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October 30 2006

Life continues!!!It is weird but life goes on if nothing has happened. So do we! Most of the items have been picked up. Nathan is putting gliders in trailers and the kitchen , restaurant and bar , but also the office look empty, as if a bomb has fallen and destroyed things.

The happy young pilot from the nimbus FF is here to pick up his glider. He was astonished to see, he got it for such a nice prize, but “forgot” in the exitement that he needs much more hours then the 200 he has in gliding, to fly this great bird.I introduced him to the other bidder Michael and told him , that he is the current world champion!!!He was very proud to shake hands and told Michael that when he will not learn quick enough to fly the glider, they should talk.

Ingo told us yesterday that he was happy the bus was staying. Bill bought it years and years ago for 200 dollars and Ingo was the lucky one to bring it “home ” to Toc.where it stays thanks to DON!

Bob Brown from the Tocumwal Historic Museum in the briefing room was the happiest person, as EVERYBODY including the owner , allowed him to keep ” his” green old chairs( with a few nails you can feel,but who cares) for readings . The museum will still stay open for the public which is great.

In between Hana and Lada arrived for some good gliding. In one month the Diana 2 will arive in Australia and now she has her own glider instead of sharing one. Hopefully a tug will be here soon too, so she will be ready for a new season, here or somewhere else, depending….

This looks like Debbies last week here, so a good time to set a date to finally have lunch with her.She was always TOO busy and she is a lovely lady and a very capable one.

Benalla and Narromine have already started their season and Corowa starts straight away after the containers have arrived with the gliders. Some guests are already in OZ, as I spoke with them on the auction.

Finally also time to say congratulations to Francesco and Grietje with their new born baby Frank.

Tony has been here and took my information to make this site look like “a million dollars” and Jo from Tony Tabart will be the correspondent for Australia after I leave. Dick Bradley sends me his info from Africa and I am busy with somebody in Canada for their info.

Thàt `s it for now. On November 3 Inge and her family will arrive here for their last Tocumwal holiday.Will be pretty busy with my grandchildren and I am really looking forward to see them here. Ritz

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