Spring in Holland! Action in Italy!

Alphen aan den Rijn
March 24 2007

With a day like this in Holland, with sun, nice clouds and blue skies the gliding-feeling straight away comes up!Not that there is a lot of gliding here as most airfields are too wet from too much rain. But the beginning is there!

No rain in Australia!” Dry as a bone”! So bad that , as I was told, Melbourne will have no water when it not rains within 50 days!Also the farmers struggle as never before! I wish them RAIN lots of it!!!!

Good friend Gerrit Kurstjens still managed to fly an 800 km flight yesterday from the Jondaryan airfield. It is autumn now in Queensland were he lives.
He will be one of the pilots flying at the Baron Hilton Ranch this June in Nevada.He had to make 2 flights to qualify. What happened!?
On February 3 he flew an FAI triangle, 1130 km. but….the next day he saw that the time and date on the logger were not correct, thanks to a software bug in the new system.He had a second logger with him , but this one was not yet approved!
No worries! 3 Days later he tried again. This time with FOUR 4 loggers!! He flew 1134 km , another triangle and…an invitation to visit the Baron Hilton Ranch. Congratulations to Gerrit!

In Rieti, Italy, they are very busy with the preparations for Sabina Glide , the preworld comps for st. class, club class and PW 5 . Straight after those comps the World Junior Gliding Championships will be held. Look for all information, names from the pilots and competing countries to .

With 66 preliminary entries we will have a ” a good field ” of young pilots.I will keep you posted as I will be the editor there.Look for info at the same website but click on Junior world competition. Have fun. Cheers Ritz

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