First day of the 5th JWGC in Rieti

 Rieti on July 29 2007

At 3.30 it was 35 dgr and it feels like 40. Not a lot of people around as they all ” hide” for the heat!Pilots have been launched at 13.00 and they straight away flew up to 2000 m. where it is nice cool! Lucky them!

Tasks are for standard class ; 368,5 km a polygon with 4 points and for club class 289, 1km. with a polygon of 5 points.

Hanging and waiting for the startline was easy for the pilots as they were for sure at 2000 m. Such great weather and we keep it altleast this coming week. So also…… lucky we!!!!You can follow the flights from our pilots on the tracking system. Look at the wgc site [ ] and click on JWGC and in the right corner you see the tracking system. As you can see too, I am in the Ritz corner!Youy can read the rest of the news there!

Lilienthal Glide has finished and ” good old ” Michael Sommer won for Tassilo Bode in open class. Interesting was the 3 first places for the Theisinger Family. 2 Brothers and their nephew!They flew in 15 m class. Rick Walters won in 18 m. and I am happy with that. Other friend Mac [Makoto Ichikawa] was runner up.Not bad , Mac!

Issoudun is preparing for the Europeans for the BIG SHIPS!

There is no 8 days of good old fashioned flying , combined with fun in Belgium at Keiheuvel .Very sad!It is impossible to set tasks with all the airspace restrictions around Eindhoven.They will have a 2 days competition now in the weekend of the 18th and 19th. The Keiheuvel Cup will be presented for the winner.

The European championships for standard, club and world class  cancelled their first day in Pociunai [ Lithuania] They had tasks ,but rain delayed them and in the end they cancelled! So I am lucky to be here.

Enough news again , so back to duty as we expect the gliders soon. Ritz

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