Long time…no see!

Alphen aan den Rijn on the 4th of July 2007!!!!

It seems that the days pass by and I get every day one day older without knowing it! But….I do feel it! It is busy at the moment. The gallery, babysitting and the preparations for the Junior World Comps in Rieti in Italy. I was supposed to be the editor , which is great. Jeans and polo’s in a suitcase and the laptop under the arm and off I go. But no!

Sadly enough Ross Mac Intyre, one of the jurors had to cancel his job, due to severe illness of his wife Marion. I wish both of them well!!!!
Result; The organization has asked the IGC if I was allowed to do the job. Eric Moser from IGC wrote me back that all members said it was OK , so here we go with a suit case topped off with some official ” nice” clothes in it too.
And…I started studying straight away again as you have to know what ‘s going on, is n’t it!?

So I miss out on what’s happening in the gliding world at the moment.I have to contact Katja too about her article about the Finnish comps otherwise it is too long ago.They flew nearly 500 km in Rayskala today, so the weather there is better then here as we have rain and thunderstorms and in some parts floods because of the heavy pourring downfall.
Yesterday the first 10 flights from OLC where ALL flown in Finland!!!

In the USA they had some good weather on the 2d of July with a 1000 km. flown in ELY and good friend Daan Pare added another “nearly” 750 to his immense list of long flights, this time from ELY , a place he really likes for long distance flying!

Not long and I will write every day again as I did for years and years! From Italy where I will arrive on the 24th of July and will take action straight away. In between I try to be back when possible. See you Ritz

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