All kind of news from Australia !A bit of a sad finish of the blog this time!

Alphen aan den Rijn  TUESDAY  September 18 2012

Overseas soaring is in progress now and starts normally first in the East of Australia. Kingaroy had  great weather last weekend. One of the young pilots said,  his satisfaction level was 10 out of 10.
Cracker of a day, though not easy – certainly had to work at it.”
Adam flew in the standard cirrus 410 km. [360 triangle]
You can read Adam’s  full report on

Also Hank Kauffmann , daddy from Anita Taylor, had a nice 433 km. flight in his ASW 19/18m. from Kingaroy,  as well as many-times-Aussie-WGC -pilot John Buchanan  .

By the way one of the first comps in this new season will be in Jondaryan, as between October 8 and 19 the 32d Club and Sportsclass Nationals will be flown.Lot’s of top pilots , also Hank and John, will attend and for the long list , counted 42 including 4 Uvalde participants , you can look under registrations at the site;

And even a bit earlier between September 29 and October 6 2012 the Queensland State Comps will be on, just got the news via Jo, so for all the details you can look at;

Always wanted to “have” a Nimbus 4 T, here is your chance!
—“A reminder that our Nimbus 4T is for sale, Gerrit’s Quintus is on the way here so the only addition to the advert is ‘o.n.o.’
The glider is currently at Jondaryan, and has a fresh Form 2

Aukje made here in Holland some pictures from the “packing” of the Corowa- containers”  last week at Terlet. Ready for Australia! Wishing all gliders a safe trip. Here they are before departure;


It’s even nicer to write about pilots adding their flights on the OLC when you know them. Got to know Dave Leonard in Uvalde, flying his ASW 27 ZL and noticed his top position last Monday morning.
He called it a “nice fall pre-frontal [SUN-] day” , flew 639 km.,  in that a 543 km. triangle and he launched from Kelly [ Colorado] .Good on him.
Another pilot I met in Uvalde as team member and mate from Dave  in the 15 m. class , is John Seaborn , he flew on Saturday from Boulder [ NW of Boulder], a nice distance 606 km. on as he called it a , ” Colorful Colorado day” .
From Hollister in the USA [CA] several pilots flew using the convergense line,  over more then 700 km. also in ASW 27 ‘s. One day earlier on Saturday they even “touched” 800 km.
Here is the comment from one of the pilots;
—“A second epic day out of Hollister, this time team flying with with Ramy, Buzz, and Darren (two ASW-27’s and two DG-800’s!) and Morgan out of Avenal (Duo Discus).  The convergence had moved far to the east and the day threatened to be blue — but turned from cloud wisps to nice streets.  We flew fast most of the day and getting home was never seriously in doubt.  A productive and enjoyable team effort.  This kind of flying really cries out for Power Flarm – I’ll have mine fully installed soon.—“

Europe showed that the mountains are always good for long distance soaring on Friday,  when French pilot Robert Prat flew from St Gaudens, a fantastic and high- wave-flight over the Pyrenees, with 6 legs , longest leg just over 300 km. , in the ARCUS M, one of those magic Schempp-Hirth -toys; 1. 272,42 km.
Last Sunday Gilles Navas flew from Vinon 626 km. in an ASG 29/18m.

Robert Danewid, CD in Eskilstuna enjoys and loves wave flying in Freya in Norway. Here is a link from FB to the pictures he made while flying “high” last weekend in the DG 1000 with a friend.

The inaugural AUSFLY Fly-in, in   Narromine  was a big succes, on a nearly 6 minutes video , made by Mark Rowe, you get a bit of an impression about what was flying there. A lot of different planes and helicopters. It’s on   AUSFLY-2012 Narromine Australia. Enjoy!

The more sad part of this blog. As you might have experienced life is not only fun and joy but …can be sad as well. When you are in a great mood and want to keep that ….skip reading the rest.
We lost last week a young and enthusiastic new pilot. I told you about it in SoaringCafe. 2 Day’s ago I read the full story in the paper and I remain sad and very much touched reading that kind of news.
He was already solo, went for his VFR exam and something must have gone terribly wrong, as he, the instructor and examiner,  did not survive ,by hitting a mountain in a remote area during this test-flight, not long after they started.
I did not know the young boy, Lucas,  but it is TOO tragic for words to see those kids loosing their live doing what they love most.
He was the son of a KLM pilot, a bit the same story and ordeal we had to go through nearly 25 years ago.
His examiner was an old collegue from George with Air Holland [69] and the USA young man [instructor] who died as well was only 26. Certainly the examiner was VERY experienced.
The KLM Flight Academy is stunned and tries to help their students as much as possible.
Unfortunately I do know that situation too good!
Wishing them all well.

More sad news or memories.
In memoriam….. Gert Huybreckx who died on September 17 , 20 years ago in France while flying over the mountains. He was one of those young charismatic friends you never forget. And..such a talent in flying!!!! It’s weird…. sometimes they say ” the best go first ” ,.. could be true!!!!
He was the brother from my good friends Marc,  Eddy and Chrisje and the uncle from young [J]WGC pilots as Tim and Dennis Huybreckx and Jeroen Jennen. Also from Sofie and Gitte!
Gert’s parents , still alive, are wonderful people and have been involved with “De Keiheuvel” ,both the airfield and the great hotel at the Airfield of Keiheuvel, part of  their live and Chrisje and Rudy are running it now!
A real dedicated soaring family!!!!! Have to see them all soon.

Off to the funeral from our good friend Peter, now [Tuesday morning]  . Peter was in gliding for about 50 years. The EAC in Eindhoven was his club! On the card is written that there will be a Fly-BY, at 12. Maybe finally, he gets the credits he not always got in life.
Straight after off to Amsterdam. I stay over there , that’s why the news is one day/24 hours  earlier. Back on Sunday!

Take care, cheers Ritz


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