Great Easter flights! 1243 km in UK!!!!SUPERB!

Alphen aan den Rijn

Hope you enjoyed a happy Easter time, with not eating TOO much easter eggs!
Gliding weather was rather good here in Holland and even better in the rest of Europe.
In Germany and France pilots flew over 700 km on Easter Saturday and an even more interesting flight was made that day in the USA by a pilot flying 972 km in a KA 6 E. Wow, that IS good!

On Easter day the results were even better !What about John Williams who flew in the UK in an Antares 1243 km so early in the season!!!!
Is this the first 1000 km flight in the UK????? Can somebody tell me!!!!!Superb!!!!Congratulations JOHN!

Good friend Bruce Cooper flew nearly 800 km. Congratulations!!!!
In Germany Holger Back had a long flight and in Italy Giorgio Galetto did very well. YES gliding in Europe was HOT over Easter! And so were the temperatures!!!
In Belgium and Holland , pilots managed to fly nearly 500 km. They surely have had a GREAT Easter sunday!
Look for all results at the OLC on and click on gliding! Enjoy!!!But….there are also very good flights made by pilots who do not want to be on the OLC, don’t forget that.

Back to work as combining Art and gliding is , as said before , not so easy.

Oh, not to forget; Gliding in OZ still continues but mainly from Kingaroy. Tocumwal had their annual army cadet training and they had a fantastic time , even after the changed situation. I will try to put an article from a news paper on the site later Cheers Ritz.

Cheers Ritz

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