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 Alphen aan den Rijn    Tuesday Afternoon April 24 2012

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A bit earlier then normal, good for the early-reading- birds, as  I stay over- night in Amsterdam and will be only back later on Wednesday.

Prievidza…ready to go! All pictures with permission
You find  more nice ones in the gallery.  www.fccgliding.sk

On Saturdaythey announced on their site that the weather did not look bright for Sunday. The organisers from the First Challenge Cup,  still managed to “find” a window to fly in with short 2 hour AAT’s.
So day 5 was a fact.
Start lines were open between 11.44 and 12.34 to make it possible to fly before the rain would fall down and spoil the day.
In the mixed class most pilots started within half an hour of the start-line-opening. With such a speed AAT , the trick is to be back in time not 33 minutes later as Sebastian unfortunately was forced to do, as you then loose points, even when you fly a lot of kilometers.
Winner Pavel, flew 246 km in 2 hour 17 in as Ventus 2CX/18m. [handicap 118] 3 pilots did not fly anymore and NO outlandings, so a good set task!Sebastian is still on spot 1 overall but he feels the breath from Roman , flying the duo discus and being 4th on day 5, in the neck; only 14 points!!!!!!! 
In club classit was G Dale who flew 181 km within the 2 hours. Winner was Jan Boruvka with 23 km . more and 8 minutes over time. G. is 1 overall and Jan is on 2.
In 15 m. Pavol Cerny won his 2d day in a row [226 km in 2.11]and he and Jan Louda [205 km in 2.20 being 10th] who won the first 3 days are on number 1 and 2 overall.

Finishes on day 5.

Day 6;Racing tasks, as expected and hoped for by some, after all the AAT’s. Nice distances as well; 301.9 k. for club, 348 for 15m. and the mixed went for 410km.
And….the best pilots in AAT , showed they are the best in a longer racing task as well.
Sebastian won in mixed class in the Diana 2 with a nice speed of 120.4 km./h.
Roman in the duo discus was 3d and even with a handicap of 110 , flying 110 km./h . he lost over 100 points on Sebastian.Good job from the duo pilots !
In 15 m. Jan Louda flew his LS 8 to a 2d place winning 988 points.[speed 110km./h.] Pavol had a bad day only gaining 722 points but still hanging in on spot 2 overall…just….5 points on number 3.
In club class the 1000 points were for G. Dale, flying the 301 km with a speed of 90.8 km. /h. The German pilots in the St. Libelle did well, starting last at 13.12, but back as 2d,3d and 8th.

Prievidza on day 6, Pictures courtesy FCC site.

Day 7,  was cancelled!No job for the tuggies today!

Dynamics from AeroSpool

After asking permission for the pictures , I got a nice mail back from Lubos. I knew I had more info on Prievidza. While searching a bit in my files I found a nice little book about it,  which I got from Josef before the WGC from 2010 was in Prievidza. I read in it that the Aeroclub was founded in 1950 and is —” an independent voluntary and unpolitical organisation opened to everyone who is interested in aviation and parachute sport—” Just to let you know as well.
As far as I see on the amount of participants they are doing a great job. And….I love that castle on the pictures.

 Still good soaring in Africa and Australia. Sven Olivier “used”  a postal front to fly 569 km with a speed of 137 km./h from Worcester last Sunday and on Saturday John Moore flew from Mc Caffrey Field a nice 530 km. in the 18 m. ASG 29. 

The Turkish-Dutch Airliner Corendonhad a bad beginning of this week. On Monday morning a flight to Portugal was hit by lightning during the departure from Amsterdam Airport! The plane flew without problems back to Schiphol, by the way chosen as the best European airfield at the moment, but had to  stay on the ground with some minor damage on the paint.Continuation of the flight was not possible, as a good check up was necessary first. Transavia brought the 162 passengers to Faro.
I live at about 40 km. S from Schiphol and we had no thunderstorm here, so a very local one .

Due to the bad train accident in Amsterdam sadly enough one lady died! It is said now by the minister of transport, that the “driver” from the all-stations-train, most probably has neglected a red sign. According to passengers the female driver admitted this as well to them straight after the accident.”I might have overseen a red light”.But this does not mean she is guilty yet.Investigation is still busy.

The weather looked good yesterday but the showers were pretty heavy. Some pilots still manged to fly nice flights from Terlet  as Jeroen Kole; 430 in Discus BT. I like his comment: “when you go to Terlet when it is totally grey you have to explain something at home”. But as he stated the weather forecast from “wetter Jetzt” was spot on. He flew to the N. and the E. over Germany. Today is the same ; cauliflowers ,disappearing for grey overcast and RAIN with little nasty hail stones. But…it improves I heard!

That’s it for now CU on Sunday with the latest news.Cheers Ritz

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