Dutch National Championships in Germany.

Alphen aan den Rijn
May 22 2007

With the Dutch Nationals flown in Stendhal close to Berlin, a lot of Dutch pilots left for Germany. Not that the weather is so much better there.On their first flying day they flew around 300 km while a Nimbus 4 DM from our National Gliding Center Terlet a distance flew ,from 653 km. But today , for sure they are better of there , as it is FOGGY here.

After 2 days it is very interesting to see that our young and upcoming pilots are doing well! When I started gliding in 1967 I met Willem, a member of the ZES , the Dutch student aero club from the University of Eindhoven. He is still flying, even flies the nationals, but….his son Maurits is flying too and WON a day! Good on him!

Another young guy is Tim, who also won a day. His dad flies very good , already for years and is in and out of the Dutch National team. His mum flies and is coach from the junior team and was /is Team captain for the Dutch team .His sister Maaike is a good pilot and will be the team manager for the Dutch team during the world junior comps in Italy starting in July. Young Tim got the “gliding-spoon” in his mouth and he loves it!And….it turns out ….he is good too! I remember him as a little baby in the pram, “hanging” around on our national gliding center where mum and or dad were flying.
It means I am getting old!

Dieter Bottcher is/was in Hahnweide and helps the organizers with the comps over there. Dieter Dundee, arrives here in Alphen today for a short stay and to help with a few things in my new house.Friend Daan is still in the USA and Harry had a HUGE operation on his back and hopes to be fit for gliding in the new season.

Had some problems with my computer but will keep in touch Cheers Ritz

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