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ALPHEN AAN DEN RIJN  6  november 2007

Just received this news from good friend Bruce from Australia and as a “fan ” from vintage gliders , I share it with you, Ozzie readers. Hope you all recovered from Melbourne Cup Day! Efficient was superb , so was his jockey Michael Rodd. Yes, I keep an eye on things!

 A bit of a pity; but I could not copy and paste the pictures on top and bottom, so there is a bit of space left between the writing.Bruce was one of the pilots we met in Rieti for the preworlds in Italy in 1984 and due to him and his mates , we moved later to OZ to live there.You see gliding can have a lot of influence on your life! I found out!!!!!!

In other countries during my soaring-trips as TC , crew or editor I met lots and lots of people, also Canadian pilot Art Grant. A hard-working  glider -freak, if I may say so, a really nice guy and a responsable help on a field during a competition. He has offered his help in Rieti for the technical team, during the world comps in 2008, so I hope to meet him there . One bottle of nice red and lots of stories from the past!!! I see it already happen.

Gliding was very good in Canada last summer,specially in the mountains but according to him the plains were less good!He even met good friend Daan there, who picked up his glider to put in store for his next American summer. Daan leaves for Africa this winter.

Soon  young pilot Bart,his  crew and coach from the junior world championships in Italy [Rieti] will meet for a drink and nice food,in Scheveningen on the beach.Will be there too on invitation, which is really nice. Maaike, the very goodlooking TC from the juniors will be NOW the TC for the Dutch team in Rieti-2008. 3 Young pilots from my HusBos Junior team will fly in the WORLDS now. Great achievement in such a short time.Robbie, Bart and Jelmer are preparing already to WIN!

That’s it for now. See you Ritz .                                                                                Below the Vintage invitation.Good old Bruce is doing a great thing there, in donating money for the GFA gliding museum ,for a building for old donated gliders. Would Bill Riley former owner and founder of Sportavia have donated one of his vintage gliders??? Will find out for you.

“The Australian Gliding Museum was incorporated in December, 1999, mainly to
establish and operate a public museum in which gliding is to be featured, to
encourage participation in gliding, to restore, display and fly vintage
gliders , and encourage greater participation in the adventure of flight.
To date we have been given approximately 30 gliders. These include 2
Primaries, Schneider Club 2-seater, Slingsby T31 and T35, Dunstable Kestrel,
Olympia, Coogee, LO150, HP-14, Grunau Baby 3, Slingsby Skylark 4, Hutter
H-17, Altair, Open Cirrus, Flying Plank, Schleicher Ka7, Schneider ES52
Kookaburra, Schweizer TG-3A, and IS28B2.In addition we have major components
of Bocian, Mucha and Gull 4 aircraft and a number of other aircraft have
been promised when we have suitable storage facilities. These aircraft are
located at different locations around Victoria so unfortunately they will
not be available for viewing at the November 10 function. We have an active
refurbishment program underway and, apart from painting, close on half of
these aircraft have been refurbished to display standard. In addition to
aircraft, we are also accumulating considerable archival material so that we
will eventually be able to present a comprehensive history of gliding in


is pleased to invite You 

To Bacchus Marsh Airfield 

At 11 am on Saturday, 10th November, 2007 on the occasion of an  

 Important Presentation by Bruce

 Brockhoff to the Museum

and the Rollout of the Slingsby T31b

and possible demonstration flight

 Barbeque Lunch  RSVP Graeme Barton, 03 9802 1098 

The Australian Gliding Museum Inc. Annual General Meetingwill be held after lunch 


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