 daily points on Sebastian by being 4th.
So the final results in 15 m. class are;
1. Sebastian Kawa
in Diana 2 with 5.255 points and Polish CHAMPION
2. Tomasz Rubaj
in ASG 29/15m. with 5.177 p.
3. Lucasz Blaszczyk
in Discus 2a with 5,079 p.
By the way,”good old Janus Centka was 4th!!!!![4.876 p.]
Good on him!!!!

Aeroklub Ostrowski

club class …
task 6…455 km.;
More differences in club class…p.e. the daily winner Witold Czarnik in a St.Jantar 3 flying around with 113 km./h . He moved up from 24 to 14 with his 1000 points!
ll who started ,finished and the Libelle 201B, flew the task with a speed of 83 km./h., being the slowest…… but IN!!!!!
No task on Thursday.

The BRAWO from Jacub Barszcz number 1 OVERALL at this stage with 21 points in CLUB!!!!
Courtesy Martin Levitzky and shared by Aeroklub Ostrowski

Task 7…3 hour AAT;
With 21 points overall on Mikolai Szun, Jacub did his utmost best to stay ahead; 305 km in time 3.01 and a daily runner-up-spot was GOOD!!!
Mikolai lost some points [around 166] by being 16th for the day.
BUT,…he is still on spot 2 overall …. only 29 points though!!!!
Task 8…304 km; a day with 34 finishers and 10 out-landers.So not too easy. But for Jakub in the BRAWO the day was GOOD,; 88 km./h and 1000 points.
Mind you there were 2 BRAWO’s flying in this class and they finish as 1 and 2!!!!!
Mikolai had a last bad run [23 d.] and dropped from 2 overall to 4.
The best pilots and Polish club class champion;
1. Jakub Barszcz in BRAWO with 5.431 points.
2. Łukasz Kornacki in BRAWO with 5.181 p.
3. Remigiusz Gwiazda in St Jantar 2WL with 5.091 p.
Judyta was 17th!

Aeroklub Ostrowski

Poland has and always had, very strong competitors at all comps world wide and mostly very good TC’s as well. So it was extra nice to follow this OSTROW GLIDE .
Here are a few pictures to finish the story, as shared by Aeroklub Ostrowski from top photographer M. Levitzky.


Some newsy news:
It’s still “raining” 1000
Last Thursday Spain was “hot” and showed 12 from Fuente and Villacastin on the OLC. Up to 40 dgr. C I heard.
More and more 2-seaters , as EB 28 and Arcus M or T and ASG 32 MI, are flying long distances….. so “double fun”!
Guy Bechtold from Luxembourg, who I met once in Fuente, stays there for a longer period and till now he flew in his Quintus M, 8 x 1000 km flights since July 19!!!The best till now; 1.202 km.
Saturday was good in the USA [Minden and Ely] and Europe [Spain, Germany and France]
In Germany from Aalen a FIRST 1000 km, by Gerrit Illenberger, …always very special in an LS 8!!!
Also flying from Aalen, the German women team and great flying also by Chrissie [Grote] in a Discus 2A [ 962 km./750 FAI triangle] , Sabrina [Vogt] in Discus 2 [955 AND also 750 FAI triangle], Ulrike [Teichmann] in LS 8 [919 km and 750 FAI triangle] and Cornelia [Schaich] in LS 8 [ 829 and 700 FAI triangle]
So 3 new 750 diplomas.
Last time I saw all these girls, was in beautiful Lake Keepit in the beginning of this year, when we had NO IDEA about what we could expect this year with COVID-19.

And talking about the “girls from Lake Keepit”, also in the USA was activity! Kathryn [Fosha] declared a 750 as well and flew it , an out and return this time. It also was a record attempt. Good on her.
Wild day, great time flying with all of our friends from MVA [Mountain Valley] and IYK. “

About the great Spanish weather-conditions…..
YESTERDAY another TOP day in Spain, where it is still “bloody hot”.
The first 14 flights on the top , added to the OLC were all from Fuente or Villacastin. From them, 8 were over 1000 km.
1.224 [ 884 FAI triangle] was the best distance in an ARCUS M.

News from the UK junior team;
”  last week the Junior Development Squad traveled to Issoudun, France for an intense coaching week. Making full use of the relaxed rules on international travel, 7 squad members set off for a week of competitive flying, briefings and debriefings with coaches Brian Spreckley, Tim Milner, and the senior club class team of Tom Arscott, Jake Brattle and G Dale. The weather was fantastic, and everyone enjoyed six days of racing, honing the skills required to compete at the very top .”
Unfortunately the rules are getting stricter and stricter again whilst I write.
Some squad members are on their way to the Czech Republic now for the Pre Junior World Gliding Championships. 

With mouth masks in the briefing, without in the glider.
British Gliding Team

And to finish…..747’s disappear from the skies. Lufthansa brought 5 to the Dutch military base of Twente.
As you heard the QUANTAS 747’s are retiring as well:
ABC had this news and this “great” picture.

Qantas’ last Boeing 747 has said goodbye to Australia in its own special way 🦘 The talented pilots have outlined the iconic flying kangaroo on their way out of Sydney this evening.

In case you missed it, the jumbo jet is being retired after 49 years of service. It was the passenger plane that ushered in a new era of international travel, revolutionizing in-flight service and capturing the hearts of plane spotters everywhere.
It’s off to an  aircraft graveyard in the Mojave Desert in California.

AND this great picture ,which I found on FB and was shared by many, I dedicate to our “girls” who just passed away; Marlinde and Christine.

Sarah Barry‎   The Ninety-Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots

Most comps here in Europe have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Yesterday I heard that also the Keiheuvel competition [mid august in Belgium] has been cancelled.
They still hoped for a- maybe-1-day-competition,but the virus sadly enough is back .
Next year however they celebrate their 65th anniversary, so time for a big party …..hopefully corona is history then.’

And,..last but not least.Not sure if I overlooked this ,…BUT… Dutch pilot Peter Millenaar flew on Monday July 20 an epic flight in a Nimbus 4M;1.157 km and mainly over Holland starting from Hoogeveen more up N. Special.
Have a look that day on his flight on the OLC with many pictures.
Wow. What a day! New Dutch OLC distance and points record!
Couldn’t find any thermal on the first leg so I just continued
.. “

CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

Life continues….but with one more loss!

Indeed …life continues, also for the glider pilots.
They try to give all tragic events a place, have spoken with each other and will do so for many more months and years and …they are looking at the skies again, as they have too because they are beautiful at the moment …., they feel the passion again and they fly again.
Also the club members from Marlinde, Sjors and Lars, is as it should be,…that is …when you can do it!!!
The reactions from the world wide soaring community were heart warming and will support the families, friends and club members.
Some reactions;
“our thoughts are with the Dutch gliding community the whole world gliding community feels this loss.” Australia.
” our hearts are with the Dutch gliding community on such a
tragic loss .” Australia
” Deepest sympathies to you all during these black days. ” Finland.
” This is tragic. My condolences to the pilots’ families. ” USA.
” So sorry Ritz all my condolences to family and friends ” Belgium
” A cruel weekend, Ritz. Thinking of you xx ” the UK.
” I am so sorry. That is truly awful. By last night, the news of both of these accidents had made it to New Zealand. The whole gliding world is a family and we are all in mourning with you. ” New Zealand.

As shared by Alexander.

On Monday I opened the blog to start again,…..I had a quiet weekend, BUT, ….on Monday Morning I heard that the Dutch lost on Sunday afternoon Carribean time ,one of their NH -90 Marine helicopters during a coastal- patrol between Aruba an Curacao ,our Caribbean Islands . Most of you know I lived at Curacao for a while, so I was extra alert. The marine base is a big place in town.
2 Survived the crash, 2 did not,one of them...Christine Martens, the captain of the helicopter, AND,…..she was a Dutch glider pilot only 34 years old.
She and the coordinator were in the cockpit, the other 2 in the belly. They could get out by their selves.
I read that the mariners at the ship saw it happen and straight away went in a boat to the helicopter which was already under water and got the other 2 out,..but re animation did not help anymore
They found the black box, so hopefully they find out quickly what went wrong. Till further notice they keep all those NH-90 helicopters on the ground.
R.I.P. Christine and R.I.P. Erwin, father of a 1 year old daughter.

 Media Centrum Defensie

Back to “work” again;

The 10th POLISH 15 m. Nationals,
The 18th Club Nationals
Ostrow Glide 2020
Ostrów Wielkopolski Michałków, Poland
16 July 2020 – 26 July 2020

as shared by Marek Naskręt

In all classes quite a few pilots in this Corona time. All with mouth masks in the briefing.
20 In the 15 m. class and 46 in club .

courtesy Zielona Żyrafa – fotografia
Courtesy Zielona Żyrafa – fotografia

Day 1…cancelled.
Task 1…..232 km.; and..Tomasz Rubaj in his ASG 29 was really in a hurry and flew 137,6 km./h and that was quite a bit faster than the runner up …one of the Lukaszes..this time Lucasz Grabowski with 123 km./h. flying a 15m. LS 8. The other Lucasz [ Wójcik ]had 122.98 km.h. in an LS 8a.
Janusz Centka [ ASG 29E 15m ] was 5th and Sebastian Kawa in Diana 2 6th after a penalty.[ no Event Marker recorded ]
Task 2….292 km; a great day for Lucasz [G] Lucasz [W] Janusz and Tomasz…1-2-3 and 4. Speed between 121 and 125 km./h.
2 Out and 3 did not fly.
Task 3… 1.30 AAT was set but NOT flown/cancelled.
Task 4…1.30 AAT;with 116 km./h “good old “Janusz was for a little while the daily winner.He flew 174 km in time 1.29,20.
Janusz was WORLD CHAMPION in Uvalde in open class in 1991 and in Borlange in Sweden in 1993 both in the ASW 22.
In 15 m class he was world champion in Eskilstuna also in Sweden in an SZD 56-2 Diana 2.
I was at all those comps!!!
But later it was Lucasz Blaszczyk , the local Lucasz, who flew 177 km. in time 1.26. He started very late and clearly had the better weather.
Enormous differences in start time; the early birds started at 11.38 and the winner at 13.51!!!
Bad day for the other Lucaszes; 14 and 15 with one just in and the other just out!!!

Lucasz G as shared by Aeroklub Ostrowski

Then they had the REAL soaring weather and of course the task showed so:
Task 5..3.30 AAT; Top pilot Sebastian showed as world champion from the most WGC’s, his class in the Diana 2 ;473 km. in time 3.39 so a good speed of 129 km./h. Tomasz was also over 120 km./h. ; 122 km./h.
Lucasz G and Lucasz W were 3 and 4.
No tasks yet for today!!!

Sebastian and his beautiful glider,
Courtesy Zielona Żyrafa – fotografia

Club class;
day 1 was cancelled.
Task 1…177.13 km. flown by all 45 who started. Many, many Jantars and SZD 55 gliders in this class.
Mikołaj Zdun was the first winner in a St Jantar.[106 km./h.]
Task 2..249 km; Mikolaj won again and again 106 km./h. And also again…. all 45 pilots finished. Stanisław Wujczak was 3d.
Task 3 was cancelled.
Task 4…1.20 AAT; New names all difficult ,new winners and Judyta Czyz was 4th in ASW 19.
Aha I saw her in Lake Keepit. She was 7th at the WWGC over there and really flew well.

Aeroklub Ostrowski

Task 5..3.30 AAT, so a long one for the small gliders!!! NO worries, only 1 out from the ones who started and 350 km. in 3.32 for the winner!!! Flying a BRAWO…and the runner up was a BRAWO too.
Judyta was 10th.

The weather ready,..the tuggies ready and…. the pilots ready to fly the 3.30 AAT
Aeroklub Ostrowski

No tasks yet for today!


We just had a great soaring weekend including Monday!!!
Several 1000 km. flights on Sunday from Fuente where Guy Bechtold flew 2 x a long flight in a row; 1.202 on Sunday and 1.089 on Monday and a 1000 from Villacastin in Spain.
MONDAY, was a booming day again in Holland, but also in Belgium.
Peter[ Millenaar ] flew in a Nimbus 4M a distance of 1.157 km. mainly over our “small” country.
Peter shows a very good photo story on the OLC. Have a look!!!
Jeroen[ Jennen] , who started in an LS 8 from Keiheuvel, just over the border here, flew 1.001 km. and…totally unexpected!!!Always nice.
He declared an 850 triangle flew it but the day was SO good that he added “some more ” kilometres.
He flew over Holland and Germany.
Jef [Kell] flew with him yesterday , he in a Discus 2.[1.006 km.] HIS VERY FIRST 1000 km. back after more than 10 hours….extra congrats!!!What a happy chappie…looking at the video!!!!
Jeroen flew 999.72 km.yesterday. Maybe a bit disappointed,…but that is OLC km.’s, his oudi and LX mentioned 1.003 km. Uncle Eddy [Huybreckx] mentioned…280 m.short….he was already worried that this could happen.
Tijl {Schmelzer} flew his 18 m. Ventus 3 T ,over another 1000 also from Keiheuvel , this time an out and return far into Germany and back, whilst his dad flew the 18 m. Ventus 2 CT,over 815 km,..
From Terlet Steven Raimond flew a declared 816 triangle !!!
The last 3 day’s have been really great again.

As shared by Jeroen.

And to finish,…one of the UK young ones, who converted to the junior. Well done!!!!
Here in Holland the summer soaring camps are busy so lot’s of also young ones have the possibility to fly for a few weeks.

Congratulations Alex Atkinson on converting to the Junior today – and enjoying some fun soaring alongside Dad, Pete, flying the Duo Discus. At The Gliding Centre.
As shared by British Gliding Association

CU next week
Cheers Ritz