Gariep Dam has top weather now!First 1000 km from Stonefield!

 Alphen aan den Rijn   Wednesday December 7 2011

Courtesy; Martino Agnoletto.THANKS!

The 9 bft. never came,  so….. No worries for St Nicolaas, who dropped, with his black Piet, in every chimney a present [or 2] for all “good ” kids! 
HOWEVER, this morning I woke up with a thunderstorm and the 9 bft. seems to “arrive ” at noon with an estimated 100 km/h wind on our NW coast. Real autumn weather with 8 dgr. C in winter-time. Silence before the storm at this stage. But Schiphol Airport has troubles already and flights have been cancelled or rescheduled!

The Victoria State Comps  have started in Ararat and had some nice days of soaring with over 400 km tasks. Good to see some familiar names from the past.
Today they flew even flew over 500 km. tasks in Astir CS and PIK 20 D.
Dundees ES, the ASW 15 flies there as well with Bernie Sizer. In one of his comments you read;” First actual day of competition. Good lift in some areas. Felt very rusty & had trouble with some thermals. Small strong cores. Must push on & not take so many climbs. It was good to have good weather after such cold & wind. Plenty of room for inprovement in my flying. Only one out landing today.”
Improvement was there with a flown 405 km task today.
Tocumwal is pretty busy as good friend from Finland Hannu has arrived to fly the LS 6 17.5 m JJ and 3 Japanese friends , Mr. Mizukawa -san, Mr.Kusakabe-san and frequent flyer in Tocumwal Mr.Okura-san. are flying the LS4 ‘s and PIK 20. The Grong Grong boys are back!! And I noticed Mr Okura has flown another 300 km this time out and return. He will be more then pleased.
And “one of the family” Terry always flies when possible in his ASH 26 still without engine as it is send for overhaul; 527 km last Sunday.
Corowa is “fully booked ” as well and with better gliders ,higher distances are flown. On December 5 they topped the OLC list.
At this stage, after the first real-overseas-soaring,  Bitterwasser tops the “stats” of the best airfield with 61 pilots making 293 flights. Corowa is on a 5th place with 23 pilots flying 128 flights and Tocumwal flying on a much smaller scale is on a good 9th place with 22 pilots making 85 flights!!!
At Stonefieldthe young German pilots got to know the real blue thermals, strong and reliable but invisible. [ 604 km. in Discus 2 yesterday] Ingo once flew a 1000 FAI triangle from Tocumwal in only blue thermals. But today young sport-soldier Fabian Peitz flew his VERY FIRST 1000 km. [yoyo up north]  in his discus 2. Great result and SOOOO much happiness for him!More later. They called it an unbelievable day.
That’s Australia , mate!

  Terry Ryan last season at Sportaviation.

On his very first day in S.A Tomas Suchanek  flew straight away a 1000 km distance in a Ventus 17.6 m. Last week clearly were S.A Day’s with good long flights specially from Gariep [6x1000km.]  and Bloemfontein. Tomas flew another 1000 as well.Nice flight as well  from Polish pilot Marek Zsumsk; 1.057 km with a speed of 130 km/ an 18 m. ASG 29.A total of 10 x1000 km now from Gariep.
Best pilot at this stage on the OLC; Reinhard Schramme no doubt about it! A total of 42 x1000 km at this stage from Bitterwasser. WOW!

In the past I talked with you about Richie Mc Caw, the skipper of the New Zealand  All Blacks[rugby] . I found out he was a devoted glider pilot. Jo send me the next link to an interview with him. Thanks Jo.

Congratulations to our neighbours , the people from Belgium. After 540 days , a new record, they finally have a government which will be sworn in this afternoon.

To finish this blog an interesting link to the Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense #DigInfo and send to me by Peter. Thanks!

CU next Sunday. Cheers Ritz

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