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Alphen aan den Rijn

The weather was not good for gliding in Holland but ….extremely good in Austria and Switserland. Young Stefan Leutenegger , who will participate in the world junior comps in Rieti in July, flew in na discus ,a distance of 1164 km according to the the OLC with a speed over 96 km/ph.Great flight! What will he “do” in Rieti this summer? I know he is an excellent and very dedicated young pilot.Surely we can expect a lot of him and his mates from Switserland.

In Austria 2 more 100km-plus flights were flown this weekend and in Germany some long flights , just under 1000.Even up North , the weather is improving and friend Kari flew a 500 km. plus from Rayskala!A few days earlier Antti flew from the same place 853 km.Good old Hannu flew 369 in his PIK.
Another friend Daan is in the States at Ridge Soaring and made a nice 586 km flight.Evelyn flies in the Rockie Mountains so is Ernst, all good mates!All having fun!

No we did not have this great weather here. After 1 month of very nice weather we suffer from wind, rain and cold temperatures as 14 dgr.
Good weather to visit an artfair! Yes I spend last week on the Art Amsterdam. Due to the weather we had 2500 people more then last year, making it 18.000 visitors. There is still money between “us” as they spend for 5 million, 16 % more then last year.We had our share!
I have soar knees from the concrete floor, a soar back from carrying around “huge” paintings and I feel so tired that I can’t think anymore.
Good thing is that it is over tomorrow and with the knowledge that we had a very good fair we can be proud and drink champagne tonight with fresh aspergus, something we do every year.

Got the news from Eddie Madden from Tocumwal that they will collect their new Sportstar this week, flying it from Brisbane to Toc. I know Eddie and Dom LOVE such a flight!!!!So next season they will have 2 tugs again in Tocumwal.

Have to rush again to finish of paperwork from the fair and to go for drinks. See you next time. Will have a bit more time now! Cheers Ritz

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