Lucky me! No virusses!

Alphen aan den Rijn

“My” webmasters in Oz have bent over the problem and what is “hacking” in the photograph and comments sector is NOT a VIRUS, but spam track backs.
Phill is migrating the blog to word -press, which is a multi-user blog with better comment/spam protection.
So now you know too.
It will not take long before it is changed!
Keep reading!

Got a nice mail this morning with great pictures from the Japanese cherry blossom trees. Hisashi send me the view from his balcony.I will check for you if the Japanese gliding season has started already.
They are VERY active but as it pretty difficult to stay up there for a long time and to make long cross country flights, some of them visit places outside of Japan [USA, Australia]. So more “chapeau” for the still many,pilots who MADE /MAKE long flights IN Japan.
Quite a lot of them fly in Australia. I had the honnour of meeting many , many Japanese pilots, being involved in Sportavia ,all very nice people.

I was invited to Japan a few years ago, welcomed like a queen and had the privelege of visiting 3 different gliding places and they are all situated at the river banks, pretty small but good. Pilots have good material and nice towplanes.Nothing wrong there! Also lots of members and nice club houses.They even flew me from one field to the other in a nice motor glider.
I know we are but it is nice to hear about other pilots in the world too.

That’s it for now see you soon again.Have to work. By the way , weather is superb here. 28 dgr. is predicted for today and it is ONLY April 27.
The first accidents with BBQ’s have been mentioned. Sad! Specially youngsters get into hospitals with burns. NO GOOD !
Further on the coca cola company can not handle the big demand for soft drinks and on top of that they have a problem in the factory with a new system here in Holland.So we drink something else for a while.
No worries for me as I do not drink cola.
cheers Ritz

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