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Alphen aan den Rijn      Sunday September 16 2012

The world and certainly Europe was looking over our shoulder to see what the people in Holland would do with their votes. Though it was pretty  important for us, not everybody thought so , with about 3/4 of the population allowing to vote, indeed going to an election office.The lowest in 10 years.
Why did the world look at us? To see if we would vote in favour or against EUROPE. It was in favour of Europe and the Liberals are now the biggest party bigger in their nearly 65 year of existence,with 41 “chairs” in parliament and the Labour party, a few months ago only on 15 chairs got 39!!! Great job from a young guy , Diederik Samsom, who is smart, charismatic and when he was even younger a real front man for Greenpeace here.
Wilders , extreme right and strongly against Europe, lost 9 chairs, to the relief of many in Holland and Europe. Also interesting; Our prime minister Rutte can continue his work he started and in Europe’s time of recession and euro- crisis, NONE of the big leaders survived the elections, Sarkozy in France is ” out”, so is Berlusconi in Italy and 8 other European leaders had the same fate.


This is the Uvalde dust as seen by Roberto. Our political dust has hopefully cleared now as well.

Had a look for you at the new world rankinglist and after the WGC in Uvalde we see of course some changes.
Number 1 is now Zbigniew Nieradka [can write his name now without looking twice!] and he came from spot 3. Rating score is 997.4.
On spot 2 we see and saw  Sebastian Kawa [ 996.1] and on spot 3 Michael Sommer [992.8], who was on spot 1 before.
Big “jump-up”  for Laurent Aboulin who climbs 21 spots!!![991.7]
On spot 17 the biggest climber, 147 points higher…Oscar Goudriaan!! Rating score 972.0.

3 Containers are ready to travel from Holland to Australia. Today they were supposed to pack the 3d container and the days before the first 2 were already packed. BUT , with their experience and a new lifting-toy, they were ready on Friday!
Tomorrow a last check and I know how critical both Grietje and Francesco check if everything is OK, [they are experts by now in sending containers up and down, ] before the containers will be picked up on Tuesday.
YES the overseas season starts again with pilots from everywhere flying to mostly South Africa,[Gariep Dam had some changes]  Namibia [ Bitterwasser has/gets a new lodge manager] and Australia,  but also New Zealand and Argentina. Will keep an eye for you on what’s going to happen at all those overseas destinations. And of course I report straight from Tocumwal, Benalla and Corowa when I am there.
Of course containers travel from everywhere in Europe as well to Argentina, for the WGC in Chaves.


Busy and booming weather in Uvalde, same in Chaves? Hope so!
Picture courtesy Roberto.

On this site of the world on Thursday , pilots flying at Puimoisson had a good day with flights up to 823 a DG800/18m. But also the LS 8T/18m did well with 788 km.

In Australia Geoff Pratt flew in his PIK 20 a nice 522 km [FAI triangle 380].
First Japanese guests arrived in Narromine as well; Kimiko and Yoshi.

Frequent flyer in Narromine; Mac Ichikawa, here with TC Beryl Hartley who lives …and is very much the face of Narromine.
Picturte courtesy Roberto.

 It’s nice weather already according to Anne , cool, blue and a breeze and Narromine is “buzzing” from incoming flights with pilots for AUSFLY; The first ever, recreational history making aviation event in Australia.
As they say;  “It unifies our vibrant and diverse aviation organisations during a  spectacular weekend of airborne action . ”
You can find all the news on
Upcoming events for Narromine; Narromine Cup Week, NSW State Gliding Championship and the 20 m. 2-seat Nationals. Will come back on them when they are on.
Oh yes, not to forget just got some news from Jo.The Cup week is special this year .Why?

—“Something very special at Narromine Cup this year is the presence of G. Dale, one of the best cross country gliding coaches in the world.  G is employed full time at Lasham Gliding Club in the UK as a coach and has been coaching each season at Omarama with Gavin Wills for many years.

 G will be providing coaching theory lectures (not to be missed) and practical each day as a part of the NSW GA coaching initiative set up by Bryan Hayhow for Cup Week.  Narromine Gliding Club will have two Duo Discus and a Grob Twin Astir available for hire for one-on-one coaching.

 G’s coaching is provided at no cost to GFA members.—”

One of the German pilots in Standard Class in Chaves is Patrick Puskeiler,  like I am a busy blogger. I always try to keep an eye on the “young ones” too, to help or promote when necessary. Not long ago he was damm lucky to survive a power plane crash with the man who shared his glider [Ventus] with him and who was in a way his sponsor, mentor and best friend.
Unfortunately Klaus Lennart did not survive. Patrick tries to continue, living Klaus dream; soaring!
Now, as I read,  he “cries out for some financiel support”  to fly in Chaves. Who loves young enthusiastic pilots in sport and has some money left , please give him a “hand”. He is a terrific good pilot, won 2 times the German junior comps and certainly has potention to win more. I met him at JWGC’s. His site ; it’s in German. When you click on Informationsblatt also in German, you can see what he needs , the cost are clear, in every language. Normally I don’t do this, don’t know why now , but I did! Hopefully it helps him.

It is always sad to loose friends! Lost one last Thursday. I told you about our house-friend for 50 years, Peter, who did a lot for me, but also for the gliding club EAC in Eindhoven. Lot’s of pilots got his help, specially when it was about instruments and radio’s. He was a real radio- amateur as well. Will miss Peter!

CU next week, cheers Ritz

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