CU you next Wednesday!

Alphen aan den Rijn     Friday February 12 2011

—Plans have changed so I will be very busy this weekend with no access to my laptop, for that reason the first news will be on the 16th! Sorry about that!
—I really had to chuckle when I found on you tube a “lesson in packing” by Ryan Air to show Belgium students to take less on a holiday , so that they do not have to pay extra money for excess luggage and with that avoid to create chaos and angry staff in the future. It is called master packer and only takes 1.25 min of your time.
—Great to see friends as Yoghi, Junzo,[both Japan] Björn and Liz [both from Norway] and Kari [Finland]  in Tocumwal. I heard that the area is SOOO wet, that cross country flying has to be done very carefully, as there are nearly no outlanding possibilities. Also both the airfields of  Tocumwal and Corowa are pretty wet, but when the sun shines again and a bit of wind , it dries up quickly.No draught this year!!!
—According to 1000 visitors on the “Business Travel and Meetings show”, in London, Airline Virgin, has the most sexy stewardesses.[53%] 2d place was for Singapore  Airlines with 18 % and Etihad was 3d with 12 %. So Richard Branson’s “Red Hotties” are doing a great [sexy] job.
—Enough to do; CU on Wednesday! And to make it up with you some of those spectecular good pictures from Kai .Talking about sexy and Red hot…….




Cheers Ritz

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