Namibia is HOT! Spectacular soaring/hanging/running the Dutch dunes! Interesting links!

Alphen aan den Rijn   Wednesday November 30 2011 

Courtesy; Lars Boom

Last day of November  and it was another “weird ” month here in Holland; the dryest EVER! Tomorrow our metereological winter starts with temperatures around 9 dgr. +, so not too bad.  Down under the metereological summer starts and what I hear from friends,  ” we are coming into summer now 30 dgr.” [Tocumwal] and from Perth “summer has finally hit – mid 30s and a big, hot, gusty easterly wind. Big fires down south near Margaret River, about 20 houses gone, and 6 water bombers in action. The link is here

What a great weekend the pilots had in Namibia! Saturday was already good and Sunday even better. Another 12x 1000 km. and only one 20 m. glider made it and…again as best; Reinhard Schramme in the ARCUS!!!! This time; 1.153 km with a speed of 135 km/h. The French pilots showed up in Bitterwasser as well and Didier Hebrard flew the 1.150 km with a speed of 148 km/h. in a Nimbus 4DM.
A great weather- cycle there in Namibia. On Monday more super flights and…Reinhard was the best again ; 1.181 km with a speed of 134 km./h.
Good old Walter Binder flying from Pokweni flew his EB 28 over 1.154 km with 150km on the clock!!! And…one day later  1.109 km with 152 km/h.
AND Bert de Wijs from Holland is the first 18 m glider -pilot -for -this-season who flew 1.014 km. Good on him!!!  And…2 in a row!
Another 13 x1000 km. in Namibia; Bitterwasser 7, Pokweni 4 and Kiripotib with 3.
A lot of happy chappies, though I am pleased to see that more and more women are flying big distances overseas now as well. Good on them!
Yesterday  still GREAT circumstances in Namibia and AGAIN Reinhard was the best in the ARCUS; 1.152 km [133km./h]  4 Days in a row over 1000 km. Guess the Arcus “sits” well!!!!  Bitterwasser had another 6x 1000 km and Kiripotib and Pokweni each 1more.

The pilots in Temora flying the NSW State comps have fun as well. Bruce Taylor in the JS 1 won the first 2 days in 18 m/open class and  Mac Ichikawa is flying well in std./15m class. After 2 days he is 1 overall. A 3 hour AAT for all classes on this day 2; best flown distance by Bruce 373 km in 2 hours 59 minutes and 46 sec. THAT IS SPOT ON!!!!!
Day 3 and 4 were cancelled. ” Absolutely bucketing down. And windy! With a great lightning show. Wow” from Anita Taylor at Temora. And “Absolutely poured down this morning, so Another day called off. Long sessions in the coffee shop! Weather looks good for the next three days though, so fingers crossed for a reasonable comp from here on. BT.”‘

“Ridge”  flying in Holland ??????” Maybe better called dune-running! In one of the lowest countries in the world,” as Jelmer said!And one of the flattest!
Impossible??? …..No, nothing is impossible….we do have dunes, you know!!!!
Here is the proof. Courtesy to the Kennemer Soaring Club


 One of the pilots is Jelmer, who was in “my ” team in 2005 at the JWGC in Husbos. He then studied aerodynamic design in Delft, now he works for DG in Germany. The pictures are made on November 27 . Jelmer flew the'” spify”  DG1001TE [lectro] .WOW !!! About 5 gliders used the opportunity.
What do you need to hang over the sea and dunes?
A good Westerlywind  and that was there,  as the roof from the big bird cage from my neighbours went …with that wind on that day. And dunes to “catch” that wind and create lift to fly up and down. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Courtesy ;  Jelmer Wassenaar and Lars Boom.

 Look for more pictures on the next link,  with a BIG THANK YOU  to the webmaster of Zweefportaal, Ben Hiemstra at 
And….a huge THANK YOU to Jelmer for sending me straight away after my request the link to his video. A must see !

And more “Slope soaring”! From a friend in Italy , Marco ,  I received the next link; with the message; Pilot: Luca De Marchi – From Futa Pass to Campo Imperatore (Gran Sasso) and back. Glider: Ventus 2ax
By all means … Have a look !

And to finish a funny link. Nothing to do with gliding but it “soars”. Enjoy and thanks Peter.
cheers Ritz …… see I feel much better!

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