Spain [Grand Prix], Italy [Sabina glide}, Germany Lilienthal Glide

Alphen aan den rijn

From Spain I got the announcement that the GRAND PRIX will be held in Fuentemilanos with practise days on August 13 and 14 and the competition will be flown from August 15-August 19 2007. Just to let you know. I am not a great fan from the Grand Prix , but if that is , what they say, the future for gliding, well what can I do.

The Grand Prix Final 2007 will be still in New Zealand. It was cancelled due to “loss” of the main sponsor, but things are working out again and it will be held in Omarama, from December 19-24-2007.The second part will be flown during a huge show from multy-aviation in Wanaka , not far from Omarama on 28 and 29.You can follow EVERYTHING on your laptop. Hurray for internet!


Sabina Glide , the pre-worlds for the ” smaller gliders” in Italy , is in full swing. My Aussie friends really make the readers from their webblogg part of these comps . Enjoy their long stories with lots of information on; and click on Sabina Glide.
They are so enthousiastic!!!! One pilot Terry Cubley was there when I met the OZ team for the first time in 1984. He still flies on top level and represents the Australian gliding in ICG.
Simon Holding , from Alice Springs, is for the first time in the team and enjoys every minute to the fullest. Bruce Taylor is in teams since I know him; for ages!!! A real top pilot!Peter Temple is the 4th pilot flying in Italy. His wife Mandy is the TC.

In Luesse starts today the pre-world competition for the ” big ships”. It is called Lilienthal Glide and I will keep you informed!
Cheers Ritz

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