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January 10 2007

Hope you had a great start from the year 2007!!!!I had, though I still work between 10 and 12 hours a day to finish “things” in my new house.
In between friends arrived back home in Holland from Australia and Africa to celebrate Christmas and the start of 2007 .They spend their time of gliding over there, now soaring in Europe is “low”!But….they have flown back too and enjoy nice long flights again!How lucky can you be!

The Club class Nationals 2007 are flown in Benalla and with a midair , luckily with no harm to the pilots, one could land with a damaged canopy the other had to parachute out, but was rather ok after a visit to hospital this is a less good start for the 2 pilots involved.For news and results look at; www.clubclass2007.com.au

In between the Australian qualification for the Grand Grand Prix has been flown between December 30 and January 6 2007 in Gawler and Michael Sommer, yes that is the reason we still not have seen his interview, and Thomas Kostnner flew as European guests, together with 2 Russians an 5 Aussies. Winners and ….invited for the REAL GrandPrix in New Zealand in December 2007, are Bruce Taylor and Peter Trotter . The weather was great with speeds up to 145 km’h and cloud base up to 10.000ft.For results look at the website www.ozglidinggp.on.net
Michael is NOW in Benalla and had a nice good flight today with nearly 950 km. That guy really can fly!!!!!This time in a Discus 2.

Just some short news as I am going back to “the mess in my house” and I really hope that my internetconnection will be connected SOOOOOON!!!!! Cheers Ritz

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