The 4th women world gliding championships in France!

by Ritz

Alphen aan den Rijn July 20-2007

I nearly forgot to tell you about the ladies!!!! As you know I support as much as I can gliding for youngsters and for women. Brutus, had to point out that the World comps for women are on in Romorantin. Sorry, Mea Culpa, I nearly forgot!!!!

The women fly in 3 classes. Club,standard and 15 m and have had till now 7 days out of 8 in club class with ” good old Gill Spreckley ” in the lead and 6 days for the other 2 classes.Quite a lot of well known names and a lot of competitors which makes me happy.You can see results and all other info , if you are interested on Enjoy! The comps are from July 11-July 21, so enough to read.

Lilienthal Glide;Germany

 I am very pleased with the 1st place for Rick Walters and though a few days more have to be flown, I can “see from far” that he is still an excellent pilot. When I was TC in Minden in Nevada and later in Uvalde, where we all moved one year later due to circumstances, Rick was so kind to “give” his glider to “my ”  pilot Baer Selen.Baer won in ’91 in Uvalde the world comps and since then I keep warm feelings for Rick.

Also good to see that my Aussie friends David Jansen and Graham Parker are doing well in Luesse. It will be a great competition there next year.Open class ,with at this stage 2 toppers up front , Michael Sommer current world champion and Tassilo Bode, will be spectecular.  They are as good and real “2 pitbull-pilots ” when it comes to winning the comps. Also Dutch pilot Peter Batenburg has had 2 very good days! As you might have seen there is a lot of German pilots involved, but these are also the German Nationals for open class and 15 m. Only 4 days have been flown, so we look forward to the rest of the results.

That’s it for now. Still a bit struggling with the new program, but I will get there.

Weather in Italy is hot. So I packed only real summer clothes . Today however I got the message from Marina, to bring WARM pullovers for the cool nights, so I better start repacking straightaway. Will see if I can come back before I leave, but I am very busy! Cheers Ritz

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