On my way to Italy!

Alphen aan den Rijn

July 17 2007

Well….. this a try- out as Phill in OZ updated my blog. So I have to find my way again.Hopefully you all find me too.

Not long and I will jump in a KLM plane to visit the World Gliding Junior Championships to be not only the editor on invitation of the organization, but also a member of the international jury selected by the IGC.

You can imagine that times will be busy. So I want to invite you to follow me as readers from my blog , to Italy. So I only have to write there. But still if other great things happen, I will make time to come back. We have the Europeans for big ships and smaller ones and the Junior world comps all in the more or less same period!!!!

You can find me on  www.wgcrieti.it  Please click on JWGC and you can read everyting what’s happening in this great mountain area. From Wednesday the 25th I will be on-line.


In between pilots are preparing to go to the European Comps in Issoudun [ FRANCE]for the ” big ships ” and  in Pocunai  [Lithuania]for the smaller ones. Good luck and safe flying to all!!!!

Sabina Glide has finished with some good days in the end. Lilienthal glide is still going strong but….with a restday yesterday .

Enjoy all the reading on many sites. Enjoy my writing too in Italy. “See you there” !


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