Alphen aan den Rijn

With National championships in Poland, Germany and Holland [= in Germany] it is pretty busy with gliding, though weather circumstances are not always the best. Lots of thunderstorms today and foggy circumstances in Germany cancelled the day for both the Dutch and German Nationals. Last day tomorrow for the Dutch comps and with 7 flying days not TOO bad, but no really nice long flights.Still interesting winners if tomorrow will be cancelled too, which is not impossible. Of course everybody hopes for a last good day!
Look for the Dutch info and results at
Look for the German info and results at

The German Nationals started for their 4th day , but as said the day was cancelled due to the expectation of thunderstorms.
Their last day will be on Mai 31, so a few more days and chances.

Poland , has had as far as I saw on TV very heavy rain with a little town even “locked off from the world.” But they also had great flights,but no long flights , 365 km was the best one!, but still 8 days of flying.Look for info at

Norway has better weather and former competition director of the World comps in Sweden and friend, Robert Danewid, flew a 500 km. from Elverum Starmoen.[NO]
But….what beats all is a flight yesterday in a Kestrel 17 with 2.715,89 km. Amazing!!!!The flight was made in the USA, Warner Springs and flown by Bill Richardson.No comment by the pilot, not by the OLC not by me! Look for yourself!

That’s it for now!Thanks Brutus, for your info!Ritz

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