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Last Thursday we had maybe, the last nice day of autumn here. Now it is “just autumn”, beautiful colours everywhere but wind, rain and even a pretty strong thunderstorm in the night from Friday to Saturday.
Several nice flights as well on the better days. On Wednesday a few over 200 km.X-countries,  which is rather special for this time of the year in Holland.

Thursday was cancelled in Kingaroy, so Bruce [Taylor] who arrived with his glider from the docks in Sydney [ finally back from Uvalde!] had time to check everything before flying.Enough time, as the next day was cancelled too.

Bit of a miserable day 3, courtesy via FB by Anita.

After 2 days of rest and normally during one of those days the pilots have their annual meeting about all what’s important,[ also “normally ” a pretty long day], soaring started again yesterday with a with a 265 km. FAI triangle  for club and 294 km. for the sportsclass. The Uvalde combi , Brad/Bruce straight away showed their strength in the blue conditions by being 1 and 2. Brad started first , finished first [103 km./h.] and got the 1000 points in his JS 1B. Bruce got  930 points [99 km./h.] in the JS1 C. Brett Hunter from NZ flew the 3d JS1 [b] and was 3d yesterday.
In club class a Discus bt, ASW 20A and a Cirrus 75 topped the day list.

Courtesy via FB ; Adam Woolley, who is after 3 days on spot 2 overall,  needing 40 points or more to be on spot 1.

Today on flying-day 4, the Trotters had a fantastic day winning both in their class! What about that!!!
In Club class Peter won the 3.30 AAT with 355 km. in the ASW 20A; 3 hours and nearly 38 minutes so 1000 points and with that he was much better then the rest as the runner up Alan Barnes, had 328 km in 3.27,6 and 914 points.
In sports class it was Lisa Trotter who won the day; 3.30- AAT—345 km.—3.37.40 —1000 points. The couple started and finished together! Butch was runner up with 324 km. in 3.29.
After 4 days of soaring Jim Crowhurst still tops the overall list in club class with Adam Woolley as runner up, only 13 points behind.
Adam mentioned today;
Nice Blue day, 4kts around to 7000′. Had one slow spot (almost hit the dirt!), still managed 960pts & a 3rd placing! 6 days of racing to go.—“
In sports class Lisa tops the list with Butch following close , the difference is only 30 points.

Something different …Romania; visited at this moment, by my new young friend Andreea  Alexandrescu from Seminole -Lake Gliderport but orginally from Romania as her names says  already. I met her in Uvalde as you know.As I did not know a lot about soaring in Romania, you might not either,  I asked her if I could share her blog, to let you know as well.
–“Today I visited one of the first private airports in Romania, Banesti Prahova Airport, home of the Aerobatic Yakkers and of the first private Romanian Soaring school. It was a pretty interesting experience, I got to meet some wonderful people and learn a little about flying in Romania.

Courtesy Andreea.

The airport is located in a very good area offering soaring possibilities year-round (both thermal and wave) and is growing as facilities offered: right now there is 1 hangar, 1 storage unit, an office/ clubhouse with a great terrace and accommodations and more hangars will follow soon. It is 1 hour away from both Bucharest and Brasov International airports and has very good road connections.  The family running the soaring activity, Carmen and Catalin Porumbu, are great people, with a vast flying experience in and outside the country and great promoters of the sport. Through their initiative Carpathians Gliding Adventure was born this year, camp that brings together pilots from around the world to fly here. I will continue talking to them in order to learn more about what they are doing and spread the word.—“

For more news and lovely pictures from Miss Daisy you can go to;

As I heard the SAFARI pilots  and crews on their way to Burketown to see the Morning Glory have arrived there. Just waiting for the roll cloud is next and I hope to get the story and pictures later. For now another link.

Great flight ; 528 km. not too far from both Tocumwal and Corowa but more North in a Slingsby [T59D Kestrel] by Grant Johnson. When I am correct but I have to dive deep  in the past now, Grant learned how to fly with us and bought the Kestrel from Richard Vincent who lived and flew in Tocumwal. Might be wrong when so please let me know!
And today an LS 3 500 FAI triangle from Warkworth [NSW] is pretty special as well so early in spring in Australia.

SPRING downunder! Love the red gum trees [bottle brush] in Australia.Courtesy via FB Anne Elliott from Narromine.

 Pretty busy this last week  editing an article  about the Gelderse,  the OLC TOP CLUB WORLD WIDE, you can expect that soon after the short version has been published in the OLC Magazine and an article by the ”  Uvalde girls” by Miss Daisy. Have to put pictures and story together to make it easy for you to read. Nice story!

Today is the deadline for the SUPER pre-sale price from 29, 95 for the book by former RED Bull Pilot Frank Versteegh NIET VOOR PILOTEN. I ordered 2, did you order one? After today you can of course still order the book for the normal price.
It will be out in 2013 in English as well , will keep you informed!ALL money goes to KIKA , for children with cancer. Read that a school in Holland ordered 200 !!!!

Picture via FB.

Will daredevil Felix “jump” today!?

See you next Wednesday with more news. Dundee leaves for Australia on Thursday and I noticed they had already 30 dgr. but also a bit of a real storm with minor damage in that area. Cheers Ritz



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