Soaring in Oz and Africa REALLY started!

Alphen aan den Rijn                  November 11 2007

After the demise of “our” own gliding paradise Sportavia Soaring Center in Tocumwal, it is great to see that our many guests/customers/friends have found their ‘new homes” in Africa and Australia.I worried about it a lot, but it all looks fine! That pleases me more then I can say!!! I wish all friends great flights and good times. I write a bit about them!

Great flights already in Gariep Dam were Uwe flew nearly his so maniest 1000 km. flight in his Nimbus 3DM. But also very nice to see that Lothar flew in a DG 600 some nice long flights from Tocumwal airport. The Murray Border flying club is active there with Ingo Renner as their instructor.

In Corowa they have had the first briefing and good old friend Harry has made a few real nice flights already in his own ventus and I know how special this is for him now. Great Harry!!!!!Also Pepe has arrived there and made his paella as ever before and …already a great flight;FAI, yes that’s what he wants!!!!Good on him!

Terry who always flew the “OUTBACK-SHOOTOUT -comps” from Toc is as  busy gliding , but now from his home field Raywood [Victoria ], where they have great weather too as he made a   789 km.  flight in his DG 400 [17m].Super Terry!!!He is a “go-er”.

From the 8th of November onwards,  we will see many long flights from Corowa as the gliders have arrived in their containers, after a short delay ,so pilots had a a bit of a forced rest but could go straight up in the air after , under good circumstances.More good friends will arrive there over summer!

But even my friends in Israel are doing well. Rafi , who flies at world comps, made in his own area , some nice long flights. We had of course many, many Japanese guests and I have to find out what happened to them; were have they gone for flying!

So keep an eye on the OLC [On Line Competion] if you are interested in the longer flights this summer overseas. But be aware that NOT everybody wants to be on it and some pilots only want to fly with FAI rules, which makes it more difficult , then “following the weather” to make the longest flight.

 Art, another guest from Canada, will be in Rieti to help out on the technical site. Great news! Keeping in touch with him, brought me back to another “old” friend, Jos , who flew in the same club as we did , 40 years ago .He moved to Canada and I never heard from him again. Now we are on “writing terms ” again. Is n’t gliding great for friendships!!??

That’s about it for this week!Absolutey appalling weather here in Holland with storms, rain , hail , thunder and lightning, so be happy if you are somewhere in the sun. If not ……enjoy life anyhow,  as I do!

Cheers Ritz

One thought on “Soaring in Oz and Africa REALLY started!

  1. Hello Ritz,

    Although not ‘into’ gliding & we’ve never met, we have a common interest…..
    For a few years now I have been doing extensive research into the “McIntyre Field”
    WWII air-base at Tocumwal.
    I have been in contact with Mr Bob Brown (museum curator at Tocumwal). He kindly gave copies of a plan to myself & a friend. We are putting together a computer “virtual world” representation of the Narrandera_Tocumwal railway branch-line, including ther McIntyre Field, circa 1940-1960 eras. Based on the popular program Trainz.

    My research has opened up an enormous amount of data on the place, & I have been following Sportavia activities, so as to get background info & aerial photos.

    So it’s really nice to read your report here, indicating Tocumwal is once again beginning to come back from the brink of extinction, after the demise of Sportavia.

    I was a Telecommunications Technician in Deniliquin (west of Tocumwal) in the 1960’s, & used to travel to/from Sydney on that old branch-line, hence my interest.

    I pray for good winds & advantageous thermals, clear blue skies & hitting things as slowly as possible!

    Noel Brettoner

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