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Alphen aan den Rijn      Sunday March 25 2012

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Time changed all over Europe;we moved the hands from the clocks 1 hour forward! It was already nice light and sunny early in the morning , but still a bit early dark, now our evenings are longer too. With 20 dgr. [it has never been so warm in Holland in this time of the year ] we enjoy it to the fullest. And…the HIGH will keep its influence over  us the next week as well!!
Looking at soaring here; over 200km-flights were possible yesterday. Visibility , though, was pretty poor!

Good conditions for Robert in Norway on his wave camp.
Friday morning he mentioned; “Sunny morning with no wind and pleasantly warm here at Vågå/Frya. Maybe we do not need to freeze at altitude today? Perhaps a nice day on the airfield with a barbecue for lunch?
The day before he was full  of a great soaring-wave-day; Highest altitude on Thursday ; FL 210. And…on the last day , yesterday they had wave up to 7100 m and lentic skies all over Southern Norway. Great pictures again. Thanks Robert for sharing them.


Pictures courtesy Robert Danewid.

More wave in wave- paradise Minden close to the Lake Tahoe. On Thursday 3 pilots in Sparrow Hawk, DG 400/17m. and ASW 27 flew 849, [119 km./h] 771 [140 km./h] and 780 km.[ 152.km/h.]
Even more paradises as Rosamond where ” good old ” Jim Payne flew in the DG1001M a distance in blue circumstances , but with good wave, however  building up slowly with a rare southerly flow;1.264 km.
Heard that other paradises as Aosta in Italy and all wave center in France [ ” good young” Alexander Späth flew in a Dicus 2T from Puimoisson , nearly 750 km. even enjoying the impressive snow on the mountains!] are busy enough.
But nice thermal flights this week as well, one from the meteo man from the WGC in Wiener Neustadt Hermann Trimmel; 521 km. in the 17m. Ventus CT.
“Reading”  the weather always is important as glider pilot!

Talking about height!!! The Perlan Projectis still busy with a goal that has never been reached before; to soar higher then any fixed-wing manned aircraft has done. At the last SSA Conference in Reno , Rand from the SoaringCafe had an interview with Greg Cole, founder and chief designer of windward performance. You can find it one the next link;

I told you in the past about the tracking system “invented” by some young glider pilots here in Holland. I saw their enthusiasm during the Nationals, as we were sitting in the same room. This week they published their new website and with pleasure I announce it as well.
In the future they are integrating the live -tracking-page [ live.glidertracking.com ] on this new site. The system is based on ADS-B and spot-signal.  News on the site will be soon in English as well. Keep an eye on it!

Really nice to see that in a family, father and 2 sons, enjoy a soaring-holiday and go solo in the same week!!! This happened at Sportaviation in Tocumwal, where the Daniels family went solo, first dad on Monday then the 2 sons on Thursday. A great family-event!Look for the nice pictures at www.sportaviation.com.au

Not only the sportsoldiers in Germany have a “good soaring-life” look at this news I got from Jo . Should deliver new champions as well!!!


Enjoy your new week, to start and finish some of our “great tuggies” in action, this time in Eskilstuna pictures courtesy Roger Karlsson. Grrrr….tropical  rain spoils the Formula 1 GP in Malaysia.
cheers Ritz


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