Short news!

Alphen aan den Rijn     Wednesday March 14 2012

Found “some” time for “some” news!

A bit of good weather and good circumstances and off he goes…..Giorgio Galetto  flew last Sunday 723 km. in his Ventus 2CXA/18m. from Bolzano on his 2d flight for the season.
Will the Alps be as good as last season?????
A 239 k. “to get in the mood/groove” on Saturday and his 2012 season starts very promising.
A great wave flight also from Minden in Nevada, where a Sparrow Hawk flew nearly 900 km. with a nice speed of 134 km./h.
Still good soaring from Stonefield as well.

Bob Henderson  the President of the IGC for years, has said after the plenary in Potchefstroom that he is going to give the leading job to well know pilot Eric Moser , “Herbie” , at-least for us in the past, when I met him first in 1984 or so.

 Bob’s reasons for doing this are; 
 I have significant responsibilities at the FAI in my capacity as an Executive Board member. These include portfolios for Anti-Doping, the Sports Marketing Agency (FAI Commercial entity), the Sports Strategy, Sponsorship and the Statutes Working Group.

 I am also very conscious that the IGC is very well served by a large number of competent, dedicated and experienced people, especially in the Bureau.

Eric and I have therefore agreed (and we have the support of the Bureau and the Plenum) that I stand aside from the position of IGC President, at least until the FAI General Conference in Turkey in October, and that Eric, as 1st VP becomes acting IGC president on the grounds that I am not fully able to discharge my reponsabilities as IGC president at the moment .

This will make the way the IGC does business easier as I feel that I need to focus on the EB responsibilities. I also feel that this is the area where I have the maximum opportunity to have a positive influence and impact on the health of the FAI as a whole and the future development of the organisation.

I am confident that the IGC remains in good hands with strong leadership under Eric and the other members of the Bureau.

This move means that I remain a part of the Bureau but that Eric takes over the day-to-day management after we complete a hand-over in the next few days once we have finalised the Plenary meeting business.So far the news from our longtime and very good and amiable President Bob, written on March 7 2012.

Latest; What a tragic accident in Switzerland where 28 people from Belgium were killed in a bus accident in a tunnel ; no other cars were involved. 22 from 28 were , children on their way home from a ski-holiday with their sports class.
Also 24 badly to very badly injured. In the bus also 9 children from Holland, according to the news of a Belgium official [head of the firebrigade] from Lommel!
2 Schools were involved , one from Leuven and one from Lommel which is close to the Dutch border were I lived for 20 years; about 10 minutes driving! Also very close to the Keiheuvel- airfield All children were between 11 and 13!! Both bus drivers did not survive, as well as some teachers . Just so sad,..a real disaster!!! I feel for the parents and families and all the school mates from both schools.

Cu on Sunday.cheers Ritz

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