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Rieti on July 28 2007

 As you might have seen on the official site from the 5th Junior World Championships I have arrived well in Italy. It took a long time to get internet going, so long that the competition directors really were worried, but….as always things worked out well in time.

I caught up with a lot of friends already and not only from Italy.The weather is absolutely fabulous. With around 34 dgr. it is hot, but I love it. The comps start tomorrow and today we have a big airshow with gliders, model-aeroplanes and lots of very nice vintage planes . We also expect an Italian aerobatic airshow.

In the past when I visited Rieti for the pre worlds in ’84 and the worlds in ‘ 85 and the Europeans , we were always impressed with the military zone which was absolutely forbidden for glider pilots. NOW , I live there and sleep on ” a real-soldier-to-be bed!!! ” Tough very tough , but caractere building.I wear even a badge to enter the zone. The Army people are VERY friendly. We feel very special, to be there.

The young pilots , some look really young, are all ready to go for it!They have had very good practise here and they all enjoy the mountains and the flat land in between. I wish them a fair, good and above all , safe competition.

We just had a drink with the MAYOR and it was very nice to meet the contessa Maria Vede Caproni there.It was a great feeling to meet somebody from a family with so much historic aviation background. She told us that they had 40.000 people working for them in the wat time and after. I was happy with my “last flight ” in Tocumwal , when I was flying with Ingo Renner in the ” Jet-engined- Caproni”.

While having breakfast this morning with Visa Matti Leiniki, one of the stewards, I heard that Nokia started their business making rubber boots! Never knew that. They are also the inventors of SMS. Never knew that either, so I am learning here.

As long as I have time, I will write some more personel stories on this site , as I have to really professionally represent the organizers on their site ; no personel stuff!

Till next time , Ritz

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