Wave flights over 1000 km.!Read the very informative picture -story by Bert Schmelzer jr.!!!!!!!!




Alphen aan den Rijn   Wednesday October 3 2012 

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As you can see MOST important things FIRST!!!! Back home again and this morning I had for the first time , time to check mails, internet and facebook. No secret that I LOVE the pictures and the stories with them, from Bert jr.and just that what’s the first thing I saw this morning . So my day started well!
If I look at them and read how he describes what happens,  it nearly feels that I am with him in the glider looking and feeling the special circumstances from this great wave flight. Can’t do anything else then recommend strongly to hit the link above to the story/pictures of this awesome 1037 km. wave flight , maybe you have the same experience! Thanks Bert!!!!

Promised you some news about the WWGC , next year in Issoudun. A few countries will be there for the very first time in history!!! The Netherlands is one of them with Natasja van der Neut as pilot and maybe 2 more young ladies , both students and very busy with work- placement, so at this stage I am not yet sure if they want to /can go. At least they are selected!!!! Will keep you informed.
Natasja will go, was there already for the Pre WWGC and loves to perform well there for Holland. She was last year also the Competition director for the Dutch Nationals, so FAI  rules and annexes will be firmly in her head.
Another country is the USA. Never knew they had not send before a lady to a WWGC but from Sarah I heard this news and also that she is going to participate over there. GREAT! First she flies in January in Chaves at the 32d WGC.

Had a quick look at the days I missed on the OLC. First on the 26th of course a HIGH LIGHT with 2x 1000 km. flights from Agathazell in Germany and the one from Bert from Hausen am Albis in Switzerland, where he flew with 145km/h wind!!!!. Flights in ASW 28/18m., DG 800/18m. and Bert flew the ASG 29. Also from Unterwössen great flights [up to 997 km.]  and even a St. Libelle joined in , in the happiness from the great wave day; 662 km.
On the 29th , fantastic wave weather in Scotland where several pilots flew between 700 and 900 km. making John Williams comment on the day; “Finally a decent wave day in 2012!”
On Sunday the last day of September 358 pilots added their flight on the OLC. October 1 started with 37 flights.

Bert jr. here above the SAHARA from Moroco, turns out to be not only a great pilot but also a very good photographer and story teller.

Read on FB that the South African gliders will be back from Uvalde end of this week, so my SA friends can start their season in time. And …Oscar added a lovely picture, here you are when you are not on FB.

Finally end of this month the Dutch- Argentinian pilot Julio Poch will be in court. He is in prison now in Argentina!!!Friends here from Holland and lot’s of Transavia pilots [ he flew for them and was arrested on his last flight before retirement in Spain] have signed already a petition  and one of them mentions; “its unbelievable how basic human rights were violated against this guy in the Netherlands and now he is at the mercy of the Argentine interpretation of human rights!”
More and more proof has been found that he cannot have done the terrible things they accuse him of in Argentina. So if you want to sign as well; http://www.petities24.com/tegen_schending_mensenrechten_julio_poch

Had a great time in the Southern part of our small country, the area I was born and lived for 22 years. Though it rains like “hell” now and looks really like autumn, we had the most beautiful weather; sunny and blue skies. Enjoy the beauty from the Malpi, a protected natural environment in autumn colours.


Lots of walking, eating, drinking enjoying music on the market place, looking at lots of art and really loving the beauty of Brabant, with the forest, fens and protected bird- breeding-places.Together with my high school friends, my family on the family-day and 2 exta quality days with my daughter and grand- children.


Last but not least;
Here is the news from SEGELFLIEGEN INTERNATIONAL , very sorry to read they stop with it!!!
—“Hello to all friends of gliding,
I am pleased to announce that the new and final edition of “segelfliegen INTERNATIONAL”  is online now! This is what you will find on 50+ pages:
– WGC2012: To the moon and back – How to use your glide computer for safe final glides – Air Force Cadets love German gliders – Parachute and Bailout: Know your Companion – Test: LX 9000 – What is the difference between GPS- and Pressure Altitude? – Giorgio Galetto reports on his accident.
These are just some of the articles that you can read on your PC, Mac, iPad or Android-based device. Of course, you can browse through the magazine free of charge before buying like in any “real” newsstand. Just follow this link, scroll down and click on the magazine’s cover:
You can also find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/segelfliegen-international or at http://www.segelfliegen-international.com.
But here is also some sad news: Unfortunately, we have to discontinue the production of “segelfliegen INTERNATIONAL” from now on. You will find some background information inside the magazine.
Enjoy reading and gliding!
Best regards,
Helge Zembold Chief editor “segelfliegen INTERNATIONAL”—-

Enough news for today, surely I forgot things but if so,  you can read them next Sunday. Cheers Ritz