Qualifying Grand Prix in Chile !

Alphen aan den Rijn    Wednesday  January 26 2011                AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!               ritzdeluy@hotmail.com

Australia day; brings back very good memories,as …..lot’s of guests/ pleasure , because of the long weekend and good soaring.
This year the day is dedicated to the flood victims and  ” the raising of funds to rebuild Queensland.” Only in Queensland 130 fund- raising-parties. Not only that also the usual citizenship ceremonies and another tradition in Sydney; the Aboriginal Ceremony in the Botanic Gardens and not to forget the annual ferry race.
El Nina is, as I heard,  giving more problems for the next couple of months in both Australia and South Africa, may be even till May they can expect this  heavy/wet weather. At least this is the forecast by the World Meteorological Organisation from the United Nations.
 Heard that over 100 people got killed lately,  as a result of heavy rain and thunderstorms in S.  Africa. In Australia 35 people lost their life.

Not long ago Björn from Norway revisited Tocumwal and I told you both he and his wife share the same passion for the Morgan. Yesterday I found the pictures , so I share them with you.


This was in Sweden in 2006, during the Eskilstuna WGC , the last big multi class event.
Here you can see the field that year from both ends.


The 2011 FAI Qualifying Sailplane Grand prix started this year in Chile.  12 Competitors “fight” for qualifying. Amongst them pilots from Germany, the UK , Argentina , Slovakia and Italy.
The Club de Planeadores at Vitacura is the organiser of this event, which continues till January 29. Practise days were on January 19-20-21 and the first day was last Saturday,…and only 3 pilots finished the task of 388 km.  Carlos Rocca Vidal won [4],  Thomas Gostner from Italy was 2d[2] and Rene Vidal was 3d.[1point]
On Sunday pilots had to fly 291 km. Sebastian Nägel from Germany “received ” the  7 points for the day and was one from the 6 who made it home. And….3 pilots have 7 points in total after 2 days. Sebastian, Carlos and Thomas.
On Monday… a fresh week ….with a new task , this time 200 km. and for the first time 10 points for the winner; Rene Vidal.
Total changes again; Sebastian and Rene both have 15 points and Thomas 14.
To the right on the picture you see Thomas and to the left Giorgio Galetto and in the middle Stefano Ghiorzo.Picture was  made in Eskilstuna.

Yesterday; day 4 with 300 km. and one winner with 10 points; Carlos Rocca Vidal who flew with a speed of 138 km/h. He is after 4 days on top with 23 points together with Sebastian, while Thomas is 3d with 21 points. All pilots finished the task,a good day!

And again problems for Quantas. Yesterday a plane ” dropped ”  8 kilometer on the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne, as due to a technical fault in the airco system the plane lost pressure!!!!! The captain “dived”down and passengers quickly had to use the masks. No worries in the end, they all landed safely at Tullamarine Melbourne Airport!

Gariep Dam pilots finally could fly again yesterday. Good on them.Nearly 500 km. Not what they hoped for when they travelled to SA but better then not flying. It is what a friend wrote to me: ” This overseas season was a wash out, we have to wait for another year.”

 Looking back at pictures from the archive to finish this blog.
Wave as well in Rieti in Italy in 2008 during the WGC. And…Terry Cubley who flew last week the Naionals in Benalla, here talking to Brian Spreckley in Rieti in 2008 .  And a happy- family- picture Australian pilot Bruce Taylor with Anita his wife and daughter Indi.


See you next Sunday! Cheers Ritz

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