Colourful flying friends at Terlet! Sad news from Belgium!


The sad news that Gill Van Den Broeck died last weekend, made me sad as well. Just last week I was thinking of her, as she was a good friend from Georgette Litt [ I wrote about her in SoaringCafe last Sunday] , both were great gliding-girls not only well known in Belgium, but also in more European countries and even in the world. The ladies flew several comps/flights  together  , p.e. in Benalla in January 1993 and when Gill was the competition director during the WEGC in 1983, 10 years earlier her friend Geogeo, flew and finished on a great 3d place in the mini nimbus.
Gill was not only a competition pilot but loved flying records as well, she was TC for the Belgium team,  steward, member of the jury and president of the Jury at several WEGC’s and 2 times chief steward at a WWGC in 2001 and 2003. [source flying info; Zweefvliegen in Vlaanderen by Bert Schmelzer sr.]

A picture from Gill and Natasja , last year in Issoudun, where she was so pleased to see a Dutch girl flying in the Pre Worlds. A pity that she can’t see how Natasja will perform at the WWGC in 2013.
Natasja would have had her full support!!
picture via Natasja.

Received the next message;

Madam, Sir,

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our aunt Gill, Gill Van den Broeck, last Friday after a short time of illness. She was surrounded by her beloved ones.

You can find a mourning card containing all information in attachment, as well as a beautiful picture by means of which we can enshrine her memory in our hearts.

Kind regards

Gill will be buried on Friday and just missed out on her 85th birthday.[ December 9 1927-November 16 2012]
She will be missed! We and our sport lost a great LADY.
Unfortunately I was not able to download the beautiful picture from Gill.

Something totally different.
Do you know how they say thank you to the team that organised the Dutch Gliding Nationals in Holland??????????
By inviting other flying- friends!!!!!!!!!!

Look at and enjoy the pictures from Frans Guise!!



Tuggie Bert and Natasja

The team


Top photographer Frans Guise and NK director Natasja van der Neut.

YES with a visit from other flying friends at Terlet!!!!!!!!

Several kind of big and smaller birds flew over a small area at Terlet. A business called  Birds @work []  brought 12 different birds as an eagle, sea eagle, vulture, owl,  buzzerd and falcon , all in perfect condition and looking well. Great idea by Natasja to spend the collected money on such a fun day with “familiar” flying friends.

After the QSGP in Lake Keepit G. Dale took over with one of his by now famous x-country-courses; Glide Fast. One of his “students” ….winner in the standard class QSGP Allan Barnes, flying with him in a  Twin Astir and follow and lead on other days.
Normally Gary Speight is the local/hero/x-country- instructor with over 15.000 flights and a person described as somebody who ” never gives up, …never surrenders.” Have n’t seen Gary for ages!

TOP FLIGHT on Sunday on the OLC was from Swiss pilot Jean- Marc Perrin flying in Argentina;1.360.77 km. in a DG 808/15m. from Los Antiguos on a day with started with nearly no wind , but great wave conditions.
Namibia added 2 more 1000 km. flights and it is just waiting for Australia to have theirs as well.
Liked the ARCUS -1000 km-flight from Pokweni! Those German boy’s are ready and eager for MORE fun!!!

In the past they flew many flights and comps together; Gerrit Kurstjens [ from Holland but now already for a long time living in Australia] and Paul Bourgard, [Belgium]  and now with another friend Pepe, [Spain] they have fun together again in Narromine. Good on them!!!! In the past all 3 flew with us in Tocumwal as well.
Robin May, flying comps in the same period as Gerrit and Paul, added in Pokweni a 2d 1000 km. flight to his list.

When you are planning your competitions when you fly or live in Australia, here is some news I received from Jo;
For December between 8 and 15 ;
At Bacchus March Airport for sport and standard/15m. and open and 18 m. class. Look for more news at the web site at ;
—“ The team are ready to go, this will be a fun comp, flying from what can be at times a challenging site. Sometimes fickle, sometimes booming, I hazard to say the former does dominate but the location is excellent, the proximity to Melbourne is a bonus for crews and no doubt the Bacchus Marsh personalities colourful.
Remember, in 1975 the 750 + km. task set was at that time the longest set and completed task anywhere in the world. The record stood for just over a week when bettered at Horsham.
So, no excuses, just come and enjoy.
Regards, Patch.  Comp. Director.—“

and for January 2013;
—” Narromine Gliding Club is hosting the 20Metre 2 Seat Class National Gliding Championships at Narromine from Tuesday 22 January 2013 – Thursday 31 January 2013 inclusive.

This is only the second time this class has competed nationally and the first time it has been held as a separate National Championship. The winners are eligible for selection to compete at the 20m 2 Seat Class World Championships.

Duo Discus, DG1000, Arcus and any other 20 metre 2 seat gliders are eligible for entry. There must be a crew of 2 and so this is a great opportunity to put an experienced pilot in the back seat and try your hand at competition flying.

Supporting this competition Narromine Gliding Club will also run an “Open” 2 Seat competition in which ANY 2 seat glider will be eligible to compete, there must be a crew of 2 as this competition is designed to encourage new entrants to competition with an experienced mentor in the other seat.  So grab your club 2 seater and your local Coach and come flying at Narromine in the peak of the soaring season.

You can register online at the competition website

You can also get there from the Narromine Gliding Club website by clicking the “20m TWO SEAT COMP” menu button

It promises to be a great competition and an ideal way to sharpen your cross country skills with an experienced comp pilot in the back seat with you.

Registrations are open now.—-“

Did you have had time to read the story  from the Morning Glory from Tony Tabart with awesome pictures from Jo Pocklington on SoaringCafe and from Pete Harvey flying the Antares in Uvalde? The FULL story  [not the link] is now also on SoaringCafe.
And to finish 2 more great  pictures by Frans. CU next Sunday
Cheers Ritz

Dillen and Joop, each with a new soaring-friend.

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